Friday, October 30, 2009

Power AND Refinement

Peace Ya’ll! This latest Book I felt compelled to release -Love, Hell or Right- is Self Help Manual on relationships. It gives you some insight into how to approach, construct and maintain healthy relationships, also how healthy relationships are undermined. NO this is not the ‘Experiments’ Book I’ve eluded to on occasion, it’s just something to prep ya’ll before I share with you those ‘High Explosives’. -smile- ‘Experiments’ has been done for a quite a while, b.u.t. I’ve just been taking my time refining it. Anyway, “Love, Hell or Right; The Trials, Triumphs and Teachings or Relationships” is now available to those of you striving to build, improve, spice up and/or gain a better understanding of relationships.

Today I wanted to build about Refinement and the transformative Power of 120. When I was an adolescent in this Nation, I’m a Teenie Bopper now, I had some very immature ideas of what this Culture was about, what it meant to be the true & living God and my Duty as a Civilized Person. Immature doesn’t necessarily mean ‘wrong’, it just means ‘lacking complete development’! Because of this lacking, there are many things I had to learn the hard way. I’ve always been a pretty good listener, so there are also many hard ways I never had to learn. When I speak about transformative ‘power’, I’m talking about “Refinement”; self development, improvement, purification, etc.. This is to say that the basis of 120 is for Self Improvement: Refinement. If you cee a person who says they’re dealing with 120 or have had 120 for a considerable amount of time, and they’re not improving, then something’s wrong with that picture. If they’re saying they had 120 for 10 years, yet still have the same cigarette addiction for the last 15-20 years, they haven’t learned the transformative power of 120. This is not to bash people because WE ALL have our own four devils we gotta contend with. I’m strictly speaking about people who have 120 in their possession or know Lessons, yet they aren’t striving to deal with any ‘Refinement’. Again, Self Development is the very basis of 120! So if you cee someone who has not and is not showing signs of progress Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, etc.., they have yet to unlock the real purpose of 120. Any system, whether it’s the 12 Steps of NA, Church, Kemetology, a Mosque/Masjid, Money Making Seminars, Martial Arts, etc.., is designed for the same purpose: Self Improvement. Although many of their concepts differ, NONE OF THEM advocate being a drug addict, an irresponsible Parent, being undisciplined, being dishonest, being emotionally unstable, etc… as effective methods for improving oneself. There are many Gods/Earths that only acknowledge ‘Power’ as the #5 in our Supreme Mathematics. There are also many Gods/Earths that acknowledge ‘Power or Refinement’ as the #5 in our Supreme Mathematics. I am a God that advocates that #5 is ‘Power or Refinement’. Here is why:

My TOP FIVE REASONS why the #5 is ‘Power or Refinement’

5. Power or strength/force without Refinement looks like The Incredible Hulk -and She Hulk.

4. Power is control. Control without Refinement (cultured) is unbridled, crude, tyrannical, oppressive, ruthless and eventually snaggle toothless.

3. Refinement is like diamond cutting equipment. Sure a diamond is still valuable “raw”, b.u.t. it’s real value comes from how it’s cut. Under any other conditions it can be mistaken for any other stone, literally.

2. Refinement means ‘to remove impurities, improve or perfect.’ What kind a person do you know would looove to have some ‘Power’, yet not want to acknowledge it’s use for ‘removing impurities, improving or perfecting? LOL

1. We say that ‘Power is The Truth’. Well, when we’re presented with ‘The Truth’ shouldn’t the next logical -AND Righteous- step be to use the Truth to improve (refine) ourselves?

In the 9th Degree in the 1-14’s when were asked about ‘Why does Muhammad make the Devil study…?”, the first line we learn to recite is, “SO HE CAN CLEAN HIMSELF UP.” It amazes me how many Gods/Earths get 120, learn to recite this Lesson, and various others that corroborate it, yet never think about applying this to themselves. First of all, we obviously must be holding ourselves to a higher standard of cleanliness in order to even place these expectations on somebody else (a Devil). This means that we must be living out that reality ourselves. I mean, it we’re really dedicated to Righteousness, should we expect anything less? This is why we say that the worst Devil is a Black one. Many Gods/Earths will wanna argue me down for saying that, “The worst Devil is a Black one!” They’ll say, “The 37/1-40 says, ‘Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens above. He is just just and he is true and THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM,…”, so there’s no such thing as a Black Devil, if they’ve just been made other than themselves. Well that’s all fine and dandy and we can play these semantic games all day b.u.t. this is a question of “function” here. Regardless of what you’d like to call something, it’s name is determined by it’s “function”; how it operates, how it behaves and what it actually does! If a person isn’t striving to be ‘just’ and ‘true’ then there is obviously some unrighteousness in them that they’re not trying to do shit about it! What “they say” they’re doing does not change the reality of what they’re actually doing. So being God/Earth isn’t based upon what you look like, what name you come in, how many Lessons you can quote, etc.. BEING is based upon what you’re doing and if you’re out here doing Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies and trying to master YOUR OWN People, that makes you worst than any outsider…

We also learn in this same Degree that, in speaking about the Devil, “after he DEVOTES 35-50 years to try to learn to DO LIKE” The key words being “DEVOTES” and “DO LIKE”. A person must be ceeing something we’re ‘devoted’ to in order to ‘do like’, especially when it comes to cleaning oneself up! Culturally speaking, we are models for sustainability and this model is Righteousness because anything “other than” (10/1-10) what’s just and true will not last! If you do not agree with my last statement, and you think there’s other options or some wrong way to do right, then I challenge you to put your own theories to the test! If you’re smoking a half of pack of Newports a day then I encourage you to start smoking 2 packs a day. If you’re cheating on your girlfriend with one female, then I encourage you to start juggling 2 more. If you steal, then steal more often, and if you’re a liar, lie every chance you get. Now if you’re still alive and breathing at the end of your trip, please make sure you document the consequences of your actions and share them with people. It’s important that people, especially our loved ones, have an opportunity to learn where our choices have gotten us. Why? So they’ll be better equipped to navigate this terrain called Life.

So in learning that 9th (BORN) Degree, I always realized that I had to set a standard and hold myself to a higher Degree of Righteousness, Integrity, Loyalty, etc.. I knew I had to personally represent the Principles, Values and Procedures that I was going to be teaching and demonstrating to somebody who did or didn’t want to learn about this Culture. It’s just unfortunate that it never crosses some Gods/Earths Minds that in order to even talk about somebody ‘cleaning themselves up’, they need to be dedicated to cleanliness themselves. -shakes head- Also, how in the hell can we even discuss Civilization, if we’re content with wallowing in lowly, muddy, emotional states; being selfish, jealous, hateful, prideful, envious, manipulative, lustful, irrational, illogical, dishonest, etc…? These things don’t even coincide with higher order thinking and are not becoming of a God, Earth, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Business Owner, etc..

When it comes to 120, in order to ‘Refine’ oneself, a person must become the subject of these Lessons. We must be able to apply it ourselves. Some Gods pick up the Lessons and only cee themselves as Allah. They don’t identify with Musa, Yacub, an angel baby or any other character in 120. This is not to say we’re supposed to adhere to the Principles, carry the Values and use the Procedures of Yacub (The Father of the Devil). This means that we must continually examine ourselves to ensure that we are not adhering to the Principles, carrying the Values and using the Procedures of Yacub. Then and only then can we actually disassociate ourselves from what this ‘Character’, Yacub, represents. It’s just like AA or NA, the first thing a person needs to do is acknowledge the problem in order to begin the path towards healing and reconciliation. Some Gods/Earths think that once they learn to memorize and recite Lessons that they don’t have problems anymore. That’s no different than a person joining a Church and now shit can’t touch ‘em cuz they saved, or a Muslim taking Shahada and now Allah is their protection. This mentality couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth! The reality is, once you “make your word as bond” (11/1-14) to strive to learn something that’s designed to improve your life, you activate universal forces to corroborate your word! NOOOOOW my friend, you have embarked upon a journey called ‘Civilization’ that you gotta ride out into the sunset, and if you wrote a check your ass couldn’t cash, the universe will take it outta your ass (19/1-40, “If a Civilized Person DOES NOT PERFORM his duty what must be done? If a Civilized Person does not perform his duty which is teaching civilization to others HE SHALL BE PUNISHED WITH A SEVERE PUNISHMENT”) Cee, the bond or commitment you made is the life you just spoke into existence. Once you make a decision to say/do something it really doesn’t matter if you renege or not, your invocation will manifest the circumstances that will force you to answer for what you said/did. This is the Principle and function of Justice.

Justice is the 10th letter in our Supreme Alphabet. So among other things, Justice makes us acKnowledge (1) the Cipher (0) or watch how what goes around comes around! It’s the ‘checks & balances’ of two scales: Life and Death. Right-just-ness shows us that ‘Rightness’ or ‘the state of being Right’ hinges upon the function of Justice. Justice is the bonding substance that holds ‘Right’ and ‘ness’ together. Without Justice, there is no such thing as accountability and without accountability the whole Universe would be out of order! Accountability, checks & balances, etc.. is all language inherent to the Deposits and Withdraws we make in our lives through what we say/do! So, the Biblical phrase, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God, and the word became flesh” is real! Again, if you do not agree with what I’m saying then I challenge you to put your own theories to the test. If you think there’s a right way to do wrong, then do wrong and cee what goes right for you, consistently! If you think there’s a civilized way to be uncivilized, then be uncivilized and cee how civil your life will be.

To conclude today’s Article, realize that the concepts of Righteousness and Justice are very simple Principles, we learn, as a child, often on our own! We learn not to touch fire when we get burnt or cee somebody get burned. We also learn that fire keeps us warm in the winter when we come in from the cold. This is very simple. As we get older, the same simple concepts began to look more complex because we’re obviously socialized in the Devils Society; where right appears wrong and wrong appears right! Now the same fire that’ll burn us is disguised as the sanctified chick in Church or the charismatic dude calling himself God. Now the same fire that’ll keep us warm in the winter is disguised as the metaphysical conversation you thought was unimportant or the family support and loyalty you took for granted. There are rules to Life (and Death) and we don’t make them up as we go. Not only are we rewarded or penalized for upholding or undermining these rules, b.u.t. there are even consequences for not even recognizing these rules: (Who are the 85%? 14/1-40)! As a person who has embarked upon a path of Self Improvement, Refinement or Righteousness, the rewards and punishments for us are greater! We are held to a higher standard of accountability because we have given our word to be the Students, Stewards and Ambassadors of these rules out of “all the human families of the Planet Earth.” (2/1-14). The Church says it this way, “You have a calling on your life!” So do not take your words, “calling”, or the path you called lightly. If you’re going to be the true and living God/Earth, then be that to the best of your ability. If you’re going to be a Christian, then be Christ-like! If you’re claiming to be a Muslim, then be sincere about it and be the best Muslim you can be! In the final analysis, the purpose of 120 is to transform your life and make you a better person. 120 is a Curriculum that Refines us with the Power to positively contribute to civilization, not negatively take away from it by being uncivilized. As Gods/Earths, we aren’t what we are because of our Names, Titles and how good/fast we can quote 120. We are what we are because of the way that we live!

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