Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mathcentricity & The Father's Holy Grail

Peace Ya’ll! Yesterday, 9/30/09 was my Born Day into this Nation and I’ve Officially had 120 for 14 years strong! Words cannot truly express how grateful I am to have met a Brother willing to walk with me and pass on this Information, Integrity and Responsibility of this Culture. The best gratitude I can show him is to likewise do the same for those committed enough to walk with me! In addition to taking the time to do some introspection and journal about my 14 years in Knowledging (1) this Culture (4) and how I’ve been emPowered (5) to refine myself, I’ve also planned some Peace Activities to celebrate this glorious day! -smile-

Today I wanted to deal with the science of being ‘Mathcentric’ and our Cultural approach to attending the World. First and foremost, our concept of God and God Centeredness is not equivalent to taking a Religious Concept of God and simply applying it to ourselves. In otherwords, me and my Brothers are not the Mythical “Hebrew” God of the Bible in the flesh that we’ve been introduced to as toddlers and ALL of the folklores, legends, supernaturalness and paranormal activity can not be “literally” ascribed to us. Can it be ascribed to who we “literally” are? YES, sometimes. Metaphorically and Allegorically? YES, sometimes. I say this because when people are first introduced to Knowledge of Self they usually bring along misconceptions of what God is and what God is not. Prior to a person even getting their Supreme Mathematics, this has to be reconciled. Reconciled in way where there has to be a lot of conversation/time spent on the subject of God, Cosmology/Cosmogony (Triple Stage Darkness), Quantum Physics, etc… Not all Gods/Earths agree with this and find that it’s a more palatable approach to spend a lot of time on The Father’s History, etc…, b.u.t. that’s been the Tradition of my Family Tree and I cee the value in that. Anyway..., when the idea of God ain’t worked out from the door, you can run the risk of knowing Lessons yet believing in a ‘Mystery’ God (10/1-40). Mystery is ‘My-story” and anytime we don’t know or can’t articulate our story -Cosmology/Cosmogony-, “we do not know THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD OR OUR ORIGIN” (14/1-40) This 14th Degree asks us the question, “Who is the 85%?”, and this just shows and proves our inclination towards functioning and attending the World as such -simply because we didn’t spend enough time reconciling the idea of God.

In order to be ‘Mathcentric’, the foundation or premise has to be Right & Exact. When you come across people who “used to” deal with Math or “were” a part of his Nation it’s because they either 1.) never put in the work to reconcile their relationship with God, or 2.) were never "a said person of that ability" (20/1-40) to begin with. I specifically say ‘put in the work’ because it’s Knowledge of Self, not Knowledge of their Enlightener, Knowledge of The Father, the First 9 Born, Elijah, Fard and anybody else outside of “their ownself.” (13/1-36) Yeah some “Enlightener’s” can be difficult, not know how to teach or just strait up ignorant, b.u.t. that’s not an excuse for you NOT getting what you “so-called” want! Did the Cashier with the shitty attitude stop you from buying your groceries? Did that Teacher you hated in High School stop you from graduating? Did the fact that he had a Woman stop any of you females from getting with ‘em? Does a cough stop you from keeping a roof over ya head? NO! When you want something, you find a way to get it, and some of us will use less than noble tactics to ensure that it happens -even if it’s temporary! LOL So here are a few pointers I wanted to give ya’ll in regards to being ‘Mathcentric’, and this science of life we effectionately call 'The Culture of I-God':

1. God is essentially Collective Consciousness; Intangible Intelligence or a Universal Mind permeating all things and is channeled through these physical vehicles -that serve as the conduit of this ONE, ULTIMATE, reality. Man being a sentient being and capable of pondering his own existence is the highest of these forms that exist, therefore he serves as the Host of this Consciousness. Collectively, Men are it’s group reality ceen and expressed through individual eyes. Hence, we are ‘Gods’; various software programs running off the same Operating System! In essence, there is no separation of any/all things because all things are composed of the same undifferentiated matter energy. Since this is the essence of all things, various planes must exist to express the differentiation between matter and energy (i.e. gases, liquids and solids) Why? Because something can’t subsist or be in a state of subsistence without manifesting what exists or existence. In otherwords, for one to be ‘one’, two has to be manifested. For dark to be ‘dark’, light has to be manifested. For a state of nothingness prior to time, form, vector, dimension and differentiation to ‘subsist’, something has to exist! It’s like being ‘outside’ of your house. You can’t even have a concept of ‘outside’ unless you were inside first! LOL Anyway, I won’t go all through the concepts of ‘fission’, ‘double-bonded atom’, etc… to explain our Self Creation (Cosmology/Cosmogony: Triple Stage Darkness); this is something we should all spend time researching and studying! Also keep in Mind that NOTHING can compensate for our inability to ‘know’ this stuff. Sure we may have the ability to quote/practically apply Lessons, get money in this Society and have a moderate to high level of Self Esteem, b.u.t. in the solitude of our own Mind, the Universal Mind, a deep seeded insecurity & doubt about our essential reality will always ‘exist’ -simply because the concept of our ‘subsistence’ doesn’t ‘inist’.

2. Mathematics is a Mental System and represents the Operating System of The Universe. It is essentially ‘The System of all Systems’. Nothing exists or can exist without the agency of Mathematics. I often explain to the youth that, “Everything in you and around you is Mathematics with a costume on!” Even a thought is Mathematical because it follows a biochemical ‘sequence’ of synaptic connections to be transmitted! Is that not Mathematical? Mathematics is the infrastructural framework of all Cognition, Properties, Operations, Substances, Forms, Dimensions and Relationships of all ideas, forces and objects that comprise this Universe. God or Collective Consciousness is the ‘Intel’ (Intangible Intelligence/I.T.) that proceeds this infrastructural framework. The brain of the Original Man is of course the living repository, transmitter and receiver of this ‘Intel’. Supreme Mathematics is a “Contemporary” reintroduction to this Ancient (Classical) Worldview of the Original Man who utilized this ‘Intel’ as a ‘Mathematical Theology’ to Father Civilization. The Original Woman, her procreative abilities and her identification as the substantive aspect of all Creation represents the Primordial Womb of Dark Space through which all/any Creation has been AND will be born! A Woman being symbolic to ‘Wisdom’, it’s easy to cee why we learn that ‘Wisdom is the Way’! Elijah often said “3/4th’s or 75% of Islam (I Self Lord And Master) is dealing with the Woman” and we also teach that “Water” is symbolic to Wisdom. This is the relationship between how/why “the Earth is approximately covered under ‘Water (H20: Hydrogen + 2 Oxygen; ‘120’) approximately 3/4th’s of it’s surface” (8/1-40) and why we use ‘120’ (AKA Supreme ‘Wisdom’ Lessons) to help her become more refined (dress her Mind/Body in modest apparel: wear 3/4th’s) and unveil her true nature as Earth in the midst of a Patriarchal, Misogynistic, Gender Oppressive Society! The System of Mathematics utilizes Numbers & Letters to serve as symbolic units or glyphs to convey all of the Quantitative and Quantitative Operations of this System. These small ‘units’ (Numbers & Letters) were drafted by the Original People in order to simplify, define and effectively convey the complex Quantitative and Quantitative Operations within our own Cognitions and throughout the Universe. This became the birth of language. As Gods and Earths, Supreme Mathematics is our identification with this Supreme or ‘Higher’ Mental Operating System that governs any/all things -regardless if we recognize it or not.

3. When you’re introduced to 120 (The Lessons) keep in Mind that they’re Lessons; AKA ‘LEARNING MATERIALS’. We apply these Learning Materials to our life to improve how some things function and to repair shit that’s broken. There are essentially two categories that determine what type of job we’ve done, are doing and can do in the future; Good or Bad, God or Devil. Our Lessons are a file of Work Orders, showing us how a job was, could be and/or should be done! When we build with eachother using the Lessons, we are actually going over these Work Orders and bringing to eachothers attention how a job was, could be and/or should be done! The questioning about The Lessons we know (which some people fear), is actually the other person striving to find out what we’re working with. What we’re actually working with are ‘Tools” (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet); Principles that shed light on the Procedures being used in the Work Order. So although our Lessons serve as Learning Materials or Work Order ‘Blue Prints’ to what we’re striving to build, YOU NEED the ‘Tools’ (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet) or else you’ll never be able to identify the proper Procedures that governs the quality of your work! And like I said, this quality is either Good or Bad, God or Devil. I must also must mention that 120 (The Lessons) isn’t the only Learning Materials or ‘Blue Prints’ that exist to Gods/Earths! Some people -even Gods/Earths- are under the false impression that once they get 120 that they don’t need to learn, study or apply anything else to their life! Like I said, 120 is our ‘Blue Print’. Actually it’s a ‘Blue Print’ (120), with a set of ‘Tools’ (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet) that trains/enables us to read all other Blueprints -whether it’s an HBO Episode of ‘The Carnival’, the science behind Gucci Mane’s Lyrics he’s probably unaware of, the symbolism in Liturgy Ceremonies, or Marketing Scheme and Power Relationship between two UFC Fighters. LOL! ALSO, let me also clarify that the set of ‘Tools’ (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet) we use are not ONLY compatible with 120. 120 also serves as a Training Manual for how to effectively build or destroy with these Tools.

So to conclude Today’s Article I want to reemphasize that The Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters) is a Culture that is God Centered. Meaning, we 'strive' for the most Righteous or Divine way to exist and use the most Righteous or Divine Principles/Procedures to corroborate this existence! I use the word 'strive' because we may not always hit the mark, although our intention or will is to do so! Mathematics is the Operating System that determines not only the structure and sequence of these Principles/Procedures, b.u.t. it determines if they’re are right and exact. 120 is our ‘Blue Print’ we use to identify the past, present and potential future function of these Principles/Procedures within a spectrum between Good and Bad; God and Devil. Upon Knowing 120, we gain access to the Wisdom of 120 and began to properly Understand the true Value of 120 (120 X 3 + 360 COMPLETE). Being Mathcentric is more than sounding intelligent and doing card tricks with Lessons, Supreme Mathematics and The Supreme Alphabet. It’s about utilizing a specific God Centered Worldview and upholding it’s Value System that adheres to AND develops Righteous Models for Cultural Sustainability. This is not a Gang, Fad or a Social Club. It’s not something you join, it’s something you became an upstanding Global Citizen of. It’s not an Organization, it is Organization! And NO, THIS IS NOT a Religion or Belief System. The Gods and Earths are a Nation of People from various different ethnic, gender, age, educational and social backgrounds. People charged with an innate responsibility of looking out for our fellow man and adding our contribution to World Civilization!

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