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Peace Ya’ll! Today I wanted to share with you the Transcript of an Interview of Knowledge Gahib Divine Allah; the First Born of Power Hill (Philadelphia, PA). This Interview was conducted by The Enlightener for the Black Family (E.B.F.); a Group of Gods and an Earth (Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz, Universal Savior Shabu and Quinsheba Khadiija) who came together to produce a Professional Publication that represented the Power Hill Community of Gods/Earths. This Interview appeared in the first Issue of their Publication on February 4, 1984 -alittle over 25 years ago! Consider some of the issues that were being addressed over two decades ago in this Publication and ask yourselves if some or all of these issues are still effecting us today. Most importantly, if some or all of these issues do still exist, ‘What can we do to resolve them?” Do the knowledge and please leave a comment:

“So-called Personal Earth”
By: The Enlightener for the Black Family (E.B.F.)
-February 4th, 1984-

This Interview is an elaboration on a topic well worth the time to reflect on. This topic is the so called “Personal Earth.” As this syndrome is a product largely of the American Society and it’s cultivation, all blame and most of the emphasis on the difficulties besetting us should be placed upon the Departments of American and Western Society -for its lack of providing us (with) meaningful vehicles to serve as Institutions to create better role models for the Society at large. So we must set at doing the work ourselves. We hope this Interview will assist you:

The Enlightener for the Black Family Interviews Knowledge Gahib Divine Allah

E.B.F.: “Knowledge Divine, at one of the outdoor Rallies this Summer, you discussed the concept of the ‘Personal Earth’, as it refers to the Nation of the 5%. The Enlightener for the Black Family would like for you to acquaint our readership with your understanding of -- First, the goals of the Nation of the 5% and secondly, some of the roles that Men and Women play in reference to the Nation’s organized goals. After that point, our interview will focus on the concept of the Personal Earth. Through a question and answer format we would like to further explore your understanding of that concept.”

KGDA: “I am Knowledge Gahib Divine. At that Rally which you referred to, I talked about the so called “Personal Earth” because of certain things I was going through in my family and a lot of things I see that are at the same time going on with the rest of the Nation.

When I said ‘Personal’, I made reference to the fact that here in America, Man has a tendency to want to possess; to take something and absorb it, without letting that thing (or in this case a particular Woman) grow. What we have been shown-- I can’t say taught-- but shown through habit is that a Man generally gets a Woman and expects her to function in the same means he does. Which if we had to do things in that manner, we wouldn’t need a Woman.

Now I want to get one thing straight on the “personal” aspect, because I had to really deal with the word ‘Personal’. ‘Personal’ according to the situation means personal property. Now there are different ownerships of property; one is real or cannot be moved, and the other is personal i.e. things that are mobile and not stationary. Now our Lessons teach us that the Original Black Man is God and the owner of the Earth, So a Woman, in a sense, is one of our possessions, but that mean personal (and I will have to get a better word) as in a sense to address a situation where I am the maker and the owner of the Earth, but she-- in her own self-- has a different function. In other words, it is so much that I can control. I can control your (the Earth) revolving around me, but the Earth itself revolves (or spins) on her own axis: To show forth and prove her-- what?-- Power. Because if she doesn’t revolve on her own axis, then no life will be able to be sustained because it couldn’t stay down (on the Earth); it wouldn’t be stable because there would be no-- what?-- Gravity. So I meant personal in the way that centers around the exact opposite of the situation where you are not attached to me in a way that I control your mentally all the time.

And I want to make this clear to brothers trying to impose that on a Woman, because it is a losing battle. You will lose. And what we have done in doing this-- not all of us, but a lot of us-- is create Women that are, as far as Islam is concerned, really functionless on their own. They really have to learn to revolve on their own axis. In other words, a lot of these Sisters today-- if something would happen to their God, their children would not be taught anything. They would not know anything. The children would have no Lessons or anything because all these years, we have not given that Power to the Woman. A lot of the times, if you walk out the door, that will be the end of The Knowledge (for her and to the possible offspring).

A lot of Earths and Gods are hung up into the “more than one” aspect and that too keeps the Women away. I consider that we would be able to deal with that better, if the Woman could do a lot on her own. Then it wouldn’t be a thing about that because she would see that she is, in a sense, self supportive. Then, I don’t think, she would be as intimidated by another Woman on the scene building with her because she would know her own place. A lot of Sisters don’t teach anybody. They don’t go-- once again, I don’t say all, just most-- they don’t go out on the street and civilize. Once again, I don’t say all, just most. They wouldn’t go and tell another Woman about Islam or bring her to God to be educated.

And these were the phases that I was speaking on, when I spoke on the Personal Earth. We have to give the Woman a chance to fulfill her own needs as well and at the same time maintain our relationship as a Man and a Woman. My Woman has a career and still has the time to be here. If they were to give her a couple of more loads of work, they would throw the whole balance of the house off. Because the way things are now, you can be on a job and deal with the people at the job more than the people in your own home; on a moving, limited, talking basis. You go to work for eight hours. It takes one hour to get there and one hour to get back. By the time that you get home, it is five our six o’clock. You feed your children and everyone sits and talk for a while. About ten o’ clock, you are back in the bed. So that really gives you about 4 hours at home. So even though you are all together in the house from about five o’clock that evening to about seven o’clock the next morning, seven of those hours you are resting, so that a lot gets lost there; as far as the family unit is concerned.

In clarifying the point of the term Personal again, I don’t want it mistaken that Black Man is not the maker and owner of the Earth; he is by all means. By the same token, The Earth is of a separate equality, than that of a Black Man. And within ownership, we also have to do it. Let her do her job. Educate them to civilize. Give her the Power to civilize. And to civilize only means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family.”

E.B.F.: “Knowledge Divine, please elaborate a little more on the goals of the 5% Nation.”

KGDA: “The Nation of the 5% are Men, Women, and Children striving for one common cause; which is in this day and time to show and prove who the true and living God is. We are not of a political affiliation. We don’t deal with life; it’s difficulties, it’s concepts, in a pro or con manner because we are not pro or con on anything. Allah shows us that when you are pro or con, that shows a separation of one concept. It’s only one understanding and it’s right, not wrong. Pro and con can take one right thing and split it and have two people arguing over what should be whole. That even goes into the being of each person. You split something that’s right and you argue over it and neither piece is functioning without it being whole. So that is why The Father said that, “We are not pro or con”; which is why we are not into political things per se; not as a Nation. Individually, we have Gods who are into political things, but as a Nation, we do not move for a Democrat or a Republican but we move for what’s right for all. So we are a group of People; Men, Women, and Children striving for one common cause and we do not have beliefs.

We do not deal in the realm of beliefs. The one common cause that we have agreed upon is that the Black Man is God, or the God Concept of Life, because we understand that there is no mystery God and that God dwells within us; which is right now along with civilizing and refining what is around us. Being that we are a young Nation, we are actually doing that within ourselves at the same time; you are bearing witness to yourself and at the same time you are teaching, because that is our job right now. Which is why the first born in many Nations are looked at as they are the strongest people out of whatever group there was. They have to be, because first they have to clean themselves up because they all come out of the same pot. Then, at the same time you haven’t had this thing so long and you are responsible for bearing witness to it, i.e. the Knowledge and civilizing at the same time.

So this is the basic goal of the Nation right now; To civilize; which is to teach Knowledge and Wisdom. And Allah simplified that for us so that it wouldn’t be “spaced” and everybody would be dealing on the same level, he gave us the One-Twenty (120); The Knowledge and Wisdom. So that is how you civilize: You teach the Knowledge and Wisdom. That is the job of the 5%. The basic surface job. Like anything else, there are specialties that get broken down, but when giving a general statement regarding purpose, that is what we are about: Civilization and agreeing on the God Factor; because that is the only reason that we are the 5%. That is what motivates us. That is the only reason why we are the 5% because we all agree who God is and the science behind that.

Regarding the specific roles of a Man, Woman, and Child in the Nation, our Flag gives you a good picture of what our roles are. The Black Man is the Son of Man, the divine builder; so a Man’s job in the Nation is to support his Family-- not only economically, but from this Mind. For a Black Man in this day and time, you may not be able to support your family the way you would like to. But you can still stand up and be a Man and give off that light, to give your family that understanding that they need; or that light to uplift them to do what they have to do as a Family Unit. So the Man’s job in this Nation is to take that Knowledge, draw it up into that light; which is the Understanding and give it off.”

(We shall continue this Article next month. Replies invited.) - E.B.F.

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