Friday, September 11, 2009

Album now available!!!

Brothers from Another Planet

This galaxy is my cocoon, my super consciousness is moving matter like monsoons in Hawaii, all living particles within my body, vibrate, to respond, to neurotransmitters ‘Word iz Bond’, it’s on…” –Self (1998)

Peace Ya’ll!! Today I’m proud to announce the International release of the Quahadi Music/Quanaah Publishing Soundtrack ‘Brothers from Another Planet’!! As my Books can be purchased through the above Links to my E-Store,, and ordered through any Bookstore, ‘Brothers from Another Planet’ is currently available through the above Link to my E-Store and can be ordered through any Music Retail Outlet! Within the next Month, ‘Brothers’ will also be available on as both an Album and as downloadable On-Demand MP3’s. Brothers from Another Planet is a Mind Expansive Musical Journey that chronicles the creative concepts, poetical insights & living experiences of Golden Sun (my Physical) and myself. Recorded on the Cusp of the New Millennium and re-released in 2009, "Brothers from Another Planet" weaves tales of rich Atlantean Folklore, takes you on visual tour of historical places and submerges you into various realms of Consciousness that are both entertaining and enlightening!

For those of you who didn’t know it, I’ve been doing Music -Emceein’, Producing & Performing- for quite a while. Since I’ve directed a great deal of my attention towards my Youth Programs, Publishing Books, etc... I haven’t been recording Music as much as I used to -although I’ve still been producing Music. As a matter of fact, my Queens and a couple of their friends have been educating me on how to produce “Jerk” Music so a few weeks ago we got together and created a song called ‘Move Out My Way. Although I produced the Music, recorded their Lyrics and shot the Video, they wrote their own Lyrics, edited the Video themselves and created the UnIQue JerkZ Youtube Channel. It was a lot of fun and taught them a lot about the process of taking an idea from Knowledge to Born. Two days before we completed the Project we were walking outta the grocery store and one of them jokingly told someone else to, ‘Move Out My Way’ and that’s how it all began! LOL Anyway, please take a moment and check out their Video and leave a comment for them, they’ll really appreciate that! -smile- Now as far as The ‘Brothers’ Album is concerned… it’s a collaborative Album featuring myself and Golden Sun (my physical Brother). We released it as a Soundtrack because it’s the audio backdrop of another Project we’re going to be releasing in the future. -grin-

My active Music Career began in the Winter of 95/Spring of 96 when I left College and began to develop my skills as a Poet & Spoken Word Artist. I would attend various Poet/Spoken Word Venues to spit my pieces and began to get a lot of positive feedback. From there I began to write rhymes. Keep in Mind I had always been immersed in HipHop since the late 1970’s, b.u.t. besides beat boxin & breakin, I never began to seriously rap until much later. There was a burning desire for me to be heard and I began to find ways to make it happen. Mind you, this was all on the cusp of me gaining KOS. Anyway, after rhyming for a minute, me, Golden Sun and a few other Brothers -Rah Khaheeb, Basir Fhem & D Chiron Allah- formed a Group back in the late 1990’s called ‘The Lost Tribe of Atlantis’. After performing locally and producing our own Music with a makeshift studio, we eventually changed our name to ‘The Illuminists’. This is also the time I began to mess around with the MPC 2000 and learned to produce Music; what a drug! If they had ‘MPC Anonymous’ Group, I would be going. All Producers who’ve touched it or various other pieces of production equipment know exactly what I’m talking about…, them AND their significant other. LOL

Now as ‘The Illuminists’ we built a recording studio in the attic of a five bedroom house, called it ‘The Illuminist Lodge’ and began to perform throughout WNY, Canada, Chicago and NYC. For those of you Gods/Earths who were attended the Annual NGE Show & Prove between the years of 1997-2003, you probably saw us performing! We’re the one’s that NEVER spent time on stage, we were ALWAYS out in the crowd!! LOL To this day, me and Golden Sun despise mics wit cords; we always saw ‘em like ‘a rope to bind in’ (4/1-14). Well, eventually we got to the point where we got into the Offices of Razorsharp Records (RZA’s Label) and I was consistently building/meeting with his Personal Assistant (L. McCall) about addin on to the Label. Aside from being on the Guest List at the Record Release Party for ‘The Swarm’ Album, we never signed a Contract with The Wu and our Group eventually fell apart due to creative differences, b.u.t. me and Golden Sun continued to perform and make Music. This all went down in the span of about 8-10 years. Golden Sun eventually honed his skills as an Emcee and a Producer and has continued to perform while I fell back from the performance scene and have continued to produce Music for him and various local Artists. ‘Brothers from Another Planet’ is our first Project we’re making available to the public and symbolizes a musical wormhole into our parallel Universe.

Cee, when you gain KOS it’s supposed to permeate any and all of your people activities; that’s a Culture! ‘Brothers from Another Planet’ is simply another angle for me to reach/teach the masses of people. By taking this Project from Knowledge to Born I’ve also developed another skill set in addition to skills I learned from Self Publishing; I’m capable of putting out an Independent Album that has shelf life. In other words, it’s not bootleg and can be ordered through any National/International Music Retail Outlets. This was very, very important to me because it says a lot about one’s work, it’s commercial legitimacy and one’s ability to produce a quality product. Ultimately, I’m dealing with the 9/1-40, “Why does the Devil teach that a Mystery God brings all this?” In this Lessons we learn that the 85% (AKA: masses of people), “knows that its rains, hails, snows and also hears thunder above their heads b.u.t. DO NOT TRY TO LEARN WHO IS CAUSING ALL THIS TO HAPPEN BY LETTING THE 5% TEACH THEM. THEY BELIEVE IN THE 10% ON FACE VALUE.” Because the masses of people usually believe in the 10% on face value, it’s important for us to utilize this information to work in our own best interest. Although my Attribute is Saladin Quanaah’ Allah, I made it my Name by legally changing it in accordance with the Civil Laws and Statues of NYS (How to Legally Change Your Name Without a Lawyer). Did I have to? Now Cipher, b.u.t. since I did, this ‘face value’ shit has afforded me a lot of mainstream opportunities to expose people to our Culture -just like any other Nation of People who literally come in their names and expose people to their Culture. So, everything I do has my signature on it and this signature represents a Nation: a collective body of people called Gods & Earths. When people find out I write Books, you don’t know how many people ask me questions of ‘legitimacy’ like, “Are they published?” which really means, “Is it just some stuff you have on paper or some bootleg shit? Is it in a Bookstore?” This doubt has nothing to do with me personally, this is based upon their belief in the 10%; a ‘religious’ belief that whatever a Black Man is saying is probably ‘thunder above their heads’. People are sometimes floored when they realize that, “Naw, you can order my Books through any Bookstore or purchase it Online.” Why do they feel this way? Because the 10% have established a quality control level of Commercial Codes/Standards that 85% ‘believe in’. This is not to say that these Commercial Codes/Standards are all bullshit because people should take pride in the products they’re putting out. B.u.t. ultimately, having them available to mainstream American Society DOES NOT make our products any more legitimate than if we’re selling ‘em at the Corner Store or outta our backpack. The point I’m making is this: Whatever we produce must be rooted in our ability to Show & Prove that we’re equal to or greater than other Nations through the science of education! So whatever other Nations are positively doing, we should be striving to do/doing equally or better! This is why I have such an issue with so-called Gods/Earths advocating uncivilized behavior and thinking/talking like savages. As Gods/Earths, the names themselves demands of us to have higher expectations for ourselves! If we don’t have, express nor strive to express these high expectations, this reveals an obvious contradiction with who we’re trying to say we are AND what we want to people to believe we are…

So to conclude Today’s Article, I want to encourage all of you with talents to began not only thinking about ways to establish socioeconomic empowerment through putting out your own products, b.u.t. putting out products that Show & Prove that we’re equal to all Nations with the science of education. We need to be putting out legitimate products that can’t be disqualified because of our lack of professionalism (bootlegism), consistency, adherence to uniform commercial standards, or mainstream availability. When you look at a Nation like (Nippon) Japan, they not only built themselves from the ground up to compete with other Nations, b.u.t. they’re leading many Nations in various spheres of endeavors. In this respect, they are an excellent model for Cultural sustainability. Although The NGE (Five Percenters) as a Nation has been around for alittle over 40 years, we’re still in an infancy stage when it comes to collectively developing a strong Economic base. Along with developing a Cultural Consensus in regards to God/Earth Values, Principles and Behavior, producing our own “legitimate” products that can equally compete with or lead other Nations are the building blocks of this base! This has taken and will take time and begins with one product at a time b.u.t. we’re investing in our future generations!! So that years from now, our children -and people in general- will be able to walk into any Store or place Online Orders for God/Earth Centered Health/Body Care products, Food, Clothing, Entertainment, etc.. that support and promote our National -not individual- Agenda; with a ‘God/Earth Certified’ seal of quality. -smile-

So in addition to the ‘Brothers from Another Planet’ Soundtrack, here are some other Artists that I know of who’re putting out God/Earth Centered Music. Please check out their Sites and continue to support Good Music:

Shing Shing Regime
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