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Team 'A.S.I.A.' ; Tournament Champions!!!

The Culture of I-God...

Peace Ya’ll! Today I wanted to address some current events. Do the Knowledge!

What’s da science G.O.D.?!
“85er’s sit around and talk about other people. The 10 Percent are always talking about objects. The 5 Percent speak about growth and development through ‘positively’ contributing to Civilization.” -Self

Here’s a few recent activities I wanna make Knowledge Born about:

At the end of July I appeared on a Live Online Call-In Show called Barbershop 360. A Brotha named Eric is the Host of the Show and it’s based outta Oakland, CA! The Show was called ‘The Secrets of Higher Learning’ and I had an opportunity to build about various subjects as well as promote my Literature. You can do the knowledge on the Interview here: The Secrets of Higher Learning. I was invited back on the Show some time in the near future and I’m looking forward to that opportunity to build further and promote a couple of my New Projects I’ll be launching very, very soon! -smile-

Two Weeks ago A.S.I.A. was one of the Sponsors of ‘The Political Process INC’ Youth Voter Registration Drive and Basketball Tournament here in Atlantis. Me and my physical -Golden Sun- also coached the A.S.I.A. Basketball Team to a Championship Victory! The above image is our Team Photo after the Game.

In August I was one of the Guests on a Local Television Show (LCTV) to help promote an Allstar Basketball Reunion Classic between two rivalry High Schools here in Atlantis. The Weekend Event will take place Labor Day Weekend and will be centered around an Allstar Basketball Game between Alumni Players who graduated between the years of 1980’s to the 2000’s from Niagara Falls High School (NFHS) and LaSalle Senor High! This Event is the talk of the Region and symbolizes the foundation upon which #4 NBA Draft Pick Jonny Flynn was forged! Since the closing of LaSalle and consolidation of NFHS, this traditional rivalry came to an end, so a couple of my childhood friends got together and organized this Event. Without question, this highly anticipated Event will help define and preserve the Legacy of a Legendary Rivalry that produced some of the greatest Students, Athletes and Productive Members of Society the WNY Area has ever seen -and will continue to see for many years to come! I’m also looking forward to building/networking with the Brothas I grew up competing with and against. And YES, I will be playing! -grin- For more information about this Weekend Event you can go here: NFHS vs LaSalle.

Keep in Mind that one of the best indicators of living out this Culture is what we’re actively doing! Not just what we’re doing for ourselves as rugged individuals, b.u.t. what we’re actually doing for others & the World we are living in. Gods/Earths have always been known by their Community Involvement, Youth Advocacy and Environmental Awareness! In addition to the various other positive fields of endeavor, Community Involvement, Youth Advocacy and Environmental Awareness are culturally genetic markers that have always distinguished Gods/Earths from other Cultural Worldviews. These hallmark expressions are vital components of Nation Building. So if you ever cee Gods/Earths who’re aren’t actively involved/participating in the affairs that shape their Community, who don’t have a functional relationship with youth and/or aren’t involved in projects designed to address/improve qualities of life issues and the environment, they have a gross misunderstanding of their “Duty as a Civilized Person” (18/1-40). It also explains why they’re going through -and go through- certain ciphers because they’re failing to “perform their Duty” (19/1-40). Keep in Mind that I share some of the things I’m doing to help show people -especially Gods/Earths- about this Duty. No I am not “the authority” on this Duty nor am I “THE” National Representative of The NGE. LOL! So regardless if an individual calls him or herself a God or Earth, realize that this doesn’t mean they’re Civilized or capable of performing the Duty of a Civilized Person.

Original Thought Podcast featuring Freedum Allah & Lord Jamar
“I’ll snap a Nigga’s neck!” -Poppa Wu (Freedum Allah)

For those who haven’t heard this I encourage you to please check out the Daily Podcast Section of Original Thought Metazine and do the knowledge on this Interview. First and foremost I would like to make a formal disclaimer that the views expressed by Original Thought Metazine, Freedum Allah & Lord Jamar does/did not reflect a National Consensus amongst Gods/Earths. That Interview reflected their own personal views that may/may not be supported by other Gods/Earths.

Anyway, the major theme of this Interview was Freedum Allah minimizing the importance & necessity of knowing 120. He stated that he didn’t know 120 like that word for word anymore and/or don’t know the Lessons at all anymore. Much of what was spoken was that it’s all about the Understanding, the Lessons are for Muslims and made for a Black Man/Woman of the 1930’s, and that we’re beyond that now! It was also stated that they don’t belong to/represent The NGE or Nation of Gods and Earths; Freedum Allah stated he was Allah’s Five Percent and Lord Jamar stated he named his Album ‘The Five Percent’ Album for a reason, not The NGE Album. Freedum also stated his Universal Flag has 16 points not 8 and that he gives his babies Lessons he makes for them, not no Muslim Lessons. 

Now, although I understood many of the things Freedum Allah & Lord Jamar were saying as a person ‘in the know’, there are many, many more who listened to and will listen to that Interview who’ll get the wrong idea! For those people who’re interested in learning more about The NGE, I had to consider what that Interview sounds like to them. I also asked myself, “Is this what we represent?” I think that as Gods/Earths we emphasize alittle too much “How I cee it!”, and need to be alittle more conscious of “How we’re ceen!” We must always be considerate of this because a major part of KOS is being aware of our surroundings.

Well, I built with the ‘God’ Life about the Interview and the idea of, “It ain’t about the Lessons no more!” and he plainly stated, “I can cee how this idea benefits an enemy, b.u.t. I don’t cee how this idea is of any benefit to us.” When you consider this, it puts not only this b.u.t. many things Gods/Earths express in perspective! Another thing that was continually emphasized in the Interview was, “It’s all about the Understanding”. This is Peace, when it’s expressed in the proper context! B.u.t. to make this statement and then turn around and minimize/dismiss the Knowledge (Lessons) that our Understanding is based upon isn’t right or exact. It’s like slowly sawing off our own legs while we’re standing there advocating the benefits of standing up. LOL We need to keep in Mind how these things sound to a person who’s interested in learning about The NGE, because 85% of the time they’ll be the one’s who’re hearing us. 10% of the time THERE WILL BE people “listening” to this with hopes of using this information against us for a profit!

Make no mistakes about it, The foundation of The NGE, Five Percenters, Five Percent Nation, Allah’s Nation, Allah’s Nation of the Five Percent or whatever name you wanna use to call us or yourselves has always been 120 (The Lessons). This is, was, and continues to be one of many Traditions that distinguishes us from other Nations of People. In the 1960’s, Gods/Earths were getting questioned about their Memorization, Recital & Breakdown of our Lessons (120), not some Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet! If our foundation was based upon using Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabets, do you know how many people would be considered Citizens within The Nation of Gods & Earths?! Just thinking about the maaaaaany characters within the Rap Game itself who have used and still use our Math & Alphabet to pimp dey lyrics gives me a migraine. Now imagine aaaaaaaall the people surfing the Net and coming across info about The Gods/Earths in the Media, reading God/Earth Centered Blogs/Literature, Watching Gods/Earths Vlogs, etc…-shakes head- In otherwords, if it’s ultimately all about, “Knowledge is 1, God is 7, B is Be or Born, W is Wisdom, etc…”, what actually distinguishes us from anybody else? All Cultures produce a Numerical and Alphabetical System and use these interrelated Systems to solidify ideas & construct words that eventually give birth to a language. A language is used to define, express, preserve and perpetuate these ideas, and these ideas become the building blocks of that Culture’s Worldview; Principles and Values. Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet were designed to be used in conjunction with 120 (The Lessons). So when a God or Earth is building with/about Supreme Mathematics or the Supreme Alphabet, they usually go into the related Lesson that corroborates what they’re saying! Why? Because it’s not personal. It doesn’t mean that what we’re personally saying isn’t valid. What this means is this, “Let’s utilize what we both know to be right & exact as the standard upon which our views/perspectives are measured.” The Lesson itself will determine if we’re right & exact, not my personal feelings/beliefs or yours! It’s a Quality Control Mechanism to maintain the integrity of the Square (Truth) and a Preventative Maintenance Method for those who wanna be on some other shit! For example, if a person is doing all this talking about, “Knowledge (1) Build (8) is ‘R’ in the Supreme Alphabet; Rule or Ruler” b.u.t doesn’t know or even care about the 18th Degree in the 1-40’s, “What is the Duty of a Civilized Person?”, think about what they’re missing!! This is just one example! On another level, we may be personally beyond certain Lessons in our life because there are certain things we may have personally learned from. B.u.t. we must always consider those who’re not beyond these Lessons! Sure I know my 120, b.u.t. me not knowing my Lessons now-a-day and advocating that it’s no longer important to know them by heart, puts myself and other people at risk of falling victim. How? Because if I don’t Know I can’t be Wise enough to gain an Understanding nor help others do the same. As light bearers, it is our responsibility to teach “…Civilization to others.” (19/1-40). If I just came out dismissing our Cultural Tradition of Memorizing, Reciting & Breaking down our Lessons (120), What will people have to go on? What will serve as their cultural basis and foundation for their growth & development?!

All of these questions and many more came to Mind when I heard that Interview and I must strongly disagree with what was “loosely” advocated in regards to 120! Much of what was said was expressed in the wrong context and there wasn’t enough elaboration -especially for people NOT in the know- about the importance of the foundation (Knowing 120) and then building upon this foundation (gaining an Understanding of 120).

120 is something that NO ONE IS ABOVE being questioned about! If a person proclaims that they’re a God/Earth within this Nation, then they’re proclaiming that they deal with 120! In what capacity? It’s for them to say and for anyone to have the right to ask, regardless if ya Buster Rhymes, Poppa Wu or whoever! Some people are deliberately trying to distance themselves from or advocate against our long standing Tradition of Memorizing, Reciting & Breaking down our Lessons (120) because they simply don’t want to be questioned about anything! Not saying that this is the intentions of Freedum Allah or Lord Jamar b.u.t. regardless if it is or not, advocating an idea that means taking an emphasis off our Lessons will allow people to be above questioning -while giving them all the benefits of proclaiming they’re Gods/Earths without necessarily knowing or doing anything to corroborate this! Also, the Lesson(s) you are misquoting, dismissing or forgot is usually the very same Lesson(s) you’re presently learning in life or strait up fallin’ victim to!

I-John Doe
“I'm alone, alone, alone... I'm losing command” -Capt. James T. Kirk

When I was young, unbeknownst to me, I had an opportunity to meet a person who would forever be an integral part in my journey towards gaining Knowledge of Self (KOS). We’ll call him ‘John Doe’. John was able to recite the dialogue from every original Star Trek Episode that was made, with clarity & precision! John was amazing b.u.t John also suffered from Paranoia Schizophrenia. I met him because he was one of my Ole Earth’s Patients at the Mental Health Facility she was a Case Worker at.

John played a key role in my Life because I learned at a very young age that regurgitating alot of information doesn’t automatically equal mental stability. As I got older and eventually became a Citizen of this Nation, I brought that valuable Lesson with me. TRANSLATION: It never really impressed me to cee and hear Gods & Earths reciting their Lessons. Maybe children, b.u.t. definitely not adults. As a matter of fact, it also never impressed me to hear people reciting Bible Scriptures, Koran in Arabic, Kemetic Incantations or spittin long ass Afrocentric Spoken Word Pieces off the dome! -shrugs- I’ve always been much more interested in and impressed at how people actually lived their lives. Through John, I realized that people could be completely outta their damn Minds and/or completely dysfunctional, while at the same time they’re seemingly demonstrating some so-called “said ability” (20/1-40).

People I’m not minimizing the fact that it’s important to “know” your Lessons, Scriptures, Surahs, Telemarketing Script, etc.. word for word and be able to access this information at the drop of a dime. I’m emphasizing the fact that repeating information often tells you very little about a person’s mental instability, illogic, uncivilized attitudes and dysfunctional behavior. Regardless of a person’s ability to recite some information, they could be suffering from mild/extreme mental, emotional and even physical disorders that undermines their ability to actually apply this information to their lives! This is often the reason why various Gods/Earths can appear to be highly intelligent on one hand b.u.t. simultaneously show obvious signs of a mental/emotional disability. It is my position that many of the Cultural distortions we cee within The NGE and within Original People in general are the expression of various mental, emotional and even physical disabilities and ALL OF THESE ISSUES can be etiologically traced to the Trans-generational effects of Slavery & the present day Social Construct of those of us living the Wilderness of North America, and Colonization of those Original People abroad. Herein lies another problem; What da hell do we do about it?

First of all, we can’t wait for somebody else to solve problems they may not have the intelligence, expertise, financial interest or empathy to even resolve. Once we recognize it, we become the one’s responsible for doing whatever we can to fix it. This does not give the people or person immunity who had a hand in causing it either! They will of course have to answer for their own deeds -regardless if we’re around to cee it-, because ‘Justice’ is a universal corrective force and no debt in the Universe goes unpaid. Sometimes we may be dealing with problems where we honestly need some kind of Professional Help. What further compounds the problem is the fact that many of us have a hard time recognizing our own issues -especially those of us who call ourselves Gods/Earths! If some of you recognize that somebody may need Professional Help with Mental Health issues, Parenting Skills, Drug/Alcoholic/Sex Addictions, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, etc… then please build with the person about it and/or provide them with information to some Agency that can help them! Having 120 is a beautiful opportunity for us to have access to information that’ll help solve various problems in our lives, b.u.t. there are many problems, often complex, that we had and still have in our lives before we even got 120. It was these problems that had ‘John’ classified as Mentally Ill, even though we was intelligent enough to be able to recite a whole bunch of information.

Relationships (and their stability)
“God is a group reality ceen through individual eyes.” -Life Justice

I’m approaching my Honorable Day when I finished learning 120, and it’ll be 14 short years since I’ve had this information on cap. Along this journey I’ve been learning many things in regards to the reality of being the True & Living God. One of the most important things has been this; God is a Group Reality ceen through Individual eyes. What this ultimately means is that the reality of being God -and Earth- hinges upon our relationships. I don’t care what Religious, Metaphysical or Spiritual Text you study, when you ponder the Concept of God, Goddess, Neter, The Creator, The Great Spirit, etc.., the highest value always lies in His/Her/It’s RELATIONSHIP to His/Her/It’s Creation! Therefore, our ‘relationships’ with/to ourselves, eachother and the Planet ultimately expresses our conceptualization the True & Living God. Culture is the sum total of all of our people activities and these activities are ‘relationships’ we develop with ourselves, eachother and the Planet. There is no idea, concept or expression of Culture without such ‘relationships’, and forms of alienation, isolation, separation, anti-social behavior and our inability to create/maintain relationships is symbolic to the ‘Island-like’ “place where the Devil was manufactured” (27/1-40). Show me a person who has a chronic problem with establishing positive productive “functional” relationships with themselves, other people and the Planet and I’ll show you a person who’s estranged from the concept of God…

I’m saying all of this to get people -Gods/Earths in particular- to begin to realize that there is no Nation, Family or even a function Individual without ‘relationships’. These are very, very basic things to understand yet many Gods/Earths over look this. Cee, People don’t really care about how much we know until they really know how much we care. Care is consideration and consideration can only exist if a person has a relationship (connection) to that which they’re considering. Many Gods/Earths are simply very inconsiderate, have an infantile level of maturity when it comes to relationships, and are an outright embarrassment when it comes to their words/actions in relationship to being a God/Earth. Some of these growth & development issues come from the fact that they’re holding on to things that they consider more valuable. Some of these issues are a direct result of childhood trauma & dysfunctional family issues they still haven’t resolved. Some of these issues are simply because Niggas don’t give a fuck -for various reasons that often unknown to them. Regardless of what these reasons are, the fact is that the inability to create/maintain positive relationships is dysfunctional and bears no semblance of Civilized behavior or personal refinement.

We, as self defined Gods/Earths, need to clean ourselves up by working on our relationships -past & present! Therein is where our “4 Devils” (10/1-14) lie… In taking on this task, we need to develop higher “behavioral” expectations for ourselves and be exemplary when it comes to defining, articulating and preserving this Culture. If you need help in certain areas, ASK FOR IT!!!! We only make ourselves look like a bigger ass when we try to use the Title of being God/Earth to mask transparent insecurities, self delusions, grandiose ideas, lies and various other Devils we’re obviously dealing with. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box so if I can clearly cee these things going on amongst Gods/Earths and our People in general, I know many others can cee this too! Again, it’s very, very important to work on stabilizing our ‘relationships’. For those of you who’re confused about what I mean by ‘relationships’, I’m referring to ‘your connection’ to a person, place or thing. The Universe itself is interrelated and as Gods/Earths we learn that “Supreme Mathematics are the key to understanding our relationship to the Universe.” When it comes to gaining KOS and living out the reality of being God/Earth, we need to really learn how to talk to/connect with people in positive ways. We need to learn how to treat ourselves and other people with more respect. We need to be more considerate of our environment and develop better relationships with our families -the family we were born into and the new families we’re trying to develop. These are fundamental things to our growth & development not only as Gods/Earths b.u.t as basic, human, beings! How much more should we expect of ourselves and how much more do people expect of us because we carry the Honorable Titles of Gods/Earths? If you’re saying you don’t care what other people think or how they feel, that’s cool… B.U.T. at least consider what you’re thinking about your ownself, because our words, ways and actions are an undeniably expression of this personal relationship.

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