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Peace Ya’ll! The above image is from an excellent Animated Movie called Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. As with other movies I have recommended to you -that I hope you haven’t slept on!!-, I encourage you to OWN THIS MOVIE and add this Plus Degree on to your "Digital" Book of Life! -smile- At the very least RENT IT from Blockbuster Video (or your Local Video Store). “Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme” is damn near Autobiographical in it’s portrayal of what happens before, during and after a Student/Enlightener Relationship, and it’s saturated with Science about humbling the Ego, the Mind’s manifestation of Matter(s), God Centeredness and a host of other pertinent subject matters that deal with a gaining "Knowledge of Self" (AKA: “KOS”). For those of you who say you’re interested in learning b.u.t. haven’t taken ‘the appropriate steps’ to do so, this movie beautifully illustrates “some” (not all!) of the principles, procedures, attitudes, influences, circumstances, challenges, and expectations that a Student will/does experience prior to/along the never-ending inner journey of KOS. Aside from giving you a chance to cee yourself (as a Student), it also gives you a chance to cee “some” (not all!) of the things that clarify/exemplify an Enlightener’s Position.

Today’s Article is Part I of “120 HAS NO HONORARY DEGREE’S” which focuses on the ‘General’ (14-1-14) aspects of this Topic. I will be following this up with Part II of “120 HAS NO HONORARY DEGREE’S” and this will focus on a specific ‘Training Unit’ (14/1-14) that’s associated with this Topic; Companionships. Before I get into Part I, I want to let those of you who don’t have 120 Lessons in on a little secret (which isn’t actually a secret!); “ANY PERSON, PLACE or THING will get in your way if you are not self motivated & dedicated to learn 120. If you are self motivated & dedicated to learn 120 then there is not a PERSON, PLACE or THING that can get in your way!” Now that that’s been said, I’ll go into what I call “Honorary Degree’s”.

“Honorary Degree’s” is the belief that a person’s Philanthropic Endeavors, Sweat Equity, Network Association or etc.. gives them Accreditation, Microwavable Ascension, Social Status or Citizenship in the NGE without actually learning/living out the Principles, implementing the Procedures and speaking the Language (“going through with this labor” (9/1-14). Often times, this belief in “Honorary Degree’s” is simply because a person may be a Family Member, Friend, Companion or Associate of a God/Earth! Once it is made known that “120 HAS NO HONORARY DEGREE’S” and these people 'reluctantly' acknowledge that they must acquire an Enlightener (“A Said Person of that ability” (20/1-40) to walk them through 120 Lessons, they still may approach the Enlightener with the idea of “Honorary Degree’s” in their Mind! And a stubborn arrogance to openly/covertly demand What, Where, When & How they should be taught (as if they’re actually qualified to do so!) is a clear sign of an expectation of “Honorary Degree’s”. When I did/do come in contact with these type of people (males/females) I’d often rhetorically ask myself, “Since they know so much already, why are they even talking to me in the first place?”. Anyway, their "Determined Idea" (24/1-40) was always revealed in "time", something I learned to not loose, "searching for that, that does not exist" (10/1-40). Although a Student may be under the illusion that they have many options.. , when it comes to getting KOS there is only one real option that they’ll ever have; To turn around and walk out the door! In essence, 120 is Organically Hermetic and Esoterically Sealed to those who haven’t Learned how to Learn!

I’ve ceen people approach this Culture looking for “Honorary Degree’s” over and over again! They may not say this, b.u.t. their ways & actions boldly tell you they’re looking for an easy way to get to the same place that EVERYBODY else studies hard/works to get to! They’ll do everything “other than” (10/1-10, 15/1-36) what they’re supposed to do; Learn their Lessons, and make 76 Trillion excuses why THEY’RE not learning! “I’m trying!”, “My dog ate my Student Enrollment.”, “YOU didn’t give me the answer.” and etc.. are some of the bullshit excuses you may hear! My personal favorite is, “Yeah, we really gotta build!” yet they never pick up the phone (or when they cee you) try to make arrangements to build with you in the physical. Now.. , either they’re just not serious about getting KOS or they’re under the false impression that The Master’s role is to come down out of his/her Temple and chase them down so he/she can just hand over a Priceless Technique that takes time to learn and years to Master. Common sense should tell them that since they HAD TO GO TO a College and put all that time/work in to just get (and pay for!) one (1) Degree, why would a God/Earth HUNT THEM DOWN and just give them one hundred and twenty (120) Degree’s! The funny thing about this is that these people always seem to find time for extracurricular shit that is no where near as Primary, Central or Important as KOS. The reality is, they think that there is some Magical Door or Wormhole that’ll give them unrestrictive access to navigate this Cultural Dimension without earning the right to do so, and there are many reasons why.

Sometimes people are just simply used to just getting their way and it’s too humbling for them to be a Student (follow to learn to lead). For whatever reason their Ego is like this, they feel this Self Important, and are attached to their Personal History, it becomes a “Rope to bind them in” (4/1-14) from learning. Sometimes they have this attitude because they may be a Family Member, Friend, Companion or Associate of a God/Earth, so they think this position gives them easy access. They think that they can get 120 through a Proxy and have you (God/Earth) represent in their place! Under this guise, they think they can get all the benefits of having KOS without actually doing any of the “self” work that KOS demands! Sometimes they feel this way because they have simply ceen Gods/Earths interact with Physical Family, in Friendships, Companionships and Associating with 85er’s/10%er’s in such a “loose” way that they actually give them this Cultural sense of Navigational Freedom! Because these “loose” Gods/Earths didn’t set appropriate boundaries and allowed themselves to be used as a 'Proxy-like' Trading Post, people may think it’s normal for us to freely let 85er’s/10%er’s into our Social Equality like that! How does a person earn the basic right/license to have “a degree of access” to navigate this Cultural Dimension? By having the proper Student Attitude/Posture (Interest, Humility, Sincerity, Discipline and Capacity) to learn 120 Lessons through a qualified Enlightener. I specified “degree of access” because based upon what degree’s you know, the Chronology of the NGE you know and how much you know about Supreme Math/Supreme Alphabet, this will dictate “knowing-the-ledge” (knowledge) of what you can speak on! For instance, some NGE may not like what I have to say, yet I’ve earned the authority (said ability) to walk/talk a muthafucka’ through 120, every step of the way. From Satirical Insights of “Who is the Original Man?” (1/1-10) all the way to the Cosmological Science of “Pluto is 3,680,000,000 miles from the Sun” (9th/Solar Fact), I carry an All Access Granted Pass! Not just because I’ve earned it, b.u.t. also because I continually renew it!

I’d also like to mention that regardless if a person travels this path of learning these Lessons or not, we must always respect their choice to do so and never trespass against them! We just need to continue making it clear that their choice to not learn what we are about limits their ability to completely relate with us and gives them NO JURISDICTION when it comes to our Cultural Territory. As I stated, when Gods/Earths become lax about defining the Territorial Boundaries (Principles) that define this Culture, they allow illegal immigrants to come amongst them who think they have a right to live within our Boarders without taking the appropriate steps to be Naturalized. This undermines the NGE in many ways, primarily because these immigrants can’t be accounted for. Gods/Earths that give people credit (free access) they haven’t literally earned/deserve is what I call “Honorary Degrees”! They give 85er’s/10%er’s the Freedom to speak on, write about & define aspects of our Cultural Worldview simply because they’re Family, Friends, Companions, Associates or just plain Observers. This is also the reason why there’s a whole class of Quasi Gods/Earths (especially on the Internet) who come in the name, “talk” (not speak/walk) so-called Mathematics, don’t know 120 Lessons and can’t articulate the Principles of our Worldview. That’s Emphatically Now Cipher!! You 'Proxy' Gods/Earths who are allowing people like this to just walk up in here without knowing nothing are doing a disservice to yourselves and to the 85er’s/10%er’s who are allowed to do it. Not only does this mix, dilute and tamper with the Foundation, b.u.t. it subjects these people to the Rules & Regulations that govern Mecca although they’re “Conceptually/Perceptually” 20 Miles outside of knowing, speaking and understanding what The Root of Civilization is all about! This is unfair and outright wrong on our part for even letting a person presume they hold the qualifications of a “Said Person of that Ability” while being ignorant to the in’s and outs of the “Prescribed Law” (20/1-40).

When it comes to the Student/Enlightener relationship, here’s some critical points to consider in regards to “Honorary Degree’s” (that of course, don’t exist in 120!).:

1. (9/1-40) “The 85% knows that is Rains, Hails, Snows and also hears Thunder above their heads but do not try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them, they believe in the 10% on face value.” Maybe people act like they’re “Joe Familiar” with you because even though you profess “change” and may even show change, you still answer/adhere to the name Jen, Tyrone, Mark, Jeff or etc.. . Since “the 85% believe in the 10% on face value”, use you’re intelligence and gain a psychological edge by changing you’re name, literally. Not only do you check people from the door b.u.t. you also "put a 'Sword' (Emblem of JUSTICE) above their heads" (9/1-14) when it comes to the Laws of the Land because you’re name is Supreme Allah or Teasia Asiatic Divine “LEGALLY”. Now you’ve made the transition from a silly debate about someone accepting ya’ AKA (which they don’t have to!) to a conversation about the legal implications and your right to press criminal charges against a person (i.e. defamation of character, harassment or etc..) because they address you as anything other than you’re LEGAL name. Since “they believe in the 10% on face value”, you’ll be surprised the type of dominion you acquire because Divine Master or Queen Aminah is on some face value shit like ya’ Social Security Card, Driver’s License or etc.. . Now I know some of ya’ll nigga’s afraid of Homeland Security may argue me down crying about how, “That’s my ‘Honorable Name’ because I bring honor to it” and yeah you’re probably right. Now, take an honest look around you and count the people you’ve been giving ‘Honorary Degree’s’ to, because they’re probably grafted from your Honorable Name.

2. (22/1-40) “ piece had Magnetic in it and one piece did not. He learned that the piece with the Magnetic in it attracted the piece without.” Teach only those WHO COME to be taught. As an Enlightener, you are the piece with 120 and they (the Potential Student) are the piece without 120! You have what they so-called want (120) so there is no reason for you to be running around trying to beat their door down to “give it to them”. It is their sole responsibility to “come and get it”. Because you’ll still have 120 regardless if they choose to get it or not, it’s always their loss, and never yours. Once they have taken the proper step to “directly” (not indirectly!) contact you by phone or in person, then (and only then!) are you responsible for considering taking them on as a Student. Although a person may/can initially contact you by phone (at the least), it is their responsibility to get with you “in person” in order to learn. Since Culture is “A Way of Life”, you learn it through living, and this transcends paper and electronic devices. After you examine them and if you do decide that they have the proper attitude to be taught then it’s still (and always!) their responsibility to make arrangements to get with you in order to learn. The only arrangements you (the Enlightener) are obligated to make are curriculum based and according to your discretion, because you obviously know best. Again, you have what they want (120) and will continue to have it regardless of what they choose to do. By going out of your way trying to give a person 120 who hasn’t seriously tried to get it from you, you give them the false impression that they have options when it comes to learning this. Because you’ve made these compromises to try to get at them, they begin to think that they are the piece ‘with’ and you’re actually the piece ‘without’! This makes them feel like they have the right to tell you What, Where, When & How they should be getting it. A perfect example of this is this conversation I had wit my Man about this Wiz named Nautica. Grinning ear to ear after telling me that she liked him, this is how our exchange went. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they’re both in Elementary School (6th grade)!:

Me: “So you got ‘HER’ number.. ? I thought you said SHE LIKES YOU?”
Him: “She does! She told her friend to tell me and asked me for my phone number! Her name’s Nautica. She lives around the corner because I saw her walk by my house in the Summer and she saw me up on the porch!”
Me: “Then shouldn’t she be calling you, she came to you and said she liked you right?”
Him: “Yeah, but my Mother said I can’t give out our phone number so she gave me hers. My Mother said I can’t call her though b.u.t. I really want to call her.”
Me: “Well you said Nautica lives right around the block because in the Summertime she walked by your house and saw you on the front porch right?”
Him: “Yeah.”
Me: “Well don’t call her because she said she liked you. Besides, even if ya’ll don’t talk on the phone she knows exactly where you live so she can come over and cee you if she really likes you like that, right?”
Him: “Yeaaaah.. , but, I really want to call her!”
Me: “You said she likes you. If she likes you then it’s her responsibility to get at you. If she really likes you like that then she’ll find a way to cee you. If not, then she really didn’t like you like that in the first place because she’s not trying. When you’re real hungry you’re gonna find something to eat right?
Him: (laughing) “Yeah!”
Me: “Well this is no different, if she really likes you she’s gonna find a way to cee you! Also, if you’re going all outta’ ya way to get at Nautica when she tried to get at you first, then she doesn’t have to do any work to show and prove that she likes you! All she needed to do is tell you she likes you and now you’re doing all the work? Yo’ man she got you easy and now she can sit back and make you do everything for her, even though, she’s the first one who said she likes you! I bet you wasn’t even thinking about her before she told you that huh?”
Him: (-light bulb above his head-) “Naw.. .”
Me: “Cee, and you said you saw her waaaay back during the Summer walk by your house, and she was looking up on the porch too huh’?
Him: “Uh huh!”
Me: “Maaaan, she’s been at least planning to try to get you for months. Don’t even call her or try to even get at her. She’ll find a way to get at you since she says she really likes you like that. If she don’t try then that’s not the type of girl you want anyway because she’s not willing to put forth any effort to try to get at you. Remember, she said she likes you and it’s her responsibility to show and prove that!”
Him: (smiling) “O.K.!”
Me: “And let me know what happens next.
Him: “O.K., Peace”
Me: “Peace!”

3. (13/1-14) “The Duty of the Captain is to give the order to the Lieutenant.” As an Enlightener, it’s important that your priorities are in proper order so that you can effectively convey these instructions to the Lieutenant (Student). As a Student, its important that you’re priorities are in proper order so you can effectively follow these instructions from the Captain. Although an Enlightener's role is critical to the growth and development of a Student, “One only learns what one teaches him/her self”. So when it comes down to the Student/Enlightener relationship, whatever a Student doesn’t know or have, it’s their responsibility. Because at the end of the day, the Student is the one who won’t be able to quote, expound upon and learn from a specific Lesson, not the Enlightener! It’s not the Enlightener’s job to “give” a Student answers”, it’s the Students job to “get” the answers. The Enlighteners job is to help facilitate the process a Student goes through in gaining KOS (Knowledge Of Self) because it’s not KOYE (Knowledge Of Your Enlightener)! The Student/Enlightener relationship is only a temporary way of relating simply because the Enlightener has what the Student wants and is capable of guiding him/her along a path (that they ‘obviously’ know nothing about). A Student is only following to learn to lead. Nothing more and nothing less.

4. (34/1-40) “..because the lost found was once Mentally Dead and many of them recovered from it.” As I mentioned in my previous Article, Recovery infers “Addiction”, and 85er’s are just like any other Addict. Many of them (not necessarily all of them!) will lie, steal, cheat and try to master you to get “a fix”. This fix may be; getting their way, food they shouldn’t be eating, sex, church, money, attention or etc.. , anything that undermines their ability to grow and develop into the person “they say they want to be”. It’s tuff, and ultimately, they’ll have to go through the same steps of recovery that any Addict must go through in order to clean themselves up! Keep in Mind that they are suffering from a Mental Death and it’s important that we never cut corners! By making sure that “they walk every step of the way” (4/1-14) we avoid turning their education into a “botch job” where a Frankenstein Monster "is manufactured" (27/1-40)! In this case, these “Monsters” represent a Family Member, Friend, Companion or Associate or Quasi Gods/Earths who “were given” Honorary Degree’s. MANY OF US “were once” the same way and can identify with being addicted to mentally dead habits because we have recovered. And don’t get it twisted, our ability to RELAPSE is right around the corner on ‘Honorary’ Street! So we should know how it goes because the same formula that applied to us still applies to them, “The only way to help the lost is if they want to be found.

To conclude today’s Article I want to reiterate that it’s our responsibility to never trespass against a person, even for the right reasons. Every person has the ‘right’ to make their own decisions in life, even if it’s ‘wrong’ and it’s not our place to badger them with unsolicited Dr. Phil-like advice or make them feel like we’re the “Thought Police”! Our job is to simply share information (1) that’ll encourage them to make the best decisions (2) and gain better clarity (3) of the way they live (4); Knowledge their Cipher (1+2+3+4= 10). It’s equally important that we don’t allow people to trespass against us. Simply treat people the way you want to be treated and if they don’t, don’t deal with them. Also, don’t take it to heart because you know for a fact that they are simply functioning from a completely different Worldview than you. "Honorary Degree’s" skew this reality, shrouds cultural boundaries and gives you (and them) the false impression that you’re the same. In a cultural sense of adhering to specific Principles/Procedures, the idea of considering yourself “the same” isn’t good because you’re functionally different! This is not some, “ try and divide them, he wants us ‘to think’ that we are all different” shit (7/1-14)! The reality is, -regardless what you want to “think”-, you “are” different. People may be a Physical Family Member b.u.t. a complete Stranger Culturally. It’s actually worst to “think we are all the same” than different because when people are called upon to make choices based upon certain Principles and use certain Procedures they’re most likely be very different than yours! And while you’re “thinking” you’re the same, you will be subjecting yourself to potential “hard times, hunger, nakedness and out of doors, also beaten and killed by the ones who advocated” that you’re the same (11/1-40). In addressing these Honorary Degree like attitudes, it’s important to work on developing the strength and courage to accept the reality that you different. Difference doesn’t equal Division. Division causes people, places and things to be divided regardless if they’re Different or the Same! It doesn’t really make a “Difference”. -smile- What it all comes down to is this, “Respect a person’s choice to be who they choose to be and check them when they don’t respect you’re choice to be you.” Stay tuned for 120 "HAS NO HONORARY DEGREE’S” Part II!

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