Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The "Day" of Atonement?

October 16th marks the 12th Anniversary of the Million Man March. -shrugs-

I mean, come on people (particularly the NOI). If the person that's functioning as the Central "Christ-like" Figure in "YOUR" Life isn't you.., you need to redefine the word "At-one-ment". I mean, I was at the Original Million Man March and it was PEACE, nothing religiously compulsive about it. I enjoyed the comraderie, b.u.t. I ain't get it twisted. 85% of the Niggas that came together on the Mall were "Slaves from a Mental Death and Power. Those who do not know the True and Living God or their origin in this world and worship what they know not. Who are easily led in the Wrong Direction and hard to lead in the Right Direction" (14/1-40). When you look at the 12 years of Prison, College Enrollment, Employment, Child Support, & Marriage Statistics involving Black Men from 1995-2007, it Shows and Proves these "WRONG DIRECTIONS". And no I'm not overlooking the The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys. I'm well aware of that, everyday. I'm talking about the Bone Headed, Michael Vickism that 85% of these Niggas choose to deal wit'! Sure there are many Positive Contributions ("Training Units": 14/1-14) to Civilization that have been made by Black Men since 1995 b.u.t. shit has "Generally" (14/1-14) gotten worst! Honestly one of the "Best Parts" (1/1-14) about the Million Man March were these groups of beautiful Sistah's who had tables on a few corners passing out free God Jewel/Degree (Food!) to the brotha's who walked by! Made me damn near "distill".. (8/1-40). Naw seriously though, that was indeed Peace!

Anyway, for those of you who got together on the 16th to Celebrate, Eat, Pray, Buy some Books/Tapes, Laugh, Cry, ask Forgiveness, and Rededicate yourselves to 'what you already knew' was Right and Exact, you should have been doing that shit yesterday!!! But hey, that's where you're at in ya "History or Koran" (1/1-40). The mere fact that Khan still has to rally muthafucka's and shed alittle light via "Satellite" (Moon) Shows and Proves why many of ya'll keep going through ya bullshittin' ass "Phases" (Cycles). All in all, keep in mind that "True" Atonement is always the day before you decide to Atone! So quit "loosing time searching for that (The "Day" of Atonement?), that does not exist" (10/1-40) and just do what you should've been doing. Period.


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