Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high"


-Knowledge the Cipher-

Peace Ya’ll! First I wanna give a shout out to all of you celebrating The Father and the First 9 Born today!!! Today, October 10th is celebrated as National Born Day of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Although this formal date marks the 43rd Anniversary of the NGE’s humble beginnings (10/10/1964) as a National “Body”, the “Mind” of the NGE “..has no said birth record. There is no beginning nor an ending, it is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars.” (9/1-10). On another note, on September 30th I observed my Cultural Born Day. On this day (Sept. 30th) in 1995, I Knowledged 120. In developmental terms, having Knowledge of Self for Twelve (12) short years simply means that I’ve just begun my Rites of Passage as a Man in this Math & started growing pubic hair! LOL!! Anyway, today I wanted to be alittle introspective about my own Growth & Development and share with you some of the Jewels I’ve discovered along this Cultural way.

1. Getting 120 is the single most important investment I’ve ever made in my life. There are no amount of words to express the gratitude I have for my Enlightener, who took time to “walk me every step of the way” through my Degrees. There is nothing in comparison to a person who makes daily sacrifices, dedicates time and secures resources to teach a person (for however long it takes!) without a Paid Salary or a getting a Copper Bust dedicated in their honor for their Philanthropic Endeavors! It truly shows you the meaning of Family and more specifically, the meaning of “.. your Brother and Companion, in Tribulation and in the Kingdom of Patience” (27/1-40; Rev.1:9).

Either your WISE enough to learn your Lesson.. , or FOOLISH enough to become a Lesson that others will Wisely learn from.

3. The God-Centered Culture of the NGE is a Mathematical Theology that is Solution Orientated and Result based. The Problem(s) many people have with this Culture are the Solution(s) they reluctantly arrive at.

120 doesn’t change your life. “You” change “Your” life. I’ve met many people who have had 120 a lot longer than me and can “Recite” these Lessons backwards & forwards b.u.t. they never “Learned to apply” these Lessons in order to become a better person. Although 120 is a wonderful blueprint that one can use to construct a better life, if not applied, it’s just as useless as anything else. People who have 120 b.u.t. haven’t used it to improve themselves and help others are just talking some slick-soundin’ shit!

5. Call it whatever you want, b.u.t. many Gods and Earths get together based upon Mutual Insecurities and Ego Gratification. I.e. “Peace God!”, “Peace Earth!”. When one of them starts slacking on the “Ego Strokes” (masked as Building!).. , the relationship begins to fall apart (Destroy).

6. The NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths) has many of the same Positive & Negative elements that any Nation has. There are Citizens that are Mental Ill, Soccer Players, Crack Heads, Doctors, Alcoholics, Lawyers, Whores, Honor Students, Herbalists, Drug Dealers, Vegans, Gang Members, Home Care Providers, Politicians, Closet Homosexuals, Garbage Men, Thieves, School Teachers, Comedians, Service Men/Women and etc.. . I accept the Positive aspects of this Culture that are Right and the Negative distortions of this Culture that have gone Wrong!

7. NGE Lineage is our strength! If a person -who says they have KOS- can’t trace it through a line of Enlighteners that leads all the way back to the Father (Root), then they’re not Authentic. There is no other way to become a God/Earth (from a NGE Perspective) then to “personally” learn this Culture from a God/Earth. Even if a person can “authenticate” their Lineage and trace it back through a succession of Enlighteners, they still must bear fruit. This shows and proves that the Root and their Branches (i.e. Mecca, The Desert, Pelon, Medina and etc.. ) didn’t die with them.

8. There is no “Functional” difference between being Zealous, Fanatical, Nationalistic or Religious about the NGE. It’s all Obsessive Compulsive “Behavior”.

9. There’s still a low retention rate for Earths in this Nation. One reason is because a lot of Gods use “Mistermatics” (cee: The Color Purple) to uphold/perpetuate Misogynistic Attitudes. Instead of cultivating a Woman so she can be the best that she can be for herself, some Gods simply beat Original Women ova da head wit a Black Man’s ‘E-ja-ma-ca-shun’!

10. The large population of children in the NGE didn’t get here via some Amish-like “Missionary Style” sex! LOL! Keep it real ya’ll, we Righteous People (Right + Just = TRUE) not Holy; Ghosts.

11. You can’t actually “stand” on Square on the Internet. The Internet is a medium that should only be used to redirect people back to real life. It’s not a place where you “Set up a Home” and wait for some Mystery Student to bring you validation.

12. When we say that “The Original Woman is the Earth” we don’t mean it literally. Looking like “Monique” rockin a head wrap is some shit that’s a Public Safety and Quality of Life Issue. And I’m not encouraging Women to be on some stomach stapled “Star Jones” shit neither! I’m just saying it’s important to be more active after dropping them babies (if that’s ya excuse!) and cut back on some of those ‘vegan’ pastries you and “Jupiter” are always building about!

13. The motto “We aren’t Pro-Black or Anti-White” has created a Conservative Class of Intellectualizing Gods/Earths who are “Homeland Security” scared to use the words “Caucasian or White Man” & “Yacub’s Grafted Devil”. Although Society is still undeniably “Anti-Black (Non White) and Pro-White”, the rationalized, politically correct conversations (not builds!) of these Gods/Earths come off like a Rodney King “Can we all just get along” Speech or a Clarence Thomas “60 Minutes Interview”.

The Cultural Term “5%” represents a certain God-centered, Socioeconomic functioning Mentality that’s inherently expressed by a very small percentage of people, not simply in North America b.u.t. ALL OVER THE PLANET EARTH. Although our 16th Degree (1-40) asks us “Who are the 5% ‘ON THIS’ Poor Part of the Planet Earth?” it simultaneously infers that there must be other 5% on another PART. So when Gods walk around with their chest poked out talking about “all” these Students they taught, take it with a grain of salt. Even if they did give people Lessons and perceived themselves to be Teaching them, Mathematically speaking, the majority (85-95%) of these “so-called” Students are actually wannabe’s (for whatever reason) and not really of the 5%. Here is why; If we look at it demographically, 5% of 4 Billion 400 Million Original People is a measly 220 Million People “ALL OVER THE PLANET EARTH”. For a Nigga to say (and believe) that they found and educated 3 of these “rare” people who just happen to live right in their Community is some bullshit! Unless of course you’re a “World Traveler” God who’s literally on some “knowing every square inch” (3/1-14) shit and you’ve taught these “rare” individuals you’ve found scattered ALL OVER THE PLANET EARTH, from Punjab to Fairborn, OH. Do the Math, for real! In time, these so-called Enlighteners will cee and admit (if they’re honest!) that they lost a lot of time “searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) by teaching 5 Pretenders.

15. The “Crowning Glory” of 120 is our Twelve Jewels and The Highest Expression of this Crowing Glory is the Jewel of “HAPPINESS” (12th Jewel). As you grow and elevate above the lower/baser more aspects of this Culture you learn to enjoy/appreciate this Way of Life where these vibrations become higher/finer. This is the Science behind “Elevation”/Enlightenment being associated with an Archetypical Model of a "Smiling" Buddha. All in all, you know you’re truly growing in this Math when you’ve begun to develop a “light” hearted sense of humor in the way you draw up different aspects of 120! I’m not saying that as you elevate you get on some Martin Lawrence shit. I am saying that if you’ve had this Math for some time and you’re still walking around carrying it all uptight like James Evans, Sound Wave or Clubber Lang, you ain’t elevatin’ Sun. This goes for Women too. If you’re walking around carrying this Math like “The Godmother” Griselda Blanco or “Madame” Dorinda from Truck Turner, you’re also missing the point! If people clearly cee you’re always uptight and not happy in the way you express this Culture, why should they be HAPPY about it?!

16. God is not Superman, God is a Super Man. Many males claim to be God b.u.t. aren’t even Men yet. There are also many females who claim to be Earth that aren’t even Women yet. A Classic Example of a male like this is a dude who mooches off some female because he hasn’t learned to take care of himself. He lives under ‘her’ roof, can’t cook, clean, is unorganized, doesn’t keep up with his paperwork, has a sketchy work history and doesn’t separate colored/white clothes “if” he washes. He damn sure can build at the Parliament though! LOL

17. Much respect goes out to all the Gods/Earths who have taken this Culture to a whole different level by being consistent in their publishing of Works and involvement in Entrepreneurships that are NGE Orientated. By manifesting your undertakings and making them available to The NGE (and the General Population), you are Showing & Proving the results of a true Parliament and adding on to a real Infrastructural Foundation!

18. It’s a damn shame how Gods simply “move on” to the next Planetary Body if things don’t work out with an Earth, while the Earth usually becomes a Widow (regardless if she’s 18 or 40) that’s banished/alienated to a Godless Void! Something needs to be done to address the situation where Gods use spoken/unspoken Codes of Conduct to Socio-economically “red line” Earths who “respectfully” try to move on with their lives JUST LIKE HE DID! If a God can be on a warm current, parading around at Rallies with a New Wiz on his arm who ain’t got no seed(s), then an Ex-Earth shouldn’t get funny looks and cold currents from people when she’s on the arm of a Brotha with ya’ll seed(s).

19. Gods (who should know better by now!) are still under the “Egocentric” impression that people actually care what they think. Offering unsolicited advice or being on some Deepak Chopra Allah shit is still a waste of time no matter what angle of the square you choose to look at it from. People who do actually care what you think will come to you. All you need to do is live your life and make yourself available to them when they do. Quit tryin’ so hard!

20. When a Man Understands the Science of “Humility” there’s never a need for a God to be humbled!

21. As a Civilized Person, to teach “The Science of EVERYTHING in Life” (18/1-40) to the Uncivilized means that you damn near need to know everything! Or at least point a person in the right direction if they ask you for information about a subject matter that you’re not that thorough in! Expand your Mind by learning new information that helps expound upon and give context to 120. New information serves as “Plus Degree’s”, resourceful additions to an Informational “Reference Guide” that helps us navigate (and help others navigate) the mental landscape of Life. Although you may have the Map (120), the less you KNOW about the Terrain (The Science of Everything) increases your chances of making unWISE decisions and not CEEing the destination clearly.

22. Make no compromises, call it how you cee it and accept nothing less than a Woman who cee’s herself as a Queen. Period.

23. Like in the past, “Knowing every square inch” and then “Not caring about the Poor Part” still gives a person the opportunity to spearhead a movement that ends with your whole family being wiped out or enslaved. Keep this in mind the next time you’re grinning up in some Male/Female’s face talking bout “How Peace they are”!

24. If we don’t get the Understanding.. , the Understanding will get us.


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