Monday, December 04, 2006

"Making LOVE to our Icons"

Peace Family, today I’m dealin with “Making LOVE to our Icons” and I’m referencing our 14th Degree in the 1-14’s. The reason I highlighted the 14th Degree is because it serves as a good functional template to evaluate suitable qualities of a female. This is very, very important because sometimes we (males) have the tendency to see what we want to see in a female. Anyway, we find ourselves Making LOVE to our Icon; a “Quean” instead of a Queen! (Peace to my Brotha Ken Ra Allah for putting me on to the term “Quean”!)

The 14th Degree in the 1-14’s asks us, What is the meaning of MGT and GCC? The answer says, “Muslim Girl Training and General Civilization Class. These are the names given to the Girls and Women that belong to Islam in North America teaching them How to Keep a Home, How to Raise their Children, How to Keep a Husband, Sew and Cook and in General How to Act at Home and Abroad. These Training Units were set up by our Prophet by the name W.D. Fard."

First and foremost I wanted to say that as brother’s we need to stop trying to make love to our Icons! In other words, not every women that wears a hijab or wraps her head is a Queen and you can’t make some hoe into a housewife! Females are born into a gender oppressive Society so that warrant’s a sense of craftiness that females must employ in order to just survive the bullshit that males “WILL” put them through! Sometimes this craftiness becomes grafted into a sense of cunning that only rabid foxes employ! Anyhow, there’s a line in the movie Dangerous Liaison’s where Glenn Close say’s, “When I was born I instinctively knew that I needed to avenge my gender.” She also mentions that from her assigned status in French Aristocratic Society, she learned to “modestly smile at the table while stabbing the back of her hand with a fork!”. This my friend, reflects an indifferent, Ninjitsu (Urban Orientalistic) type of anarchist mentality that many of these females are in, strait up! Don’t be fooled by the fact that this creature can quote lessons, she is a Registered MGT or because she call’s you God in a text message. Given the time and opportunity, she’ll show her true “colors” (pun intended for those who understand!). Of course alot of this can be traced to ignorant ass "males" who have put females through so much bullshit that they became "grafted" devils. In this Article, I'm specifically dealing with those females who "choose" to do devilishment, steal, tell lies and Master Men!!

It’s funny because many of these females have such low expectations for our intelligence (as males) that they often flaunt what they “really” are right in front of our faces while telling us sweet lies that they expect us to believe! It’s like a female “telling” you she ain’t like that as she’s ridin’ you in ya whip right outside the club you just met her in! Only a fool would get into a full blow relationship with this female expecting her to be something other than what she is, a harlot. My point is, as males there are always some Tall-Tale signs that we often overlook in females in lieu of us trying to Make LOVE to our Icons! We often take that “made in our image and likeness” shit alittle bit too far! I also want to mention that just because I’m sharing this perspective with you (particularly females who are reading this!) that it’s not gonna equip you with an arsenal of WMD to mount an “Aires” attack on males. At least not the one’s who’s worth anything. Yeah you’ll be able to snag you some cat and make that weak muthafucka fall victim but not the Alpha Male, Piece with the Magnetic, Blackman of Asia that you genetically desire! Anyway, here’s my understanding of some of the prerequisites that I look for in females as outlined in our 14th Degree.

General Civilization vs. Training Units
All females that I generally relate with in any/all social circles are privy to just General Civilization. This means that you ain’t getting close! I’ve even been naked with a female who is getting General Civilization, shared body fluids with and even allowed them access to my Kingdom. Now your probably asking, why weren’t these close and intimate situations classified as Training Units? First of all because these females didn’t want Training Units! How do I know? Because when given the opportunity they chose one thing over another! If I gave a Wiz my remote control and let her channel surf and noticed that 85% of the time she watched Lifetime Network and VH1 I would be a damn fool to expect her to be into The History Channel (A Channel that she has to ask me what number it is!). I would be an even bigger ass to let her con me into believing that she’s actually enjoying this Documentary about Vlad the Impaler that I’m forcing her to watch! Anyway, If you clearly see that a female is not really interested in the ingredients of the cake don’t force her to learn the recipe! She ain’t gonna make the shit and your wasting her time and your’s! Just share your cake and non-verbally let her know that you don’t have any expectations of her enrolling in your Pastry Chef Class! Keep it General and only get specifically into Training Units if/when you see that she’s interested in learning the mechanics of what makes you tick! You’ll know because “A Student” always asks the right questions and approaches the Temple Gate with a sense of openness, humility and sincerity. If she’s “saying” she wants to learn while giving you every excuse in the book why she isn’t learning, she’s bullshittin’! She obviously wants something other what’s important and she’s trying to buy an X-box 360 with a nice, crisp $20 Bill! If that’s what you believe it’s worth, then that’s your lost if you let her get it that cheap! And that’s exactly how she’s gonna treat it, like some cheap shit "without a warranty" my nigga’!

How to Keep a Home
How to Keep a Home includes how they keep themselves, their child(ren), their car, their office space, their food tray and everything that can be remotely associated with them! If a female keeps her car dirty and junky then you can tell how she “keeps” her home, fuckin’ filthy! Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that this is a “Refined Earth” or “Good Muslim Sistah” because she appears to be “Cultured” or her hijab looks unblemished. She don’t know how to keep a home and you gotta consider if you want your Kingdom homely and unsanitary, because it will be! And if it ain’t, your damn sure gonna have to dedicate a lot of time and energy cleaning up after, organizing and talking to this female that don’t know how to keep a home! I speak like this because I’ve dealt with a Wiz who was a “Professional” Housecleaner (cleaning mansions) so through her I learned to develop higher expectations (I was already clean & organized before I met her!) of what “How to Keep a Home” is. Compared to her, a lot of these women I’ve met are strait up pigs! Now “How to Keep a Home” also means Household Management! If a Wiz is always buying what she wants and scrounging for what she needs then this is a clear sign that ya’ll home will be jeopardized!

How to raise her Children
I won’t go into how a women should raise a child, b.u.t. I will speak on obvious things that tell you a women needs to “really” learn how to raise a child. If a women has a child that tells her “NO, I’m not gonna do this or that”, she don’t know how to raise that child! The child is raising her! If a woman has a child (especially under 6 yrs. old!) that doesn’t have a specified time when they go to bed (in other words, that child be going to bed at 10, 11 & 12am!), then she don’t know how to raise that child! If that child is telling that mother what the fuck she’s not gonna eat, then that woman ain’t raising that child! I’ve met many females who had some bad ass children that as soon as I met them I had the urge to beat they ass! These females had no real sense of discipline so they children basically walked all over them! Nowaday’s many females think that involving their children in extracurricular activities and shit like that is the so-called “staple foods” of a healthy intellectual, emotional and physical diet! Naw mami, that’s a supplement! If your child is talking back, throwing tantrums and outright being disrespectful (especially in public!), you need to really think about what type of discipline or structure your giving your child because they are obviously outta’ control! As a man, I ain’t dealing with no bad ass children, fuck that! That “mis-management” effects How to KEEP a Home! If a person can visualize you and your child(ren) on a future Maury Povich Show for “Outta Control Teens” then you really need to work on How to raise your child(ren).

How to Keep a Husband
Since a lot of these females ain’t married I’ll build about How to Keep a Man! First of all if you trying to get the average “male” who ain’t got no Knowledge of Self then some good head, a tight pussy, being able to cook a descent meal, and a good job is basically sufficient! I’m tired of these females thinking that this shit is enough for me or any of the other Gods! In light of all the Mandingo, Buck-Breedin’ stereotypes females been fed about the Original Man, not all of us are savages in the pursuit of happiness! When your dealing with a “Man” with Knowledge of Self, some good head, a tight pussy, being able to cook a descent meal, and a good job AIN’T GONNA KEEP US! Some of ya’ll females got it in ya head that all you need to do is get us in a sexual arena and bring us some breakfast in bed after you “Little Kim’d” us and it’s all over! Next thing you know, you expect us to be speaking courtship language or making plans for a wedding! More than anything, a true “Man” seeks a woman who reflects his Culture in the form of speaking his language and sharing his values. Knowing that a relationship isn’t orientated from a bedroom, there must be qualitative substance to a woman that transcends the quantity of sexual ciphers she can take us into! All I can say is that there is always some other female who can give better head than you, who’s pussy is tighter than yours, who cooks like a chef and who has a 6 figure income! You really need to honestly ask yourself what sets you apart? What’s really gonna help you KEEP A MAN, not a “male” b.u.t. a Man?! I’ll tell you this, a Man is the one who makes you consider those questions without him even asking you! He makes you think about how you truly value yourself and makes you re-evaluate everything you’ve been taught about your pussy being the Best Part! When it comes down to it, many females ain’t really looking for a Man because when they find him they realize that it’s too much work! Too much work to figure out what they really have to bring to the relationship. Too much work to unlearn the lies they have been taught about a women’s worth, and too much work to learn from this Man what his nature requires of her. To my real Men with Knowledge of Self out there, don’t waste your time on a female who ain’t trying to sincerely learn how to keep you (peaceful & satisfied!). You on some letting “The Devil settle on the Best Part”, “caring about the Poor Part” shit, and there are many other women out there who welcome your instructions on how to please you! Don’t even try to reform them, take them off your Planet because for every 1 of you there’s upwards to 11 different women ready to fit that Cinderella shoe!

Sew and Cook
More than anything, Sewing and Cooking functions as a creative economical science! It cuts back on spending unnecessary money on clothing as well as eating/ordering out. It also shows you that a female is dealing with the related Science of Homemaking (Going back to How to Keep a Home!). This also highlights the Earths Rotation (Self Perpetuating) upon “it’s own” axis as it revolves around the Sun. Shit, these are also potential business venture skills that can add on the da Cipher!

I’ve known females who couldn’t sew up a hole in a sock or who made bean soup look like vomit! If you can’t sew that’s cool because that shit has become a lost art! Learn how to at least make minor repairs to your families clothes because companies obviously make clothing to last for a certain amount of time for a reason. Instead of constantly going out and making other’s rich from your labor, sewing is a means to be more economical and save money that you don’t need to be spending. That shit can be put towards a trip to Hawaii, now I know you thinking about it! In regards to cooking, don’t claim you on some Vegan or Vegetarian shit to try and hide the fact that you can’t cook! Come on now, ya’ man wanna be healthy b.u.t. it should taste and be prepared good too! At least think about your children. You can’t expect your child to accept a Vegan or Vegetarian diet if the shit you makin them is strait up nasty! They may grow up and eat the complete opposite just to spite you, or overdose on the wrong foods as soon as you turn your back! Why? Because you don’t know how to cook, plain and simple! If the meals you make a man just brings a smile to his face then you know you can cook. I can cook myself and yes my daughters eat what I make. And if they don’t, I have sense enough to try things different, ask them questions about it and make sure that I one day get it down to science where they askin’ for seconds! I real Man is able to go line for line preparing dishes with a suitable female like two battle rappers on a Smack DVD. Not that it’s a competition, b.u.t. if the only thing you can do in the kitchen is prop ya ass up on a countertop for sex, you got a lot of work ahead of you baby! A Man ain’t gonna waste his time on that!

In General How to Act at Home and Abroad
Here we are, How to fuckin’ “ACT”, at Home as well as Abroad. This doesn’t mean “ACT’ in the sense of Hollywood and we ain’t talking about “a Broad” neither! When we say How to Act at Home and Abroad we are talking about “Cultural Etiquette” in the form of Social Norms/Mores! In general terms, there are some things that are obviously not right and exact for a Civilized Man. We don’t like gender competitive females wearing pants (especially with a zipper for a penis!). Ya’ll secretly (and often blatantly!) want to be us! More than anything, We don’t like females “ACTING”! If you don’t want to be about our Culture then don’t front! Your acting is fuckin’ terrible and you expect us to believe “the role your playing” is that of a true Earth or MGT?! That bullshit is an insult to our intelligence and a waste of time. I tell a female strait up that if she wants to be with me then she must Know what I know, which means learn 120 lessons. This builds a proper foundation, makes communication more effective because she knows my language and ultimately minimizes conflict. She may try to come off like she want to be about it b.u.t. sooner than later she starts with the bullshit excuses why she’s not getting what she never really wanted in the first place! When I see that these females are really just “Acting” home and “A broad” I quickly put them in the “Time Out” corner. I’m still open to deal with them as far as “General Civilization” is concerned (which everyone has access to on the surface), b.u.t. they loose complete access to any “Training Units”! The way I teach a female “How to Act at Home and Abroad” is to show them that this ain’t no Act and they ain’t no broad! I teach them expectations about my Cultures Social Norms/Mores and that’s basically it. A female should simply be your second self. As a Man, a real woman is like having 48hrs. in one day! She helps you compress the time in a sense where she’s able to accomplish 24 extra hrs. worth of work to add on to your one day! As a Man we also do the same for her! If a females day is her 24hrs. and your day is your 24hrs., ya’ll ain’t addin’ on! Whenever a woman is at Home or Abroad, her time is always acting in the best interest of you because your time is in the best interest of her. If a female ain’t trying to be an International Ambassador for the Universal Government that you’re the Chief of Staff of, she’s only qualified to obtain a clerical position if anything. Don’t be harsh about it, just let her know that for an International Ambassador Position she’s under qualified. Tell her that if she would like to apply for it in the future, she needs to obtain certain degree’s and working experience in that field of study first!

These Training Units were set up by our Prophet by the name W.D. Fard
Like I said, I ain’t setting up no Training Units for some female that “Generally” want to fuck around with me. I can’t speak for other’s b.u.t. my Training Units are set up by my “Profit”! The time, energy and etc.. that I spend is an investment. It’s gotta be “Profitable” to me, not no feel good, prophetic talkin’, pie in the sky bullshit! My Training Units are set up to serve a functional purpose of adding on intellectually, emotionally and ultimately physically (ECONOMICALLY)! I teach from a perspective of practical application. Yeah you the Earth or MGT, rockin’ ¾’s clothing, looking all fly b.u.t. lets deal with your useful land. I’m interested to see if the Training Units your learning has enabled you to convert your natural resources (talents) into an economic reality; something that “sets up” a “Profit” for you. Don’t get it twisted, Poor Righteous Teacher don’t mean broke! In Old English “Poor” simply means to be frugal so that’s how I’m drawing it up, simply being practical with what you got and not living above your means. So regardless how Civilized a female looks, how much NGE History or NOI information she can regurgitate, if they haven’t learned how to apply Training Units set up by my Profit (investment), then they ain’t worthy to be in my Cipher! They wasting time and sitting on useful land that can be converted into a Profit/Prophet!

To conclude, I just wanted to say that I was inspired to write this Article in a very big way. To my brothers, don’t settle for less. Many of these females want to do a part time ass job and demand a fuckin’ full paid salary! They think that because they say that they are an Earth or MGT that your automatically supposed to roll out a red carpet! Whatever, as long as you stand on your Square and make them Show & Prove who they are and what they really want you’ll see them for what they are. There will be three things that will actually happen. 1.) They will stop fuckin’ with you altogether. 2.) They’ll just settle with dealing with you generally/platonically (even physically). 3.) They’ll actually build with you the way a student is supposed to. Many females will choose number 1 and make up some bullshit excuse why they ain’t dealing with you. The reality is that they are just frustrated because they can’t master you and have you on their terms. Your bound to see females make a number 1 choice especially if you turn down the pussy! Some females will appear to humbly choose number 2. Don’t be deceived by their feigned injury, This is playing Possum Tactic because in the back of their mind they think that they can “make you a believer” by turning you out with the pussy! They’re banking on the fact that once they get you on your back that they can ride da dick right off into the sunset and have you talking about marriage by the time the sun rises! Now the 3rd choice is always the rarest! Shiiiitttttt, it’s rarer than a Maltese Tiger! Now lets get this strait, no matter how swift you are, how much building your doing, how long you had Knowledge or how long you been laboring in the NOI. If a female ain’t trying to be right don’t beat yourself up about it, “She” don’t want to be right! That ain’t your fault and you “can’t reform the Devil, because all the Prophets/Profit’s (investments) have tried and have agreed that it cannot be done” (34 Degree, 1-40’s)! Gon’ brush ya shoulder’s off, accept the fact that she on some shit, and help her move on by encouraging her to find some Bama Nigga that she can con to fulfill her needs! PEACE (Please Evaluate All Ciphers Entirely)

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