Wednesday, December 20, 2006

- The Greastest MC of All Time-
Young MC; Stone Cold Rhymin'

Peace! As we find ourselves in the beginning stages of this Winter Season it’s a good time to deal with a conservationist attitude in order to preserve the nutrients that we hope to invest in the Springtime. Sounds all flowery and shit, b.u.t. it’s really a time to deal with a lot of “Inner Work”. This is one of the best times of the year for me. Maybe it’s a January baby thing or something, b.u.t. anyhow, I really enjoy the properties that Winter brings out in me.

First I wanted to say PEACE to all those who take a moment to read my Blog. I appreciate your interest and ability to open your mind, especially when I’m dealing with many of the controversial topics that I tackle. My goal is to share my thoughts with you in a way that is both educational, entertaining and ultimately un-tampered with. If you notice at the top of my Blog I took a moment to “re-define” the angle that I’m coming from! This is basically to let people know what to expect. With all that said, today I wanted to build about what I call Polar Perspectives.

Polar Perspectives means to take an opportunity and stretch ya mind a bit. To look at things from the Polar Opposite side of the spectrum and consider things that other’s undoubtedly do. Your ability to see things from another person’s perspective may one day cost you your life, or better yet, your ability to not cee things from another person’s perspective has already cost you your life! I go back and think about the many people I alienated, exiled or outright dissed because I couldn’t “cee” where they were coming from! In our Knowledge (1st) Degree in the 1-14’s we learn that, “and there wouldn’t be any PEACE amongst them so we chose the BEST PART for ourselves. We didn’t care about the poor part”. Sometimes (Yes, I said “Sometimes”!) our ability to establish PEACE amongst people is to simply deal with the BEST PART and not care about the poor part! In other words, if you know da’ nigga be on some shit when he drink, only deal with him when he’s sober! Anyway, you’ll be surprised how much more PEACE you gain access to when your more concerned about engaging the BEST PART of person as a method of leveraging that poor side of them (that both they and you can do better without)! I also gotta mention that it does take a good amount of available energy and patience to “sit amongst some shit while having a positive conversation about the fragrant smell of Lilacs”! It takes strength indeed and none of us have it all the time! Sometimes you just want to and need to say “Damn that shit stank”! Well, here’s a few Polar Perspectives I wanted to share with ya'll;

George “Dubya” Bush
You gotta give him credit. He’s a routin’, toutin’, kick ass & ask questions later, Yosemite Sam! I like his arrogance and his “I don’t give a fuck” John Wayne attitude! Say what you want about him, he ain’t backing down from shit! He’s no Cincinnatus but he’s damn sure an American Hero. When I think of the word “American”, I envision George Dubya’ and everything he represents.

Minister Louis Farrakhan
“The Leader” is only a shadow of the man he used to be. Can you imagine beating your head against a brick wall for 40 something years? His followers probably don’t want to accept it but the man is fuckin’ tired! Tired of bullshittin ass followers who still haven’t “gotten the point”, even though he’s consistently shown them that they have the exact same tools and access to the same information that he has! It must be frustrating and I would never want a post like his because you can clearly see how it effected The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (THEM) and Khan’s health! Yeah I said it, his "life-force drainin'" followers are the one's who are indirectly responsible for his health! To say that THEM was like unto Moses and that Khan is a self-proclaimed “Aaron” is to simultaneously say that “their followers are CHILDREN”! Hard headed ass “CHILDREN” that they both had to constantly lecture because they really ain't listening! One of Khan’s greatest letdowns is the fact that “his Children” have not been able to reproduce an economic base like the 1st Resurrection did under THEM. When he was traveling doing lectures all over the country it was designed to be an economic mobilizing effort more than anything! With the blind, deaf and dumb negroes (particularly in the NOI) who were flocking out to see him, it became no different then a Rock the Bells Tour! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Khan would love to cee the things he espouses at “his shows” come into fruition in his physical lifetime, b.u.t. he has unfortunately realized that after 40 something years, 85% of “his CHILDREN” just don’t get it. He ain’t givin’ up ya’ll, he’s just preserving the BEST PART for himself, and about to sit back and enjoy being an Elder! Watch him and remember where you heard it first! And good luck with Ishmael “all hail Elijah’s son” Muhammad because he damn sure ain’t got no magnetic like that. It comes a time when “CHILDREN” gotta grow the fuck up and be responsible adults, so maybe Khan’s sickness will make his kids WAKE UP!

Gay Marriage
A long time ago I accepted the fact that people are going to do what they want, just not in my home.

Mainstream Rap Music
The new generation love to dance! They ain’t really listening to no lyrics like that and even though I cherish the “lyrical” aspect of this genre I also appreciate this cardiovascular movement that the youth got going on right now! It’s healthy for us when it comes down to it. So complain as you may about all these cheezy ass, b-side gimmicks, saturated in gross materialism, sexism and violence! They indirectly keepin’ our youth physically fit, active and in tune with “The Drum”!

Yeah that’s PEACE, b.u.t. unbeknownst to you, some of ya’ll are really suffering from an acute form of Obsessive Compulsion! You doubt it? Grab the latest addition of the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) at ya local library and you’ll see the symptoms! With all your Jack Lelane fanaticism about organic, whole foods and non-dairy products, you may die from being hit by a Meat Truck! Chill the fuck out, and if you really passionate about nigga’s eating the right foods, buy or make some shit for them that taste better!

The Black Church
Sunday Dinners and Bake Sales are the best!! Oh yeah, them fly as “sistah’s” that be wearing them skimpy ass dresses and playin’ the Sunday saint role is tight too! It’s funny to watch them talk about the bible when they’re body language is saying that they wanna get fucked! I also get a kick out of ceeing them 400 lb. faggots playin’ the shit out them tambourines and listening to the Elder’s get up and testify about what Massa’ did for them lately. The best part is always watching the children find creative ways to minimize the pain and torture of sitting through that bullshit! Through them we can learn a lot!

Black Men
We need to really get ourselves together! No one fuckin’ believes in us, not our women or even eachother and many of ya’ll act like you ain’t gotta Show & Prove shit to change how “we” are generally perceived! We’re being driven towards extinction like Moroccan Elephants and many of ya’ll niggas sitting back playing Smackdown vs. Raw on PS2, chasin’ bitches at the club, neglecting “your” children, complaining about the lack of jobs, worried about the Football score, quotin’ Jay Z lyrics you ain’t gonna use, eatin’ McDonald’s and smokin’ some hydro! To say that my job is to “Civilize the Uncivilized” or “Resurrect the Dead from a Mental Death” are understatements! When I started to hear the use of the phrase “he’s a Beast” by the youth to express admiration for what a person does I knew that the world was now “scraping the bottom of the barrel” to define the Black Man’s identity. Thank the Lord for Will Smith because as long as he’s alive we still have at least a Jamaican Bobsleddin’ chance to refine our image as Black Men!

A lot of dudes support it because they want to be on some freak shit, ya know, have threesomes and all that! There’s also females that want to be down with that freak shit too! That’s personally not a fantasy of mine, I’d be just fine with a Beyonce lookin’, Geisha style, Wise Woman that’ll bust her guns for me! Yeah b.u.t. anyway, in the context of this Society that’s definitely a Science! For you Gods that are basically still fuckin’ ya baby mamma and ya’ new Wiz that ain’t true Polygamy. Them females just got low self esteem and have accepted the “impressionable” pins you stuck in they head that tell them “no one will possibly want them” and “they’ll never find someone like you”! Polygamy was the first form of Social Security and if you can’t “legally” provide for more than one woman better than Section 8 and Social Services then what you callin’ Polygamy is really some slick Misguided King (i.e. Pimp!) shit that you maskin’ in so-called Mathematics! Considering the emotional investment in such an endeavor.., I’m good, I’d rather live 85 good years than die bald and stressed the fuck out at 55! Now I know some of ya’ll brotha’s probably saying, “God you just can’t hold the weight?!”. That ain’t it you dumb muthafucka’s! I just got sense enough to not spread myself too thin! Fool, having two women “really” translates into doing 48 hrs. worth of work in one day. “Anything less would be Uncivilized” –Sir Charles Barkley

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