Friday, December 29, 2006

Culture Freedom
-Saladin Quanaah' Allah; Night-hiking along the Falls-

Peace family. This year as with many years before this I have been an active participant in Kwanzaa. A beautiful Celebration of some of the Universal Laws that we all knowingly or unknowingly observe and apply to our lives. To me, I cee Kwanzaa as something along the same lines as NA, a Seven Step Program designed to target Original People who are Recovering Christmas Addicts! My Parent’s used Christmas as more of a Social Drug and never had me and my brother’s and sisters strung out. I was building with Sha (my Enlightener) and he jokingly said Kwanzaa is some Black Santa Claus shit and “Kujichagulia” means “Ho, Ho, Ho” in Swahili. To me I see it as something that can be productively used to wean Original People off a diet that’s heavy in starchy Assimilation. More than anything it’s about celebrating the First Fruits of our Harvest (Children), meditating upon the productive or unproductive methods (labor) we did to reap our results, and renew our history to improve next years Harvest. There is a flip side to this though, because you start ceeing all kinds of fanatical nigga’s crawling out of the woodworks rockin’ mudcloth outfits, smellin’ like a bottle of Egyptian Musk and sayin’ Hotep! To me that’s as wack as not acknowledging the idea of Kwanzaa at all. If interpreted in a way to preserve The Best Part of these Principles for ourselves, Kwanzaa (like Christmas or any Observance) can be used to maximize our God-Centered Cultural Perspective and minimize ideas that are systematically designed to undermine our ability to be ourselves. I must re-emphasize the fact that we aren’t religious, at least we aren’t supposed to be (for those Nationalistic Gods and Earths who overzealously rep this Culture like die hard Denver Nuggets fans!). The fact that we are dealing with 85% of the people who are deaf, dumb and blind and another 10% who are rich slave makers of the poor, a whopping “95%” of the time we are playing away games!! This interprets into being like Rocky when he had to train with no equipment in the Cold and fight a steroid pumpin’ Ivan Drago in a Soviet Union arena full of Communist fans! Fighting to preserve and perpetuate our God-Centered Culture is symbolic to fighting the same battle, and if our Home ain’t Jerusalem (founded in PEACE), shiiiiiiiiittttttttt that even further hinders our ability to live a respectful way of life. I say all that to say this, Living Mathematics is nothing more than “Alchemy”, the ability to produce Gold out of any and all Midus Touched mundane situations. Allah is Lord of “All Worlds” and every environment is our classroom! With all that said, today I wanted to revisit the Science of my Culture.

In regards to Culture, I’ve grown to understand that if my worldview is not indicative of the Love, Peace and Happiness that forges the best of what Civilization has to offer than whatever I say I’m about ain’t really worth a damn! In otherwords, if my Culture ain’t solving the problems in my life then it’s strait up bullshit! I’ve seen and heard brothers in the NGE and NOI walking around screw facing people, stiff, unhappy, antisocial, unemployed, upset with their relationship and outright unstable. They may “say” PEACE or As-salaam Alaikum b.u.t. their life in no way expressed this! One reason that people on the outside may associate these illustrious Cultures with being Gangs, Hate Groups, Occults or any other negative definitions is because of the characteristics that I just mentioned above (i.e., screw facing people, stiff, unhappy, antisocial, unemployed, upset with their relationship and outright unstable)! If people can’t see your happiness then why should they even want to know shit about what your dealing with! They can seriously be more happy doing something else and unfortunately it’s usually something that’s gonna hurt them in the long run. As far as the NGE is concerned, I’m not a big fan of Ego Sessions (so-called Rallies) where we all get together and see what lessons we can quote, how much more we know than someone else or how beautiful we look in our refinement (clothing)! Not all “Cipher’s” are this shallow b.u.t. I will go as far as to say that 85% of them are! Only about 5% of the time is something really constructive going on. This is from my experience and perspective of course. Now here’s a few lesson’s that I’ve learned from living my Culture (The NGE) for a little over a decade;

1. “Be” what you are about. Since this world is Wisdom Knowledge (aka: 21 = backwards!) then it serves your best teaching interest to let your reputation proceed you. Focus more on how you can express God or Earth compared to how you can literally explain it. When a person is walking down the street their “sight” is the primary sense that orientates them in the environment, not their sense of hearing! Again, Light travels 186,000 miles per second while Sound “only” travels 1,120 feet per second. Do the math!

2. “Being in” or “A Member of” the NGE is nothing more than proclaiming a specific type of functioning mentality. A mentality rooted in our language of Supreme Mathematics/Alphabet and expressed through 120 Degree’s of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding (360 Degree’s). This expression manifests itself in all aspects of our people activities and serves as the summation of our Way of Life; Culture. So the idea of “Being in” or “A Member of” is actually a misnomer. There’s really no place to actually be, meet or be a part of. It’s really just a consciousness that’s shared by a collective body of people.

3. A 5 Percenter (according to our 16th Degree, 1-40’s) is “all wise and know who the true and living God is and teach that the true and living God is the Son of Man, Supreme Being, Black Man from Asia. Teaching Freedom, Justice and Equality to all the Human Families of the Planet Earth”. We became a Nation of Gods and Earths when we transcended simply knowing and teaching who the true and living God is as 5 Percenter’s. After the Father returned to the essence we formally “became” the true and living God that we knew and taught about and our women “became” our Eco-friendly “Heavenly” Home (Earth)! I only use the term “5 Percenter” for chronological purposes and in the context of a specific conversation. Other than that, I’m God, period!

4. This is not an “add water” sea monkey type method of Growth and Development. Like with anything, it takes time, patience, dedication and perseverance to become a greater person. The most important key is being true to yourself and openly honest with yourself about your frailties in order to access the strength to become better. Our 13th Degree in the 1-40’s tells us that “the Lost-Found was once mentally dead and many of them recovered from it”. In any system of recovery the First Step is for a person to acknowledge their own vices, and this Culture is no different. The most ignorant 85% and 10% blood sucker of the poor that you’ll ever see is in the mirror! Why? Because “you” (and your shortcomings) ultimately have the greatest impact upon “your” life. This is not a destination that plateaus at a place called “Holy”, it’s a journey called “Righteousness”.

5. A “Nation” infers a National Identity and a National Identity is always linked to a specific landmass. Because our National Identity is God-centered with the Planet Earth being our home, we belong wherever we go! The Best Part is based upon our preference and home is truly “where the heart is”! Because our conceptualization of Self is so Universal and without a said birth record, wherever I stand I’m in the center of all things! While American’s find it difficult to “be an American” on so-called foreign (especially Islamic) soil, I’m God regardless if I’m in Antarctica, New Zealand, Mudlick Kentucy or Ransomville New York! Allah is Lord of all worlds indeed. While some people measure their home by square feet, we measure ours by square miles, all 196,940,000 of them!

6. The Earth (Original Woman) doesn’t need to wear a Headwrap every time she steps out of the house. Hair needs to breathe and get sunlight to remain healthy! If she didn’t wear a Headwrap that doesn’t make her any less of an Earth if she did. The main thing that is important is wearing her hair natural. Some Original Women only wear Headwraps religiously because they are still covering up the lack of love for their natural hair. Instead of coming to terms with this they simply replace a perm/weave with clothe! I think that it is important for the Earth to find a harmonious middle ground. An Earth shouldn’t wear a Headwrap so “religiously” that if a person saw her without it they think that she’s other than herself, or not wearing it to the extent that when she does wear it people think she’s just having a “bad hair day”! I think the “Headwrap” should be worn to the extent that people clearly recognize that it is an aspect of her Culture yet something that doesn’t take
away from her when “she chooses” to wear her natural hair! As I said in a previous Article, Our women are not some cool ass Sunni Muslims!

7. There are Family Tree, Tribal-like distinctions in the way that Gods and Earths carry their Knowledge, and this depends upon who and where they got it from. It’s just as distinct as the various Rap Artists that represent different boroughs. If I come across a God who constantly says, “The Father said this or The Father said that” there’s a strong chance that his Historical Orientation is because his immediate Family Tree is in Harlem (Mecca). If a God is more pro-active and Community Orientated then his Family Tree may be from Brooklyn (Medina), the land of the Warriors. My Family Tree is rooted in the Desert (Queens) where Gods begin to not extend automatic credit to someone simply because they may have been with or knew The Father. We were more concerned about the living application of this Knowledge. Because of these Tribal-like distinctions, Gods will sometimes have inter-tribal disputes the same way that our brothers have inter-tribal disputes in Central Asia (Africa). The difference is that our disputes are more psychological than physical. The downside to this is the fact that people can unreasonably criticize these distinctions to the point of alienation. The upside to this is the fact that we can learn to appreciate the uniqueness that we each bring to our Cultural table.
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