Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Beast Within (click here to order!!)

I’ve presently embarked on a Fast. Right now I am getting through my 4th day of just drinking Spring Water. I haven’t had any strong food cravings as of yet but two days ago I was irritated quite a bit later on in the afternoon. All I can say is the Universal Mind has an incredible sense of humor. I felt like a Medium who was able to detect “asshole” orb’s! People was really getting’ on my damn nerves! Right now I’m strait, toxin’s just flooding my system so I’m alittle lethargic, other than that I’m Peace and starting to get the clarity that Fasting brings.

My Benefactor (Enlightener) said that Fasting is like lockin’ a Ravenous Ass Beast in the muthafuckin’ basement! The first few day’s it’s savagely clawing at the door, snarling and barking for food but as time passes your able to tame it! For the past year I’ve been primarily eating one meal a day, so I’m sure this has helped me tame (Civilize) “The Beast”. So it ain’t like I eat a big ass breakfast, a small sub & chicken wings for lunch and then buat down some steak & potatoes for dinner before punishing my body with Fasting! I’m used to eating a small meal at the Knowledge (1) Hour so it’s not really extreme. The main reason for this Fast is not necessarily physical even though I’ll get the physiological benefits. This was more on some Metaphysical, Renew my Koran, Make changes type of current.

Now here’s the “meat” of this article (pun intended!). Change is always difficult when the timing isn’t proper. Each thought we think, words we speak and move we make takes energy! All of us have our own energy or like my Benefactor calls it “Metaphysical Economy”. Based upon our inventory of energy, this will determine what we will and won’t do. Time Management is essentially Energy Management. Sometimes we find ourselves “spreading ourselves too thin” and this only means that we misappropriated our energy! Right now wherever you may be, if faced with the immediate challenge of jogging 5 miles non stop, realize that it’s not a question of “if” you can do it! This generally is a question of “if you have the available energy”! I mean even if you have one leg it still can’t be reasoned as “I can’t” because Terry Fox hobbled 3,339 miles across Canada and into our little hearts in 1980! There are some exceptions but for the most part, most people actually can but instead of perceiving it as a question of available energy they simply say “I can’t”! Most of us learned this jewel in Kindergarten that saying “I can’t” puts a limitation of your latent, unperceived ability. To reminisce for as moment, When I was in first grade I wrote a love letter to this Wiz and took it to her by the pencil sharpener and she stood there, read it and ripped that shit up right in front of my face (and in front of other kids!). That had me fucked up for a while but she became my girlfriend in 6 grade (yeah, I know “No all the prophets have tried and have agreed.. .”!), and later in life I went on to successfully have two beautiful daughters by a dime piece (yeah, I know too, “they believe in the 10% on face value”!). The point is, because I was instinctively aware of my infinite potential, I didn’t let the idea of “I can’t” stop me!

Sometimes instinct (or will) is not enough. Sometimes we simply need the energy to make it happen. To maximize our ability to transcend the mental challenge of “I can’t” whether it exists inside of our own mind or outside of us, we need to have the available energy, and Fasting is a good way to re-up! If you want to cut that nigga off, Fast on his muthafukin’ ass! If you want to save some cream ($) to invest in something, Fast from spending your cream on shit you don’t really need! You’ll have an abundance of energy to make something happen! In Shamanism (my Major Science), it’s called severing the chains of personal attachment and reorganizing your field of energy. One way you do this is by performing “not-doings”, basically using a systematic method of not investing your time & energy into the everyday routines that consume most of your energy. In laymen’s terms, people say they want change but continue to think, talk and walk the same way! In order to do this you must first take an inventory of your energy. Find out what you spend most of your energy doing and then you can devise a proper method to break yourself. For example, if you can honestly see that you spend a lot of time running off at the mouth (you say your “building”) but wonder why you aren’t having the effective change upon your life or those around you focus more of your energy and time in non-verbally communicated what you want to see happen! "Just do it" and make sure that the energy you usually used to run ya' mouth with is redirected into doing something. In our way of life we symbolically say that Light (186,000 miles per sec.) travels faster than Sound (1,120 ft. per sec.)! You’ll be amazed at how many “hours” you free up just from shuttin’ the hell up sometimes! See, Shaman’s are Metaphysical Alchemist’s who consistently assess their inventory of energy in order to achieve different levels of consciousness and livelihood. Fasting is often a very big part of this because your storing the energy that was previously used for the digestive process and rerouting it into other areas. Oh yeah, I’m just building primarily about a basic Fast when you abstain from food. Fasts like Liver Cleanse Fasts, Sex Fasts and anything other than that is a whole different “Beast”!

To conclude, I want to encourage ya’ll to use Fasting as a method to bring forth Transfiguration! Fasting gives you the energy to do it so it’s a perfect opportunity to manifest change in ya' life. And oh’ yeah, make sure you keep a tight lock on the door for that muthafuckin’ Beast in ya’ Basement!

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