Tuesday, April 10, 2007

EGO (Edges God Out)

Peace Ya'll! This a a revision of my last Article. I apparently made a typo in the 4th paragraph by citing the 40th degree as saying, "Allah in his own GOOD TIME" instead of the 39th degree. Well, enjoy the read again, you may have missed something because I damn sure did.. ! LMAO!!

Peace Family, I’m back and in full effect! I was thinking a lot about how Gods vary. For those of you who have come across us you can definitely bear witness to that! Some come from a real Conservative Nation of Islamish angle while other’s be on some Liberal Wu-Tang type shit! You got Gods who eat meat and some who are vegan. Some Gods say “muthafucka’” every other word and other Gods don’t even use the word “nigga”. You got some who tell you the Earth is our most Precious Jewel and other’s who’ll tell you don’t let none of these Bitches -headwrap or not- con you! There are some Gods who attend Parliaments/Rallies like faithfully and other’s who are reclusive when it comes to being amongst groups of people. Some Gods wear NGE Regalia to tell the world who they are and other’s never wear anything that would let you know they’re God. Some Gods are more orientated to talk while other’s are more orientated to listen. There are Gods who don’t mind going to a church or mosque b.u.t. there are other Gods that don’t go near these houses of worship. There are Gods who legally changed their name and other’s who haven’t. Some Gods dress strait hood and other’s dress Bohemian. Gods wear Cornrolls, Locks, Fades, Baldheads, George Jefferson's, Afro’s and etc.. . Gods coach High School Football, are College Professors, Cashiers, Garbage Men, Lawyers, Music Producers, Herbalists and many other Professions. There are Gods that drink wine and other Gods who drink water. There are Gods who smoke blunts and Gods that never smoked in their life. Some Gods are into tantric sex and other Gods choose to be celibate. They are many degree’s to our National Spectrum yet the common thing we all agree upon is 120 Lessons. We all know that this is what we must fundamentally have yet our Understanding of our Lessons is the reason why there is such a wide variety of Gods. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not so good. To me I often got a kick out of ceeing a sober, Southern Christian Leadership suit wearin’, courteous, clean cut God and a high as hell, thugged out, toothless, cursin’ every other word, raggy cornroll wearing God buildin’ in Cipher!

Aside from this, I stirred up a few EGO's with my "Idol Worship and Urban Iconography Article" so I'm gonna use that as a foundational stone to build upon today's Article about how brotha's allow their EGO to Edge God Out of the equation!

Feb. 22nd (The Father’s Born Day) Unofficially kicked off the “Gregarious Season” for Gods and Earths! The second weekend (Sunday) in June is the Annual Show & Prove Rally where Gods and Earths throughout the World make an Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca (Harlem, NY) to celebrate Family -especially our children- and our Individual/Collective Accomplishments. This is the largest Collective gathering of Gods and Earths that takes place so it’s a good opportunity to get out, meet people and enjoy the edutainment! Although the vitality and buoyancy of our youth is sweet to cee, there is a always a little bitter stuff that is always present, particularly amongst the adults; The EGO! EGO’s will be definitely be representin’ on this day and many people (male/female) look forward to Show & Prove as an Ego “fix” to help them make it until the next time they can get a boost. Yes ya’ll, it’s like a drug to some people and be careful who you say this around because you’ll probably fuck they high up! At Show & Prove you cee alooooooot of people (particularly adults!) on a reaaaaaaal Nationalistic, Pseudo-Religious Kick! That’s cool though, if you plan to attend you’ll get a chance to cee the wide spectrum range of Gods (particularly) that I built about in my opening paragraph. In considering this, you’ll notice that there’s a very thin line between what some Gods deem Religious and what other Gods deem Culture. My Articles simply walk you along this fine line of ambiguity, and show you the soft underbelly of what the average so-called Gods and Earths don’t really build about.

I think one of our greatest assets as a Nation is our ability to laugh at ourselves and be tolerant of our own humanity! This, I do understand, is something that comes with maturity. Ultimately, many of us lack the Understanding on how to manifest (Born) the reality of Allah in the context of his own "Good Time" (39th degree 1-40’s) simply because we haven’t learned to enjoy this Math yet! To me, that is one of the determining factors that defines the quality of life of an Elder! They are funnier than a muthafucka’ with this math and have an awesome sense of humor! They may not even be trying to be funny when they say certain things b.u.t. they are! One time I was in a Cipher where God Freedom (Poppa Wu!) was building about the 33rd Degree in the 1-40 (What is a real Devil?) and he humorously said, “Certain niggas give me the creeps God”! LMAO! Those who had a chance to spend some quality time around 1st Born Prince Allah also can attest to the sense of humor he had! My man Abu Shahid is also hilarious!! Ultimately, our Love (12) for this Culture (not Lust or Obsession!) should ripen to a point of expressing the Jewel of Happiness that radiates in such a way that people are naturally drawn to us without compulsively trying to “advocate” a muthafucken’ thing (a Society)! The “hard time” that many Gods have with this concept is the fact that it directly confronts the rigid Self Importance they’ve attached to their Ego! A Self Importance they think is God b.u.t. really E.dges G.od O.ut of the equation. All Ego’s aside, it’s usually these Older God’s sense of humanity, bumps, bruises and struggles as a Man that has seasoned them with the sense of humor to truly understand the context of being God Centered! There’s something very special, unique and allwise about any person who naturally conveys the humor and irony in 120!

As God, there’s supposed to come a time in our maturity where we understand the true necessity b.u.t. place for our Ego. That the Ego is used as a navigational tool not as a vehicle that rules our destination! When the Ego is in check you perceive how internal this Culture really is. Building becomes a quiet conversation of not saying too much of shit compared to running off at the mouth all the damn time. Wisdom becomes a concept of quietly being Wise not trying to find words (clich├ęs’) to talk Wise. The Science of Behavior Modification, Egocentrism, outright Devilishment and a host of other topics are some of the concerns that I valiantly address/tackle in my Articles. Unfortunately, the truth about these issues expose people for what they are -psychologically and socially- and it makes them alittle uncomfortable! Many people are just not as candid as I am because the idea of being “God” to them is completely disassociated with truly being a human (Man). Yeah they may say The Black “Man” is God yet they systematically front like everything is sweet! They could be going through all kinds of hell (baby mamma drama they created, they living wit a Wiz that don’t give a fuck about Math, lost they job, they going through a Custody Case and etc.. .) and when you build with them they talking about some ole’ other peripheral shit besides what they really dealing with! Because of a Man’s Ego, we are often under the ignorant impression that certain things make us look weak. Take a so-called God’s Ego and it’s multiplied 1,000 times than that of an average Man! And the little clause in the 8th Degree (1-40) that states that, “All the above is caused by the Son of Man” is often not enough to make a God put their Ego aside and honesty say and cee how we are our own worst enemy. I’m sure some recognize their faults in private b.u.t as soon as they get out in public they acting like shit is sweet and it ain’t like that! It amazes me how much High Science a dude will say he has yet he doesn’t cee how his “act” Abroad is undermining whatever progress he just made at Home in private. When it comes to the Ego, your more concerned about looking a certain way then truly being a certain way. Some Gods want all the prestige for building b.u.t. no responsibility for what they destroying. Here’s just a few examples of how to identify nigga’s on some Ego shit:

1. They’ll overtly/covertly bomb the shit out of a muthafucka’ about The Father’s History b.u.t. won’t mention shit about they nicotine addiction or etc.. ! If you bring it to their attention they’ll use Houdini Mathematics to finagle their way out of explaining why their clear addiction is not right & exact.

2. They recruit students like the Army Reserve, and they love to use the words “My Student”, especially when it’s another grown ass Man!

3. They have an insatiable desire to be noticed. If they had to they would probably crawl to a Parliament/Rally just to stand around to have people say “Yo’ that’s da God so and so right there!”.

4. They really get animated when females come around, and engage in petty “one-up man-ship” games with other brothers for a female’s psychological territory.

5. Instead of sincerely asking or being concerned about your quality of life they ask you trivialized arbitrary questions. They’ll ask you “Where was The Father’s birth mark?” before they’ll ask you “How you enjoy where you live at?”.

6. They build a prison house for they woman. -no need for explanation-

7. They’ll teach you regardless if you want to be taught! They believe their job as a Civilized Person is to force feed the Uncivilized.

As I stated, these are just a few examples. The only reason I can identify some of these expressions is because I saw “some” of them in myself. Because of my own honesty to assess and define how my Ego was functioning in my life, I was able to clearly cee this in other’s. God-Centeredness essentially means coming to terms with the actual fact that you can’t fool yourself, plain and simple! The fact that so-called Gods still try to fool themselves really reveals how insincere they truly are about being God-Centered. God-Centered in an internal, not saying shit, making no mention of yourself, Ego in check, respect for humility type of way! In time, our natural maturity dictates that we learn to “Preserve the Best Part for ourselves” by ceasing to waste time, breath, resources & sweat “searching for that, that does not exist”! Your Ego has many of ya’ll on some Big Head Scientist shit that keeps you 20 miles outside of the Truth of what you’re supposed to be. From that “20 Mile Perspective” it’s impossible to view ourselves on the forensic level we need to, in order to truly identify the Alike and Unalike aspects within ourselves! I know, I know, some of ya’ll aren’t interested in doing this! You’re more concerned about maintaining that “20 mile Perspective” because it allows you the comfort of speaking objectively about everything that “appears” to only go on outside of you. That’s Peace, that’s ya’ll angle and I respect it as one of the various degree’s of our National Spectrum. The useful thing about it is you all give me a great deal to consider while I’m living and excellent data when I’m writing (both positive & negative). My Determined Idea in this Article is to encourage Gods to rise above the gravitational pull of their Ego! This realm of “6” is a “Big Headed” State of self aggrandizement and playful immaturity, b.u.t. it comes a time when we all need to grow up in this Math. Not on some “Big Man” shit either (9/1-36), cuz that can “Born” another Ego, the precursor to eating some more of the wrong fuckin’ foods! Cringe the way I say it b.u.t. it’s the truth!

To conclude today’s Article, I also wanted to encourage those Gods on the fringes of this National Body to keep being candid about Quality of Life Issues and continue to “Man of the Year” this new breed of young Republicanisque Gods/Earths. Keep ya Tony Jaa swag wit this Math amongst these Walker Texas Rangers, and never loose sight of the fact that Culture Freedom in our Cipher comes with Allah in his own “Good Time”! Have a “Good Time” with this Math and smile every opportunity you get. The babies don’t wanna be around no corny, rigid, unhappy ass, 20-40 year old urban intellectuals on a Spring Day talkin’ bout muthafucken' tofu! You’ll have more of an “IMPRESSIONABLE” (key word!!) impact upon them by joining them in their treasure hunt for bugs.. , of course if your having a “Good Time” doing it!

P.E.A.C.E. (Proper Ego Assessment Creates Elevation)

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