Monday, March 26, 2007

Counterclockwise: Me, Asiyah Star (11) & Queen Aziza (9)

Cultural Jurisdiction

I apologize for the short delay ya'll, b.u.t. Peace Family! Today I wanted to build about the idea of Cultural Jurisdiction. It came to me the other day when I was pondering how our relationships are expressed in regards to people who don’t share our Cultural Worldview. Cultural Jurisdiction is a person’s psycho-socioeconomic domain (territory) or “Authority” that is based upon their way of life. This way of life is expressed in the form of specific Social Norms/Mores, Codes of Conduct, Values and Principles that are used to preserve, perpetuate, govern their Worldview. Assessing and engaging a person upon the terms of their psycho-socioeconomic (territory) Jurisdiction is based upon one’s ability to functionally (and Freely) grasp their Culture. In other words, Cultural Jurisdiction is functionally expressed as such; the Bloods Turf, an Italian Neighborhood, a Gay Pride Parade, a Congressional Meeting, Saviors Day 2007 or Show and Prove. All of these sphere’s of Society express a sense of Jurisdiction or Authority that “an Outsider” is never “Culturally” privy to. Sure there may be “social buffer’s” extended to an Outsider in order to make them feel comfortable b.u.t. at the end of the day, they still remain on the outside looking in. Since we all are part of a greater Social Sphere (America) then there are certain Social Norms/Mores we collectively express that makes so-called Foreigners feel like Outsiders looking in! Today I wanted to expound upon the idea of Cultural Jurisdiction from a God-Centered Perspective.

Culturally speaking, the NGE does a great deal to extend “social buffer’s” to 95% of the people we deal with (85% and 10% as defined in our Book of Life). This is based upon the Actual Fact that very little is known about our Worldview, Core Values and other aspects of our Way of Life. Even if I were to tell a person What We Teach, What We Hope to Achieve, gave them Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, 120 Lessons, and our Chronology they still would not have a functional idea of what we are about because they don’t live this CUlture. Because a person does not live this Way of Life they can never be extended Cultural Jurisdiction or legitimate Authority in regards to our psycho-socioeconomic (territory) domain. It’s almost like trying to petition the Seneca Nation for land when you are not a Tribal Member with a Native Status Card. It ain’t gon happen! This is key because those 95% who are Cultural “Outsider’s” often wonder, get frustrated or confused why Gods/Earths systematically don’t extend themselves beyond the sphere of “social buffer’s”. Basically there are certain things we are not supposed to do, places we are not supposed to go and etc.. . Not because we have a sword over our heads our Restrictive Laws that puts us in a behavioral Prison House b.u.t. simply because we know better; basic common sense. Now this is of course very uncommon today so don’t be surprised if you do cee some Gods/Earths going beyond some of the “social buffer’s” that I’ll mention in this Article. As a matter of fact if you did ask them about how they cee what they are doing you’d probably get the response “I’m just experimenting with high explosives”! Anyway, when it comes to Cultural Jurisdiction it’s very important for people (95%) to realize that because you do not functionally know what we know the very nature of Knowledge establishes a proximity between us. This proximity is manifested in the amount of time, space and energy that is transferred between us. It goes back to the old saying, “Light and Darkness” can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Not that I am Egocentrically saying that “we are light” and 95% of the people “are darkness”. Shiiittt, there are many things that I’m strait ignorant to and that puts me in darkness too! If I want to remain sitting in darkness my ignorance won’t even allow me to be in the same room with someone who’s dealing with the light of that subject matter for too long. Eventually I’m gonna bounce, fall asleep, or etc.. . Now if I want to be enlightened (very important!), I can spend all the time in the world around an Enlightener. Why? Because it’s the nature of light. Now from a Cultural Perspective I would like to build about some of the Social Norms that the NGE expresses as a “social buffer’s” when we interact with people 95% of the time. Keep in mind that because 95% of the people don’t have a functional Knowledge and Understanding who we are (because they don’t live it), to expect anything other than these “social buffer’s” is to blindly petition us for psycho-socioeconomic territory in a Cultural Jurisdiction that they do not live in. It’s a demand for Authoritative Rights as a Citizen in a Society (Culture) that they don’t belong to or choose to live in.

Gods/Earths define Relationships as either “Social Equality” or “Educator and Student”. There is no gray area. Social Equality is the idea of getting together for one common cause with a person or group or people whether it’s going to a cookout, a show, party, lecture or etc.. . This is a very General way in which Gods/Earths socialize with other people. Relationships with those in this category is very limiting because these individuals don’t share our Cultural Orientation or Worldview. Why? Because we know the lessons learned and the risk factors involved in subjecting yourself perpetual ignorance and how it maximizes the unknown. I often jokingly build wit my Educator telling him that being around Build Power’s too long is some cartoon shit. Next thing you know an anvil will drop out of the sky right on ya muthfuckin’ head! It’s funny I know, b.u.t. there’s some deep science to the idea of being disorientated, the concept of “bad luck” and just outright being led in the wrong direction! Anyway, people we deal with Social Equality with is not a daily affair, they’re basically Associates. You would never cee a true God/Earth rollin’ tight (on a daily basis) with someone who doesn’t share their Cultural Orientation or Worldview. If you do then it may be an “Educator and Student” relationship. I said “may be” because sometimes it’s not and some Gods/Earths misjudge how they should be relating to people. It’s a lesson we all deal with.

The “Educator and Student” relationship is based upon the premise that someone vocally & sincerely expresses their desire to learn out Culture. Under these circumstances we give all that we have and all within our power to cee the day that they are a said person of our shared ability. The only limitations extended to this person is solely curriculum based. Even though this relationship begins as “Educator and Student” it does not remain as such. A Student is only instructed (guided) to learn how to lead themselves. I also much mention that male/female relationships are no exception. Many Women are under the impression that Gods will/can establish a relationship with them that gives them Cultural Jurisdiction that exists outside the categories of “Social Equality” or “Educator and Student”. Although many of us have tried (including self), the wise have realized that “we were unable so instead of loosing time we have decided” to either deal with her Socially or as a Student, and it is only through the category of Student can she even be considered our Mate. When Rakim said in the song Mahogany, “Soon you can represent the Moon, as long as I keep you in tune. Tell you who you are and why you’re here, take it in stride cause it might take a year”, this is undoubtedly what he meant. I can understand why many Women do expect Gods to do this because many of us do try to make these exceptions! Sometimes we get down “Socially” that leads to sexually and the next thing you know we’re trying to treat her like a Student. Or you got Gods who start off right & exact by establishing the “Educator and Student” relationship and it kinda atrophies into a “Social” thing that leads to sexually and the next thing you know we’re trying to treat her like a Student again. There’s many other variables to this type of equation b.u.t. it all goes back to the idea of Cultural Jurisdiction.

Through the use of Cultural Jurisdiction, and by categorically defining our relationships as either “Social Equality” or “Educator and Student”, we govern what type of persons, places and things that have a positive/negative influence in and upon our lives. Symbolically speaking it’s the science of being a MASTER (M= 13 Letter Supreme Alphabet) at using our Knowledge (1) and Understanding (3) of our experience to preserve & perpetuate the unrestricted expression of our God-Centered Culture (4). The first aspect of being a MASTER at anything is control, so we first strive to control ourselves through the systematic assessment and appropriation of our time, space and energy. This idea of being a MASTER basically comes down to a level of mental maturity where you cease to waste moves in life!

There also exists a more subtle idea of Cultural Jurisdiction within the context of the NGE (dealing with other Gods/Earths). This is also important to build about because it is often assumed that simply because a person has a Book of Life, can quote Lessons, is rockin a Universal Flag Shirt and addresses me as “Peace God!” that they have Cultural Jurisdiction. In one sense, they get some kudos’ for speaking the language and expressing other peripheral aspects of the Culture b.u.t. if I never been amongst them before then -as my Educator would put it- “I don’t know dem nigga’s!”. As I mentioned in my last Article, it’s important that you spend a reasonable amount of time with a person (whoever they may be!) to cee what they’re really all about. Although we (Gods/Earths) are “supposed to” adhere to the same Core Values/Principles this is not always the case. You can run the risk of giving some nigga/bitch Cultural Jurisdiction to the people, places or things in your life who are not truly about living this Culture! I’ve had it happen, seen it happen to other’s and cee “Gregarious” Gods/Earths ignorantly inviting this risky bullshit to happen all the time!

Now dealing with Cultural Jurisdiction with other Gods/Earths there’s another category besides “Social Equality” or “Educator and Student”. This category is “Family”. For Gods/Earths who are considered “Family” the idea of “Social Equality” takes on a whole new meaning. It’s not an “Associative” thing in this case nor is it limiting. “Family” can get a phone call at 3am to build about a certain subject! “Family” deals equally with all things (finances included) and you share problems/concerns with “Family” that you would never make privy to a person who you deal with “Social Equality” with (because they don’t know you like that!) or a Student as an Educator (because they may not be developed enough to understand!). “Family” is the ultimate sphere of a relationship that we seek to establish with people. Does this mean that if you ain’t a God/Earth you can’t be “Family”? No, as a Civilized Person you can be Honorably considered a part of our “Extended Family” (Human Family). I must clarify that “Extended Family” is an Honorary “Degree” that Gods/Earths bestow upon Civilized People, it is not a category. Usually this Degree is given out to those physical family members or childhood friends who are re-introduced to our lives after we’ve gotten Knowledge of Self. Of course this Honorary Degree is not extended to any/all family members and childhood friends, only those who respect/observe our Culture to the extend where they’ve f learned General Civilization. As I mentioned, not all Gods/Earths are in the “Family” category. I have some “Extended Family” members who are closer to me than Gods/Earths who I deal with “Social Equality” with. Gods/Earths may get together and extend this “sense” of collective oneness (Family) at Show and Prove every June in Mecca (Harlem) b.u.t. it’s really just a Social (pseudo-religious) Event. Other than that, many of us are a loose knit general body of people who are kith b.u.t. not necessarily kin.

To conclude today’s Article I wanted to encourage Gods/Earths to look at our Cultural Jurisdiction (Athority) as much more than just a Nationalistic “Show”, steeped in Egocentrism and enshrined in Regalia! As we develop the Intellectual Maturity to quietly “Prove” to ourselves (and the world) who we are, we’ll learn that our Cultural Jurisdiction truly serves as a psycho-socioeconomic tool to assess, define, orientate and appropriate our lives. It less about saying “The Black Man is God” and more about “being a Black Man doing God’s work”. It’s less about “wearing ¾’s to be covered like the Planet Earth” and more about “taking off those extra pounds to stop looking/weighing like the Planet Earth”! I know some of ya’ll got rocks in ya’ jaws b.u.t. it’s real! For those of you who continue to be “Gregarious” about Nation building with nigga’s that got Righteous Names and don’t really give a fuck, your loosing time searching for something that which does not exist. Stop letting them and other Build Power’s (85%) -because that’s exactly what they are- undermine your Government be. A lot of of 2 Million I know will shoot a muthafucka trying to come on their land and set up a trading post! We should take the same approach, only kill them mentally not physically! In the same way that our brothers/sisters in the NOI state that the Restrictive Laws are the key to their success I would say that our Cultural Jurisdiction is “one of the keys” to our success. Without it it’s impossible to assess and define the functional boundaries (property lines) of what we consider the Best, Poor and Worst Part’s of the Planet Earth. The cause of many of the relationship problems we deal with in and outside of the NGE can be attributed to our lack of defining appropriate boundaries; lawfully exercising our Cultural Jurisdiction and sticking to our Sovereign (Authoritative) Rights.

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