Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.. ."

Idol Worship and Urban Iconography

Seeing that there were many Gods and Earths who recently celebrated the Born Day (2/22/28) of The Father (I myself don’t “religiously” engage in that), I wanted to share some insight about The Father that maybe some of ya’ll will be able to appreciate.

Sometimes I think we overlook the fact that The Father never had an opportunity to actually mature in this Culture. Think about that for a second.. . When he went back to the essence (physically died) he would have been considered a toddler in this, an Indigo Child no doubt, b.u.t. he wasn’t even an adolescent yet! Compared to many of us who have had the privilege to live out this Culture a decade, two decades or longer, The Father would be considered a New Born. I mention that because it’s important for us to understand that although The Father made a tremendous impact upon us and the World, he was still just a child! Shiiiiiiittttttt, I just hit puberty and started growing hair on my Divine I Cee King in this Culture, yet this is a literal stage of development that The Father never, ever, ever experienced! For those of us who have carried this Culture in puberty, through their teenage years and have been an adult in this it’s a beautiful thing we must never minimize or overlook! Sure The Father deserves credit, yet lets also be grateful that we have many people “still around” who are Trailblazers in this Culture! Brotha’s/Sistah’s who are literally writing New Chapters of our Collective Koran, insight by insight! Now I know some of ya’ll may be sitting there trying to debate what I’m saying because deep down in your heart of hearts, you put The Father on a pedestal because you cee him as BIG FATHER “ALLAH” and yourself as a little god. Hey, that’s the way you were taught and I accept that. Just realize that by consistently parroting “The Father said this and the Father said that”, you sound no different than a muslim saying “The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan said this” or a young groupie saying “Pretty Ricky said that”! Say what you want, it’s all Idol Worship and Urban Iconography to me, no matter how you want to draw that shit up!

Now as I was saying, since The Father went back to the essence at such an early age of having Knowledge of Self, there is a great deal of useful land that I and many “maturing” Gods/Earths have been blessed to cultivate. Useful land that The Father never had an opportunity to assess, plow, plant seeds in or reap a harvest from. There is alot that The Father said/taught that was indicative of his level of development (Pre-adolescence) and a lot that continues to have no said birth record. It is for us to determine what those things are throughout our growth and development while not straying away from the Core Values of our Civilization. Some Gods/Earths live this Culture out in a “WWTFD” (What Would The Father Do) Religious Context and forsake the fact that they are living their own life! Our lives should consist of preserving the Best Part of what The Father (like with any person) said and not settling for any Part that is Poor (something that expired). Many Gods/Earths are ignorantly using unmodified Mid 1960 methodologies today and wonder why they aren’t yielding contemporary results! The Father literally never dealt with the Global Phenomenon called HipHop. He never experienced an era of computer literacy, never saw Michael Jordan in the zone, never heard his voice on a device called an Ipod or saw a Rally on a DVD! He never dealt with a generation of females who respect calling themselves Hoes & Bitches or young boys (white/black) who affectionately refer to themselves as nigga’s. Although The Father taught about “all the human families of the Planet Earth”, he never personally experienced the Social Phenomenon of Gods/Earths from multi-ethnic backgrounds living in a French Colonized Canadian Context! These are just a few examples that The Father literally had no Understanding about because he never matured to experience any of these things. The best that we can do is speculate/theorize what he would have thought about these things. It is my thought that many of us do alittle bit too much speculating/theorizing what The Father would have thought instead of actually thinking for ourselves! When we honestly take things like this under consideration we recognize our real role in not just preserving our Core Values b.u.t. advancing/maturing them! There are many of us who haven’t grown (matured) because we are still holding fast to things The Father -said as a child- in this Culture. Things that I can’t even say as an adolescent and things that Older Gods definitely can’t say because now they’re Grown Men in this; Abu Shahid being one of these brother’s who truly understands “Self-styled” Wisdom! Here are a few insights I’ve gained as a Pre-adolescence with Knowledge of Self (an age that The Father never experienced). Insights that I maturely apply because some of the things the Father said/taught has expired:

Because much of the early history/teachings of the NGE was expressed in a Group Context (Social Equality). Many people developed a “GREGARIOUS” attitude about what this Culture is about. Because of this you cee a great quantity of Gods/Earths that can only function in a Group Setting, yet a lack of quality/centeredness in being Gods/Earths by themselves! If put in a Ego shattering position of living this Culture out by themselves, for themselves and without anyone in their immediate environment they wouldn’t survive. Even though it’s admirable and an eventual goal to live this Culture out in a Group Context, it fundamentally comes down to you being comfortable enough in your own skin to be God/Earth by yourself! I’ve learned that; “For a person to truly Know and Understand Equality, they must 1st live the experience of coming to North America BY THEMSELVES!” Without this they are just the summation of what others think because they’ve never ultimately been in a situation to think for themselves, and a person who doesn’t think for themselves couldn’t speak any Self-styled Wisdom if they tried! Because they only experienced being around other people “their understanding” has a said birth record to it and all they can do is use cheesy cliché’s and quote what someone else said (especially “The(ir)” Father)! I teach that if no one cee’s you for the rest of your life, you are still NGE and you don’t need a general body to verify that. Because my Tree has used this methodology of education, we successfully ensure that everyone who add’s on to the Cipher is individual quality, fuck shallow quantity!!

I do not advocate having many children nor do I advocate having no children. That is a teaching for a mature adult and when I do speak on the subject I teach that we should focus on maturing as Men and Women before we even consider taking on the responsibility of another life, dealing with the a 60% Statistic of AIDS Cases being black women, and tackling other socioeconomic issues associated with having sex at an unreasonable stage of psychological, social, emotional and economic development. Many of the youth we are teaching aren’t even young adults as of yet, haven’t lived on their own or don’t have a employment history while they’re learning they’re that they are God/Earth. Many of them haven’t even learned/experienced life as a Man/Woman yet! We have a lot of these children around now when The Father advocated this in the 1960’s because the NGE was young and didn’t have a lot of members at the time. I’m glad he did because I probably wouldn’t be here, b.u.t. in 2007 that is definitely not a teaching I’m zealous about. Again, it’s more about a quality of life issue compared to a quantity of sight thing!

I don’t teach that “We are not Pro-black or Anti-white because the climate isn’t the Black Power Movement of the 1960’s anymore. I teach that Society is still shamelessly “Anti-Original and Pro-Colored”, “Anti-Poor and Pro-Rich” and “Anti-Islamic and Pro-Christian”. Although Black and White are the extreme lines upon which this Society is/was initially divided, we now have a greater community of Diverse Original People that make up the discriminating middle. From this Perspective it’s no longer just a “Pro-black Anti-white” issue and to even speak in those terms in 2007 is to overlook/dismiss the majority of people who do not easily fit into these dichotomous categories. While some Gods/Earths are still quoting & trying to defend the phrase “We are not Pro-black or Anti-white” the majority of people are looking at them like “What the fuck are you talking about, I ain’t white or black, I’m Multi-cultural”!

Because of the short attention spanned, oversexed, don’t wanna listen to shit but dance global dynamic of Mainstream HipHop I don’t go out “trying” to teach no muthfuckin’ body! I don’t have an Ego-centered approach to the youth like, “Hey boy/girl sit down and let me teach you”! For the most part I’ve mastered the fine mist that their naked eye can’t detect and it’s only when what I say/do ascends high enough & increase with other forms of mist in different currents of “their atmosphere” do they distill in the form of asking me different questions. I always keep my interactions 6 miles from they surface, meaning that I deal with Equality with them by humbly acKnowledging their Power before I readily expound upon Self! I’ve seen so-called Gods looming over helpless children, showering them with rhetoric and that shit’s a turn-off to any free thinking individual! Some of ya’ll have the grandiose idea to believe that some of these youth really give a fuck about what you have to say! I approach them like they don’t b.u.t. when I do have an opportunity to say/do something it’s worth 790,613,581,824,000,000 words! I don’t have students nor will I ever have students because it’s not for me to call them that! If it is ever said, they call themselves my student and if I hear it I’ll correct them and consistently emphasize that fact that I’m just their Brother and Companion.

To conclude I just wanted to address those Religious Zealous who are reading this Article and obviously misunderstanding where I’m coming from. Don’t “make an interpretation” that I’m saying fuck The Father! He was a great man just like my Ole’ Dad is and many other Men/Women who came before, where here during and have/will come after him. Sure this Culture is Central to my worldview and I use 120 as my navigational tool through life, yet I’m not so shallow as to think that my said birth record is 1964! Nor ignorant enough to think that everything The Father said/did in the first 5 years of his life is contextually practical in 2007. We must add on and that’s what our justice cipher born is. If we are not playing an active role in adding on/extending our Cultural Legacy we mind as well not exist! By simply quoting those before us, our entire life becomes a chronological void in time! A time that has no reason to be mentioned because we never really said anything or made a contribution to Civilization. Ultimately, we have no right turning our noses up and functionally differentiating ourselves from anyone else who believes in a Mystery God because we’re doing the same damn thing! It’s fine to say what The Father, Ghandi, Jada Pinkett, Lex Luther, Robin Williams, Beyonce’ or whoever said b.u.t. what it always comes down to is WHAT DO YOU SAY?! That is the true essence of being God-Centered. As a Man you have to honestly take a long, cold hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself do you really see Allah? And if you’re a Woman, you have to honestly ask yourself do you really see Allah when your quietly looking in your Man’s eyes?!! See, it is these intimate moments (or lack thereof) that serve as the psychological canvas upon which our impressionist behavior is expressed. Whether we know it or not, we always project to the public how we handle(d) these intimate moments of inner contemplation, and you can always discern those Gods/Earths who don’t handle “solitude” too well. B.u.t. anyway, I think you get my point, be a follower only to the extent that you learn how to lead, even when it comes down to The Father. PEACE!
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