Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Five Percenter 101

Peace Ya’ll! One of my Reader’s recently got at me and asked me “How do you break down the Lessons?” I gave them a very, very brief rundown on how it’s done b.u.t I thought that subject matter deserved alittle more attention. Also, check out A.S.I.A. TV, I put some video builds up there dealing with the same subject matter. I've been receiving an overwelming response from people about these videos, "How to Break Down 120 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3" which tells me that many people who: 1.) Would like to learn 2.) Have been trying to learn 3.) Think they've been learning about the NGE Culture, simply do not know what actual steps need to be taken in order to do so. So in Today’s Article I want to deal with THE PREREQUISITES one must aquire before they can thoroughly “break down” the Lessons, from my angle of course. -smile-Check it out...

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that acquiring Knowledge of Self (KOS), through learning 120 Lessons, hinges upon the proper 'attitude' (psychology). Imagine 120 like any other necessity in your life. If you’re a Mother, look at your commitment to120 like your commitment to your child. If you’re working, look at the importance of getting 120 like the importance of getting to work on time! If you’re a nympho, look at 120 like some power u or divine I that you just gotta have! Just like with anything in Life, you get out of it (120) exactly what you put into it and this is something that can never be faked. If you approach a relationship half-assed then expect for it to not be fruitful nor authentic. 120 should be approached with the same seriousness, commitment, excitement, respect and trust as a Divine Union (Marriage)! If these qualities are not present, then you’re wasting your time and the time of the person who sincerely wants to teach you.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who say they want to learn b.u.t. put little to no effort towards making 120 a living reality. They’ll drive 60 miles for entertainment, b.u.t won’t walk 600 feet to be educated. They’ll email and text you questions about everything b.u.t. Lessons. They’ll have dishwater dialogue for hours b.u.t. won’t build with you for a minute about something dealing with the Lessons. When it comes to what they want to do everything works out, b.u.t. when it comes to applying themselves in order to learn what they need, it’s always difficult.

The reason for this is simple; their ‘Heart’ isn’t in it like that. When a person’s ‘Heart’ is clearly not invested into something, whether it’s a Football Game, a Job, a Relationship, a Movie, THEY WILL EVENTUALLY DROP IT. Most of the time, instead of being Man/Woman enough to take the full responsibility for their lack of commitment, they’ll play the ‘Blame Somebody Else Game’ by making-up excuses to try and justify why ‘THEY’ aren’t learning. The Truth is, they don’t even believe it. If they actually believed these lies, they wouldn’t have come to you in the first place. Hmmmmm. So if they do seem like they’re standing firm on the fact that you’re to blame for ‘THEIR’ lack of growth and development, don’t be misled. The only reason they appear to have any kind of ‘staying power’ is because they talk themselves into a muthafuckin’ frenzy, each and everyday and each and every way! LOL! So if you want to be a Student and learn 120 Lessons, if your ‘Heart’ ain’t in it, you’ll never be able to have this Culture in your ‘Heart’. Get ya’ attitude & approach right if you want this right.

Now let’s say you do have the right attitude; You’re seriously committed, eager to learn, humble, and prioritize acquiring Lessons like anything else of major importance in your life. I know I’ve said this 1,119 times, well here’s the 1,120th, LOCATE AN ENLIGHTENER!!! If you live in an area where you don’t know any Gods/Earths, send me an email or you can contact the Allah Youth Center in Mecca. If I’m not able to put you in tune with an ENLIGHTENER, someone at the Allah School should be able to. Since this is a God-Centered Culture, you cannot learn it off the Internet, over the Phone or off Paper. These mediums are simply routing devices to True and Living Gods/Earths! Oh yeah, when I say ‘ENLIGHTENER’, I’m referring to a God/Earth who literally knows 120 Lessons, can recite it and has an understanding of how to apply these Lessons to life. Based upon knowing 120, we are committed to teach those who do not know; Generally & Specifically. KEEP IN MIND that, as ENLIGHTENERS, we are ‘supposed to be committed’. Everybody who knows 120 Lessons may not be. As I stated, as ENLIGHTENER’S we teach people ‘Generally’ and ‘Specifically’ and this relates to ‘General Civilization’ and also ‘Training Units’. Here’s the difference:

General Civilization: is what people learn through general conversation and generally being amongst us. In this capacity, a God/Earth IS NOT a person’s ENLIGHTENER. It’s not that kind of party.

Training Units: are specific study materials given to a person who desires to learn this Culture. These people requested to be taught, so they take on the role of a Student and acknowledge their Teacher as an ENLIGHTENER.

Once you’ve located an ENLIGHTENER, it is your responsibility as a Student to do what is instructed of you in order to learn. It is not your ENLIGHTENER’S responsibility to catch up with you, blow-up your phone or stalk you to verify if you’ve been studying your Lessons, doing the research and following the curriculum they gave you! It’s your job to get with them, period. It is not your ENLIGHTENER’S job to hunt you down so they can interrogate you about what you’re doing! If you think that getting KOS can and is supposed to happen on those ‘terms’ then you got it twisted! The point I’m making is this; As a Student, even if never came to an ENLIGHTENER to be taught, he/she will always be good! They’ll continue to have KOS whether they knew you or not. On the other hand, as a Student, gaining KOS depends upon you getting with them in order to learn. If ‘YOU’RE’ bullshitting, you’re the one who always misses out, not them. Because at the end of the day, ‘YOU’RE’ the one who won’t know shit, not them! So keep that in Mind when it comes to building with an ENLIGHTENER. If they call you or visit you, they’re only doing it because they want to, they don’t need to. That’s your job as a Student.

So lets say you’ve applied yourself and actually assume the right attitude/posture to learn, the next thing is to establish your foundation, WHICH IS NOT LESSONS at this point! Before you get any KNOWLEDGE, it’s important that you conceptualize the CIPHER. The CIPHER represents the Science of “Triple Darkness”. Triple Darkness establishes the Cosmogony/Cosmography of the NGE (Nation of Gods and Earths), the Mathematical Theology of Self Creation, and the underlining significance of Living Mathematics/120 Lessons. If you’ve never heard anything about what “Triple Darkness” is then you can go to an Article I wrote titled “Triple Sages of Darkness” to get a functioning idea of it’s primary importance to conceptualizing the God-Centered Culture of the NGE. IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD THAT; Without the ability to know, articulate and visualize one’s own Self Creation and the Origin of the Universe then 120 Lessons will not make any sense and can only function as a Belief System. “God of the Universe” in the 1st Degree in Student Enrollment will only feel and sound good, b.u.t. this phrase would have no other functional meaning in your life because you don’t actually know it, can’t articulate it and can’t visualize yourself as the origin of all that exists!

Before a person picks up any Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or Lessons, it is the utmost importance that they’re clear about their nature from a scientific point of view. I cannot stress that enough! By being rooted in the CIPHER, you’re properly prepped to get the KNOWLEDGE. This is the only way that 120 will make sense to you and give you the ability to break these Lessons down. I’m not particularly gifted with my ability to break these Lessons down and relate them to life, all the Gods in my Tree are swift like that and I’ve met other Gods/Earths who are too! We simply cee ourselves in 120 because all of us studied the Science (literally) of “Triple Darkness” prior to getting anything. We studied Mathematical Theories, Science, Physics, Metaphysics and etc.. and this was paramount to our ability to grasp the underlining significance of this Culture! For those of you Gods/Earths who label what I’m talking about as ‘High Science’ saying that, “We need to speak the language of the babies and talk in their heads not over their heads”, I agree- 120%! So if you’ve never actually studied the science of “Triple Darkness” or got into actual Mathematical Theories, Science, Physics, Metaphysics and etc.., I encourage you to go back and study the foundation of your so-called foundation. You gain more knowledge to be able to articulate and visualize the culture, so that you’re even more empowered to deal with equality with the youth, God. -smile- Saying you’re God (or Earth!) ain’t a feel good statement. And, yeah I’m sure many of you Gods/Earths have a hard time learning actual Mathematical Theories, Science, Physics, Metaphysics and etc.., and that’s why you ‘strayed away’ (7/1-14) from subjects like that in the first place, b.u.t. all in all, it can only help you become a better Man/Woman for yourself and our youth. So put ya pride and bullshittin' ass ego aside and get with a God/Earth who has a thorough understanding of “Triple Darkness” (NGE Cosmogony/Cosmography) and ask them to teach you!

So breaking down Lessons is not an exercise in ‘Intellectual Masturbation’, although you may cee alot of NGE doing it! 120 functions as a blueprint which contains numerous Procedures that emphasize specific Principles that adhere to Universal Laws. This blueprint is a microcosmic model of life’s Mathematical Theology, and show’s us how the larger macrocosm functions within and without. In other words, 120 is a GPS Navigation tool used to teach us to think in a Mathematical way because Mathematics is the Operating System of reality, our physical form is the host of the Supreme Consciousness that designed it, and our experiences are the 'Window's-like' software. Of course our physical form being this 'host' is based upon our adherence to the Mathematical Laws (OS) that physical reality was cosmically incarnated with, and the type of programs (software) we have on our hard drive (i.e. Are we living Righteous/Wicked, Godly/Devilish)

PEACE ('PROPER EDUCATION' Always Corrects Errors)

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