Wednesday, April 01, 2009

aging gracefully..?

Peace Ya’ll! A couple months ago I received an email from my God Brother Allah Jihad -Author of the Book "The Immortal Birth"- building about the science of Eldership in this Nation and he raised some very valid points concerning self proclaimed “Older Gods”, people taking shit “on face value” (9/1-40), the meaning of Pro-Black and Anti-White, and how some Gods/Earths are quick to support other people b.u.t not our own. Today I wanted to take a moment to share some of these insights I drew up from Allah Jihad’s email and introduce you to what I call 'Eldercentricity'!

Cee, the science of Eldership goes way back to the wooly mammoth era. LMAO! Naw, word up though, in our Classical -and various Contemporary Societies- Elders were the Ole Heads -who lived an exemplary life- that have now reached an age where it was time to lay back and enjoy the rest of their golden years on the Planet. Elders were those Men and Women who people took care of and people we came to for guidance. Elders were the ones whom the King/Queen or Chief consulted with in matters of the Society. Elders gave blessings for Divine Unions, gave names to our children and even preformed Burial Rites for those who passed on. Elders had a very, very important role to play in our Societies and their guidance and insight was critical to our individual/collective well being. Like I said, there are many Contemporary Societies -and Cultures- that still hold a high regard for Eldership b.u.t. there are others that don’t. It was our Society or Tribes willingness and natural responsibility to take care of our Elders; that was the first Social Security System. In America for example, we’re encouraged to not take care of our Elders b.u.t. abandon them by putting them in Nursing Homes. Although many “have fallen victim to” (38/1-40) these Americanized ‘Values’ (for lack of a better word), there are many who’ve held fast to Cultural Traditions that won’t allow it. Ultimately, it has been those people who willingly arrived to America with their Cultural Traditions in tact who’ve had less reason/inclination to embrace foreign Values. Enslaved Original People didn’t have the same privilege.

So in other words, one of the fundamental components to the growth and development of our Society -especially our children- was/is the relationship we have with our Elders. Without this relationship the Society -especially our youth- becomes Cultural bankrupt! Thus ‘Slavery’ was/is a Psycho-Socioeconomic Institution designed -among other things- to undermine, impede, and annihilate the status of our Elders. Common sense tells us that if there’s a problem we need to solve, ask the person who’s been looking at this problem the longest! They may not have the answer b.u.t. they damn sure give you more insight into the problem! That is the value of our Elders and by Slave Masters using systematic techniques to undermine, impede, and annihilate the status our Elders always held within our Societies, they dwarfed our growth and development “as a People”. This Status Quo was not only imposed upon black people, b.u.t. many Americanized Caucasians imposed it because they lacked a general respect for their own Elders. This ‘collective’ selective amnesia amongst these Caucasians goes all the way back to their preoccupation with death, time, violence, and materialism you cee grossly permeating their Grecian Mythology, History and European Folklore amongst themselves and in relationship to Original People.

In Today’s American Society there are no more Elders, just Old People; Black & White alike! And simply because Society fails to identify, define and respect Elders does not mean that they do not exist! They ultimately do exist -and matter!- and because they’re not identified, defined and respected, it produces the same Psycho-Socioeconomic dilemma the Institution of ‘Slavery’ did/does. This dilemma can function many ways b.u.t. today I wanted to build about how it functionally produces what I call “Eldercentricity”!

Eldercentricity is the perspective/belief that one is superior because of their age. Usually adopted by ‘older people’, this grandiose attitude of superiority and preeminence is both conscious and unconsciously expressed. This form of nostalgic narcissism is spawned from the resentment and discontent ‘older people’ feel about Societies discrimination and dispassionate classification of them as Senior Citizens. People who’re Eldercentric also exhibit mild to extreme cases of bi-polar behavior; waxing and waning from overcompensated youthful self indulgence to a rockin chair realm of social alienation. Ultimately, an Eldercentricity is a person’s Worldview who hasn’t come to terms with their Age, Death and their Societal Definition as ‘old’ in a New-Age Society.

“Aging gracefully” is a concept I haven’t ceen too often, not only Gods and Earths b.u.t. in Elders period. It’s a very, very rare quality indeed! Here’s “some” -not all- of the characteristics I’ve ceen in people who’re dealing with Eldercentricity:

1. You can’t tell them nothing. They talk and you listen. Period.
2. They constantly dwell in and on the past and always discredit the present Generation.
3. They starve for attention and become depressed and even hateful when they don’t get it.
4. They’re not good listeners.
5. They don’t admit when they’re wrong.
6. To them, there is nothing better than ‘the old days’.
7. They’re overtly/covertly jealous, envious, lustful or hateful of the Youth and everything ‘Youthfulness’ represents, because it reminds them of their ‘old age’.
8. They’re chronic complainers, depressive and pessimistic.
9. They’re miserly.
10. They’re very competitive and always try to outdo someone (AKA: one up-manship); especially those who’re younger than them.
11. In their eyes, you -or no one else- are not as important as they are.
12. They try to overcompensate for their ‘old age’ by trying to look, talk and act young; although they’re clearly not.
13. They act like you -and anybody else- owes them something!
14. They offer unsolicited advice or do things just so you can tell them ‘thank you’.
15. If you tell them a goal you accomplished they’ll find a way to tell you 5 goals they accomplished.
16. They’re obnoxious, irritating and a bulky psychological obstruction; on purpose and accidentally.
17. They have a false sense of their own ability. They may have trouble walking from one room to the next b.u.t. will tell you they’re about to start training for a Marathon.
18. If you disagree with them they’ll throw a temper tantrum, or throw you out.
19. They expect you to go all out for them b.u.t. they won’t go all out for you. Why should they? They paid their dues -whatever that is.

So how do we resolve this dilemma? First of all, many of our Elders don’t realize that they’re Eldercentric and for the most part you can’t even build with them about it because they already ain’t listening to ya ass! LOL! Since YOU KNOW what’s going on, it equips you with the proper tools to simply deal with them better; and not take it personal when they bruise ya young Ego with their old one. More than anything, it’s about having a better understanding of what our Elders are going through in a Society that throws them away once they qualify for discount coffee at McDonalds. Keep in Mind that one day we’ll have to face the same circumstances when we reach the Winter Solstice of our lives, and “knowing our ownself” (13/1-36) -what’s happening to us and accepting these changes. This psychoanalysis will ultimately determine if we’re going to ‘age gracefully’ or be a bigger asshole than some of these ‘old folks’ we complain about! LMAO!


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