Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"The Nice Guy" at the Prom; 15 years ago.
NGE Nomenclature

Peace Ya’ll! While taking on the responsibility of “a Civilized Person” (18/1-40) I’ve grown to realize that we must also be Cultural Trailblazers when it comes to expressing this God-Centered Worldview. In this Era, we as Gods/Earths find ourselves confronted with some of the same things that went on during the mid 1960’s b.u.t. there are also many things that didn’t go on back then. In keeping this in Mind, today I want to build about a word I’ve mentioned in the past; NOMENCLATURE, and our ability to define/redefine our God-Centered Cultural Worldview.

NOMENCLATURE is the specific terms and phrases one uses to describe, define and articulate a particular subject. For example, Legal terms/phrases are the NOMENCLATURE of Law, different Clinical terms/phrases are the NOMENCLATURE of different sciences; such as Psychiatry, Physiology, etc.., and Pimp terms/phrases are the NOMENCLATURE of Pimpology. LOL! All subjects have their own NOMENCLATURE and these specific terms and phrases used to describe functional aspects of these subjects are defined by the Cultural Context/Worldview they’re in. What I mean is, take the word ‘Hot’. The word ‘Hot’ is a word that functions as NOMENCLATURE in many different subjects for many different people. ‘Hot’ -as in the spiciness of food- to a person of Punjabi descent means something completely different than a Russian Chemist defining ‘Hot’-as in chemical reaction-. ‘Hot’ takes on another meaning to a 15 year old listening to Weezy, compared to a person coming from Bible study being asked to purchase a ‘Hot’ Laptop from a suspicious looking person on the corner. Although the word ‘Hot’ -like many words- are functionally applicable as NOMENCLATURE in different subjects and for many different people, there are certain terms and phrases that are/ARE SAID to be specific to certain subjects. I emphasize ARE SAID because sometimes it’s difficult for people to conceptualize how certain terms/phrase can be used in a different context. It’s like a person only being familiar with the phrase ‘hit it’ in regards to striking something and not as an innuendo used to describe a male’s sexual conquest. Ultimately, when we’re limited in our ability to make abstractions, we fail to cee the relativity in things. A person who’s unable to cee how the NOMENCLATURE of one system is functionally relative to the NOMENCLATURE in another system overlooks the cyclic interrelationship of all things. Sometimes is a simple inability to cee how certain things relate, and alot of times they ‘solely’ believe -because that’s what they’ve been taught- that all organic/inorganic substances and forces that shape this Universe are individual/separate manifestations all unto themselves. The ‘sole’ belief in the differences/variations of these substances/forms is actually a belief in an illusion (AKA: “Mystery10/1-40). The reality is that all things you cee, touch, taste, smell and hear are one in the same on a subatomic, essential level; derived from the same Intangible Intelligence (some call God, Spirit, the Universal Mind, Energy, etc.) and undifferentiated substance of reality’ (Matter/Energy).

I must briefly mention that the gross belief in the individualism, materialism and objectification of reality is purely an Axiological Phenomenon of a Eurocentric Worldview. Europe -because of it’s climate and geographic location- is not tropical. Therefore, people living in this environment forged a historiography of Value Systems relative to their living -or lack there of- conditions. In other words, if your life/survival depended upon an environment that yielded very little to no crops in a short planting/harvest season per year, you’d be inclined to place the highest Value on time, self preservation and the accumulation of objects; your life/survival depends upon this type of Worldview. When you take a cursory glance at the Pantheon of the Greek Deities, Roman History, European Folklore, the construction of Forts/Castles (to protect their objects), objectification and misogynistic hatred of the Woman/female principle (symbolic to the Earth/Mother Nature which fails to obey their request for sustenance), etc... you’ll cee a common theme throughout; the preoccupation with Time, Objectification/Materialism, Individualism and Alienation. I’m not saying this to shit on all Caucasian descendants from the Caucasus Mts. because Europeans have made many profound contributions to World Civilization. I am simply pointing out some of the pathologies associated with Value Systems where individualism, materialism and objectification represents the “believe.....on face value.” (9/1-40) status quo. This Axiological Phenomenon is also the back drop of the so-called “New World”; where Americanized youth are taught to choose a mate solely on appearance without giving any consideration to their mates Character or the type of Value Systems they actually live by! -shakes head-

Again, I stressed the word ‘solely’ because it’s important that we find a sense of balance in order to “rise above THE... SURFACE” (8/1-40) of what we physically see b.u.t. also what we insightfully cee lying beneath the surface. In other words, we can’t simply walk around as surface dwellers, immersed in how different everything is or praising our individuality. For a person like this, it’s easy to cee the innumerable “hard times, hunger, nakedness and out of doors” (11/1-40) laying in their path! We also can’t walk around immersed in the oneness of the Universe because then we’ll be blinded to the functional differences/variations of forms/substances. A person like this would easily fall into harms way because to them, it doesn’t make a damn difference! This brings me back to the point I made that there are certain terms that “ARE SAID” to be specific to specific subjects. It’s the difference between Eyesight and Insight (See/Cee). Some people simply look at beetles, ants, etc. as just bugs; small creatures strictly belonging to an Insect World outside of themselves. They’re right on one level: the surface! Now there are other people who study these creatures and cee their place in the grand scheme of things; they serve as part of natures Sanitation Dept. and also clues us into aspects of our own interpersonal relationships with eachother and to the Planet Earth. The later insight is clearly identifiable in various Indigenous Cultures, Classical Kemetic (Egyptian) & Asiatic Civilizations who utilize the symbolic imagery/ritualization of Insects (as well as Animals, Plants and Minerals) to symbolize Principles in their lives. Keep in Mind that both of these perspectives are absolutely correct and Wisdom (discernment) is the key needed to unlock what perspective that needs to applied to any said situation. In some cases a ‘roach’ should be treated as a nasty intruder in your food cabinet and other times studied as a psycho-dramatic theme in life. LMAO!

Now how does of NOMENCLATURE tie into this? Like I said, NOMENCLATURE -as specific terms and phrases- are used to describe functional aspects of subjects; ‘subjects’ that are ultimately defined by a Cultural Context/Worldview. This Cultural Context/Worldview is forged from a System of Values (an Axiological Phenomenon) that defines their physical & psycho-socioeconomic place in this World. This does not mean that the “His/Herstoriography or Koran” (1/1-40) people are gonna write will be ‘solely’ Positive or Negative based upon where they’re from! Again, it’s the Wisdom we employ (the ability to discern) that dictates how we live/survive in any given situation. There are those of us who find our way after we simply “lost the knowledge of ourselves” and others who have “lost the knowledge of themselves AND is living a beast life” (2/1-14). A perfect example of this Positive use of Wisdom -in a poor situation- are so-called “Witches” (meaning ‘Wise Woman’) who intuited holistic approaches towards optimum health through natural plant based remedies during a time when the Church controlled filthy ass Europe. Instead of these misogynistic bastards accepting these Wise Women and their discoveries they burned them alive at the stake and accused them of working with the Devil! In this situation and even to this day, the word ‘Witch’ is usually defined and has both negative deno/connotations. Although many Europeans were suffering during these times from sicknesses, some found a natural way to rise above it (only to be demonized) and others used the religious savagery of the times to victimize them (only to be anglicized)! -shakes head-

Like any Culture, Religion or Philosophy, we as Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths employ our own NOMENCLATURE as defined by our Worldview. Within our Worldview we obviously utilize terms, phrases and proverbs that are applicable to other Cultures, Religions or Philosophies yet there are other terms, phrases and proverbs that are ‘specific’ to Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths. An example of a general word used in our and other systems of NOMENCALTURE is ‘Allah’. To Gods/Earths, ‘Allah’ means the Original Black Man: Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm Head, b.u.t. to a Sunni Muslim or even a Christian the word ‘Allah’ has a totally different meaning. An example of a ‘specific’ phrase that’s native to Five Percenter/God & Earth NOMENCLATURE is, “How you cee Today’s Mathematics?” This ‘specific’ phrase can be translated as such: “What situations are you going through, thinking about or studying today and what have learned from these experiences that can help me in my growth and development?” Although there are various Cultures, Religions and Philosophies they can functionally relate to the above phrase, this NOMENCLATURE is ‘specific’ to Five Percenters/Gods and Earths, because it’s rooted in the Principles, Concepts, and Customs defined/expressed throughout our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons. This is clearly why the Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths Worldview can never be classified as an offshoot, spin off, splinter group of any Culture, Religion or Philosophy; our NOMENCLATURE -both generally and specifically- is definably & functionally unlike any other Culture, Religion or Philosophy on the Planet Earth! Words and Phrases such as “Peace!”, “Science it up!”, “Word is Bond”, “All being born to”, “Queen”, “Zig, Zag, Zig”, “Equality”, etc. are just a few aspects of our NOMENCLATURE that some of you may be familiar with, b.u.t. their functional definitions are ever expanding. As we are an ever growing, developing Nation of People, we find ourselves always finding ways to better describe, define and articulate our Worldview, in relationship to the ever changing world within and around us. Although there is certain NOMENCLATURE recognizable to the Mainstream -as mentioned above-, here is some of the NOMENCLATURE the God EMBLEM and myself have particularly coined and personally use; developing out of our ever expanding Cultural Worldview. -smile- Keep in Mind that there are many Gods and Earths who may be hearing this NOMENCLATURE for the first time, just like there is specific NOMENCLATURE that I have never heard that other Gods and Earths use.

Brown Baby: (28/1-40) A Brown Baby is a person who can either pass for white or considers themselves honorary white. Regardless of their complexion, these individuals swear they’re Lucky, Holier than thou, and recognizably Great according to the Eurocentric Societal Standards that validates them and their ass-kissin’ behavior. Self professed ‘light-skinned’ niggas, Uncle Toms, and high yellow video chicks are classic examples of a Brown Baby.

Norbit Mathematics: (21/Supreme Mathematics) This phrase defines a male who falls under the category of; being caught up in ‘6’, power u whipped, easily muscled and/or manipulated, outright weak when it comes to dealing with a Wiz. Borrowed from the movie ‘Norbit’, “Norbit Mathematics” is a classic example of WISDOM KNOWLEDGE (doing shit backwards!). In practice it can be quite humorous b.u.t. also sad to cee! An example of Norbit Mathematics is a dude at my Justice (Job) who after knowing a Wiz for less than two months, put his house up for sale to move in with her, changed his schedule to watch her children in the morning and is gonna pay for her future divorce; all because of sex! The irony in all of this is the fact that his name is actually “Joe” (cee the movie “Carmen Jones”)

85erphobia: (14/1-40) 85erphobia is the fear, stress or anxiety (Cognitive Dissonance) a person with Knowledge of Self experiences when confronted with 85% people, 85% places and 85% things. I built about this extensively in a past Article I actually entitled “85erphobia”. An example of this is any God/Earth who avoids any contact with the 85% to the point where it compromises their ability to secure proper Food, Clothing and Shelter for themselves and/or their Family.

Ikemathematics: (29/1-40) This term refers to males (not Men) who use Mathematics to take advantage of Wizs. Reminiscent of Ike Turner, “Ikemathematics” is the science of males setting themselves up as a Warden-like Character and “building a prison house” around a Wiz in order to lock them down. An example of “Ikemathematics” is any God who treats my Blogs like Five Percenter contraband and discourages, intellectually abuses, and alienates his Earth or any Wiz from reading my Articles! LMAO! The term, “Mistermatics” is philosophically the same: cee ‘Mister’ in the movie The Color Purple.

Flag Waivers: (9/1-14) “Flag Waivers” are those individuals who are grossly Nationalistic and Religiously Zealous about The NGE. These individuals remind you of a Die Hard, Face Painted, New York Giants Fan on Super bowl Sunday! This Obsessive Compulsive Behavior functions as a child-like preoccupation with NGE Iconography and a fascination with “The Father” (who serves as a Central ‘Christ-like’ Figure in their life). “Flag Waivers” usually have a hard time trying to Culturally function by themselves and crave attention. Examples of “Flag Waivers” are Gods/Earths who religiously wear the Universal Flag, badger their 4yr. old to quote Degrees in front of people like a pet parrot or who’ll seriously asks questions like “How you cee the science behind how many moles The Father had on his ass?”

By Myselfer: (2/1-36) A “By Myselfer” is an individual that doesn’t carry/express this Culture Gregariously. Although they can and may get together with other Gods/Earths, it’s not habitual. They’re just as comfortable/sharp going through the Math quietly up in their own third (Mind) as they are when they’re amongst those who speak Mathematics. A “By Myselfer” doesn’t place much stock in Social Events/Engagements. An Example of a “By Myselfer” is a Swift (Sharp/On Point) God/Earth that doesn’t come around like that because they’re disenchanted with Flag Waivers.

Nursism: (28/1-40) “Nursism” refers to the systematic practice of sticking pins! Sticking pins -as outlined in the 28th Degree- were used to kill the black babies at birth. So “sticking pins” represent murder as well as birth control. In this context, a Nurse is and functions the same way as any grimy Bitch on the street. Although there are many males who practice Nursism, females are more inclined to do it simply because of their maternal, mammalian nature and physiological ability to ‘nurse’ their child. A prime example of Nursism is what Robin Givens did to Mike Tyson and what some so-called Earths learn 120 for.

All Being Borner: A God/Earth who strictly uses a Numerological Digit Summing Method to conceptualize Mathematics. If the date were the 16th, when asked, “How do you cee Today’s Mathematics?” an All Being Borner will undoubtedly say “Knowledge Equality all being born to God” or (16=7). All Being Borner’s also utilize this Method when dealing with Letters/Words. For example, an All Being Borner would tell you that the word DIVINE borns (=) Born. They arrived at this conclusion by simply converting the letters to their numerical place in the Alphabet (i.e. = D=4, I=9, V=22, etc.), adding them together (63), and then reducing them to a single digit (9). Although this Method has “some” value, this pseudoscience (basic Numerology) is not a Branch of Applied Mathematics we actually use in Aviation, Engineering, Farming, Genetics, Carpentry, Computer Science, Architecture, Forensics, Military Services, Medicine, Music Production, Law, Auto Mechanics, Food Service, and other various sciences of life involving people activities. In extreme cases, an All Being Borner will ‘build’ about how the word CHEVY borns (=) Born, and then elaborate on how this vehicle allows us to travel places and is thus symbolic to our physical vehicle (body) that allows us to go places with the Mind. Although philosophically entertaining, this abstraction says nothing about nor supports the actual Mathematics one uses to actually ‘build’, buy, lease, maintain, sell, paint, or even drive an actual CHEVY; all necessary computational components of Practically Applied Mathematics we use in Society everyday!

To conclude Today’s Article I just wanted to revisit the term ‘Axiology’ for a moment. Keep in Mind that way we forge our Axiology (Value Systems) is indicative of the geographic, psychological and socioeconomic circumstances that shape us. This being the case, all Gods/Earths do not share the same Axiology; even though we may all know the same Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons. Various Axiological Perspectives will ultimately define the use/disuse of certain Popular/Unpopular NGE NOMENCLATURE amongst Gods/Earths; AKA: “That’s how I cee it.”


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