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Malique teasin Fredrick in Mathematics! LMAO!!

Loops in Logic; All Being Borners

Peace Ya'll! First and foremost take a chance/watch the video I posted. I took Malique & Fredrick on a 4 mile hike over the Summer and we stopped for a second cuz Fred wanted to climb a tree. Malique's scary ass ain't wanna climb it like that -it was too high- so he stayed on the ground and teased Fred the whole time! The funny part about this is that he was teasin him in Mathematics. Now some of you who haven't reached the 9th Degree in the 1-14's yet might not be able to catch Malique's humor or appreciate the way he expresses certain phrases/concepts in the Degrees he has! LOL Never the less, Malique's a little Comedian; both of them are actually.

The second thing a want to draw your attention to is the image I posted of an envelope/letter I received from a Correctional Facility down in Oklahoma. It's a letter of appreciation from the Chaplin's Office for the donations I've been sending to the Gods out there; I most recently sent them a copy of Da God. I put this image up to SHOW & PROVE the Prison House Koran Correspondence Project I borned last month (11/1-14). Now that I have a nice NGE Centered E-Store on my Site -look at the book covers to the right!- NOW YOU HAVE OTHER TITLES TO CHOOSE FROM for the Prison House Koran Correspondence Project! So even if you don't want to get a copy of Da God, please support one of the other Authors by purchasing one of the other Titles and send it to a Brotha/Sistah you know who's in the Injustice (Prison) or just in dire need of Positive Education Always Correcting Errors (Peace). All you need to do is click on any one of the Titles and it'll take you directly to the Authors Site to place your order! I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

Today I wanted to build with you about the Acronym ‘ABBT’. For those of you who’re unfamiliar with this it stands for “All Being Born Too”; a more recent phenomenon used by Gods and Earths when expounding on Daily Mathematics. In other words, if today were the 12th and you were to ask many Gods/Earths “How do you cee Today’s Mathematics?” many of them will give you the same basic response, “I cee Today’s Mathematics as Knowledge (1) Wisdom (2) ABBT Understanding (3).” You could ask this person the same question 15 years later and more often than not, their response will be exactly the same, “I cee Today’s Mathematics as Knowledge (1) Wisdom (2) ABBT Understanding (3).” Today I wanted to examine the science of an ABBner (All Being Borner).

Let me start by saying that when my Enlightener taught me he never used the Acronym ‘ABBT’. When he taught me how to ‘draw-up’ or conceptualize Daily Mathematics he taught me to analyze each seminal unit and then how they’re forged (transmutated) to manifest another unit. So if today were the 12th and my Enlightener asked me “How do you cee Today’s Mathematics?” I may come off strait building about Randall Cunningham (who wore #12 for the Philadelphia Eagles), his relationship to understanding, elaborate on the 12/1-14, skip back down to the 3/1-14 and how it all draws up to my experience earlier in the day and how it manifests Love, Hell or Right. This is the way I got Math so a few yeaaaaars later, after I had 120 for a while, when I came in tune with Gods and Earths who compulsively said ‘ABBT’ to manifest how they cee Daily Math it shocked the shit outta me! My Enlightener put me down on some of these more “religious” expressions of the Culture; like the way Gods supposedly stood, certain catchy phrases they used, etc.. b.u.t. it’s an entirely different thing to cee it. Anyway, when I came amongst ciphers and took the floor to build I essentially came off like an Older God because only Elders built the way I learned. Only at Rallies, Parliaments or other Functions would you hear an Older God/Earth build without following the ‘ABBT’ format! It was strange for many Gods/Earths to cee me building as an Older God b.u.t. saying I only had 120 for maybe a few years. This caused some -usually Gods- to arrogantly wanna test me, hate or outright front on me. With the Earths it was a different story. LOL

Now, the closest thing to ‘ABBT’ that I learned from my Enlightener was ‘DUT’ or “Draws Up To”. LOL! Some Gods/Earths still use this Acronym and ‘DUT’ is very different than ‘ABBT’. Both methods are indeed useful b.u.t. both of these methods represent only two perspectives or Mathematical Branches in the grand scheme of things. Those of you who’ve had the opportunity to get Da God will undoubtedly cee that this is what the God Emblem was emphasizing; there are other -higher- branches of Mathematics! Unfortunately, many of the present day Gods/Earths are immersed in the Elementary ‘ABBT’ or even ‘DUT’ Concepts of Math and stay there: never graduating to higher branches of Mathematical Concepts. Some Gods/Earths would and will continue to argue that it’s all about keeping it simple and putting it in a language that a baby could understand and I agree 120%! -smile- What many of these Gods/Earths are really saying is that they just haven’t developed to the point past the ‘ABBT’ Simple Addition Arithmetic because other branches of Math seem too complicated, intimidating or they’re just not interested in Math. I understand this b.u.t. I damn sure don’t advocate it. Shiiiiiiit, like many of you, I got “pins stuck in my head” (28/1-40) in Middle/High School about Math and “strayed away” (7/1-14) from it because it looked like a foreign language. I dreaded going to fuckin Math class! I didn’t develop a love and appreciation for Math like than until I met my Enlightener because he taught me how to draw the concepts up and cee how the methods and symbols function in life! For example, crack open a Math book and study the Methods of how to simplify “Radicals” and cee how it relates to how Cointelpro dealt with breaking down so-called “Radicals”. What must be understood is that Mathematics are purely Mental Concepts used to teach and develop the Computational aspect of the Mind. To ‘compute’ simply means to grasp or understand some shit. Since Elementary School all of us have been taught to look at Math as strictly Quantitative Computations; to simply count, measure and weigh something. We were never taught to make “Qualitative” Computations using Math; to count, measure and weigh the meaning/essence of something. Must I remind some of you that YES there has been and continues to be a conspiracy in the American Education System to dumb down Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and Whigger children by keeping them away from Science and Mathematics. Not only have Education Degrees become the new High School Diploma b.u.t Teachers are getting paid less than fucking Utility Personnel Technicians, and that’s very encouraging to them I’m sure. -grin- The Political Science of dumbing our children down is designed to uphold and reinforce the Status Quo of Global White Supremacy and maintain the Socioeconomic Power Relationship between White and Non-White People, Men & Women. The Institutions that support this bullshit are all unapologetically Racist, Sexist and Ageist (I made that word up! -smile-) and serves as manufacturing plants of “slaves of a mental death and power” (14/1-40). As far as getting our focus back on Math and Science.., Fard tried to Show and Prove the importance of being Computationally correct both Quantitatively and Qualitatively by creating The Problem Book, b.u.t. the problem with The Problem Book is; the shit just caused more problems for us who already hated Math. The Problem Book was too fuckin complicated and still is for many in the NOI. The irony... LOL That’s why The Father never took The Problem Book with him when he left the Mosque!

Back to the ABBners.., don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that there is no value in using the ‘ABBT’ Method to express a Simple Addition Mathematical Concept because it does work to express ‘one’ way (damn sure not all ways) to compute things. ‘ABBT’ is one of four leaves on a small Arithmetic Branch of a Mathematical Redwood Tree. -smile-

In the Fiction Mathemanual ‘Da God’, EMBLEM built extensively about the tumultuous terrain of “240”. 240 symbolizes the additional degrees of experience we go through once we have obtained 120 Lessons. The 24th Letter in our Supreme Alphabet is “X” which symbolizes the Unknown in all Mathematical Systems not just our Supreme Alphabet. What this means is our 240 consists of many Unknown (24) Ciphers (0); many Ciphers that cannot be solved using Simple Addition ‘ABBT’ Methodologies. If this were so, the phrase ‘PoorRighteous Teacher (16/1-40) wouldn’t exist -also expressed by EMBLEM in the opening Chapter of ‘Da God’. Like I said, using ‘ABBT’ as a Computational Method is fine in some cases b.u.t. definitely not in “ALL” cases.

Going back to my own Education, the reason my Enlightener built with me the way that he did was because his Enlightener built him with that way also. My Enlightener’s Enlightener ‘Life Justice’ got Knowledge of Self over 30 years ago and clearly stated to me that this ‘ABBT’ is a more recent phenomenon that him and other Gods never used. THIS DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT OR WRONG, I’m just stating an Actual Fact to help some of you put this Method of building about Today’s Mathematics in the proper chronological context. This is also true with the more recent Classification ‘The Nation of Gods and Earths’; this Classification wasn’t prevalent during the God Life’s era and we referred to ourselves as Five Percenters. Again, THIS DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT OR WRONG, I’m just stating an Actual Fact to help some of you put the Classification of this Nation in the proper chronological context.

To conclude Today’s Article I must say this; Those of you who’ve had the opportunity to do the Knowledge on the ‘Da God’, I know that some of the Mathematical Concepts expressed in this Fiction Mathemanual were alittle deep, complicated and intimidating to you. I know the last time many of you even heard/used “REAL” Math Concepts beyond Basic Arithmetic was in High School. I also know that many of you who have Supreme Mathematics have no clue what “REAL” Mathematics is or how it Supremely functions. Do I have a Doctorates Degree in Mathematics? Hell naw. I’m just as illiterate about different Branches of Mathematics as everybody else b.u.t. the difference is: I strive to educate myself and better understand how these Branches function and adhere to the our Culture; which is said to be Mathematical! It’s ignorantly arrogant to say we dealt with ‘Living Mathematics’ if we aren’t striving to cee how Mathematics actually functions in Life! It’s like a Christian claiming the full scope of Christianity b.u.t. neglecting every other book/chapter/verse of the Bible except John 3:16 or a Muslim claiming the full scope of Islam b.u.t. only knowing Al-Fatihah. Now after reading this Article, some of you ignorant bastards are still gonna sit there, write this off and say THAT’S ALL I NEED TO KNOW IS 'ABBT', and 30 years from now when someone asks you “How do you cee Today’s Mathematics?” you’re gonna religiously say “I cee Today’s Mathematics as ....blah, blah, blah ‘ABBT’....blah.” Speaking this language so the babies understand is one thing b.u.t. ‘computing’ like a baby computes is something entirely different people. -shakes head- I encourage all of you to start taking the time to study Math FOR REAL. Quit bullshittin, being intimidated or outright neglecting the actual tools that will open up your ability to conceptualize/express other dimensions of this Culture! I’ll say it one more time in another way; The fullest expression of this Culture does not depend, begin nor end with the Simple Concept ‘ABBT’. Some word problems we deal with in Life are not that simple and those of you who Egocentrically say that they are that simple, you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Now if you do have problems -and it’s actually as simple as you claim it to be- then that would actually make you a Simpleton; the dynamic opposite of being “all wise right and exact” and a “Wise Man -or Woman- of the East” (1/1-40). This also gives you insight into why “your His/Herstory or Koran” is never “equal to your Home circumference” (1/1-40). If we continue being redundantly infantile in the way we consider Living Mathematics by exclusively using ‘ABBT’ as an expression for our entire Worldview, we’ll continue to express those Loops in Logic that keeps the Psycho-Socioeconomic aspects of this Nation grossly stagnant; “roped and bound in” (4/1-14) a conceptual straightjacket. Word is Bond!

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