Friday, August 29, 2008

My Sister -AzIzA- and I
(Yeah, I sucked my two fingers & carried a blanket like Linus)
Can Raekwon teach Speech?
-Who is EMBLEM?!-

Peace Ya’ll! Today I wanted build with ya’ll about the Science of my Enlightener. Particularly, I wanted to go into some of my Koran when it came to getting knowledge of self. For those of you that don’t know this by now my Enlightener is a God that goes by the name of EMBLEM. Yep, crazy ass muthafucken EMBLEM! LMAO! For those of you who are familiar with EMBLEM’S online antics, forensic-like insights and outright raunchy as wisdom that ain’t shit in comparison to studying with him! As a matter of fact, let me tell you how I met Da God.

On an Autumn day in born culture I was enrolled at Central State University in Wilberforce OH; a Historically Black College on a potential football scholarship. Although I was on the Team I spent alot of time to myself and one day while I was standing by myself in front of our Student Union waiting for a bus to take me into town, a gold Honda Accord pulls up and two dudes jump out and approach me; the driver I came to know as Rahman (Clarence) and the passenger was EMBLEM. As I stood there, EMBLEM walked strait up to me speaking Arabic and started asking me questions about Islam! The only thing that didn’t make him a Traditional Sunni was his fresh Ceasar fade and the fact that he wasn’t rockin no Muslim gear. I honestly ain’t know what this dude was talking about and I simply just told him I ain’t dealin with that, which I wasn’t. At that point in my Koran I read basically anything and didn’t subscribe to nothing. A few minutes after trying to bomb me like he was a Sunni, EMBLEM & Rahman laughed, rolled there shirt sleeves up and revealed tats of the Universal Flag. I was like, “Hey, you guys are Five Percenters right?! Can I get the Lessons?” Anyway, when I was in high school I learned about the NOI through my classmates who joined Mosque #23 in Bethlehem. I always loved the teachings of Elijah b.u.t. I could never bring myself to putting that suit and bowtie on. Being a follower or believer was never me! Although my boys in the NOI would share the books of Elijah with me and other Brotha’s they would never let us look at or even touch their Supreme Wisdom Book! That Ten Percenter shit used to piss me off and I made a promise to myself that I’d get that information one day; without the monkey suit of course. Fast forward a few years when Poor Righteous Teachers and Brand Nubian were hot. My Brotha in the NOI dropped a jewel on me, he told me about this group who were Five Pecenters called Brand Nubian and how they -along with Poor Righteous Teachers- put Supreme Wisdom (The Lessons) in their rhymes. I went and copped they album ‘All for One” the same day and it was a wrap from there! Brand Nubian shed light on Poor Righteous Teachers and other Gods in HipHop. I had always “heard” their music and even knew their lyrics b.u.t. didn’t “listen” to them until my boy told me. So when I met EMBLEM on this Autumn day, it was finally my chance to get what I’ve always sought; The Lessons.

Now, alot of ya’ll are probably wondering, “How was it to be educated by THE EMBLEMATIC ONE?!” Well first of all, EMBLEM wasn’t always as crazy as he is now, he was worst! LMAO! After that first meeting and I asked the God for Lessons he told me to meet him on Friday -a few days from then- at noon on the steps by the School Cafeteria. I agreed and it seemed like it took forever for the day and time to arrive. On Friday at noon when I arrived early he was already there and he walked me to the library. As we entered the doors and went upstairs he leisurely picked out a few books from a few different sections; one book was about Quantum Physics, another was about The General Theory of Relativity and the last book was about Nihilism. In my Mind I’m saying, “What is this? I said I wanted the Lessons!” b.u.t. the God had other things that were fundamentally important -as I’ve grown to cee- to build with me about. I spend a few hours that day with EMBLEM studying, taking notes and building about a concept I had only heard about in a Elijah book called ‘Triple Stages of Darkness’; How Allah created Self from nothingness and manifested the physical realm from intangible intelligence. NO I didn’t go on no 3 Day fast, get drilled about The Father’s days in Danville Virginia, learn to do parlor tricks with Supreme Mathematics or get handed Student Enrollment and told to memorize it ASAP: We studied Mathematics, Science and Philosophy. After we left the library EMBLEM walked me over to my dorm, called someone on the pay phone and eventually handed me the receiver; it was his Enlightener ‘Life Justice’. After the God ‘Life’ introduced himself he took me right into Triple Darkness. That shit sounded like Chinese and I didn’t really understand a word he was saying! That shit went completely over my head. I think Life overestimated my ability to grasp it and the way he described it, and the terms he used had me feelin dumb! When I got off the phone with Life I felt even more intimidated, lost and vulnerable than what I felt amongst EMBLEM, b.u.t. I also clearly understood that this was some serious shit! After the phone call, EMBLEM walked me to my room and asked me to do something very strange. He stooped down, told me to stoop down and encouraged me to look him eye to eye without breaking eye contact, which I did. As we squatted, looking eachother eye to eye for about power minutes, EMBLEM told me this was called “Pelon” and went on to elaborate about how eye contact revealed where the Devil was manufactured. That first day began my journey of acquiring 120 Lessons.

Like I said, EMBLEM wasn’t always as crazy as his is now, he was worst! LMAO! Through all of it though, I’m glad and proud that the God took time with me and walked me every step of the way through my Degrees. Here’s some of things that shaped my growth and development in this Culture:

1. Unlike many Gods/Earths, I never got a sheet of paper with basic breakdowns of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet; I learned through direct application because EMBLEM walked with me. The first time I heard a God or Earth say “Destroy borns God” (D-4, E-5, S-19, T-20, R-18, O-15, Y-25= 16 = 7/GOD) was years after I knowledged 120. Nothing against those of you who “exclusively” use the Pseudoscience -Numerological Digit Summing- to define Mathematics, I just wasn’t taught that way.

2. I got one Degree at a time, literally. That shit really pissed me off sometimes because I obviously felt that I could get Degrees at a faster rate, especially the short ones. In time I learned to appreciate the time EMBLEM spent with me with each and every Degree. I’ve also grown to recognize how many (not all!) Gods/Earths that were simply handed a piece of paper with Lessons on it and told to recite it, have unfortunately turned out; there’s a general lack of comprehensiveness.

3. We pulled many “all nighters” building. When I was in my 1-14’s -which I received after I got Student Enrollment- I went over EMBLEM’S Kingdom and spent all night going through a gigantic pile of Plus Lessons and separating them into three piles; right and exact, alright and strait up bullshit. And of course I had to build with him about why I put a Degree in it’s pile. This is only one of the many all nighters we pulled.

4. EMBLEM tested me on Degrees all the time; recitals, breakdowns etc... Studying with a God like him was sometimes like being taught Drunkin Fist from ‘Sam the Seed’! LMAO! You never knew when he would question you, give a task and request that you be involved in something that you wouldn’t understand until after the fact. I remember the God waking me up out of a dead sleep at like 4am asking me to recite Degrees! I thought he was crazy, I was pissed off at the time b.u.t. now I’ve grown to appreciate that! His reasoning for this was to prepare my Mind to access 120 at all times; waking up outta a dead sleep, taking a shit, in the midst of sex, riding a rollercoaster, etc..

5. We did alot of Field Work (experience) so with each Degree I always had a small understanding of it. There was never a moment in my education where I found myself sitting somewhere looking up at the ceiling trying to figure out what something meant after I recited it; EMBLEM always taught 120 in context!

There are alot of other things I can go into b.u.t. I’ll preserve that for myself. -smile- I do want to take some time to share with you A FEW fun facts about EMBLEM that many of you do not know:

· EMBLEM has the name 'Shabazz' in his actual Attribute.
· After EMBLEM got knowledge of self, he lived in a Sunni Masjid for a long period of time. In this time he learned to read and write Arabic, so much so that he can recite Quran. Yeah thug ass EMBLEM can speak Arabic! Do the Knowledge: EMBLEM Reciting some Quran.
· EMBLEM dodged more felonies than Barry Sanders dodged arm tackles. I'll leave it at that.
· He types damn near 80 words a minute; last time I checked.
· He’s a Grandmaster level Chess Player. He’d play chess hours & hours a day until he eventually gave up playing the game like Hazrat Inayat Khan put down his Vina, eventually becoming it! EMBLEM carried around chess pieces and a folded up clothe chess board in a plastic bag like a wallet.
· EMBLEM once educated a beautiful knowledge seed Earth named -get this-, “Jade Mathematics”. The irony.
· He once made a Wiz cee u master from strait up eye contact! LMAO!
· EMBLEM at one time trained for a Marathon.
· He has a tat of The Father on his forearm! -shout out to the Five Percent Orthodoxy and NGE Traditionalists- LMAO!
· When I was getting educated, EMBLEM also went to College although he wasn’t enrolled! Yeah, the God went to certain classes just like everybody else did just to learn! He got money in such a way where it came in lumps, so he wouldn’t need any for a few months so he had time on his hands to study and teach. LOL

Ceeing EMBLEM and then ceeing me makes many people wonder how the fuck he taught me. Not because of his inability, b.u.t. because we’re so different. It’s a testament of the fundamental question, “Who is the Original Man?” (1/1-10) Being a Student is not the easiest thing; especially when you’re learning from a God who carry Math like Wolverine! LMAO

To conclude Today’s Article I wanted to encourage ya’ll who’re studying to keep focused on the Message not the Messenger! I’ve built with many people -male and female- who had Enlighteners or try to choose Enlighteners based upon personality. They rationalize who they can/can’t get along with as if they’re qualified to really say who or who isn’t able to teach them! Sometimes you need an Educator who’s your dynamic opposite; personality wise! Sometimes you don’t! Ultimately, it’s about acquiring the Knowledge, becoming Wiser and getting your own Understanding.

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