Thursday, August 07, 2008

Da God Hard Copy!!!
-Da God hits da streets-

Peace Ya’ll!! First of all, I wanna say THANK YOU to all of you who’ve been supportive of my collective efforts to express the Culture of the Five Percenters/NGE in such a practical way; a way that allows you to cee, smell, touch, taste and hear the way this Math can flow! A day doesn’t go by that I don’t receive a myspace comment/message, youtube message, email, text message, phone call, telekinetic message or smoke signal from someone around the World letting me know how much they appreciate what EMBLEM and I are doing!! I really appreciate that, and regardless of how ruff and tuff that rootin, tootin, gunslingin’ Cowboy “EMBLEM” comes off, he definitely appreciates it too! LOL! Not only is this feedback encouraging to both of us, b.u.t. it lets us know that our shit is reaching those who’re courageous enough to simply listen! PEACE!

Today is the God Day and I am very excited because we at Platinum Pen Publishing are releasing our first Hard Copy Commemorative Edition of “Da God”. All you need to do is click the link on the sidebar and it’ll take you directly to our E-Store so you can purchase it! YES “Da God” is still available for free -e-book downloadable link here- we’ve just decided to make a Hard Copy available to those of you who wanna walk with this Math! -smile- “Da God” can also be ordered through within the next wisdom weeks, and if you would like to order “Da God” through your local bookstore simply provide them with:

AUTHOR: Emblem of Justice
ISBN #: 978-1438236230

Those of you who wanna get “Da God” from me directly can simply send me a money order for Wisdom Cipher (that’s $20) to the below address. Please allow wisdom (2) weeks for delivery:

Saladin Quanaah’ Allah
2113 10th Street Suite 1
Niagara Falls, NY 14305

ALSO..., for those of you who want more than just a twenty, who’re interested in coppin some real weight of this Frank Lucas shit, me and the God ‘Em will put you on! Just contact me at: so we can politic!

If have or have not studied “Da God”, it chronicles the real life of Be God Allah; a Fiction Mathemanual documenting the psycho-socioeconomic terrain of a True and Living God’s trials and tribulations as he strives for perfection. This has never been done before! For those of you who’ve had the opportunity to download “Da God” e-book, keep in Mind that this symbolically represents ‘The Student Enrollment’ of what Platinum Pen will be borning in the future! -big ass grin- Aside from other Masterscripts written by EMBLEM, myself and us collaboratively, Platinum Pen will also be releasing one of the most -if not “THE” most- comprehensive Cultural Masterscript of the Five Percenter/NGE written by the God Universal Lord Life! Who is Life?! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to the depth, richness and thoroughness of the God Life building, click here: Life’s Interview with EMBLEM. I’ll let ‘em sepak for himself and you’ll cee what I’m talking about when I say ‘Comprehensive; it’s a whoooooole different world than the slick talking, catchy phrases, fast quoting, unintelligible, empty shelled Gods many of you are used to hearing so-called build! Word is bond! LMAO

As I’ve mentioned in another Article, I’ve been writing to Gods locked up throughout this Wilderness for years, and I personally have two Brothers locked up right now; one in Attica, NY and another in Ohio. Although this situation is already fucked up, at least when my Brothers did arrive at these plantations and made knowledge born to the Gods that I was their physical (Brother), they received a warm welcome off the strength of the work I’ve been doing with our youth outside of the Belly, and the time I’ve always taken to correspond with them! This is not to say that my physicals get treated as “a said person of that ability” (20/1-40) through proxy or that these Gods take them on face value, b.u.t. at least they were extended the hand of “I-John” (27/1-40)!

So in conjunction with today’s release of the Hard Copy Commemorative Edition of “Da God”, we’re launching a Prison House Koran Correspondence Project!! Why the hell we call it that? Because Gods/Earths, Brothers/Sisters who’re either locked up or have relationships with People who’re locked up NEED THIS MATHEMANUAL!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! It’s a step by step guide to help those of us who’re locked up rise above that shit and it reads like a biography for many within -and outside of- this Nation that’s dealin with these circumstances! “Da God” also helps those of us who have family who’re locked up better understand the trials and tribulations they go through, it’s capacity to institutionalize our loved ones, and it’s post-traumatic effects on our families! The phrase ‘Prison House Koran’ is just something I came up with to describe the type of impact/effect I KNOW “Da God” is going to have on Brothers/Sisters who’re able to get it! I am so committed to this Project that I’m personally ordering copies and sending them to Gods I’ve been corresponding with!! I currently don’t have the addresses of any Earths in Correctional Facilities, b.u.t. those of you who do who’re reading this Article, place email me their information. It’s much appreciated!

If you are also interested in being a part of our Prison House Koran Correspondence Project by sending “Da God” as an invaluable gift to a Brother/Sister you know that’s in a Correctional Facility here’s what you can do:

1. If you already correspond with him/her, simply go to our E-Store, order a copy of “Da God” and send it to them.

2. If you do not know anyone who’s currently locked up then you can email me at: and I will send you the address of a God in a Correctional Facility.

3. If you have a subscription to The Five Percenter Newspaper, you can get the address of a God/Earth there and send them a copy of “Da God”.

So to conclude Today’s Article, I also wanted to say that EMBLEM has decided to send people personally signed copies of the Hard Copy Commemorative Edition of “Da God” for those who want to get it directly from him! EMBLEM’S Math is (937) 347-1185, so give the God a call and build with him about it! Again, I wanna say THANK YOU to all of you who’ve been supportive of our collective efforts to teach this Math and represent the NGE Culture in a real way; strait up raw and unapologetically! PEACE


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