Monday, September 15, 2008

-Queen 'A'siyah and Empress 'A'ziza- (A = Allah: Supreme Alphabet)

Algebra 101: Simplifing Radicals

Attention Class, everybody please take your seats and take your notebooks out. Today we're going to discuss Simplifing Radicals! Yesterday morning when I got up I gave EMBLEM a call and we built about various sciences before he mentioned that he read an Article written by a God called ‘Sha King’ that looked like a personal attack against me. EMBLEM also mentioned that he already responded to his Article and jokingly -or seriously- advocated that me and the Young God put the gloves on at Show & Prove 2009 with all the proceeds being donated to The Allah School in Mecca. If so, I guess we’ll be the undercard because I'm sure EMBLEM and Preme are gonna be the Main Event! LOL Anyway, when I went to the laundry mat I had a chance to do the knowledge to ‘Sha King’s’ Article and you can read it here: ‘He or Her: Which One is it’. Basically, his Article was a scathing attack on Gods -or any Male for that matter- who had the letter ‘Q’ in their Attribute or Name and explained some basic information about how da Father traditionally told early Gods to choose their name from the Supreme Math/Alphabet to distinguish them from dem NOI Moslems. He also went as far as to call Gods/Males who had a ‘Q’ in their name Bitches, Queens and Queers! -smile- I’m not sure what prompted Sha King to write this Article b.u.t. something did occur to me in the process of reading it. First of all, I didn’t take it personal nor did I physiologically react to his Article. Sha King didn’t mention me by name so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. What did occur to me is that his Article followed (pun intended) my “Loops in Logic: All Being Borners” Article. Ceeing his reaction made me realize something very important when it comes to teaching this Math and I wanted to take a moment to address it. Anyway, I had a fuckin Epiphany! LOL! I realized that Traditionalist Gods like Sha King -and others- may feel like I’m stepping on their toes and undermining who they’re trying to teach with my A.S.I.A. Journal, A.S.I.A. TV and A.S.I.A. Talk Mediums! Although I obviously don’t agree with the way he -and other Gods- approach this Culture and Actual Mathematics itself, I’ve always been supportive of what/how they choose to teach. Hell, if they wanna treat my Articles, Youtube Builds/A.S.I.A. Talk Podcasts, and Projects like Five Percenter Contraband I really don’t give a fuck. Anyway, if this is the case..... I wanted to speak directly to the Young Gods/Earths -Students- these Gods are trying to teach and clarify some of the tension that's been going on with them and their Enlightener (if they already haven’t peeped it out!)

Please keep in Mind that the way I learned/teach Mathematics was different than the way your Educator learned/teaches. All Instructors design their own Curriculum based upon what they feel your needs are as a Student. If your Instructor feels that memorizing The Father’s Life Story and using the ‘ABBT’ Methodology to strictly teach Math, then that’s their choice; be good Students, listen to your Teacher/God and make sure you do your Homework. At the end of the day, they’re the ones who’ll give you your grade and you want it to strictly be on the basis of your actual work. The last thing you need is your Teacher having a personal problem with you because of your “legitimate” interests outside of their Classroom.

Well I hope that put some things in perspective for you Students. It's also my intention to give the Young God Sha King -and any other Gods- who may be having this problem with "their" Students alittle support. You Newborns who’re in classes like this, I encourage you to follow the advice my Ole Earth gave me when I had classes that also challenged my interest, “Do the work, get the grade and get outta there!” LMAO! Now I want to further elaborate on some valuable points Sha King made and/or tried to make in his Article.

First of all, Sha-King spoke about the early Tradition of the Gods when it came to choosing an Attribute. I say ‘Attribute’ in the strictest sense of the word simply because many of the early Gods never took the serious step of legalizing their Attribute like I did. Take a second to reference this Article I wrote on 1/18/07 entitled: Name Change Politics where I give Step by Step Instructions to people who want to legally change their name without a Lawyer. Now just because I was committed to legally changing my name, this does not mean that I’m automatically legit simply because I picked a payroll check up this morning issued to Saladin ‘Q’ Allah. This also doesn’t make Sha King illegitimate simply because his family, friends, associates, etc... affectionately knows him by his Latino name. Although I remain a firm advocate of coming in the name of ‘Allah’ or ‘Earth’ literally -for political, psycho-socioeconomic reasons- I ultimately realize that we make a name for ourselves through what we actually do; and when I say ‘name’ I’m speaking about the Principles/Value Systems we maintain and express, not Egocentrism. So for Sha King to seriously suggest that a God -or any Man- is a legitimate/potential Bitch, Queen or Queer because he has the letter ‘Q’ in his name is beyond ignorant. There’s no science in that, and that’s what I’d call a monotype -not even a stereotype-, because that concept is just that Cycloptic. It would be no different if I suggested that young Latino males born carrying both last names of their Parents -as many Traditionally do- makes them Androgynous and Transgender orientated! -shakes head- Come on Young God, we deal with science, and you’re gonna have to come better than that. Hopefully that’s just where you’re at in your growth and development right now; I’ve said some stupid things too -and probably still do-. LOL!

Anyway, one very, very valuable thing I cee Sha King neglected to mention when he talked about the letter ‘Q’ -aside from Gods distinguishing themselves from dem NOI Moslems and the Faradian Folklore of "Robert Walker"- was how the sociopolitical circumstances of both the Gods and the larger Society definitely influenced an obvious homophobic fixation Gods had about Gods/Males who wanted -or had- the letter ‘Q’ in their Attribute or Actual Name. Was this phenomenon a response to the Musical Landscape during this time? Did the growing Woman’s Right Movement raise concerns/insecurities in the Minds of these Young Males? Did the Father cee something amongst the Young Gods behaviorally that borned this consensus? I think when you rise above emotions and approach this idea/concept from a sociological perspective you’ll cee that it’s beyond a God/Male simply having a letter ‘Q’ in their name; it’s a helpless Strawman Tactic that suggests a larger issue! -grin- Hey, here’s a fun fact for you: Did you know that there was also a general consensus amongst the early Gods that Gods shouldn’t go to College, and it actually took a couple Gods to get a College Degree before this general consensus actually changed? Ignorant as hell huh?! LMAO! Well keep in Mind that infantile ideas/concepts like that just Shows AND Proves where these Youngsters where at in their growth and development at the time. Unfortunately, we have the same pockets of ignorance amongst the Gods/Earths today -like any Nation does-. It’s ultimately Peace though; they inspire me to cee and address subject matters that are pertinent to their maturity. (18/1-40)

Now if you noticed in the last paragraph I deliberately used the word ‘Earths’ once when I briefly spoke about the consensus Sha King talked about concerning the HIStory of the Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths. I did this because much of the HIStory about this Nation has been written in this gender discriminatory way; oblivious to the obvious Contributions Earths (Women/Females) have made to this Nation. Shit, Wakeel wrote a 460 book, “In the Name of Allah: the HIStory of Clarence 13X and The Five Percenters” -which is considered to be an actual Authority on the History on this Nation- and it didn’t include one quote from an Earth and less than a paragraph about the Earths in this Nation as a whole! This was not a simple oversight people. NO! It clearly showcased another Traditional consensus amongst Gods when it came to -and still often comes to- their slanted assessment of an Earths (Woman/Females) role/place in this Nation; less than, insignificant, minimal, peripheral, etc...; all residual bullshit from the Yacubian Society many of us Original Men are still unconsciously/consciously advocating! The "worst part" (1/1-14) about this kinda consensus is the fact that Gods are usually clueless to this misogynistic "current of air" they’re in (8/1-40), while ignorantly claiming to rep knowledge of self to the fullest! The irony. LMAO! Anyway, this and other social norms Gods call ‘Tradition’ were obviously gleaned from this Eurocentric Society; "grafted snakes" (10/1-14) that slithered their way into the conceptualization and application of this Culture, ultimately “mixing, diluting and tampering with” the science of our Universal Flag (9/1-14). Here's another fun fact for ya'll: During the early years of the Five Percenters there was a general concensus amongst many Gods that the Black Woman didn't have a Mind! Bullshit huh?! To this day, you'll still cee Niggas (so-called Gods) actually arguing about the Moon not showing above the number '7' on the Universal Flag! -shakes head- Now don’t get me wrong, I love ‘certain’ Traditions b.u.t. I’m not a big fan of Radical Religiosity or Nationalist Compulsiveness; especially when it comes to petty issues like having a certain letter from the Alphabet in your name. If this were really the case then I’m sure the God called ‘Sha King’ would be just as passionate and animate about Earths -or any Female for that matter- who has the letter ‘A’ (Allah: The Original MAN) or ‘K’ (King/Kingdom) in their name. Hmmmmm..... I’m definitely looking forward to reading Sha King’s Article calling Earths/Females Muff-divin Dykes, Kings and God Wannabes because they have an ‘A’ or ‘K’ in their Attribute -or Actual Name-, and I’m sure the Earths would love to read this too! -check-

Again, don’t get me wrong, as a part of The NGE Orthodoxy and a staunch Traditionalist, I think the Younger God called ‘Sha King’ -and Gods like him- still have alot of valuable information to offer anyone who’s interested in learning about the Gods and Earths as a whole. When it comes to knowing about things like where The Father’s birth mark was, the table he used to sit at-at the Choc Full of Nuts, and what his favorite 60’s Album was I'll definately send people I’m teaching their way. B.u.t. when it comes to petty Strawman Tactics like fixating on the letter ‘Q’ -like it’s really that significant in the grand scheme of things-, I ain’t entertaining that. I mean, if Sha King -or anyone else- wants to build about shit like that, we can go back and forth all fuckin day! We can build about “Why I have a letter ‘Q’ in my Actual Name (not an AKA)?” and “How a Yellow Seed has been ‘Traditionally’ ceen as a Half-Original Man like Columbus?” (3/1-14). We can build “Why I build on Youtube?” and “How there’s a relative behavioral psychology between Tarzan, "Brown Babies" (28/1-40) and many Urbanized Latinos.”

Class, this will conclude the Lesson for today b.u.t. before you go I want to emphasize the importance of performing the proper self/social diagnostic before you open up your mouth and advocate what you deem a legitimate, functional ‘Tradition’. -shakes head- In basic Arithmetic we learned that 1 comes before 2 so before you speak (wisdom), do the knowledge on the socio-political circumstances that’ll support your ideas/concepts; not just hermetic circumstances amongst the Gods b.u.t. circumstances within the context of the larger Society. This is what ultimately influenced many of these ‘so-called’ Traditions that spawned a blind consensus amongst the Early Gods in this Nation! Especially those ‘so-called’ Traditions that systematically excluded the Earths/Females from this Parliamentary-style decision making process when it came to the affairs of the entire Nation. When you take the time to do the proper research you’ll find that not only were some -not all- of these ideas/concepts -deemed ‘Tradition’- nothing more than innovations of the time, b.u.t. outright pseudoscientific; with no legitimate basis outside of the pathologies, gender oppression, stereotypes, and misogynistic Status Quo Gods learned -and Earths/Females were trained to accept- through the larger Society and/or from their own ethnic idiosyncrasies. (10/1-36)

(Proper Education Always Crushes Egos)

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