Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Nation is All Wise
Does Everything Right & Exact
Part 1

In order for this to be possible, that is, a nation to be all wise and doing everything right and exact, it must have a group of people who observe our endeavors and experiences in life—study them for what they really mean—the significance and implications; and make decisions based upon such things.  This means you must look backwards to move forward.  Today, most live for today and disrespect most which has passed; this is not wisdom—it is folly; but what a fool believes and sees, no wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.  If you are meeting a man who is coming back from a winding road that you are about to travel on, it only makes sense to inquire about the experience before embarking.   Some people have to put their face in manure to know that it is poop.  We are not those types, for we have learned the truth of this place, its intentions, its’ deceptions, its’ hoodwinks and Tricknowledge—but most of us do not distinctly think of America as a Western culture and how it was set up—sometimes diametrically opposed to Eastern and Central Asian culture.

There is nothing intrinsically evil about having a difference in opinion, perception or world view than others; but it becomes a crime when you try to force that view on others, whether they want it or not.  This is the main obstacle here.  Because as Black people, we were brought here against our will, forced to work for another people for no wages for 308 years—then released without repatriation or state assistance to make it on our own.  There have been two civil rights movements in this country, one in the first year of Emancipation or 1863, and one in 1963, one hundred years later, and though we marched and protested, we still did not get the freedom that we marched for.

Most significant is what happened in the Segregation Era (Whites and Colored only), within the United States; wherein “Separate But Equal,” was the slogan and the two wouldn’t dare mingle.  There was the “Citizen Council” or “KKK” (Klu Klux Klan) and the general attitude of Whites was not to concern themselves with Black things, or things that were not in their direct interests.  During this time, there was Negro League Baseball and Black Wall Street. During this time, there were advances made by Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee Institute, Marcus Garvey and the UNIA or Universal Negro Improvement Association, the Nation of Islam had another perspective than the one currently shown, and the Black Power Movements were just “a telephone call away.”  The significant thing was Black owned businesses, Black owned Hotels, and although Black Entertainers performed in White establishments, they had to lodge in Black areas among the locals or stay in Black hotels.  We had our own, we frequented our own, and we looked out for our own interests—mainly because we had no choice.  Not all of us were on board with this, due to the self-hatred and self esteem created during that vacuum called “enslavement.”  There were many people put under slavery during the course of history or our chronology, but none devastated so by the lost of their language—as the Blackman experienced in America.  We did what we had to do and were being rather successful at it, but for many—our eyes were on seemingly greener pastures.

Integration, was an illusion created during the Civil Rights Struggle, wherein forced busing and housing was imposed on the White population by so-called “conscientious Whites,” but this did nothing to destroy the attitude created by slavery: “That Blacks were three-fifths of a man and were to be considered along with livestock and other such property.”  And of course, this privilege was only for those who could afford it; creating the “looks like we made it/I’m special” attitude among some Blacks.  Needless to say, Westerners are very resistant to change, and have problems with accepting anything other than stereotypical views of others.

What I am saying here is that today we are still living in a segregated society that appears to be equal:  This is a multi-cultural society, yet it is amalgamated in its cultural perspective—it is one dominant culture with all other cultures being sub-cultures.  The interests of those other cultures are to be considered by the dominant culture or majority, whereas all other peoples are its minorities.  In a capitalistic society, any people who are not generating income and therefore not self-sufficient, shall be the least concerned or regarded—that’s just actual facts.  You cannot expect your interest to be protected by another people who do not think like you—and more centrally, if you are not about the business of recapturing your culture, you are accepting the European and pseudo-European way as the standard of high civilization.  If this is not, then you need to explore these other perspectives mentioned here and decide for yourself which makes more sense: Just don’t do the research using a pseudo-Western brainwashed mentality.  Learn to look at things from both sides of the equation.

What has happened since the 60s has had a great affect on how the 90s and thereafter has become.  You have to look backwards in order to spring forward; you do this every six months when you set your watch, so why not construct your moving forward by knowing where you’ve been?  Let me start out by saying that the greatest pimp of women ARE women.  A pimp’s game is a woman’s game in reverse.  Everybody plays games, it’s just that a good game is one where everyone mutually benefits and a bad one is where one makes himself rich at the expense of others.  In the 60s, Black woman were not down with the Feminist Movement; that was for disgruntled White women who were not content with their role in Western society, Black women had their own agenda that could not be satisfied by White women pushing their agenda because we are distinctly different thinking people; besides Blacks were battling out of the White Segregation Era: How could they have a Black woman’s  interest at heart?  Since segregation, we have learned American ways, either unwittingly through indoctrination or as a matter of survival in a foreign land.  Foreign land?  Yes, foreign land, because it doesn’t regard us equally.  This is a culture and land in which the benefactors of its product are those who founded it and those who came here to exploit it; if you really study it—we are the ones who exploited by it.

Amongst the disgruntled White women of the Feminist and Sexual Revolution movements, were undercover lesbians, in key places, who were in key positions pressing their agenda. I say, “undercover,” because during those days most of alternative lifestyles were kept in the “closet.”  Roles in society were often referred to as arbitrary and viewed as genderless.  The nuclear family was considered as “man-made,” and one of their aims was the destruction of this type of family structure to make room for alternative lifestyle families.  So it is no surprise that 1990, 30 years later (one generation), we have single parent households, the emergence of adoptions by alternative couples, etc.  It is part of the outgrowth of the Feminist and Sexual Revolution, and as I said earlier, Black women during that time, did not consider White Feminism their fight, and certainly their were policies aimed directly at the Black family; especially in low-income areas, by Planned Parenthood and other organizational outgrowths of the Sexual Revolution spearheaded by White people in America.

The proper way to view this phenomena is that well-to-do White women did not like the way they were culturally being handled.  They voiced their concerns and started their movements.  The motivation had nothing to do with Black women and their struggles, it was for their own self interests. However, as time went on and they tried to solicit for Black support, the movement became resentful of the non-participation of Black women and unleashed an agenda directly at Black women and their families as a result of it.  Do your own research and you shall see. America is becoming more and more like its European model.  Their views on sex, gender, race are slowly but surely mimicking the lifestyle of Europe—much of which has been in France, Greece, Rome, Germany, England and Nordic society for thousands of years.  It falls under the Equal Rights umbrella, but here is the real people it caters to, and here are the real reasons and the real social class. How that effects others is of secondary interest, if of any interest at all.  Our people get confused, because they think being in America is the same as having the rights of an American while we're still fighting for Human Rights, Civil Rights and Equality.  The Equal Rights agenda today has little to do with the Human and Civil Rights agenda.  Those Human and Civil Rights in this country are non-White issues, fought by non-Whites or minorities.  We can no more look for the American society to fight for our interests, as we can look for one group of people to look after and protect the rights of another different group.  They are adapting the European model, and we are not Europeans.  Their culture is not our culture. Though we must observe it because we live here, it does not reflect the way we think, nor our core interests.  We must develop ourselves around our own model—and leave their ways to their own devices.

To be continued in Part 2...

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz
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