Thursday, November 12, 2015

News You Can Use

News You Can Use

For those of you who aren't connected with me via my Facebook Page I often share thoughts/posts there that I may not write a bi-monthly article about. However, there were a few posts I made recently in regards to current events that I wanted to take a moment to share here. Also, even though I have the maximum number of friends, you are still able to follow my posts. 

The Public Execution of Karia Lee

So Karia Lee, mother of Tyshawn Lee the slain 9-year old in Chicago, is being dogged for buying a vehicle with some of the money raised for her family from a gofundme account.

First let me say that I wouldn't have done that. If those donations were intended for funeral expenses, but the funeral was already paid for, Karia should have made that known first and then asked how those donations should be handled [desolved] before she used them as she willed. Given that considerat...e approach, and because of the circumstances, I think people would have given her the O.K. to use it. Listening to her in the press it was clear to me that she wasn't prepared for how to handle being in the public eye or how to deal with donations. Most people don't and many journalists seek to exploit that for headline news stories.

What some of us need to consider and not lose sight of is this: whether people of color are being criticized or praised in the media, we're not being judged by a journalistic jury of our peers. Historically, that peerless jury doesn't generally judge their own using the same standard of scrutiny. With that being said, what do you think Karia's white counterparts bought with the hundreds of thousands of dollars people raised for them with gofundme accounts when they tragically lost a family member? 100% funeral expenses? Lets not be naive. If we're going to audit folks, lets critique itemization statements from everyone equally. I bet you'll find some people pushing more than a used car...

Support The Troops, With Proof

On behalf of Veteran's Day I would like to take a moment to recognize all of those men and women who have sacrificed their lives as enlisted members of this country's armed forces. I also will that one day this country genuinely reciprocates that recognition across the board, beyond the celebration of a day. How? By supporting legislation and initiatives for fair Veteran and Veteran Family services/benefits that many have come home to fight for, some have even died for, right here on U.S. soil. Veteran...s are a marginalized group within this society and they deserve more than a thank-you, a salute or a free Starbucks coffee. As civilians, I encourage you to learn more about the challenges they face and how you can be of any assistance via NABVETS, NOVA, other Veteran advocate organizations, your local VA Hospital and even just talking to your family members who are Veterans.

Fruition and Futility

HER: That's the old testament, we don't need to learn that.
ME: Well our oldest testament is the planet Earth. It's been here for millions of years and we still learn from it today. There's obvious value in that. There's also value in learning about an old testament of some people, places and things on planet Earth, the oldest testament.
HER: True. You always got an answer huh Saladin? Lol
ME: Lol Naw, I just think you can learn something from studying the old testament.
Well why didn't you just say that.
ME: I did, in a way that you can't refute.
HER: Lol Whatever.

The above dialogue is from a conversation I had with so-called "conscious sister" who has recently learned about some of the contradictory and outright demonic ideas some religious leaders teach using the bible. Because of this she doesn't touch 'the good book' with a ten foot pole. I could understand her frustration and had similar feelings many years ago myself. But, there is still value that can be learned from it. Even if that means learning the proper interpretation in order to expose the charlatan's teachings used to mislead the masses.

Periscope Dope

Over the last month I've been using a new App called #Periscope that allows you to share live video and interact with your audience in real time. It's been an excellent addition to my ability to share my world as a journalist, author, youth advocate and creative artist. I've periscoped live from my STYA Program, shared some of my recent music projects, elaborated on a few of my books and addressed various topics that come to mind. If you're not on there I encourage you to download the App and add me at: @AtlantisBuild. It's dope!

Speaking of mediums of communication, I was recently featured in a short 30 minute interview with StrongerMind Media with author of The Secret Nature Within You, Christian Fisher. StrongerMind Media is a medium that focuses on resilience, turning stress into strength and adapting to adversity in a variety of life situations. In this interview I elaborated on self-actualization, youth advocacy, community outreach and how to achieve our goals. I'm thankful for having that opportunity to add-on and you can check it out by clicking on the below video.

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