Sunday, November 08, 2015


By S. Quanaah

This weekend, November 7th, I chose to publish my fourteenth book "Thoughtforms." The purpose of this book is to share a conceptual-based cultural framework of Knowledge of Self [KOS].
One of the definitions of a thoughtform is derived from the Tibetan tradition called "Tulpa" which means to build [construct] with the Mind. As a writer, I am a scribe constructing and communicating a view of the world through words. To some, this profession is a form of mysticism: magical formations forged through powerful concentration. I wouldn't consider myself a mystic. Well.., maybe a natural mystic, yet writing does require a great degree of discipline and focus on a consistent basis. This book is another contribution of my contemplative life, written to inspire, empower and educate those who are considering and/or on the path of growth and development.
Thoughtforms encompasses ideas about society, psychological/social behavior, power dynamics, social structure and the science of everything in life from the cultural perspective of a Five Percenter. It's now available globally via Amazon, Amazon Kindle and my website Quanaah Publishing.

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