Sunday, August 21, 2011

Building; a 'Pro-Action' Word

Construction Sign

The terminology “Building” has and is being used so loosely that I thought that it’s important to clarify what this exactly means.

First and foremost, to “Build” means ‘To Construct’. In the most simplistic terms: If the activities we’re participating in are not constructive, than that’s a clear sign that we’re not actually Building; it’s destroying. Why? Because we are not elevating our/anyone’s thought process, way of approaching/assessing life, and circumstances we/they are living in. As a matter of fact, if what we’re conversing about is constructive, then the evidence of it’s application should be apparent in our people activities (how we’re actually living). For example, if I’m talking about how the Black Man is God, then I shouldn’t be in and out of court/jail for crimes I’m committing. If I’m calling myself a Queen, then my living environment or my attitude should not be a hovel.

Building is not an action word, it’s a ‘pro-action’ word! To exemplify what “Building” means it requires that something is actually being done, constructively. Many times I hear people talking about a lot of things, even in a highly intelligent way, b.u.t. nothing to very little in their day to day activities even remotely resembles what they’re saying… Hey, we all have potential, b.u.t. all of us aren’t doing something with it. When a person is actually Building, they realize that they’re only as good as the last project they completed, knowledge they gained and skill they’ve acquired. They’re constantly elevating, learning and growing. This is clearly evident in how they look, what they’re doing and how they’re talking. Because they’re being constructive, the activities they’re invested in are models for sustainability; they’re not self important, materialistic or hedonistic pursuits because these things don’t last! That’s important to note because people may get the impression that someone is Building just because they’re doing something… Let me emphasize again that it must be constructive: elevating our/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances we/they are living in. This is not because I say so, it's because these requirements dictate the nature and function of Building. In other words, what we’re doing endures because it stands the test of time, tension and integrity. An example of this is a relationship that’s built upon the principle of love, not lust; because love endures.

Although people may be under the impression that this terminology means “conversing with another person”, that is not entirely accurate. Building is not about the rhetoric being spewed, slang that’s being flipped or hot air debates we're having. The real emphasis is on how we’ve done or are doing what we’re saying, and how this has been instrumental in elevating our/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances we/they are living in. Building is not Cell Phone Philosophizing, Blog Boastin' or Fakebookin'… AKA 'Ghosts in the Shell'! Building also isn't sterile rants and raves about academic achievements that lack a clear plan of action of how we're actually using these achievements to better our families, community and people. When I say “I’m Building!” then I should have something to actually show for it, literally. If we’re studying lessons or scripture, then our life should actually demonstrate what we actually learned from that lesson/script. The purpose of our study is not an exercise to talk about some historical events. It's also not to show each other how smart we are about something that clearly has nothing to do with why we still haven’t started our own business/got a job, we’re no step closer to being in a relationship, our attitude/behavior in handling situations has not matured or we’re still holding on to a nasty habit that’s actually killing us. We need to be more committed to eliminating the contradictions between what we say and what we’re actually doing or not doing. We need to be more dedicated to growth and development than just reading a few pages of a book every other day or browsing the internet to skim over some things we’re curious about. If we’re going to Build then we need to be constructive and stop procrastinating with our life! Set short/long term goals that are realistic and achievable and work EVERY DAY to make them a reality while we’re doing what’s real. No that last sentence wasn’t a typo! Lol I made sure to state “while we’re doing what’s real” because some of us may find ourselves waiting on that train to come in, long suffering until we die and go to heaven or believing that one day in the future everything is just going to work out for us while completely neglecting the work we need to do today. At the end of each day we should be taking inventory of the quality of time we invested –which we will never get back. While assessing the quality of this time, we should be able to clearly see and articulate how we’ve used it to elevate, learn and grow. I’m not talking about using Supreme Mathematical tricks to try to rationalize a mediocre, mundane existence, or making religious/astrological abstractions in order to spice up a bland, flavorless lifestyle. I’m talking about being able to identify and demonstrate how we’ve literally elevated our/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances we/they are living in.

In closing, I challenge all of us to begin TODAY by honestly taking an inventory of our day before we go to rest tonight. Consider what you actually did to elevate your/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances you/they are living in. Ask yourself how you were actually an asset to your family, community and society as a whole. Make a ‘pro-action’ plan for tomorrow of how you are (not wish, hope, or want to) going to improve how you invested your time today, and commit yourself to it. (11/1-14) If we’re going to be a Builder than lets be that for real and we can start by actually doing something constructive today.

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