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Koran Smudging
Turning Tragedy into "Training Units" (1/1-14)

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In Today’s Article I want to deal with the Science of “Koran Smudging”. To set the stage for today’s Article I wanted to tell you alittle about my Koran to lay the groundwork. Before I got Knowledge of Self I experimented with Sex when I was 17! Yeah I know.. ! LOL! Anyway, after I got my first fix it was over! I was never on some outright “Savage in the Pursuit of Happiness” (17/1-40) shit by living by the carnal code that “pussy ain’t got no face” b.u.t. when I had a girlfriend, sex (not intimacy!) was central to our relationship and we fucked like rabbits! During what I call my Porno Flick Surahs, I remember one time at a Mall I was in the Food Court writing lyrics and listening to my headphones and I saw this Wiz looking at me a couple tables over. I spoke and kept doing what I was doing. 5 minutes later I felt her looking at me again so I spoke again as if to passive aggressively say, “damn what the fuck are you looking at”. Anyway, she took this as a cue to come over to my table and spark a conversation with me. Within 10 minutes of talking (and not about sex or sexual innuendos!) she said she wanted to give me a blow job! And no, she didn’t want to “do trading amongst me” ("Prostitute"; 9/1-14) either ya’ll! As flabbergasted as I was, I held my composure and asked her, “where at?” Boy I felt blessed and got an Ego Boost of a Destroy Power’s (85er) Lifetime! To make a long story short, I ended up not “letting her go through with this labor” (9/1-14)! LOL! Not because of a conscience, b.u.t because she wanted to kiss me first so I was like naw, that’s alright! And ya’ll know how nasty someone’s mouth can be! How dare ‘her’ be that nasty! LOL! Fast forward some years... ! When I first got Knowledge of Self I was definitely Immature and Egocentric! That’s one of the reasons why I place such an emphasis on putting our Ego in check and learning the Science of Humility. I remember how I’d go up in NOI Study Groups on some Globetrotter ‘razzle dazzle’ shit wit The Lessons. I used to bomb Christians right into the Rapture and I’d invite Jehovah Witnesses into my Kingdom and slowly disembody their Religious Views like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In College my arrogant ass wouldn’t even take notes in Sociology or Physics Class, and I often waited for an opportunity to correct the Teacher, in front of the class of course! I was on some bullshit, strait-up! B.u.t. that’s what often happens when a young male is maturing as a Man and reciting that he’s God! When I look back at some of the Surahs I wrote, although wack, I don’t regret them. “Through” (key word!) them I learned to delineate the ‘Best’ and the ‘PoorPart (3/1-14). One of the Greatest Lessons I’ve learned is the Science of being Resolute or learning to finish certain Surahs (close certain Chapters) in my Life so I can move on to the next part of my Koran. The Science of being “Resolute” symbolizes being “SETTLED” (1/1-14). In the 1/1-14 we learn this about being “SETTLED”:

1. Why isn’t the Devil ‘SETTLED’ (Resolved) on the Best Part of the Planet Earth?
Because the Earth belongs to the Original Man and knowing that the Devil is Weak and Wicked and there would not be any Peace amongst them, so we put them on the Worst Part and kept the Best Part preserved for ourselves. Every since we made it..,

First let me define a Devil: “A Grafted Man which is made Weak or Wicked or any live Grafted Germ from Original is Devil” (33/1-40). So basically anything that ‘was made’ Weak or Wicked or any live Germ manifests a Devil that should never be ‘settled” (resolved) on the Best Part. An illustration of this is like having someone sitting up on ya brand new Cream Living Room Set and Carpets talking about they got an ‘upset’ stomach and weak bowels from the fruit punch and pasta they had earlier! It’s also like being a Daycare Provider and accepting a Child into Daycare who’s obviously sick, as if their Germs won’t effect the other children! When it comes to “settling” the terms of an agreement or even a dispute, preserving the Best Part for yourself and putting the Devil on the Worst Part is mandatory. This transcends a Capitalistic Concept of “looking out for yourself”, although when dealing with ‘certain people’ it’s important that you do this type of “trading amongst them” (9/1-14) because that’s the only language they speak, and if you don’t.., you’ll be ass out (pun intended)! It’s like a Jewel I got from my Enlighteners Enlightener when he taught me that “The choice you choose should be the one you can’t loose with!” Ultimately though, the Highest Expression of “settling” the terms of an agreement or even a dispute means “doing what’s Right for Righteousness sake”!

When a Person is ‘SETTLED’, it also means that they’ve “built a Home for themselves” (4/1-14). As a Righteous Person, we strive to do our “Best’ and preserve this for ourselves. Obviously we come in contact with others who don’t cee this as their Modus of Operandi. One thing is for sure, when you know that a person is on some Weak ‘AND’ Wicked shit, they should never feel “at Home” around you! They should never feel ‘Peace amongst’ you and you should never ‘feel Peace amongst’ them! Righteousness by nature is the dynamic opposite of being/doing Wrong. So there always exists electrical tension between these Polar Extremes, from a quiet fine mist undetected by the naked eye to outright open hostility. Basically Light and Darkness, Truth and Lies, Knowledge and Belief cannot occupy the same space at the same time! “Putting them on the Worst Part” (1/1-14) is a phrase that identifies the General Procedure that governs this Socioeconomic Interaction between a Righteous Person and a Devil. Sometimes you need to strait ‘cut’ (symbolic to a Sword; 9/1-14) a person off that’s on some shit like that. Sometimes you can be cordial and not ‘cut them off so quick’ (9/1-14) by keep your interactions limited and only on the surface. Whatever Procedure you choose to use, the purpose is to adhere to and substantiate it’s underlining Principle (or reveal the lack of Principle)! If a person allows a Devil to settle on the Best Part that they should be preserving for themselves it clearly reveals a lack of Principle. Shit I’ve been there myself and it’s all about Growth and Development. This leads me to the Science of “Koran Smudging”!

Koran Smudging” is when someone consciously/unconsciously tries to erase their personal his/her story because they regret what’s written there. "Koran Smudging" is when people carry out the systematic process of making their story illegible, ultimately devaluing their Koran! It’s almost like ceeing what may be perceived as a blight on an authentic painting and then breaking out a bottle of paint thinner to try and remove it. You ultimately end up causing more damage by “smudging” this painting then simply accepting this idiosyncrasy as an Artist’s Fingerprint, validating the authenticity of their work! Many of us have been through some very Tragic situations and I indeed understand, yet it’s all of our experiences, whether negative or positive, that shapes the Present Day Koran we are writing and living in! By embracing all of our experiences, then and only then can we move on to the next Surah in our Koran. Shit I’m still ‘settling’ childhood Surahs that negatively effect the way I write my Koran today. The reason that this is vital is because when we don’t embrace Old Surahs we stay stuck in them and begin to collect emotional debt that siphons away ink we need to write future Koran! As A Scientist (one dedicated to knowing!) it’s also about keeping appropriate records so that our children don’t have to blow-up their laboratories “experimenting with the same High Explosives” (8/1-14) we were/are messing with! They should always be able to refer to our Koranic Footnotes and Reference Materials that leads them in the “Right Direction” (14/1-40). As I’ve mentioned in the past, my Ole’ Earth was a Psychologist so aside from having the natural Sophistication of a Woman, she really had a keen understanding of the Science of the Mind. She never tried to smudge her Koran and was always an open book to me and my physicals! My Father was too. When you think about it, that was one of the key ingredients that attracted the Youth to The Father in the first place! He didn’t try to smudge his Koran, was strait up with them about Life and was Real (authentic!)! Although many Adults (and yes Gods/Earths too!) feel that they would love to be like this to their own children and other youth, they just don’t have it in them for various reasons. One thing I’ve also learned along this path is that there’s a lot of people that don’t like being a bullshitter, they’re just used to it so they “continue daily” (13/1-40) and they know that “all they cee and hear” ain’t real like that. Like I said, they’re comfortable and unfortunately they “do not want to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them” because they don’t want the responsibility of change even if it’s for the better. So they just front like “they believe the 10% on face value” (9/1-40) because when you ever get them off out of an earshot from Massa, you’ll be surprised to hear them articulate certain ideas.., without any prompting on your part! Anyway, the only thing that is of no value is smudges in our Koran, because what we consider our ‘Poor’ and ‘WorstPart(s) (3/1-14) can save not only our lives b.u.t. the lives of many others! It’s also important to make amends (settle) with people who can purposely/accidentally smudge your Koran! How many times have you left the door open for assumption and people have assumed “The Worst Part” (1/1-14)? As the Arabic Koran tells us, “some people use the allegorical to mislead people” and that’s exactly what we allow people to purposely/accidentally do when we don’t clearly where we’re coming from! I’m not saying to worry about what people think, what I’m saying is the more you deal with the "Science of Specifity" (being specific!) in resolving past Surahs, you minimize “Unknowns” (24) people can latch onto by employing Wisdom (2) in the Way you Live (4). This also ensures that people can never accuse you of the Equality (6) Degree in the 1-14’s, “Why does the Devil try to teach and keep our People Illiterate?”. -smile- I’m also not saying that you need to walk around explaining yourself to muthafuckas! Naw, b.u.t if someone is a Character in your Koran, they need to clearly know what the fuck they’re doing in there and what ‘script’ you undoubtedly have written for them! If not, they may have everyone “believing” (9/1-40) that ya Koran was on some Anton LaVey Satanic Bible shit. And although you can always outlive a Lie and never outlive the Truth, you can spend half a Century trying to outlive some shit that causes you to miss opportunities, undermine friendships and compromise your socioeconomic health. It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “Reformation” and the phrase “so instead of loosing time we have decided to take ‘him’ (assumptions) off our Planet..” (34/1-40) Understanding (Comprehension) is indeed the Best Part!!

To SETTLE or come to terms with places in our Koran that we’ve smudged or would like to forget about serves the purpose of ‘preserving’ what’s ‘Best’ (1/1-14) about our lives. It’s the Science of turning Tragedy into “Training Units” (14/1-14) and taking the Knowledge from these experiences to add-on to our Culture (“Way” of Life!), because anything that’s not adding-on (DIVINE), can only take away (DESTROY)! We all have skeletons rattling in our closet so we mind as well make them muthafuckas Krump! LOL!

To conclude Today’s Article, I just want to encourage all of you to not allow our own Devils an opportunity to ruin “the peace amongst us” by not “settling them” on the Best Part of what we’re offering to Ourselves, our Families and the Communities we live in! The only way we put them on the “Worst Part” is by taking ‘ownership’ (“The Earth belongs to..1/1-14) of our Koran, especially what we perceive to be “Weak ‘AND’ Wicked”. By taking ownership we acknowledge how certain Surah’s are functioning in our Life! This is no different than an Addict acknowledging that they have a problem and take the appropriate steps to overcome it. In this respect, we can be conditionally addicted to Surah’s that negatively effects our Present Lives. Being unforgiving or holding on to the wrongs that we’ve done or the wrongs that other people have committed against us only grafts us from an Original State of Peace, and makes us Weak and Wicked because we’re infected with a Germ that destroys us from the inside out! Life is what “we make it” (“every since we made it..1/1-14). So be good to yourself, make decisions you can sleep with, and don’t be ashamed about what you’ve gone through and are going through! Realize that True Weakness is the Aires of Strength and every Saint owes their Sainthood to a Sinner!


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