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Peace ya’ll! Some of today’s Article is gonna be alittle heavy on the High Science side because I'm gonna be dealing with a Concept called "Specificity". Specificity is just what it sounds like, "being specific in order to clearly express an idea". First of all, I wanted to give you a chance to go up into the Etheric Plane with me for a minute. Secondly, I wanted to give you a more "explicit" definition (from my Perspective!) of how some (not all!) NGE Concepts function as a God-Centered Cultural Way of Life, in Principle and Procedurally. My “Determined Idea” (24/1-40) was to address/articulate certain NGE Concepts that are often unclear to those outside “and within” the NGE. If some of the Concepts I build about come across complex that is not my intent! Keep in Mind that in order to explain certain Concepts it’s important that one uses the appropriate/corresponding NOMENCLATURE. Another reason I am writing this Article is to "draw-up" (8-1-40) certain characteristics that I've ceen many Gods/Earths "religiously" express. These characteristics fall into two categories;

1. Those who pride themselves on simply parroting 120 Lessons, while neglecting “The Science of Everything” (18/1-40) else in Life such as learning "Actual" Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, Religion, Physiology, Philosophy and etc...

2. Those who only use “Simple” Addition (1+2=3) to expound upon Daily Mathematics. As if this “Cyclops” Perspective of “Basic” Arithmetic functionally represents THE MANY BRANCHES and multifaceted, non-linear expressions of True "AND" Living Mathematics.

For those Gods/Earths who have this kind of “Prison House” (29/1-40) outlook on this Culture, this Article may not be your cup of tea. It unfortunately involves “speaking a language that even a baby ‘WON’T’ understand”! On the other hand, maybe you’ll find something in here that inspires you to start thinking outside “The Box” (pun intended). Anyway, enjoy today’s Article!

Knowledge of Self -by nature- is a Psycho-dramatic, never ending inner Journey, not an externalized Destination that eventually plateaus. Knowledge of Self functions as a Mathematical System of Wholistic, Organic Growth Processes. These Processes forge a Mental Navigation System that helps us develop better methods to assess, coordinate, define and articulate our conceptual God-Centeredness. This serves as our Primary State of “Self Awareness” that aids in the Preservation and Perpetuation of our Individual (Universal) and Collective (Galactic) Cultural Worldview; The Socioeconomic Reality inherent within our 12 Jewels.” –Self

Sometimes when people look at Gods/Earths they don’t understand why we do what we do. They often think that it’s something that was made up in the 1960’s, a “Belief System” we live by or things we do because we feel like it. Ultimately, we adhere to a Mathematical Theology that governs all people, places and things. Because of our adherence to this order, we become the embodiment of this order. Many people recognize and adhere to the Law of Gravity because they can readily cee how it Principally/Procedurally functions. What many people don’t cee is that there are many other Laws that are not as easily recognizable. Laws like the Concept of Justice, Time, Right, Love and etc.. Principally/Procedurally function in accordance to their own Law just like Gravity does. Also, Laws are often combined to Alchemically produce another Law. An example of this form of Alchemy is called “Marriage”. Marriage is a “Union” of many Laws both Universal and Legal Laws of the Land. Like in a Marriage, our inability to recognize and adhere to these Laws (and many others) is what defines the quality and length of our lives. The Determined Idea of any Religious Text made available to Man/Mankind has been to make them aware and accountable to the Principles/Procedures that correspond to certain Laws; “The Holy Koran or Bible is made by the Original Man.” (1/1-40). Many times people are deliberately kept blind, deaf and dumb to how these Laws Principally/Procedurally function because it serves the best interest of those who can manipulate their use. These manipulators are known as "The 10%" (15/1-40) and the flock of masses they mislead are known as "The 85%" (14/1-40). To those of you who are caught up in any person (Jesus, Muhammad, Sufi Rabia, Farrakhan, Juanita Bynum, The Father and etc..) who demonstrate(d) the ability to successfully adhere to some of these Laws, keep in mind that it’s not about worship or nostalgia, only observance and practical application.

120 Lessons are learning tools that teach living Principles and their corresponding Procedures that activate, implement and uphold Universal Laws (Truths). The Procedural application of these Principles form the fundamental/functional basis of our Way of Life (Culture). Through our Cultural (not religious!) adherence to these Universal Laws (Truths), we become one with the “Supreme” Intangible Intelligence (Consciousness, Mind, God, Spirit, Energy and etc..) that Sequentially forged them using a “Mathematical Theology” as a definitive Template (Trestle Board). It was a Subsistent state of dark no-thing-ness -prior to time, place and even existence- that served as a space-less womb where Self/Creation occurred. In establishing Order from this state of no-thing-ness -where Matter was undifferentiated and had no aim or purpose-, a “Mathematical Theology” was set up by Universal Intelligence as an “Operating System” to functionally govern all organic/inorganic, animate/inanimate, tangible/intangible Substances and Forces that comprise reality. I am this Omniscient Mind and my Body is the physical vehicle that temporarily houses this Intangible Intelligence. For this is the nature of me, the True and Living God and Supreme Being-ness in the flesh.

Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet are Hieroglyphic Oracles. These Glyphs (and their Permutation) are Keys used to unlock Alpha-Numerological combinations that represent Universal Laws (Truths) in consolidated form. These consolidated forms (Glyphs; Symbols) correspond to the living Principles and Procedures that are openly articulated, silently intimated and subtly inferred throughout 120 (Lessons). For example, The (1/1-14) “Procedural” phrase, “Because the Earth belongs to the Original Man and knowing that the Devil is weak and wicked and there would be no peace amongst them, so we put them on the Worst Part and kept the Best Part preserved for ourselves.” is “Principally” the same as saying “8”(Build/Destroy: Supreme Mathematics) and adheres to the same “Universal Law” which governs “D” (Divine/Destroy: Supreme Alphabet). This is not within a Moral Context, this is a Mathematical Context that supersedes belief and/or personal feelings about right & wrong. It’s wrong to drink a 64oz. bottle of Oxy Clean because of the (qualitative/quantitative) results of this Equation (U + 64oz. Oxy Clean X Digestion/Time = __), not simply because one feels/believes or thinks it is. Therefore, Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet collaboratively uses 120 as an architectural blueprint to show how these Glyphs function individually, collaboratively and in permutated forms. Ultimately, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons illustrates true and living, higher Geometric aspects of this Mathematical Theology through the use of Symbolic Imagery.

Cee, anyone can talk using our Supreme Mathematics/Supreme Alphabet but without it’s corresponding Manual (120 Lessons) -that show & prove how they actually function- it’s limiting. I’ve come across many people who know that “6” means "Equality" yet without 120 Lessons they had no clue how “6” Principally/Procedurally functions in the “6th Lesson" in the 1-10, 1-14, 1-36, 1-40, Actual Facts, Solar Facts, and also The Twelve Jewels. They also don’t know other instances where “6” -as a Procedural phrase- functions to convey other Principles such as; “The Earth is 6 Sextillion Tons, a unit followed by 21 Ciphers”, “This water is never drawn above 6 miles from the Earth surface by the Sun and Moon”, “The Colored Man uses 6 million square miles of useful land everyday”, “When Yacub was 6 while playing with two pieces of steel”, “600 years of grafting the Devil” and etc.. . Ultimately, keys will do you very little good without the manual on how, when, where, what and why to use them!

NGE (Nation of Gods and Earths) Nomenclature is found throughout (yet not limited to!) Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons. This system represents Mathematical Theologized words, ways and expressions steeped in Principles, revealing Procedures and adhering to corresponding Universal Laws (Truths). Any/all words are derived from a function, and a function adheres to a Principle which denotes dominion over a process. Dominion is derived from a mentality (Mind) and a mentality (Mind) adheres to a corresponding governing Law. Hence, the Science behind the Biblical illustration in Genesis (Genes-is) where Adam’s ability to name things corresponds to his Dominion over these things. Our Nomenclature not only gives us Dominion over our Culture and orientates our place in this World b.u.t. it acts as Psycho-Socioeconomic Acupuncture Points, Proverbial Landmarks along the Mathematical Theologized Landscape of Reality. These 8 Point Coordinates (Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, 1-10, 1-14, 1-36, 1-40, Actual Facts, Solar Facts) serve as a Cultural Compass in our navigation through Life. So the greeting of “Peace” is much more than just a word; “Word is Bond and Bond is Life” (11/1-14). Our Word is a contractual agreement to the Life we undeniably choose to lead. Here are some other explanations of other NGE Concepts:

1. When it comes to relationships, the Celestial Family (Sun, Moon and Star) serves as an Archetypical model of our Terrestrial Family (Man, Woman & Child); As above so below. Man Principally/Procedurally functions as the Sun, the Woman as Moon (and Earth) and the Child as a Star. Nature itself is our greatest Enlightener and Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons convey Nature’s “Natural Processes” (Principles/Procedures) in the form of Psycho-Dramatic Symbolic Imagery.

2. Heaven and Hell are Mental States that adhere to Universal governing Laws, and express themselves in our Socioeconomic living conditions. They represent two distinct realities that we live in. While two people can be standing next to eachother, one can be living in Heaven while the other can be living in Hell. Since these Mental States (Heaven & Hell) adhere to Universal governing Laws, they transcend personal opinion and belief. For example, a person may believe that their Financial Status is Heaven, yet their Health can actually be Hell.

3.The White Man is the Devil” is not an emotionally charged “racist” statement. It alludes to the Caucasian’s (White) Concept of Global White Supremacy/Superiority that overtly/covertly “functions” as an Infrastructural Governing System that: establishes the Eurocentric Status Quo, defines the Socioeconomic “Power Relationships” (Machinations) between White/Non White People (Nations), and underlines the Historic/Present Day Pathological Dominance/Oppression of Original People throughout the Planet Earth. Every Indigenous/Original People on the Planet Earth who have been in contact with the Caucasian has a "Sobb Story" to tell you. Based partly upon an inherent fear of Global Genetic Annihilation, this Supremist, Controlling Mentality operates like a viral like infection that destroys any/everything on the Planetary Body that’s “functionally” oppositional to the Caucasians genetic survival such as; Population Growth (Genetic Dominance; Original People; Black, Brown, Red & Yellow), Environment (Global Warming), Cultural Influence (The Criminalizing/Bastardizing of Original Culture that’s non-transferable), Religion (Any belief that doesn’t hold Caucasians as it’s key figures or promote Caucasian Iconography), Diet/Health (Any persons, places or things that don’t rely upon the Caucasian food/drug industry) and other People Activities (such as Entertainment, Social Studies, Science and etc.. ). This “albinized” (inherent) “preoccupation/obsession” with time, survival, geography, warfare, hoarding/monopolization of materials/resources (object orientated!) and other elements that produced this psychopathic personality (used as a Contemporary Model of “normalcy”) is most evident in the psycho-socioeconomic habits/routines that Caucasians document(ed) throughout their Mythology, Folklore and Historical Chronology. All White (Caucasian) People who live within Society adorn the Genotypical/Phenotypical “Costume” that functionally represents this Global Mentality. Whether Caucasians are conscious or unconscious that they overtly/covertly receive socioeconomic benefits/privileges of having “White Skin” makes no difference because it functionally yields the same results; benefits and privileges through Infrastructural Devilishment. Some Caucasians may argue that they didn’t or don’t do what their ancestry may/may not have done throughout history, therefore they are somehow exempt from being considered a Devil. What they don’t want to consider is the fact that their ancestors laid the infrastructural foundation that established the global power relationships between themselves (White) and Non-White people. Therefore they are socio-economically implicated as accessories to this Historical crime every time they innocuously drive through the hood drinking Star Bucks coffee. The only way that a White Person can be considered “Righteous” and not “a Devil” is to first honestly embrace the Truth that they have been born into this sin, and Inheritors of a System that has Institutionally functioned -Historically & Contemporarily- to oppress, impoverish, deny, cripple and destroy Original People throughout the Globe. Secondly, they must deny any/all benefits and privileges that go along with upholding this System and fight against “themselves” (their own “psycho-socioeconomics”), others (family, friends, associates and etc.. .) and people activities that “functionally” (knowing/unknowingly) represent Devilishment! Thirdly, since they Genetically/Chronologically represent the youngest members of the Human Family (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White), they must seek and accept the Ancestral Wisdom/Guidance of their Original Foreparents who Fathered/Mothered Civilization before they were even a thought. This is not to negate Caucasians fairly "Contemporary" Contributions to World Civilization. It's meant to help them honestly acknowledge and orientate themselves in True World Civilization where they've only become Central Figures within the last 6,000 years. This is a very, very hard thing for MANY (not all!) Caucasians to do! It also gives insight into why the 9/1-14 states, “.. does not love a Devil regards of how long that he studies”, the 10/1-14 states, “he is 100% weak and wicked and will not keep and obey the Laws of Islam. His ways and actions are those of a snake of the grafted type” and the 34/1-40 states “All the Prophets have tried to reform him Devil and were unable so they have agreed that it cannot be done unless he is grafted back into the Original Man”. You’re more likely to find a Caucasian who simply lives in accordance (even remotely!) with the Eurocentric Status Quo than actually putting forth the labor to consistently do what's Right by oppossing this Status Quo. Many Caucasians may not desire to be a Devil yet their functioning role/relationship within Society will continually make them a Devil, unless they Show & Prove otherwise. And when I say "Show and Prove", I mean Show and Prove this to themselves, not to Original People! Some Caucasiana are under the Egocentric, Overcompensating, Liberal "Do-Gooder" impression that they need to tell every Original Person they meet that the FEMA Response to Hurricane Katrina was fucked-up, they endorse Barak Obama, Indigenous Americans need their land back, it's wrong for the U.S. to murder Iraqi Civilians and back Israel's murder of Palestinians and etc.. ! LOL! Anyway, I also must mention that Original People (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) who knowingly/unknowingly live lives that uphold perpetuate the past, present and future remnants of Global White Supremacy/Superiority ARE THE WORST DEVILS.

4.What’s Today’s Mathematics?” Gods and Earths ask eachother this question to learn something from and about eachother. It’s a question to ask how the Psycho-Socioeconomic events of their day, corresponds to the date (8; Build/Destroy), the Lessons they know (8/1-14, 8/1-36, 8th Actual Fact and etc..) and how they have/are aligning themselves to predictably produce the most positive results out of their circumstances. Not only is this a question of Cultural Orientation, but it identifies one’s Psycho-Coordinates on the NGE Historical Landscape, and functions as a networking tool that links Gods/Earths into a Global Intellectual Resource Bank.

5.What’s the Science?” is a phrase to essentially ask eachother “What do you Know?” The word Science is partially derived from the Latin term “scire” meaning “To Know”, we as Scientists approach Life’s Mathematical Nature from an investigate perspective and seek to find the most appropriate way to solve problems. In the process, we draw conclusions and stand to be corrected. Everything has meaning, so there is never a moment when even the most trivialized social interaction such as “Hi” or “How are you?” is void of substantive value. This does not mean that we’re Obsessive Compulsive about “Forensically” looking at and articulating everything that comes across our Third (Mind)! I simply mean that we “Strive for Perfection” in all that we do, and approach all endeavors with substantive meaning, regardless of how trivial it may sound or appear to be!

In conclusion, one of the most important aspects of living out this Cultural Expression is one’s ability to “STAND TO BE CORRECTED”! Knowledge of Self is basically the proactive ability to acknowledge, confront and handle our own bullshit! If a person can’t be truly honest with themselves then everything else will have no meaning. One reason that many people stray away from even wanting to deal with this Culture or be around those who live it is because it’s too real for them! The Concept of “Showing & Proving” leaves no room for bullshit, not our own or putting up with it from someone else. This is the essence of the phrases “Everything is Real” or “Reality is the only thing that exists” that you may hear Gods/Earths say. Adherence to Absolute and Relative Truths demands of it’s seeker the ability to be real with themselves. Now I’m not saying that every God/Earth is real about this Culture!! There are many “so-called” Gods/Earths who still aren’t real with themselves and simply use Mathematics, Alphabets and Lessons to “Rationalize” their bullshit!! If a person is unwilling to “STAND TO BE CORRECTED” at “Home” or “Abroad” (14/1-14) regardless of what Culture/Religion they deal with then Truth is not their guiding Principle, bullshit is. The God-Centered Culture of the NGE is designed to orientate a person in such a way that they’re real with themselves, others and the world around them. In the words of my God Brotha’ Sha, “Knowledge of Self is being comfortable in your own skin, knowing when your bullshitting yourself and others and recognizing when ya’ Ego rears it’s ugly ass head!

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