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“Any Tradition was at one point in time an Innovation.” –Self

Sesame Street Science

Peace Ya’ll. In the last Article I mentioned that many (if not most!) Gods/Earths simply use Simple “Addition” (1+2=3) or Basic “Digit Summing” as an “EXCLUSIVE” Mathematical Methodology to expound upon their Daily Mathematics. I also stated that this "Polyphemus Perspective" (Cyclops) does not functionally represent or acknowledge the Many Branches and Multifaceted, Non-Linear expressions of True and Living Mathematics. Well in today’s Article I want to elaborate on the use of Simple “Addition” and Alpha-Numerological “Digit Summing” to functionally define/express the Omniscience of our God-Centered Culture. The Archetype I’ve chosen for today’s Article is Count von Count AKA: “The Count” from Sesame Street. Although “The Count” was entertaining, had an enigmatic personality and knew how to make alittle Thunder and Lightning.. , ALL HE DID WAS COUNT. Keep him in Mind as I introduce you to what I call “Sesame Street Science”. Enjoy! -smile-

Mathematics is the language of the Universe and is a purely ‘Mental System’ that is solution orientated and result based. Throughout this System, Numbers (& Letters) are Symbolic Keys (Tools) used to cognitively unlock and convey Universal Principles/Procedures in the form of ‘Processes’ that: Solve Problems and Produce Quantitative/Qualitative results. These Mathematical (Mental) ‘Processes’ function as many Branches and are Multifaceted in nature. Every organic/inorganic, animate/inanimate aspect of the Universe is a Mathematical Principle that’s governed by a Mathematical Procedure, and Life itself is one Giant ‘Problem Book’.”-Self

When we’re first introduced to Mathematics in Kindergarten we learn the 4 basic Fundamental Forces (of nature) that govern all Mathematical Forms/Processes. These Fundamental Forces -known as Basic “Arithmetic”- are Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x) and Division (÷). When I first got Mathematics from my Benefactor I learned about the use of Simple "Addition” or Alpha-Numerological “Digit Summing” to build on Daily Mathematics just like everyone did; 1 + 2 = 3 or Knowledge and Wisdom all being born to Understanding. I also learned other things that Gods were “Traditionally” taught to do. Some things I could get with and other things.. , well.. some Gods/Earths looked like they were on some New Age Church of Black Scientology shit!! Anyway, I was specifically taught, “This (Simple Addition/Digit Summing) is how most Gods/Earths build about their Daily Mathematics” or do certain things. Although my Benefactor schooled me in the proper Principles & Procedural aspects of this Culture, I was simply given an FYI about other non-essential elements that were less Cultural, Grossly Nationalistic and Religiously Zealous. Not only was my Curriculum indicative of my Family Tree, but I learned from the very beginning that being the Original Man implies Innovation, and that any form of Tradition (especially NGE Orthodoxy) can become a Conceptual Limitation (Prison House) that undermines the Freedom to express, define, preserve and perpetuate a Culture grounded in Supreme Beingness. It wouldn’t be until some years later that I’d actually “cee” (37/1-40) Gods/Earths strictly following these (and other) Traditions that I had only “heard” (37/1-40) about through my Benefactor. While some of these Traditions were applicable to the day, other Traditions were not and from the very beginning I realized that one of these Traditions -such as using only Simple "Addition” or “Digit Summing” to expound upon “Daily Mathematics”- (although useful!) could be expanded upon far beyond the Elementary Perspective and linear thinking that I still cee many Gods/Earths religiously deal with. I am not negating this Methodology because it is a Mathematical Function and it works! What I’m proposing is that this Method represents only one of the many different Branches of Mathematics, and to use this singular Method is not only limiting b.u.t. contrary to the functioning nature of True and Living Mathematics.

If today were the 12th and you asked the Average God/Earth, “How do you cee today’s Mathematics?” they’ll usually give you a spiel something like this, “Peace! I cee today’s Mathematics as Knowledge Wisdom all being born to Understanding. Knowledge is the Foundation and Wisdom is your Words, Ways and Actions. Understanding is Ceeing things for what they are, not what they appear to be. When your Wisdom is Foundated with Knowledge you’ll Cee things clearly.” Of course there are subtle distinctions b.u.t. the Template, Format or Basic Mechanics is usually always the same; “Knowledge Wisdom all being born to Understanding”. You will however "RARELY" hear Gods/Earths use other forms of Arithmetic such as Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x) and Division (÷) to expound upon Daily Mathematics. I won’t even mention other Branches of Mathematics that go neglected! Why do most Gods/Earths exclusively this Linear Method? Because many Gods/Earths are under the false impression that to “Build” or “Add On” means that you’re only supposed to use “Addition” (or Digit Summing)! LOL! I damn sure wouldn’t want an ignorant ass Nigga like that responsible for producing a Blueprint and Architectural Layout for my Family’s Born Jewel (Shelter)! Would you?! The mere fact that many Gods/Earths simply “can’t cee” a Mathematical Concept like, “When you 'negate' (-)Understanding from God you produce a Culture limited in it’s Free expression”, it tells you volumes about how they functionally perceive God-Centeredness. Contrary to what they’ve been taught and believe, Addition and Multiplication are not indicative of God and Subtraction and Division are not indicative of Devil! This shit should be known by now because many of ya’ll Niggas “Added” on 120 Lessons and “Multiplied” Students who are doing some foul ass shit that even Devils have sense enough not to do! Keep it real. If ya’ll can’t cee how “Negating” certain destructive habits and “Dividing” yourself from people, places and things that compromises Good Orderly Direction (God) ain’t RIGHT & EXACT, ya whole perspective is wack.

To give you a clearer example of what I mean let me first take you through the Math and give you a Simple “Addition” or “Digit Summing” perspective of how I cee the 12th. If I were asked, “Peace God! How you cee Today’s Mathematics?”, this is how I may choose to manifest it. Check it out:

Peace Lord. I cee Knowledge Wisdom as the Jewel of Happiness. Happiness hinges upon our ability to first Know (1) what it means to us, and then use Discernment (2) in order to obtain and preserve it because it’s a Jewel (3). Happiness is often equated with many things and that’s fine. Everybody has their own Understanding and people define it in many ways. As a Jewel, some people cee Happiness as a 'Diamond' Ring, some people cee it as going Double 'Platinum' in they Album Sales, and some people cee it as a 'Golden' Opportunity. The Best Part (Understanding) about Happiness to me is the Love (12) one has for Self. When you take it to the 12th Degree in the 1-14, this Love can be symbolic to 'FRUIT'. While many people simply Love the taste of 'Fruit', I Love it’s ability to reproduce itself because it contains the seeds of a future harvest! As Fruit, Love or Happiness are subject to the same organic process of growth and development of 'Hell or Right' as all organic/inorganic, animate/inanimate aspects within the Universe (21=3). Whatever we say we Love or define as Happiness must go through a process of Hell in order to manifest it Right! This ensures that we ultimately Understand the responsibility that comes along with Love or Happiness. Hell being symbolic to 'Fire' implies that we can either perceive this process as the type of 'Temperance' used to dissolve the impurities in Gold or the burning “Tribulation” of Hard Ass Times! Either way about it, we either get the Understanding or the Understanding will get us.

If you look at the 12th Degree in the 1-36 it states, “Yes, that made him other than himself.” Sometimes the Hell we go through can make us other than ourselves. If you were nothing more than a piece of iron that was forged (made) into a magnificent Sword then it can be a good thing to be made other than basic iron! On the other hand, if your body has been broken down to multiple health issues from drug use it’s not a good thing to be made other than a healthy person! Keep in mind that being “other than himself” is not negative or wrong within itself because this can also mean “being other than a disillusioned idea of what Self is really supposed to be”, and that epitomizes the wrong foods. Going through Hell is like being Psychologically “brought here by a Trader”, yet ultimately to Understand God should be Born (3/1-36). Trading Posts were traditionally “set up” on 'unsettled' (1/1-14) land and were designed to appeal to nomads, drifters who were unsettled and/or people who live a 'Jungle' (entangled Growth, Gypsy/Hobo Camp; 7/1-14) way of life. Unsettled is the science of being “unresolved” and a 'Trader' (28/1-36) simple appealed to and took advantage of these travelers transitory-like lifestyle. In our own transition of defining our Love or Happiness, we often find ourselves within the same unsettling (unresolved) situations because Physical, Mental and Spiritual “Trading Posts” (7/1-14) have been set up in the Jungles of our own Continent (Self: Central Asia) or Psychological Landscape. The reason can be found in the 12th Degree in the 1-40, “Because he desires to make slaves out of all that he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury.” “He” meaning “Ourselves” because we often rob ourselves of the very Love or Happiness we say we want! When I was little, my older brother used to tell me that Caucasians put a Self Destruct Mechanism in Black People. He said that we were to fear Success and naturally embrace Failure. This Self Destruct Mechanism was self initiated consciously/subconsciously when we began to systematically do/say things to deliberately sabotage our efforts to succeed in order to make ourselves fail! This is to say that sometimes we can be dealing with some deep rooted Social Conditionings that overrule our desires to truly succeed, enslaves us to perpetual failures and robs us of true Love or Happiness. It is only through Knowing (1) the origin of our own “unspoken” Words, Ways and Actions (2) can we get a better Understanding (3) of how/why we define Love or Happiness the way that we do. Sometimes gaining this 'Insight' (3) seems to be a Light “93 Million miles away” (3rd Actual Fact) or as Intellectually rigorous/discipline as “Military Training” in “a Wilderness” (12/1-14). Yet the Jewel we get from our experience is not only Priceless b.u.t. it’s Right!! My Father taught me a long time ago that a true Inheritance is passing on your Intellectual Property as a Family Jewel and that he never saw a Uhaul attached to a hearse. So ultimately, however we choose to define Happiness or Love, Knowledge Wisdom symbolizes the process process of gaining our own Understanding or ceeing things for what they Rightfully are. Peace!

Now I’ll build about the 12th using other Branches of Mathematics and Mathematical Concepts that are just as applicable yet not as Elementary as Simple “Addition” or “Digit Summing”. Check it out:

Lord I cee Knowledge Wisdom as Conceptualization. Man, being his own Primary Sense of Reference/Orientation ac’Knowledges’ (1) the Way (2) things function in order to gain an Understanding (3). Woman naturally uses her own self as a Primary Sense of Reference/Orientation, and she Understands (3) things through the Way (2) she ac’Knowledges’ (1) it. A Woman naturally filters all Knowledge through her feelings, intuitions or emotions (2), and a Man filters his feelings, intuitions or emotions (2) through Knowledge; (Woman: 2+1=3, Man 1+2=3). Different Methodologies used to Conceptualize the same thing (Understanding). In a relationship, when Love becomes a Concept that’s Radicalized it can be broken down into a the basic components of Wisdom (2: feelings, intuitions or emotions) and Equality (6: “cannot be drawn above SIX miles from the Earths surface”; 8/1-40). These specific points (2 & 6) serve to Orientate and Coordinate the present, reveal the past and predictably “Chart” the future direction (line) the relationship will go in. Nature itself does not produce natural strait lines, therefore whatever direction (line) this Light and Sound (Ceen & Heard; 37/1-40) travels in it’s in an aberrant form of a “Z” (26). To scribe “Z” you always come from “the left”, which reinforces the idea of being considered “Left Wing” or being Radical. Wisdom to the Equal Power(5) manifests Justice, so Justice is the symbolic "Emblem or Sword" (9/1-14) looming over the heads of those who Conceptualize Love in the Romanticized form of simple Wisdom and Equality, and not as a “Jewel” (Love=Justice Jewel/12 Jewels) through which all relationships in the Universe are Rightfully governed. Khalil Gibran’s book “Broken Wings” beautifully articulates/illustrates this Science. Sometimes the way we Conceptualize Love is done without “carefully” (3/1-14) examining it from the three basic dimensions of the Square (cube); Length Width and Depth or Your Relative Truth, your Partner’s Relative Truth and the Absolute Truth. Without this sense of diplomacy, situations can often atrophy into a state of “U and I Verse” (U/21st Letter) without ever actually arriving at an Understanding. This Radicalized Concept of Wisdom Equality is symbolic to being emotional subjected to the raging tides and soothing calmness of a Sea, where two people “relate” on a rudderless “ship” called belief. “Columbus” (3/1-14) was an Explorer who discovered North America for himself. As an Explorer, his Archetype implies that he had a basic Knowledge of Astronomy, Weather and used the appropriate Navigational Tool (Compass) to found his way. Being out to cee (sea), there are no readily identifiable “land marks”, therefore as a “Captain” (13/1-14) it’s of the upmost importance that you Know and Understand your way. Any “But’s” (13/1-40) about it can bring about a “physical death” (13/1-40). This is to say that there exist no “landmarks” on how you should navigate your relationship, but there is a higher order that Principally governs the direction it should/should not be going in; Justice. Ultimately, any relationship hinges upon us “founding” (3/1-14) that which is within our “ownself?" (13/1-36), and having the Cultural Fortitude to give “all with our power” (40/1-40) to cee the perfect Cipher's (day’s) we strive for in our relationships. This ultimately gives us the motivatation to ask the neverending inner question of how can “I Self Lord And Master” (I/9th Letter) Proclivities, Conditionings, Ideas, and Ways that impedes my/our ability to build and maintain a Heavenly “Kingdom” (K/11th Letter). And if we honestly can’t Cee it, it’s impossible to Be A-bout it! Peace.

In showing you these different Methods I wanted to encourage you to think outside “the box”; The “Prison House” (29/1-40) Perspectives that many of you have been “roped and bound” (4/1-14) in! The functioning nature of Supreme Mathematics is not limited to Simple "Addition” or “Digit Summing”in the same way that “Basic Arithmetic” is not the only Modus of Operandi of all Branches of Mathematics! There are other forms of Basic Arithmetic (-, x, ÷) and other branches of Mathematics such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry and etc. that can and should be employed to gain a greater Understanding of our God-Centered Culture! The beauty of Mathematics is the fact that it’s solution orientated and based upon results, so regardless of what I’m actually saying SHOW AND PROVE THIS TO YOURSELF! Crack open a Math Book and translate Algebraic Equations using Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and Lessons! Do the same thing with other Branches of Mathematics and cee what results you get! Some of you may argue about the Complexities associated with Higher Branches of Mathematics and that we need to keep it simple so that the babies understand, and that’s very “noble” of you! Of course, if it is nobility and not just “a shield” (5/1-14) for your intellectual inaptitude or apathy towards true growth and expansion. As “A Said Person of that ability” (20/1-40), it’s up to us to take complex subject matters (problems) and find a way to teach it to our youth so that they can understand how they’re functioning in their lives. And it’s time to take it a step beyond the “Sesame Street Science” of exclusively using Simple “Addition” or “Digit Summing” to Generalize and Consolidate Concepts that are oftentimes “highly intricate” and “sophisticated”! This Generalizing and Consolidation Methodology serves a purpose sometimes, not all the time, because it “generally” overlooks subtle nuances and intricacies that forge the Solution/Results we arrive at, and functions as a broad brush stroke we systematically paint complex Concepts with. So the next time you find yourself pondering your Daily Mathematics, keep in Mind that looking at the 12th (or any date!) as simply “Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding” is not, never has been or never will be “THE ONLY WAY” to look at the functioning reality of True and Living Mathematics!! Progressive Education Always Constitutes Expansion (PEACE)!!!

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