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Digital Book Of Life

Peace Ya’ll. In Today’s Article I wanted to Build about the Science of a “Digital Book of Life”. For those of you who are not in the know, the NGE “Book of Life” is our Life Manual which contains our Lessons and other Sciences of Life. Aside from 120 (which is the foundation of one’s Book of Life), other elements that may be found in it ranges from NGE Chronology, Plus Degree’s (other Gods/Earths Understanding or Manifestation of certain Lessons/World Chronology), Cultural/Religious Research, Articles, Artwork and etc.. Every God/Earth should have one, and every New Born (Neophyte) should be in the process of creating one as they progress in their studies. As with all Scientists (one dedicated to “knowing”), it’s the process of keeping a Literary Record of our own research, experiments, discoveries and calculations, for ourselves and for others who will benefit from it.

The NGE like with many Original/Indigenous Cultural Systems is both Oral and Literary. One of the beautiful things about Today, in 2007, is the fact that we exist in an Era where information about these Cultural Systems can be Transmitted and Preserved (although with limitations) Digitally! As you can tell by the Ambiguity in some of my past Articles, I definitely consider this “Medium” both a gift and a curse!

As I stated in the beginning, when we “come into this Nation” (Mentally) we begin to create our own “Book of Life”. Through time we also begin to build a library of Reference Tools/Research Materials such as Books, Art, A/V Materials (Music, Videos/DVDS) to “add-on” (include) to our Life (Laboratory). Of these Reference Tools, it’s our A/V Materials (Music, Videos, DVDS) that comprises what I call our “Digital Book of Life”. Unlike our “Book of Life”, there is nothing that is Audio-Visually central to it, and there are no “mandatory” Music, Videos, DVDS that you must have in your “Digital Book of Life” as a God or Earth. In otherwords, no one is gonna “Bomb You” (articulate their displeasure of your words/actions!!) if you ain’t got the Diff'rent Strokes Collection at ya Kingdom! But if you’re saying that you came into the NGE in the early 90’s b.u.t stumble through Lessons like Inspector Gadget and ya Book of Life is either non-existent or as thick as an Andy Capp Comic Book.., you better start looking for a fall-out shelter. And rightfully so, because in the words of The Infamous Mobb Deep, “We livin’ this til’ the day that we die, survival of the fittest, only the strong survive!” Anyway, I wanted to share with you “some” (not all!) of what’s in my “Digital Book of Life” along with a brief manifestation of “some” (not all!) of the Science I’ve discovered in it. This is not in any particular order either.


1. John Coltrane: What can I say? As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to be said. Just pick up some John Coltrane and sit back, relax and “LISTEN”. John was dealing with some High Science to be able to articulate the “many different layers of currents” (some real cold and warm, others very swift and changeable; 8/1-40) through his Saxophone. The depth of his music has always inspired me to have profound insights into the Musical Landscape of 120! In particular, get the song Alabama!! Listen to it first, and then find out why it’s called Alabama. John Coltrane is a Musical Master Architect!

2. Bob Dylan: I remember when Bob Dylan was on that “We Are The World” Song I used to laugh when his part came! I was always like “Who the hell is that?! He can’t sing!!” Anyway, My Enlightener’s Enlightener put me down wit Bob Dylan when I got much older, and wiser!! Now I live by many of the words he spoke. For instance, in the song “Positively 4th Street” he says, “Yes I wish that for just one time you can stand inside my shoes. You’d know what a drag it is to cee you.” Bob Dylan is an Excellent Poet and Story Teller. His Song “Masters of War” articulates the 2/1-10 & 15/1-40. “Shelter From The Storm” is dealing with the phrase “believe in the 10% on face value” (9/1-40), “Tangled Up In Blue” (which took him 10 years to live and 2 years to write!) and “Isis” is dealing with the Concept of “Love, Hell or Right”, and “Hurricane” (Yeah, the Movie “Hurricane” is based on this song!) shows and proves his “devotion” (9/1-14) to unapologetically speaking the Truth. Listening to Bob Dylan helps you cee the Folklore in 120, and appreciate the subtleties, nuances and ironies in Tales that have be woven into Degree’s.

3. Underground HipHop: The reason I state this is because Underground HipHop gives you a pulse on the Subterranean Realm of creative thought and original self expression that’s been “buried there” (5/1-14) since the Golden Era of HipHop. I find it to be the closest thing to true Art nowadays. Not only does it give you an opportunity to change the musical backdrop that scores your Conceptualization of Daily Mathematics, b.u.t. it also gives you a chance to introduce others (particularly the youth!) to the actual ‘sound’ of Culture Freedom! Aside from being supportive of the “by myself” (2/1-36) Entrepreneurial Right (pun intended) of Independent Artists who utilize the Internet (especially Myspace!), I’ve found that good “wholesome” Underground HipHop is one of the best methodological diets to communicate (without a word!) the Autonomous Idea of “Self Knowledge” in a Mainstream Industry that’s saturated by fast food rappers. Some Independent Artists/Labels I recommend are Classic 1824, Prolific, Jneiro Jarel, Blu & Exile, Panacea, Percee P, and Peanut Butter Wolf.

Here’s a list of some other Musicians that are in my “Digital Book of Life” that I also recommend; Son House, Jagjit & Chitra Singh, Bobbi Humphrey, Donnie Hathaway, Alice Coltrane, and Corrine Bailey Rae.


1. Carmen Jones: I mentioned this movie in another Article. This Movie starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte is a Masterpiece! Based upon the Opera “Carmen”, this Movie shows and proves the Science behind “unalike attract and alike repels” (21/1-40) and who, what, when, why and how “one piece had magnetic in and one piece did not” Principally/Procedurally functions (22/1-40)! I’m not religious, b.u.t. I watch this joint religiously. This movie also shows you the Science of “searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) and a clear distinction between a Man that’s “The Truth” and a Male that’s “A Square” when dealing with a Wiz’s Cipher (20)!

2. Eye’s Wide Shut: This movie starring Tom Cruise and his Wife Nicole Kidman (who were divorced after making this movie!) is full of Science. From "Freemasonry" (9/1-14) to “All the above is caused by” (8/1-40), Eye’s Wide Shut gives you a beautiful illustration of the Man’s EGO (Edges God Out!), particularly when he’s so sure of himself! This Movie also shows you the Science of “easily led” (14/1-40) and who, what, when, why and how “this water cannot get out of the Earths atmosphere, with it’s high speed of rotating makes it impossible.” (8/1-40)

3. Rocky (1 - Rocky Balboa): Love, Hell or Right. The entire Rocky Series chronicles the Plight of Man (or Woman) and the battles he/her must face “by him/herself” (2/1-36) within the “Ring” (SQUARE; TRUTH)! Ultimately, you realize that it’s those things “outside of the Ring” (“20 Miles Outside of Mecca21/1-40 or outside of the SQUARE we often consciously/subconsciously haven’t accepted such as; psychological proclivities, post-trauma, socioeconomic conditionings, personal history and etc..) that defines/effects our TRUE reality. Functionally, these are the Jewels that each of these Movies convey: Rocky is dealing with “we gave him this chance” (9/1-14). Rocky 2 is dealing with him “giving all within my power to cee the day” (40/1-40) because the “Prescribed Law” begins to punish him for not choosing to be “The said person of that ability (boxer)” (20/1-40). Rocky 3 is dealing with the entire 9/1-14! Rocky 4 is dealing with the entire 10/1-14! Rocky 5 is dealing with the entire 34/1-40! Rocky Balboa closes this Series dealing with Rocky ultimately coming to terms with Understanding the Wise simplicity of Manhood, Fatherhood and Friendship. Take time to do the Knowledge on each Movie in the order that they were made. It’s also worth mentioning that Sylvester Stallone actually wrote these Movies! He’s a swift cat.. !

Here’s a list of some other Movies in my “Digital Book of Life” that I also recommend; A Hero Ain’t Nothing But a Sandwich, The Five Heartbeats, Dangerous Liaisons, Emmett Otters Jugband Christmas, Gaslight, Shaolin Mantis, Sugar Cane Alley, A Good Woman, Once Upon a Time in America, Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, Uptight, The Ferocious Monk, The Muppets Wizard of OZ, Millers Crossing, Annie Hall and Big Jake.

To conclude Today’s Article, I just wanted to emphasize that accessing “The Science of Everything in Life” (18/1-40) hinges upon our ability to expand our Minds through expandable Resources. As you may have noticed, some of the “other” MUSIC & MOVIES that I recommended to you are either overlooked or obscure! I did this because I wanted to show many of you Gods and Earths that there is indeed Science in the things that many of you consider trivial or insignificant! Some of ya’ll are stuck in “6”, meaning, you can’t rise above the gravitational pull of that Ottisville 8-Track, Cultural Lecture Tapes, History Channel Documentaries, or Mainstream Futuristic (High Science) Movies. I’m talking about ya’ll who only have shit like The Isis Papers, Behold a Pale Horse, Message to the Blackman, Stolen Legacy and The Autobiography of Malcom X. in your pathetic little library! Yeah, I have many of the same VIDEOS & BOOKS b.u.t. “that’s not all” that I have. I come across Myspace Pages all the time and cee the same routine titles on people’s lists. Hey if that’s all your in to, I’m nobody to question that! I’m just letting you KNOW and UNDERSTAND that there is life outside of the CUTURAL “Prison House” (29/1-40) you’ve built for yourself once you learn to FREELY think outside of the “box” (pun intended)! Not only is this “bound in” (4/1-14) mentality typically common b.u.t. it’s strait-up telegraphic, and for those of ya’ll who play or have played Basketball, you know what happens when you “telegraph” ya’ passes! -smile- Now even though I put this information out there, I know many of ya’ll who’ll try to ascend higher and increase your knowledge with these other forms of mist (MUSIC & MOVIES) in a different current of your routine atmosphere will become heavier than gravitation, then ‘distill back’ to ya Planet in the form of droppin’ the same wisdom (water) about the Matrix or what you read in the 'Ice'man Inheritance (8/1-40)! LOL! That’s cool, I understand..., this water is never drawn above “6” miles from ya Planet’s SURFACE by the Sun (and the Moon!) Anyway, for those of you who do get something out of what I’ve shared with you from my “Digital Book of Life” and add it on to ya’ cipha’.., God bless you! For those of ya’ll who don’t.., oh’ well.. .


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