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Got Solar Facts..?!

Peace Ya’ll. Recently a Queen asked me how I saw the Solar System as well as our relationship to the Planets. I gave her a brief Summary and I also forwarded her to a Article I wrote about a year ago titled “Venus is 67 Million Miles from the Sun” where I used “Lil’ Kim” as an Archetype for that Degree! LOL! Anyway, she inspired me to delve into the Solar Facts and give you a more General Overview of how I collectively cee them; URBAN URANOGRAPHY!

First and foremost I’ll list our 9 Solar Facts to lay the Infrastructural Foundation. NOTE: The approximate time it takes Sunlight to reach the surface of each Planet is something I personally added-on (include) in my Solar Facts. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SOLAR FACTS:

1. Mercury is 36,000,000 miles from the Sun.
3 min. 20 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

2. Venus is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun.
6 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

3. Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.
8 min. 30 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

4. Mars is 142,000,000 miles from the Sun.
12 min. 45 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

5. Jupiter is 483,000,000 miles from the Sun.
45 min. 30 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

6. Saturn is 886,000,000 miles from the Sun.
2 hrs. for Light to reach it’s surface.

7. Uranus is 1,783,000,000 miles from the Sun.
2 hrs. 40 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

8. Neptune is 2,793,000,000 miles from the Sun.
4 hrs. 40 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

9. Pluto is 3,680,000,000 miles from the Sun.
5 hrs. 50 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

A Planet is something that has been made or grown from the beginning.” (9/1-14)

When we think of a “Planet”, it brings to mind the idea of “Celestial” Body. Meaning “of the Heavenly or Extrastellar Realm.” The “Terrestrial” Body means “of the Earthly or Intrastellar Realm.” The Law of Correspondence teaches us that “As Above, So Below”, therefore as the Planets represents the Celestial Bodies that revolve/rotate around a Central Source of Physical Light, People represent the Terrestrial Bodies that revolve/rotate around a Central Source of Metaphysical Light. As we study Classical/Contemporary His/Herstory we recognize that The Law of Correspondence was not only recognized by our Ancestors (in certain cultures) b.u.t adhered to through the use of Psycho-Dramatic Symbolic Imagery to Illustrate, Characterize, and Catalog the physical Traits/Compositions of the Planets and how they practically function as Archetypical Models that influence the Human Socioeconomic System. In time, this functional reality has been trivialized as Daily Horoscopes in Daily Newspapers and Astrological “Matrix” Software that anyone can buy. Not only is this an insult to one of our most Ancient Systems of Divination, b.u.t a systematic idea to keep people Blind, Deaf and Dumb to the reality that the Universe is One Reality and nothing happens within it independently of itself! Ultimately, this Conceptualization is the Essential Cosmogony that allows a person to grasp the reality of their God-Centeredness! Without this Cosmogony, you’ll cee the Schizophrenic Worldview (the idea of independent individualism unrelated to Self) that’s generally typical of Western Thought/Philosophy, Religion and Eurocentric Psychology.

First and foremost I must mention that ALL PLANETS are essentially Neutral, which means they carry both Positive/Negative Energies that are expressed through the physical conduits of both Man/Woman. Although Mars’ Energy is identifiably Positive (Male), this does not mean that this Energy cannot manifest itself through a Female (Negative). And likewise, Although Venus’ Energy is identifiably (Negative) Female, this does not mean that this Energy cannot manifest itself through a Male (Positive). This is to say that “Theoretically” speaking, the Black Man symbolizes the Sun and the 9 Planets represent different Woman that play key roles within his Solar System. “Practically” speaking, Any Man and Woman with KOS (Knowledge of Self) is symbolic to the Sun that’s central to the lives of different Planets (people) who revolve around the Light (Knowledge) they share with them. It’s also worth mentioning that there are many Earths who have literally taken on the role of being like the Sun within a “Lunar System” Context simply because the “Theoretical” Sun (Black Man) has abandoned his responsibility to her and his children (for whatever reason!). Single Parenting (for both Men and Woman) is not something exclusive to Mainstream American Culture, and there are many Gods and Earths who fall into this Category too.

The reason I personally added on the approximate “quantitative” time it takes Light to reach the surface of each of the Planets is to measure the approximate “qualitative” time it takes Light (Knowledge) to reach the surface of each of the Planets. As the Sun (or central repository of light), this gives you an opportunity to assess/define the Methodology one uses to transmit Light, and the Characteristic/Compositional Form each Planet uses to receive this Light. In other words, Venus (67,000,000 million miles away: 6 min. to receive light) and Neptune (2,793,000,000 million miles away: 4 hrs. 40 min. to receive light) indicates two different times/ways that these Planet’s (People) receive and process Light (Knowledge) in a quantitative and qualitative sense. So a person who’s used to receiving Light from a Venusian proximity will definitely learn something (negative and/or positive) when put within a Neptunian Orbit. Sometimes this may be done to teach them to learn the Attribute of Patience. Other times it may be done to teach them to put their Ego in check. Sometimes this may be done for neither reason, and only serves as a method to give them a chance to meditate on something. If we take a cursory glance at our own lives we’ll cee that we play the role of all Planets (including the Sun, Moon and Stars) to people who we consider family, friends and associates, and we receive Light (Life) from these people at different times! To some people you’re Neptune, empathetic and emotionally deep. To other’s you’re a sparkling Star of hope they cee in the midst of darkness. To some people you’re likened to Jupiter, expansive and full of Profound Dreams/Ideas, and to other’s they value being amongst you because you’re simply down to Earth! One of the greatest mistakes we can ever make is to arrogantly assume the Egocentric Idea/Posture that we mean so much that we are central to the lives of other people! Although you are always the Leading Actor in your own life (even if you don’t want to be!), to many people (Companions, Family, Friends and Associates) you’re not even a recognizable Extra in their life. Even though they may be related to you, a friend smiling up in your face, sleeping with you every night or working with you, to them, you are and will only be Pluto. And this is regardless of what you choose to think, say or do. KEEP IN MIND THAT: “You can only be to a person what they allow you to be to them.”

Each Planet has it’s own distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition, Axis and Archetypal Model associated with it. For example; Tehuti (Khamauu/Kemetian Archetype) = Hermes (Grecian Archetype) = Mercury (Roman Archetype) = Wally West/“The Flash” (Comic Book Superhero). Each of these “Archetypes” serve as a Psycho-biological Template to convey many (not all!) of the distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition associated with the Planet Mercury and it’s relationship to other Planets/Archetypes in the Solar (Social) System; such as Flash (Mercury) in relationship to Thor (Jupiter). At our birth each one of us are incarnated with different temperaments that are native to the Overt/Covert Planetary Influences during this particular moment. This is not to negate or minimize the Planetary Influences during and after this moment. The Psycho-Socioeconomic Influences pre/post our Incarnation simply add context to and aidse in the shaping of our Primary Temperament. In other words, although we may have a Hot/Dry Temperament it doesn’t mean that we can’t function Cold/Moist! Basically there are Four Different Temperaments that are inherent to the Psycho-biology of Each Planet/Person:

FIRE: Hot/Dry
AIR: Hot/Moist
WATER: Cold/Moist
EARTH: Cold/Dry

In time, these Planetary Bodies took on the form of Constellations that were defined as the Astrological Zodiac Wheel/Houses such as Capricorn, Aquarius and etc.. . This was done to consolidate the activity of each Planet into a form of Symbolic Imagery that conveys/communicates their Celestial activity on Earth (Terrestrial). These Symbolic Images were used in Psycho-Dramatic Myths, Folklore, and Tales to establish their Universal Coordinates (tell time), express their transient forces of nature, and expound upon their relationship to eachother, ourselves and life itself. As I stated earlier, this science has been trivialized by Western Society.

When we look at our Solar Facts on face value, we learn the Planets linear relationship to quantifiable distance from the Sun. The Sun being the Essence of these Planetary Facts, also acts as the Primary Source and Centralized Location of their distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition and Archetypal Model; “In fact all the above is caused by the Sun of Man” (8/1-40). Although Man is symbolically represented by the SUN and governs the relationship (Revolution) that these 9 Characters (Rotate) have within his life (Celestial System) it must be understood that the Woman is symbolically represented by the EARTH and governs the relationship (Revolution) that these 9 Characters (substituting herself for the Sun) have within her life (Terrestrial System). In other words, Universally speaking, as all things are centralized by Man’s LIGHT (SUN), all things are centralized by Woman’s LIFE (EARTH). The relationship (distance) that a Mercurial Personality has to the Sun (36,000,000 Million Miles) is quite different than the relationship (distance) the same Mercurial Personality has to the Earth (57,000,000 Million Miles). By studying the distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition and Archetypal Model of the Planets –“other Rules and Regulations not mentioned in” our Solar Facts (28/1-40) we gain a greater insight into the Social Dynamics inherent to the relationships we had, have and will establish in the future. Remember, Planets convey temperament which manifests itself as Proclivities, Dispositions, Psyche and Social Conditionings. While studying the Planets I cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing Cultural Cross-Referencing in order to get wider perspective of what the Planets represents. No Culture holds a Monopoly on Conceptualizing the Planets because as a Macrocosmic Model of Man/Woman, Planets (Celestial) express many of the same Random Anomalies indicative of Human (Terrestrial) Nature. In other words, the study of the Planets is an “educational” (educare’: TO DRAW OUT) process, not a mechanical task of simply regurgitating Ancient/Contemporary Mythological/Astrological Concepts!

To conclude Today’s Article I want to give you an analogy of how I’ve actually ceen the Solar Facts function when they’re in a room together. Keep in mind that this analogy is relative to the Time, Place and Space that I observed them in and this does not serve as a Restrictive Model to assess the Social Dynamics of All Human Constellations. Also notice that I did not define these qualities as exclusively feminine or masculine. This is because Planets contain both Positive/Negative, Masculine/Feminine Energies that are transmitted/received through the physical conduits of both Male/Female, Man/ Woman. This is to say that although the Sun is Primarily a Masculine Energy, it can still manifest through a Woman who functionally performs Sun related tasks in the same way that Moon is Primarily a Feminine Energy yet still manifests through a Man who functionally performs Moon related tasks. POSITIVELY, these Energies establish Balance or Psycho-biological Homeostasis when they’re used to ‘temporarily supplement’ the gender specific manifestation (role) that may be presently vacant; A Man/Woman “temporarily” doing the other’s task because He/Her may be out of town, unavailable or sick. NEGATIVELY, the perpetual/continual use of these Energies to supplement the gender specific manifestation (role) of a Man/Woman to the point where it becomes a living standard, can undermine Homeostasis and cause Psycho-biological Imbalance; Homosexuality, Extreme Masculinity in Women or Feminization in Men. With that said, here is a brief analogy of these Energies I saw manifested in a Social Setting:

Mercury is very quick witted and rationalizes that because they’re physically close to me that they’re actually close. Therefore they don’t really get along with Pluto too well because Pluto makes Mercury aware of their shallowness and lack of stability. Pluto is closer although we are a greater distance from eachother. Their objective perspective of things is always resourceful. Venus is highly subjective. Although they appreciate Pluto’s angle they consider them a hopeless romantic. Actually I always considered Saturn that way (hopeless romantic) because of their dry sense of humor and Edgar Allen Poelian outlook on life. That shit (along with a lot of other things!) always has Mars steamin’, talking about “do something about it!”. Jupiter’s is always off into their own world with their grandiose ideas. Either Jupiter’s makin things happen or things are happening to them! One never to really complain though, Jupiter got an iron clad sense of determination. Neptune can be highly explosive at times, particularly when they keep things bottled up inside of them. On the flip side they’re very empathetic towards a lot of things and you can always count on them to consider what others may be feeling. Uranus usually sits back and listens more than they speak. It’s not that they’re introverted, they just understand the phrase “silence is golden” and they live by it. The Earth is the life of the party. Either willfully or reluctantly, they will be ceen and heard.


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