Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Nayshun Tyme!!

(It's Nation Time)

Peace Y’all! For those of you who’ve been keeping abreast of the Video Builds I’ve been posting on A.S.I.A. TV, keep in kind that you can email at: if there is a certain topic that you’d like to cee me address! I’d appreciate that. -smile- In Today’s Article I wanted to build about the Concept of “Nationalism” in regards to the Gods and Earths.

Pride in “the best” of what your Nation has to offer is good only when this doesn’t involve denying what others have to offer! I say this because sometimes people can become so grossly Nationalistic that they can only cee themselves. It’s almost like a typical American who’s so Patriotic that they only cee the colors Red, White & Blue! Sadly, I’ve ceen and know many Gods/Earths who treat the colors Black & Gold the same way. These Gods/Earths treat “The Father” (Allah) no different than diehard Cleveland Cavalier Fans who worship Lebron “King” James! And YES, I am questioning your “Fanhood” because that is not what living this Culture is about! I do however understand that sometimes “people just ain’t used to shit”, so they “don’t know how to act” (at Home or Abroad; 14/1-14) when they get something. I’ve been the same way myself with certain things, and it’s one’s Intellectual, Emotional and Economic “Maturity” that ultimately differentiates the Child from the Adult. And unfortunately, there are many Gods/Earths who simply haven’t willfully “Matured” in this Culture yet. Although this is the case with many Gods/Earths, it must be understood that:

1. Some Gods/Earths have not matured yet and some of their “foolish” words, ways and actions are the outgrowth of simple immaturity, not the willingness to be foolish.

2. Some Gods/Earths have not matured yet and some of their “foolish” words, ways and actions are the outgrowth of simple immaturity and their willfulness to be foolish.

What this essentially means is this; There are two basic classes of people; 1.) Those who are interested in doing better. 2.) Those who aren’t interested in doing better. And although these two people may make the exact same miscalculation, the former will do something about it and the later won’t give a fuck! This is important to understand because oftentimes people like to deliberately use the later (the fuck up!) as the Socioeconomic “Mission Statement” and “Model Template” of what the NGE Teach and strive to Achieve! Because of this developmental/deliberate “lack of maturity”, the NGE gets a bad reputation, has been classified as a Gang, and has been defined as some Quasi-Religious Spin-off group that’s grafted from a Civilized NOI. Although this is the case in many situations, I take the stand of not explaining away this bullshit that other people are on! Why? Because my Life is a Testament for those to cee that I’m not about that bullshit! So when people cee me they know what this Culture represents, regardless if they’ve never actually ceen a Universal Flag or even heard the words “Peace God/Earth!”! For real for real, many people that I deal with on a daily basis or at a distance don’t actually know shit about the NGE because I’ve never “formally” introduced them to it! Does this mean I’m not teaching that The Black Man is God? Hell naw! This means I’m not preaching that shit. “Generally” (14/1-14) speaking, people know that it already “rains, hails, snows, and also hear above their heads” and I only teach “Training Units” to those “WHO TRY TO LEARN” who is causing all this to happen “BY LETTING” me teach them!" (9/1-40) I have never been a Soap Box Scientist, and I don’t “loose time searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40). Why? Because 95% (14,15/1-40) of the time, that’s exactly what you’re doing, “loosing time”! Now I’m not knocking you Gods/Earths who choose to yell it from the rooftops, that just ain’t syle. I’m much more concerned about the Quality Few (5%) who cee and hear me than the Quantity Many (95%) who undoubtedly don’t.

Now, when I say, “I’m not about the bullshit”, I’m referring to the class of people in this Nation who’re deliberately immature. Those Gods/Earths who have/are giving this Nation a bad reputation based upon their words, ways and actions and don’t really give a fuck about it. This is what I mean by bullshit:

1. If you’re smoking Newports like a chimney and trying to seriously school somebody about “eating the wrong foods” (10/1-36), coming to Parliaments/Rallies dressed immaculately and ya’ house is fuckin filthy, or traveling a long distance or outta State to visit Gods/Earths and haven’t drove 5-10 minutes to “spend quality time” with your child.., that’s some bullshit! Being addicted to negative physical, mental or emotional habits is something we all deal with. Mastering these problems is a part of our Growth and Development. The “real problem” I’m talking about is when people front like shit is all good and try to justify what they’re doing, especially to the youth! You’re using the name God/Earth to “shield your dirt”, also “to deceive the people so they will believe in you”, while the truth lay “buried there” (5/1-14)! The NGE doesn’t teach to justify or shield wrong and pass it off as right!

2. If you’re always referring to muthafucka’s as “YOUR” Students, making mention of yourself and parading around like a NGE Bill Board Sign, you’ve gone waaaaaaaaay past your duty as a Civilized Person!! You’re on some Ego shit and/or showing your Insecurity! Your Concept of being God/Earth isn’t real because it solely depends upon the Ego strokes of people reinforcing it because you never addressed your insecurities and low self esteem. Left to your own devices and not gregarious, you get depressed. Therefore, so-called Parliaments/Rallies are places where people with Mutual Insecurities get together to simply make eachother feel good about themselves for a moment! I’m not saying that getting together and making eachother feel good is a bad thing, b.u.t. when people become Obsessive Compulsive about getting together to the point where they’re gregariously dependant, not only is it bullshit.., it’s a sign of Mental Illness! The NGE teaches to follow to the extent of learning how to Lead oneself. And rather Niggas cee your face or not, that should in no way make or break your identity as God/Earth. If you only “feel like” you’re God/Earth because you’re up in somebody’s face, runnin’ off at the mouth or being fuckin’ ceen, your on some bullshit! Being “ceen and heard everywhere” (37/1-40) has nothing to do with EGO or Insecurity.

3. If you’re claiming you’re a God/Earth and active Member/Representative of the NGE and you don’t or aren’t trying to learn you’re Lessons (120).., that’s some bullshit! Two of the elements of this CULTURE (4) is gaining KNOWLEDGE (1) to get a better UNDERSTANDING (3) of ourselves and the World we live in. This equips us with the tools to MASTER (Letter 'M') our Growth, Development and Socioeconomic Destiny. Learning Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet represents the most Elementary aspect of this Culture, and that’s something that any Child can learn. B.u.t. it’s learning “120 Lessons” that helps us elevate from this Kindergarten-like Elementary state to higher Maturation Levels of living out this Culture! For a person (who claims to be a part of the NGE) to shun, make excuses about, or outright make no effort to learn 120 -which is a Fundamental Tradition of the NGE-, they put themselves in a worst position then those who didn’t take on this task to begin with! Although many of you may not know this Lesson, we learn in the 20/1-40, that every “Said Ability” universally adheres to a “Prescribed Law”, and when one irresponsibly doesn’t uphold this Law (when they knew they had to!) they get punished. This means that it would have been better for you to have never “said” you were God/Earth because you wouldn’t have to adhere to the “Prescribed Law” that upholds the ability to be God/Earth! It’s like claiming to be a Neurosurgeon even though you haven’t (for various reasons) finished your education and had any real working experience (because you don’t have your Degree)! Aside from people having life changing expectations of you, the Universe itself becomes structurally arranged to either BUILD (if you are about it!) or DESTROY (if you’re not about it) your claim through systematic circumstances/situations. This is known as Justice. If this Concept is foreign to any of you, as an experiment, claim something you’re not (such as a Husband, an accomplished Pianist, Legal Consultant and etc..) and watch the Universe instantaneously start to arrange itself in a way where you’ll be forced to either shit or get off the pot! Now, when it comes to those of you who say you’re God./Earth, because of what you’ve “said” (WORD), you are now “committed to” (BOND) living the LIFE of a God/Earth or be continually punished up to and including Death for failing to do so (11/1-14)! It’s like what my Ole’ Earth used to say when I was young, “Don’t write a check that your ass can’t cash!”, and that’s what those of you do when you procrastinate about learning your Lessons. Now regardless what some of you Gods/Earths reasons/excuses are for not following through with learning your “Lessons” (120), THIS MUST BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD; The Principle of Justice is no respecter of persons and either we’re rewarded or penalized for our actions, especially when it comes to learning our Lesson(s) in Life! Whether this Lesson comes in form of learning why you shouldn’t call a female a bitch in front of her hard-bodied boyfriend who just did a nickel in the State Pen for his second violent crime, finding out why having casual unprotected sex with a strange person isn’t smart, or “What is a Real Devil?” (33/1-40), we are either Wise enough to learn, or Foolish enough to become a lesson for Wise People to learn from! Ultimately, Learning 120 Lessons is designed to minimize being punished and maximize our rewards in Life! So when those of you sit back with the procrastinating attitude that you have options or all the time in the world to learn your Lesson(s), you actually set into motion the very circumstances that will prove that you don’t have options nor the time! And when it comes, either you can learn from the brush fires you’ll continuously have to put out in your lives, or wait until you get burn out by a forest fire! Like I said, regardless how nice we are as a person, the successful job we have, or the house/car we just bought, Justice is no respecter of persons and this Universal Corrective Force visits (or revisits!) us in it’s own good time, not ours. So with that said, KNOW that it’s always best to go get the UNDERSTANDING than waiting for the Understanding to get you! The NGE teaches Peace and that’s “Proper Education Always Corrects Errors”, not “Procrastinating Everyday And Claiming Elevation”! Aside from misrepresenting the Positive, Proactive and Progressive Qualities inherent to the NGE Worldview, these individuals are doing a disservice to Themselves, their Families and the Communities they live in.

When it comes to “Nationalism”.., I cee this as a sense of inner pride for the Freedom to express my Culture. I was once a child carrying this Math b.u.t. now I’ve matured and have put childish things aside! I don’t wear the NGE on my sleeve, nor am I Religious, Zealous or Obsessive about everyone acknowledging who I am on the surface! When I sit at the table to eat I bring a dish. If there’s something there that I don’t eat I don’t give a lecture about it, I simply don’t put it on my plate. If asked if I want some I simply say, “No Thank You.” If asked, “Why?”, I explain, keeping it short, precise and without judgment. I don’t feel the need to monopolize or dominate conversations and I don’t feel naked without a Crown and Tassel or clothing with the Universal Flag on it. I teach people Freedom, to acknowledge Justice and deal with Equality. I am God on a toilet in a Bus Station Bathroom and God amongst Execs. in a Corporate Boardroom. I don’t emphasize that a Woman KNOWLEDGE me as GOD. I emphasize her identity as a QUEEN (Letter 'Q') and she naturally grows to cee me for who I am, without making mention of myself! I’ve learned the Principle called Humility, therefore I need not be humbled! I am the True and Living God, because I am God truly living. I am not a Supreme Being b.u.t. Supreme Beingness!

To conclude Today’s Article I want to remind those of you that in the same way some people don’t live out “The Best” of what Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and etc.. has to offer, there are Gods/Earths who don’t live out “The Best” of what this Culture has to offer! And as with any Nation of People, you have the “Poor”, “Worst” and “Best” Parts (1,3/1-14). So don’t be so quick to judge an entire Nation (regardless if they’re Christian, Muslim, Chinese, German or etc..) based upon the actions of an individual or even a group of people! Many times it’s not what that Nation is essentially about, it’s what this person or people are about.


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