Monday, August 06, 2007

Culture (4) Band Puzzle Ring

Divine's Union!

Peace Ya’ll!! Here in Region 6 on July 27th, 2007 one of my God Brother’s "Divine Allah" had a Divine Union and it was one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience! I can’t thank him and his Queen enough for allowing me to share that moment in time with them. I’ll tell you, I’d been quite cynical about the idea of a Divine Union even though I’ve designed my own Rite that details every aspect of how I cee it! This cynicism has been because of the lack of proper attitude/character in the Wiz’s I’ve ceen who don’t and often do embrace this Culture, not for me, b.u.t. for themselves. From the way Divine and his Queen had their Divine Union organized, the selection of music, the 7 Jewel (food) they served and the overall ambiance, everything was Love, Peace and Happiness! It wasn’t Militant, grossly Nationalistic, AND NO, the colors were not Black & Gold for all you fanatics out there! -smile- Ultimately, it really inspired me and I wanted to share some of this inspiration with you.

The first thing I noticed was how humble they were about the whole event. The best way to describe the scene was Extravagantly Modest! An Elder Sistah with locks -who was a Lieutenant (living in Chicago for 12 years) in the NOI during the First Resurrection- was the Divine Union Planner and she had the spot laid out real nice! She sat at my table too so I had the chance to build with her about her early Koran in the NOI, the NGE and the Science of Everything else in Life she built with me about! This was a Jewel within itself! The entire vibe was Peace and carried the impression of this, "We appreciate the support that all of our Family & Friends have given us throughout the years. This day of coming together to share our Divine Unity is a gift to all of you!" Like typical/traditional Weddings you may have ceen, there was no Grandstanding or Ego’s involved! There was no negativity, people gossiping and talking about what someone else was wearing! His Queen wasn’t parading around showing off her ring or dress like some Wiz that ain’t used to nothing either! You could tell by her attitude/posture that she saw herself as the Queen regardless of whom or what. This was not in an arrogant way, it was a humble sense of self confidence that only comes with understanding who & what you are. The kind of understanding that needs no validation! No validation of a ring, wedding dress or wedding day! And it’s rare that you cee this in a Woman, especially on a day like this! I’ve been to Weddings before where it’s written all over a Wiz’s face that "Girl I got him!" and "It’s my day!". This was not even about that and you could tell that it wasn’t even about "The Day"! This was neither a defining moment nor a goal to them. This was simply a modest celebration of a Divine Unity that had been birthed on this Planet years, months and days before the date of this writing! Their seeds also had their place, right in the middle of the Flag, freely expressing themselves and enjoying their Divine Union too. Oftentimes when there’s young children involved, the Bride/Groom just dress them up to look cute and make them ring bearers/flower girls so they can take nice pictures. Other than this, they’re "roped and bound in" somewhere so they won’t mess some shit up! Not here though, their seeds freely expressed the joy of the moment. No one was grabbing, yelling at them or telling them to sit down somewhere! That was Peace to cee too! You can tell it was a Family Affair and wasn’t no show! Word is Bond, I could hardly sleep that night! Their Divine Union was a very, very beautiful experience and it gave me a whole new appreciation for what it means to be Divinely Unified! It was truly an example of what it means to be "Married in the Mind"!

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