Monday, July 23, 2007

-The Map IS NOT The Terrain-
Peace Family, aside from the above humorous experience of watching my Brother carry his Sun on his back while tight-roping this stick over a short ravine, I was building wit the God Sha about this movie he was doing the Knowledge to that inspired today's Article. By the way, my Brother Golden Sun was wearing yellow and some brand new Yellow Air 1's before he fell in this pit of mud! LOL! Anyway, Sha drew up one of the most profound statements that I’m sure some of you will be able to appreciate! The statement was "The Map is not the Terrain"! In regards to this Way of Life it’s like saying "120 Lessons is not Knowledge of Self". What inspired me to think about the statement, "The Map is not the Terrain" was a "One Year Challenge" that was posted as a Topic in the NGE Group on Myspace. The "One Year Challenge" was based upon either helping a new student Knowledge 120 within a year or ensuring that your present student completes 120 within a year! To me I think that it’s Peace to set idealistic expectations or goals, yet it’s also important to consider the Unknowns, the Wisdom contained within the Culture or many layers and currents that we are subject to as our fine midst ascends! It’s like saying I’m gonna travel down to Alabama according to my GPS Navigation System in 15 hrs. without considering that there may be detours, road construction, rush hour traffic, accidents, weather conditions and etc. that may stretch it out into a 19 hr. trip. When it comes to our personal journey of living out the flexible fluidity of this "Way" of Life it’s no different. It is the malleable Terrain that gives living context to a standardized Map or the Knowledge of Ourselves that gives living context to 120 Lessons. So yeah, it’s Peace if your so-called "student" (I don’t use the word myself) can finish up they Lessons in a year or if you find someone (as if a Master looks for students) to take on that task and get them to finish up their Lessons in a year. At least they got it on cap. At the same time, my Ole’ Earth was a Psychologist and had this client that could recite the dialogue in every Star Trek Episode by heart, so quoting 120 Lessons in a year is no real feat. Any Hollywood Actor can probably memorize 120 in less than a month and mimic the nitrous-oxide emotion some "fiery" Gods be buildin’ with at Parliaments! I’m not really concerned about a person learning to recite 120 Lessons in a year because personally.., it’s all up to them. I’m just a hands off facilitator and it’s not what "I" want anyway, it’s what they want and based upon their will "it will be done" regardless of how long it takes.

My response in a nutshell was that this is a Culture based upon qualitative growth & development not quantitative manufacturing. I’m personally very cautious when it comes to ascribing time constraints (not principles!) to people, places and things within my Cultural context because there’s formally no said birth record to this Math. I’ve ceen how a Nostalgic fixation on dates such as 1877, 1930, 1934, 1964, 1969 and etc.., has led people to religiously venture off into becoming "said Nations other than" and the idea of a "One Year Challenge" rubs me the same way. No matter what, it’s "in his/her OWN GOOD TIME" (39/1-40). I emphasize "GOOD TIME" because although a person’s development may take years, months and days, as an Educator, you must wisely determine if your "loosing time searching for that, that does not exist" (10/1-40).

Walking a person through 120 Lesson’s is not an Egocentric Activity. It’s important that an Educator remove him/herself out of the way of a person’s own growth and development and only peripherally aide them in arriving at their own Understanding! This is necessary in helping them realize that they are the sum total of their existence. The source of their own Love, Peace and Happiness and Indifference, War and Sadness! If they fail to conceive this -often because your giving them all the answers and solving their problems for them- then this Culture because a Quasi-religious Worldview with you as a Central Figure. Some Educators like to be seen as a "New Age Christ" in the lives of other people and that’s why you often cee this Culture Freely take on Religious angles! As I’ve said time and again, a True Master helps produce Grandmaster’s! When it comes to relationships, the same philosophy applies. Therefore, if a Man decides to teach a Woman, and "she chooses" to become his Earth when she’s finished then it’s a choice "she chooses" that she ultimately can’t loose with. Let me explain why.. .

First and foremost, the foundation of any relationship is based upon the adherence to our shared Cultural Worldview. This Cultural Worldview primarily consists of knowing, speaking/living out, and understanding the 8 Points that comprise our 120 Lessons. These 8 Points are:

Supreme Mathematics
Supreme Alphabet
Student Enrollment (1-10)
Actual Facts
Solar Facts

*Twelve Jewels (additionally)

It is these points that forge the Cultural Order, Government, Principles, Procedures and essential Nomenclature of the NGE. From a Woman’s perspective it should be understood to mean that a Man is teaching her in a way that puts her on equal footing if she choose to enter into a Divine Union with him (become his Earth, "The Home of I.S.L.A.M." (1/1-40) in the future. Although they have distinct roles in the relationship they’ll both know, speak/live out, and understand the same thing Way of Life. Power is equally distributed because they both have allegiance to the Truth and the Truth is not a respecter of persons. Therefore, situations are forced to transcend any layers or currents that may undermine "one common cause" of being a family, be clearly ceen for what they are and distill back to the Planet in the form of the Principles that support the foundation of the Culture. This is quite a different approach to relationships than other Cultural/Religious sphere’s. Most of the time, Men don’t take this approach of educating their prospective mate (if she wants to be!). They often marvel at the décor and ambiance of a Home and fail to look at the most important (Best) Part, the structural foundation. While the décor & ambiance may often change at whim (for good or bad), the foundation ensures that there's stability and equilibrium needed to support a future family.

When a God is teaching a Woman, "HER" Growth and Development is the primary basis of this relationship, not companionship. Companionship is something that is equally determined at the conclusion of her studies because at that point she’s educated enough to make that decision. This is something both of them agree to with equal knowledge of eachother. Why? Because none of them are qualified to adhere to the "Prescribed Laws" of that "Said Ability" (20-1-40); A Relationship. If this is not the primary basis, the God can risk making her into his own image and likeness! The problem with this is that A-Alikes repel, and she wouldn’t be approaching this Culture with the primary idea of cultivating Knowledge of Herself. This can produce a weak woman who can’t independently add on to the Cipher from "her own" perspective! Also, once a person fully takes on this Culture they may become a different person than the person you first met. After the Woman has learned, she may only desire the God to be a Brother (not a Companion) and this choice must always be open to her! Because her growth & development is all about her, not him!

I think many Gods are not given the credit they deserve for being as discipline, noble and true about why they approach the idea of a relationship in such a constructive way! Sometimes Women may get the impression that a God is too demanding, controlling, stubborn, playing games, got another Wiz waiting in the wings, all talk or etc.. , and YES SOME "SO-CALLED" GODS MAY BE ON SOME SHIT LIKE THAT, yet True Gods are trying to ensure that things are simply Right and Exact. Although a Woman is initially unqualified to determine "exactly" which is which, with her growth and development, she’ll cee it clearly in time! In the process, her sense of insecurity and uneasiness is a natural reaction that we all experience at different times in our development due to experiencing the unknown and placing trust in a person to help us learn a way we really don’t know anything about! In regards to being Right and Exact, I am sure that many of us have a Surah in our Koran about a time when things may have been going Right b.u.t. fell apart simply because it wasn’t Exact! The Science of Living Mathematics is not just about being Right it’s also about being "Exact" and we approach the idea of Companionship from the same perspective. When a Woman is given the open option to be what she desires to be to a God without his influence, prompting or consideration he knows that her choices are entirely her own, regardless of whom or what these choices may be! It is these honest choices that she will adhere to and govern her life by regardless if he’s in the picture or not, and this is the essence of a Woman that a God observes in order to determine if he wants her to be his Earth or Home of I.S.L.A.M., if she chooses to be this! Ultimately, when a God teaches a Woman he must ensure that if "they" decide to enter into a Companionship that it’s an educated decision on her part, not simply because she’s feeling everything’s gonna be alRIGHT! Not only is this risky to a stable foundation b.u.t. it’s also risky to her own well being. When a God takes his time to ensure that a Woman knows the full dimensions of this Culture, that is the highest degree of respect that he can give her and he's essentially looking out for not only his b.u.t. HER BEST interests as well! If they do make an educated decision to become Companions, it's the Truth that they're both loyal (I Sincerely Love Allah's Mathematics) to. It’s a beautiful thing when a Woman can appreciate this in a God because she ultimately realizes that their learning relationship is not about a Companion Pot of Gold that may or may not be at the end of a Rainbow! SHE IS THE GOLD that appreciates with her Refinement with or without him! And again, if they choose to add on with eachother, it's only going to enrich the already wealthy experience!

So to conclude today’s Article I want to stress the importance of Knowledge of Yourself for yourself while realizing that the Map that guides you is not the Terrain! In the context of a companionship the same applies. Although there may arise exceptions in this Map, the Terrain (or "Rules and Regulations that are unmentioned") will always adhere to the Laws that govern this Way of Life. So with that said, I encourage all you to continue to be Righteous for Righteousness sake.

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