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Super Villain; The Leader

Make "NO" Graven Image.. !

Peace! Today’s Article is about the Science of "Graven Images". This topic is based upon the science of how many "GODS" loose themselves in ideas of grandeur! This vulnerable, delusional, fragile sense of self makes them inaccurately assess their own humanity and make a "Graven Image" of what it means to be GOD. This Egocentric approach employs the energy consuming aide of people, places and things that act as tools that build/uphold this Narcissistic Identity Crisis; Graven Image. Truth be told, GOD is Man, something that these individuals have yet to understand, if they ever do.

The above paragraph is a brief psychoanalysis of brotha’s who conceptualize God in a gregarious sense of Egocentricity. In practice, these are the type of brotha’s who come into the Knowledge of being GOD prior to becoming a Man! Because they hadn’t gone through the challenges of manifesting their Manhood first, these brotha’s find themselves in a dilemma that undermines their ability to establish an accurate God-Centered Self Identity. A state of equilibrium that is first Practical and Philosophical, Earthen and Etheric, Terrestrial and Celestial, Actual and Solar. As NGE Chronology can attest to this fact, the term "Gang" is a label given to many of these immature youth (Wild Flowers) who came into the Knowledge of being God before they became Men, and we are still trying to outgrow this label, at least some of us are.

The first Lesson that we learn in our Student Enrollment (1-10’s) is, "Who is the Original MAN?". The Answer states, "The Original MAN is the Asiatic Black MAN. The Maker, the Owner, Cream of the Planet Earth, Father of Civilization, God of the Universe." One of the most significant, overlooked and underestimated aspects in this Lesson is the idea of being a "MAN". The degree to which we overlook this is the degree to which we manifest the other said abilities in this Lesson. Lets walk through it.

The first aspect of being a MAN is "Originality". Original meaning "The Origin of or The Origin", and every male must go through their own unique Rights of Passage of Self Discovery in order to rightfully manifest their Manhood. In Traditional Indigenous Societies young males are often sent out into the wilderness -by themselves- in order to find their proverbial spirit (elemental) guide that serves as one of their Zoomorphic Attributes. The key to their experience is coming into this Wilderness "by themselves" (English C Lesson #2, 2/1-36’s) and this serves as the primary basis for their Unique/Original Path of Self Discovery. Even though this young male (Adept/Neophyte) was being instructed by an Elder Man -who served as his temporary Teacher/Benefactor/Guide-, there always arrived a time in his development where he had to go out on his own and put into practice the theoretical Knowledge he learned from his Teacher. As he walked with this Knowledge it began to manifest Wisdom, the discernment of how these tools needed to be used. Through this experience he began to Understand the depth of who he was, Free from the dependant definition of a male and now responsibly accountable to the universal Justice that permeated the Wilderness he walked in. At this point his sense of gender (maleness) has reached the point of transfiguration into a Young Man, a state of Equality/Equilibrium where his lower/higher, immature/mature selves obtains the first sense of psycho-physiological reconciliation. Aside from this developmental awareness, the young Man learns to develop his Critical Thinking Skills in order to secure Food, Clothing and Shelter for himself in this Wilderness. Ultimately he begins to ponder the inner reality of Love, the preservation of Peace he has directly experienced with nature and the attainment of Happiness. This process is philosophically the same as implementing our "12 Jewels".

Although this represents the primary Rights of Passage that our Indigenous Ancestors went through (and still go through) in order to manifest Manhood, we also go through this Rights of Passage. Usually unknowingly, we find ourselves feeling around in the dark room of Self Discovery until (or if!) we can find some semblance of an organized structure. Many of us find ourselves in this same place even when we say we are GOD. Because we may have been introduced to this Knowledge as Adolescents the idea of being a GOD was embraced prior to the idea of first being a MAN. This often unrealized state of "Wisdom Knowledge" (doing things backwards!) is the main reason for the gross immaturity and lack of Understanding that many so-called GODS have in this Culture. I say "so-called" because that’s what is said, although there’s clearly a lack Manhood responsibilities (response to abilities) being taken care of. I’m not overlooking the fact that Society is in fact a Wilderness and that there are many wild beast’s who feed off of the Original Man. This of course complicates, undermines and denies our ability to be a MAN on all levels b.u.t. as our 38th Lesson states (1-40’s) it’s designed "To show forth our power that we are all wise and righteous.. . To show and prove that Allah is God always has been, always will be." This means that there always exists a prevailing will or determined idea that strives to overcome any/all of these circumstances, it’s in our nature, as a MAN. Since many males have not identified this nature -for various reasons- there may exist an apathy or reluctance to activate this will or determined idea.

Sometimes when we cee brotha’s falling victim to many things it’s simply because they lack the Manhood training to deal with these wild circumstances. They never learned where to go when they’re dealing with hard times, hunger, nakedness, out of doors and being beaten in this life! Because they never learned positive coping methods to handle the stress of such an environment they often use sex, drugs, violence and other psycho-opiates to self medicate. These are things we all face as MEN first. Things that lay the politicizing" groundwork for how we process, interpret and express the psychological, social, physiological and economic conceptualization of being GOD! I cannot reiterate enough that it is our "stability" as a MAN that cultivates our Supreme Beingness, and any state of instability or being "unsettled" works contrary to this perpetual goal (1/1-14’s, "Why isn’t THE DEVIL SETTLED on the Best Part of the Planet Earth?").

In practice, MANHOOD consists of many things. First of all it means taking care of yourself, by yourself. Aside from being developmentally disabled (and in some cases that doesn’t apply!), a MAN is an able bodied/minded human being, period. In the context of this Society (and most others) he has a steady legitimate/reputable job that allows him to pay his rent/bills and take care of any other necessities that reflect his livelihood. This sense of responsible independence accredits him for a future relationship. From this vantage point, his prospective mate "Knows" that at least on a practical and physiological level that he’s a MAN. This does not prove that he’s a MAN on a social and psychological level b.u.t. at least he’s "taking care of his business". Although many males are MEN physiologically, because they may have never lived on their own and been responsible for themselves in this Wilderness they haven’t earned their Rights of Passage. A Rights of Passage that demands the respect and dignity of a MAN, especially from a prospective mate. I’ve heard many so-called GODS complain about relationship complications, about how they Wiz acts at Home (and many times Abroad!) yet they often invited that behavior because they weren’t doing something themselves. I’ve been there myself! The Truth is that every "Said Ability" coincides with a "Prescribed Law". Wiz’s are not dumb, Destroy Power or not, and it’s important for a MAN to always ensure that he dutifully acknowledges (in action!) whatever Prescribed Law supports/sustains his Said Ability! In the most simplest of terms, if your not organized and able to manage your own cream (money) you have no right to speak on what your Wiz does with hers. And if she is doing what she’s supposed to with her cream and decides to talk shit (even though she’ll be made responsible for it!) about your irresponsibility like you’re her "son", you made that rain, hail, snow and earthquakes, except it MAN! Of course this is a General Civilization statement and there are always exceptions to the Rules & Regulations yet I’m sure you get my point. When what you say/do coincides with law you summon the Principle of Justice like Voltron formed the Blazing Sword! This Universal Principle symbolizes an emblem that protects and defends your position. A position of being Right and Just (True) in your dealings.

MANHOOD also consists of making and owning your own. Not just something physical such as a Home, Car, Entrepreneurship and etc.. but also "Intellectual Property"! Make and Own your own ideas, be yourself, shiiiiiiiit BE ORIGINAL! The reason that our Benefactor/Teacher helps guide us through our Rights of Passage is not so that we always remain an Adept/Neophyte. If they’re a "true" Master, their job is to help ensure we become Grandmaster’s! When males are taught by Benefactors who forever delegate them to a "Student" status it further compounds the complications they may already be dealing with when they came into the Knowledge of being GOD, before they became a MAN. Because the phrase "My Student" can potentially become an Egocentric Sword hanging over one’s head, a pin that kills a person’s self actualization and Pelon that makes a follower into a Devil, my Benefactor (as well as his Benefactor) chose to never use it! I was taught that we were simply Brothers. Basic Companions in an Isle for the Word of God and Testimony of Self Salvation! The term "Student" is much more about an approach, a sincere open mindedness, degree of trust and sense of humility that allows one to learn, regardless of what you choose to call it! I’ve found the use of the word "Student" as ineffective as the word "Buy" when it comes to children selling Girl Scout Cookies! Whenever I’m approached by a child asking me would I like to "buy" some Girl Scout Cookies. I let them know that they’ll be more successful in their undertaking if they ask people will they help support whatever Undertaking they’re trying to be successful in because that is the Determined Idea, not buying cookies! Ultimately through the using these Wise Words, the child invokes a Sword of Justice that a people (especially adults!) must respond to or bear the responsibility of not being supportive of the Educational/Extracurricular Activity that selling cookies will help support! And even the most rotten muthafucka will feel bad about saying, "No I don’t want to support your school getting a better library or healthier meals." I say all of this to point out how a different choice of words and different approach can often produce better results! I also think people often underestimate how sensitive the Original Man’s Ego is, although we’ve developed a thick layer of skin to weather the ruggedness of this Wilderness! Be mindful that regardless of what your building about, calling a brotha "your" Student can negatively leave the most lasting impression; Inequality. The same impression the Devil gave him when he kept him apart from his own Social Equality.

Without a proper Understanding of what it first means to be a MAN, the concept of GOD becomes nothing more than a "Graven Image". An idea outside of self and alienated from true practical application. Questions of inadequacy will always arise within self consciously/unconsciously in regards to the "Said Ability" of being GOD simply because it doesn’t coincide with the "Prescribed Law" of first being a MAN. It’s like an 11 year old trying to compete in the NBA. Not to say that he’ll never be successful b.u.t. I’m sure you can envision the trials and tribulations that this type of undertaking "WILL" go through! Because this type of image is "Graven", the concept of GOD is symbolically set in stone! It’s hard, inflexible, orthodox and stubbornly shaped in religiosity. Because the bumps, bruises, joy’s, sorrows, accomplishments and failures of MAN’S fragileness was never experienced, a person never perceives the humanness of being GOD! Mortality, the frailness of just being a human being teaches a person the Lesson of Humility. A person who learns this Lesson needs not be humbled. It’s the ability to absorb the blow’s that life often hits you with. After brushing yourself off and accepting the fact that you were knocked on ya ass you stand up in this arena called Life and live to fight another day! The blind arrogance that one assumes when they negate their Mortality -while they bask in lofty ideas of GODLY Immortality- invokes the need to be humbled! Rocky III beautifully illustrates this concept! Not only do you cee Rocky Narcissistically caught up in his own reflection b.u.t. he literally gets a "Graven Image" dedicated in his honor before Clubber Lang beats the breaks off of him! This is the actual movie that the phrase "Eye of Tiger" comes from and it was Apollo Creed who coined it after taking Rocky home and helping him symbolically study 35-50 years before he could call himself a Boxer and wear the Greatest and only known Boxing Trunks of Apollo! Rocky was simply a Street Brawler before he learned to do like Apollo, satirically called "The Caveman" when he faced "The Cavalier" (Apollo Creed) in the first Rocky! I encourage all of you to do the Knowledge on the whole Rocky Series from Rocky to Rocky Balboa! It’s one of the greatest series of Plus Degree’s about the Science of the Ego and making a Graven Image.
To conclude today’s Article I want to say that GODHOOD is not being Superman, it’s being a Super Man. It’s not an unblemished destination called Holiness, it’s a journey of Righteousness where mistakes are veiled Degrees (Lessons!). Make "NO" Graven Image of what it means to be GOD, just concentrate on being the best MAN you can be. Therein lies the essence of your Supreme Beingness. As a MAN it’s vitally important to;

1. Be able to take care of yourself by yourself, handle your business by being organized and on top of all your paperwork.

2. Make/Get a dependable, legitimate job and pay your bills/expenses before/on time.
Keep your shelter fresh, clean and organized.
3. Work on your credit issues.
4. Resolve the Emotional Debt you’ve collected from past/present relationships.
5. Be a Great MAN to your WOMAN and/or CHILD(REN) because it’s your nature, not because you hope to receive a Reward or fear being Penalized.
6. Find ways to master addictions and lifestyle choices that undermine your ability to have optimum physical/mental health.
Focus on all of these things and don’t worry about compulsively saying "The Black Man is GOD" because this "Said Ability" will always coincide with the "Prescribed Law" or nature of being a MAN.

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