Tuesday, August 16, 2005


First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Saladin Quanaah' Allah and I am the Local Region 6 Representative of the Nation of Gods and Earths here in the beautiful City of Atlantis (Niagara Falls, NY).

This online journal will be comprised of Short Stories, Essays, Observations and Thoughts that articulate the vastness of my Universe. With that said, I would like to tell you a short story called:

The Hunter of the Sheep

A hunter once visited a township which was said to be overrun by wolves. So grave was this problem, that many of the farmers who resided in this town could not make a living raising their livestock. Each and every night two or three of their livestock would be missing, only to be discoverd days later savagely devoured. At the time of the hunters arrival, the town was organizing a search party for a sheep that was said to be missing since daybreak. A reward had been offered by the owner of this sheep, so the hunter saw it as a substantial gain to partake in this mission.
Since this area was infested with blood thirsty wolves, there was always a possibility that a person venturing off into the forest may not return home. Even in broad daylight, a hungry pack of wolves were said to attack a group of lumberjacks wielding even their working axes. Packing their rifles, the party of men then set out in search for the lost sheep. As hours went by, the men became weary in their luckless endeavor.
The Sun began to fade behind the clouds and the night seemed to arrive before the moon even expected. The party of men began to trail off until the hunter was the only one left. Determined as he was, the hunter roamed the dark forest with one thing on his mind, to find the lost sheep and collect his reward. Silently he crept through the forest until he was startled by an awkward sound that he had never heard before! Visibility at this point was very poor, so the hunter aimed his rifle towards the direction that the sound seemed to come from. "BLAST", the hunter shot out into the darkness with hopes of ridding himself of the strange noise which crept up his spine! Feeling around in near total darkness, the hunter came upon a large carcass towards the direction that he shot at. Kneeling down, he touched the carcass and was astonished to feel thick wooly hair.

"This can't be the sheep!", the hunter said to himself feeling betrayed in his folly. Just then, the carcass stood to it's feet and attacked the hunter, tearing him to shreds. In the morning, the party of men reassembled and ventured into the forest, only to be acquainted with this gruesome sight! The remains of the hunter scattered over the ground, a blood stained rifle, and a sheep's skin resembling a costume.
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