Friday, April 13, 2012

Experiments with High Explosives; The Chronicles of a 'Big Headed' Scientist

A.S.I.A. Talk Live!!

Tune in to 'A.S.I.A. Talk' TONIGHT (Friday April 13th) at 7pm (EST) for my Live Discussion and Question/Answer Segment about my New Novel "Experiments with High Explosives; The Chronicles of a 'Big Headed' Scientist"!! The Call-In Number is: (570)781-0203 and Passcode is 1187#.

What is "Experiments with High Explosives: The Chronicles of a 'Big Headed' Scientist"?

As told through the Perspective of a Man striving to make sense out of his Relationships and the Relationships he has observed, 'Experiments with High Explosives' is an eye opening, mouth gaping Narrative Story that critically analyzes Relationships. Along this Journey many vulnerabilities and intimate conversations are revealed, exposing how these 'Chronicles' ultimately shape our Companionships, Families and Communities. Through exploring these thoughts & feelings, this Novel empowers the Reader to take a closer look into Relationships and their ideas about Love.

For more Information about 'Experiments', view the Right Sidebar of this Site and Click on the E-Store and Amazon Links.

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