Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cryptic Codes

"Audio files and file cabinets by the Patmos Isles/swimming the Nile with Peter Wolf and his two exotic rooks/cooking sundials/creating secret potions of an ageless child/out last the time avalanches and Quahadi dances.../through a ceremony and Seracean demeanors/see what I mean?/see what I'm meaning?" -Self (Cryptic Codes)

Over the years with the expansion of the Internet and Social Newtworking, I've learned more and more how important it is to not take for granted what someone knows or what they've been exposed to when I'm striving to communicate my ideas. As a Journalist I've also learned as a rule of thumb "don't assume or take for granted where others are in their growth & development and be specific in regards to the audience I'm targeting." In many of my Articles you've noticed that I often highlight certain words/phrases in red and then put a numerical reference at the end of the sentence in red. This is specifically done for Gods/Earths who have those cultural references so they recognize exactly where I'm coming from.

Because I'm usually not writing/speaking to the general public in our (The NGE; The Nation of Gods and Earths) pure language, I've been able to target a much larger audience who're sincerely striving to grow and develop. People reach out to me from all over the World all the time about how easy to understand I make the Principles/Values within my Culture and I really appreciate that! It's just confirmation for me that I'm communicating effectively. People also reach out to me and raise questions about what I've written/said and often ask me to elaborate further on something I may have only mentioned or didn't mention at all. I also appreciate this because these sincere exchanges help me learn to communicate even more effectively. 

"We can't give someone Understanding; they have to cee things for themselves. What we can and are responsible for giving them is the best opportunity to Understand and for us to be Understood, and this is done through effective communication."

As Gods and Earths our language can be very cryptic and abstract, not only to outsiders b.u.t. even to those within our Nation depending upon how they were taught and their exposure to other Gods and Earths. We are not a monolithic group. There are some Gods/Earths I know personally who are directly involved in their City's Local/Regional Politics while there are others who wouldn't touch Politics with a ten foot pole. There are Gods I know that say it's all (and sometimes only) about Supreme Mathematics while negating the importance of memorizing 120 Lessons while other Gods will tell you strait up that 120 is the Foundation. There are Earths who know little to nothing about 120 and others who know, speak nd understand 120 better than alot of Gods. So just within our Nation alone there is a wide range of perspectives; some Culturally based, others that aren't Culturally based, and can poise various challenges towards effective communication and coming to a Cultural/National consensus. This is WITHIN our Cipher. Now imagine the communication challenges that exist with those who are clearly on the OUTSIDE of our Nation... Consider what it takes to come to a consensus with someone who really doesn't know about or hasn't been exposed to your Culture. Even if they have been exposed to something or know of something they came across on the Internet or even Books, that poises an initial challenge of finding out what that exposure was, how much they were exposed to and if that exposure was the right or wrong perspective. I've had experiences with People reaching out to me about learning our Culture and when I asked them about what they've been exposed to, just their honorable mention of some People's names told me what type of job I would have in store for me if I decided to educate them. Cee, many of us are under the impression that "Building" is all about telling others what we think. I think we're more effective listening to what others know and what they've been exposed to first. Then we can more accurately determine what their needs are and if we're even capable of meeting those needs.

Just because someone asks for something, especially something that is Culturally sacred (such as Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons) doesn't mean that we should give it to them. 95% of the time (85% + 10%) they don't even know what they're asking for! Instead of just handing them Supreme Mathematics (with your name on it!) or even Lessons, stop for a moment and ask them what is the reason they want to learn. You may be floored by their response. So it's best to find out up front if this person is really sincere about growth & development, only interested in boosting their lyrics, getting a Man or using your Righteous Name to shield their dirty Religion. Some People literally approach learning our Culture like you're hittin' 'em off with a lick. They usually have no idea that "The Knowledge" they're asking for is really a lifelong relationship that's based upon a our commitment to improve ourselves, others and our environment. One time I asked a dude, "What's the reason you want to learn?" and he said, "It's like, I'm just striving to get that money and I'm going to get it regardless!" I've also had other experiences with People sniffing around wanting to learn and if I didn't invest the time to find out what they knew and had been exposed to I would have ended up "Deputizing" undercover active Knights Templars or Pan-Hellenics.
In closing, I cannot stress enough the importance of effective communication. When we don't invest the time to find out what others know, don't know, have been exposed to or haven't been exposed to BEFORE we start communicating where ew're coming from we always run the risk of leaving them to their own devices. In otherwords, don't assume or take for granted that others have an Understanding of the word 'freedom' the way you undestand it. You may be using the word 'freedom' in relationship to cultural development and they may think you mean "Doowutchyalike" (Do What You Like!). The so-called Intellectuals or 'People Who Study Everything' might think you're saying we need to be more like "Caligula". The next thing you know this person walks away from a whole conversation you had with them about 'freedom' and now they're confidently sharing their Hedonistic ideas with others with your name attached to it... The bottom line is this: Just because someone nods their head and keeps their mouth shut it doesn't mean they understand or agree with what you're saying. You won't know for sure where a person's head is at or how they're processing the information you're sharing with them until you simply ask them. Ask them how they cee what you're saying and ask them to explain what you're saying in their own words. You'll both be learning because they may raise some questions or point out more effective ways that you can communicate. This way you're giving them the best opportunity to Understand and for you to be Understood. That's indeed Equality and the premise upon which effective communication and harmonious relationships must be built. If not, there will be obvious inequalities and comprehension gaps. If something is important enough to us to share with others.., then it's also important enough for us to do our best to share it.

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