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Allah Does Not Have An “s” On The End

In The Name of The Five Percent; [R-L] Life Justice & Justice Understanding

Allah Does Not 
Have An “s” On The End

By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

As men of the Five Percent Nation or Nation of Gods and Earths, we say we are Allah; all of us males carry that moniker to indicate relation; that is, in human form, we are a family which is universal—and as the consciousness dwelling within the form, we are one.  The word Allah, does not have an “s” attached to it; it shows possession, but it is a singularity; expressed as a multiplicity like the word, We.  We, indicates, all of us stand together for something: like, “Social means to advocate a society of men or group of men for one common cause [8/1-14].”  Stand for something, or fall for anything.  "Cause" equals an aim, principle or deep commitment.  Our beloved Amar Self, the God who brought the knowledge to Power Hill, and God Knowledge Gahib (first born of this city) loved the 17th degree in the One to Forty: “What is the meaning of civilization? One having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness.”  Islam is a culture of peace, which has science; which makes one consider and live in harmony.  Peace is the absence of confusion; which knowing can bring.  We are only together because we are a-like in mind.  In this, we are all together because of we know and govern ourselves by a standard of civlization; otherwise we are just uncivilized people with no real purpose searching for something we know not and worshipping something we cannot see; pursuing happiness in things instead of allowing ourselves to be happy for the things we pursue. In essence, we allow ourselves to be enthused—enthusiasm nor happiness comes from the things pursued.  The universal mind contains thoughts, concepts, ideas and ideologies with which—over years of adding on our findings onto our cipher—we evolved a culture; based upon what we know and understand; i.e., cohesive experiences, to pass onto our sons and daughters; which is the essential part of civilization and evolution.  Like the twenty-three scientists of old [4/1-14; 10/1-40], we have to agree on common rules and regulations—if only for trade and civility.

We are not a religion; we are Islamic Scientist and science comes from scire, which means to know; knowledge is not a belief but belief in what we know is essential and equal to a firm commitment to the truth.  The truth is bulletproof, for there’s no holes in its theories (system of ideas to explain something); therefore it is Holy: Holy is the same as wholly, which means entirely; fully: as, Holy is something that cannot be diluted, mixed, or tampered with in any form [9/1-14].  I heard someone say, “Those are “Muslim lessons” and I’m not religious, my culture is free”—as if the allegories or hidden moral and political meanings contained within Allah’s lessons, scripture, iyat or surah are not true or that reading and applying one persons to concepts, ideas and principles found in religious books makes you religious.  That concept defies common consideration concerning the things one encounters in everyday life. 

We are the knowledge we seek. We recognize the knowledge (and ultimately the knowledge of our Self) through the things we encounter because we choose to do what’s right or appropriate for the situation. Reason being—we are civilized righteous beings. . . We strive to do what’s right and exact.  The question sends us on a quest to find out who we are by interfacing with the things we encounter -which causes us to reflect upon the concepts we embrace.  What we know, or are seeking, is confirmed through our experiences—which leads to understanding; and that knowledge and understanding borns our culture.  The culture is I—God; which states through mastery (13) we know Self [I Self Lord and Master].  That’s not religious, nor being a drone to religious dogma; that’s mathematics, science and being right and exact!   

In the concepts of Triple Stage Darkness, “Allah was all knowing [omniscient], all present [omnipotent], and all powerful but had not expressed those attributes because of Allah’s at-one-ment [Samadhi] with the myriad of the qualities, attributed to the Eternal One.”  It is said that Allah created creation within a portion of Allah’s vastness—as a place where he could contrast and experience Allah’s said qualities.  As Jimi Hendrix said, “Are You Experienced?”  If not, I have little to no tolerance for ignorant fools, claiming to be God.  

Our 120 Lessons speaks about our people and their various experiences, and what they learnt as a result of those experiences.  The Father gave us 120 Lessons, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets and Twelve Jewels as our tools to do our work.  They say that experience is the best teacher, so why not learn from a book which tells of our various sojourns and what we drew up from these encounters [regardless of the titles we claimed to be at the time in our growth or development?  The Nation of Islam also has these, and more lessons, which they dubbed, “Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees of Perfected Knowledge.”   There is nothing religious about the word knowledge and the 15th degree (or cipher/"0" in our Supreme Alphabet) within the one through forty claims; some Muslims, and also Muslim sons are also Five Percent; those among the ones who study from thirty-five to fifty years.  Just taking  Math and Triple Stage Darkness as your foundation, will never reveal such realities. The first degree within the one to forty states, “The Holy Koran or Bible is made by the Original Man, who is Allah, the Supreme Being, Blackman from Asia.”  Are we not the original man?  So does studying religious text make a person religious? Does seeking wisdom in the ways of others, since wisdom is the way, make a person religious?  Clearly, we can see that a person such as this isn’t talking about religion, they have a problem with being restricted or restrained. They have delusional concepts about freedom and a belief that they shouldn’t be inhibited from carrying out any of their ideas. How foolish!  “N@#hs talk about my mind, your mind, I got that B*#*h’s mind uptight; N@#hs don’t know a damn thing about the mind else they’d be right” [Last Poets, from the song, “Niggers are Scared of Revolution”]! 

When Justice and I were hanging the Universal Flag outside of the Universal Street Academy in Power Hill, my considerations reflected upon the conversation my person had with Knowledge Gahib earlier: Before my person have created the sign, we asked Gahib, “Who should I put the flag in the name of?  Allah, God?”  Knowledge Gahib responded by saying, “Put it in the name of the Five Percent.”  I thought this choice to be most wise, because even though Allah covers all (since all came from one), the concept is somewhat abstract to women because they are not allowed to use the title Allah for themselves—even though all came from Allah; but the title Five Percent. . . Man, woman, and child could identify that title and be proud of it; the academy belongs to all of us.

The Universal Flag of Islam is symbol of the Universal Family: Sun, Moon and Stars; Man, Woman and Child past, present and future; all being born into equality and belonging to Allah.  It really is a family flag; with Allah being ultimately responsible for all matters of the household.  Allah is fully realized through God’s interaction within family dynamics.  A nation can only be as strong as those who uphold it, and a nation is judged by how it provides for those under its’ jurisdiction; especially those who can’t provide for themselves.  Allah stakes that claim when he says, Sole controller.  Allah manifest as the radiant Sun throughout the universe; everything revolves around the sun and the sun provides consideration for everything within the universe.  The Eighth Degree in the One to Fourteen clearly states: “Equality means to be equal in everything.”  [That doesn’t sound religious, does it?]  The seven places God in the center of the flag; which symbolically states he is responsible for his universe or family.  This is our charge when we take on the title.  Anyone who feels differently should look at the eighth degree in the one to forty, which states: “Earthquakes are caused by the son of man experimenting with high explosives.  In fact, all that above is caused by the son in man.”  Now son and sun are one; which means as a man or son—as Allah, you are the Creator; you take on the position of forming the universe: You don’t focus on what the woman did or didn’t do, you think about what you allowed or what you didn’t do, or didn’t know, etc—you are the author of your own destiny and the universe starts with “u.”  You can’t control what others do without trespassing against their free will—but you can control what you allow to occur within your universe and what you failed to do about it.  [I hope this sounds scientific. . . Or am I still sounding religious?]

I guess the problem came in, when we came into physical form.  That’s when we had to master id and ego.  Allah starts with all., but we got a lot of guys, carrying out actions as though they are part of Greek mythology; with polarized, overbearing personalities which are often lacking in social consideration.  God is a group reality carried out through the body of the individual; not a egomaniac who is narcissistic.  You have to concern yourself with nation and family; not your ego.  “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”  If you are a nation builder, you have to subdue your id and ego for the sake of the unit.  That ego you have will have you competing against us and neglecting the needs of your nation and family.  That ego will have you fighting against Allah, in the person of others, to feed your id.  Any righteous woman will not trust you, if she can’t trust that your ego won’t run roughshod over her needs.  If you are Allah, you must look at the bigger picture; not just your feelings and what you want [and that goes for you spoiled brats as well].  The more you entertain your ego, the more you Edge God Out.  It’s all about civilization and refinement [17/1-40]: If I can’t warn you, to save your life, what good am I to you?  If you can discard lessons when they don’t suit your purpose; what good are you to me?  This is what keeps us in check: “Word is Bond [11/1-14].”  All relationships are all about trust and reliance. We have to advocate for the same common cause, otherwise you are dead to me.  Stand for something or fall for anything.

I get so tired of brothers who claim they are Allah; yet when it comes down to claiming responsibility, they want to play the Blame someone else game.  The lessons state, “The Civilized is held responsible for the uncivilized [20/1-40],” and, “The civilized one’s duty is to teach civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of Self and the science of everything in life [18/1-40]. “ You must show the civil and right way, even when the others do wrong; because you know better and by being Allah, you are the knowledge, truth, light and the way. . . [Does that sound like knowledge or me being religious?]  Musa came amongst devils and taught them how to live a respectful life, and how to build a home for themselves—and he was half original.  The Original man taught Musa that man must build  a home for himself—represented by the Universal Flag—he must be civil.  When his woman is more civil for holding the family in tact, than he; that is not right because he is the father of civilization; that is his job; to further the family for our cause.  [Still sound religious?]  

People get it twisted: You can’t quote lessons when it’s convenient and claim you are free and unrestricted when you are not in line with the lessons.  Freedom does not mean you do what you feel, it means that you are free to do things within the parameters of culture; you are free to do things as long as it does not violate someone else.  Its culture/freedom, not unrestricted free agent.  Which woman will loan her powers for you to use, if she can’t rely on you to uphold any standards and keep her secure within her relationship with you?  What woman wants an unreliable man?  There must be a sense of order and protocol.  If our cause is not common—if you don’t adhere to the same elements that the Father gave us; I have no time for you, nor your rhetoric.  I have no patience for this.  You’re either all the way in, or I’m not with you:  That goes for you, “Mathematics and nothing else,” brothers.  We are not the same: Nothing about Triple Stage Darkness, nor the knowledge and understanding that can be extracted from the chronology that One Twenty represents.  We are not the sequence in evolutionary development and I disassociate myself from those that claim that; because the path ownership is not the same.  These are the days when we need to live by morals and principles, and keep our families together; for without them—we fall back into chaos and uncertain times.

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