Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Queen Dollylama Doll Giveaway

Queen Dollylama Doll Giveaway

-Formation Edition-

To build upon the positive momentum of Beyoncé using part of her platform to project black consciousness and culture into the mainstream media my organization A.S.I.A collaborated with Queen Cee of 'Queen Dollylama' to customize the above collectors edition doll that reflects these ideals of black resistance, Black Lives Matter, Black Panther homage and of course Formation. To learn more about this initiative check out my article Beyoncé: The Duchess of ViralshireQueen Dollylama creatively re-images dolls to give them a naturally unique, ethnic and artistic look. As there is a lacking of dolls that are Afrocentric, the company specializes in re-imaging dolls of color. You can check out Queen Dollylama on Facebook HERE.

Who is Queen Dollylama

Once the customization was complete we held a global drawing for people to win it! People had until 11:59pm EST on March 8th {International Women's Day} to register and the drawing was held the following day. To register people simply had to:

1.) LIKE the 'Queen Dollylama' Facebook Page.
2.) LIKE the Picture on my Facebook Page.
3.) SHARE the Picture on their Facebook Page.

Although my main intention for this initiative was to build upon the positive momentum of Beyoncé using part of her platform to project black consciousness and culture into the mainstream media, the goal was twofold. First I wanted to show people creative ways to support each other through collaborations, especially using social networking. This is something I've done for years now and one of the main ideas I strive to communicate to people. It took very little effort and organizing to create this initiative that has effectively exposed thousands of more people to Queen Dollylama and A.S.I.A. To me, this demonstrates the power of collective work & responsibility and what social media should be positively used for, in contrast to empty debates, gossiping, fight videos, soft porn or other things. Secondly, because Queen Dollylama specializes in creatively re-imaging dolls to give them a naturally unique, ethnic and artistic look, especially Afrocentric, I want to encourage others to come up with ideas to develop their own Queen Dollylama customization for their children, nieces, cousins, friends and etc. Lastly, I planned this initiative for March to do my part in celebrating Women's History Month {March} and International Women's Day {March 8th}. Analytics wise, by using the hashtags #WomensHistoryMonth and #InternationalWomens in conjunction with #QueenDollylama #AtlantisBuild, #Beyoncé, #Formation, #BlackLivesMatter and etc. this gave our initiative even greater visibility to reach a larger audience.

In closing, I want to thank Queen Dollylama for doing such an amazing job with this collectors edition doll! I also want to thank everyone who participated in our raffle! Finally, we are pleased to announce the winner of our Queen Dollylama #Formation Doll Giveaway is: click here

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