Monday, July 25, 2016

Eyes Wide Shut: The Science of Secret Societies

Chapter 10 The Mystic Shrine: The ROJ [Royal Order of Jesters]

Eyes Wide Shut
The Science of Secret Societies

     What's the cable-tow symbolize? Where did the Illuminati begin? Do freemasons worship the Devil? Who was Haj Bektash Veli? How is the BoulĂ© Society structured? What Zodiac Signs correspond to the temple gates where Hiram Abiff was accosted? When can one become a Shriner?

     On July 18th I published my fifteenth book, Eyes Wide Shut: The Science of Secret Societies to answer these and many other questions for those who are misled, uninformed or intrigued by secret societies and how they function as special interest groups. A reference guide to the signs, symbols and hidden meanings within secret societies, this book unveils Freemasonry, the White Shrine of Jerusalem, Royal Order of Jesters, Knight Templars and many others. This science of Secret Societies will equip the reader with the tools to decode, assess and navigate the sociopolitical landscape that is hidden in plain sight.

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     As a Five Percenter, learning how these societies function is an essential part of our studies because we are directly opposed to secrecy and concealing the truth. One of our fundamental principles is Equality. We strive to be equal in everything, we advocate for one common cause and we don't do things to keep people apart from that. The only time we won't share something with someone is based upon tact and maturity, not because we have some obligation to keep something to ourselves. If it's not the appropriate time or space to share something I will share it when there is time and space. If a person isn't mature enough to receive something, I will share what they can receive until they're open for more. This book reinforces that posture because the majority of people are in the dark about what secret societies are, what they're aren't and how they function within society. They're in the dark because there is no real transparency on the part of these societies, thus people aren't receiving a comprehensive perspective about them. Those who have been a part of them, and who sought to expose what they learned, end up gaslighted, missing like William Morgan or paid off to come back into the fold. I take great pride in saying that Eyes Wide Shut is the single most comprehensive book on the subject and that other books should be referenced against it. It makes plain the signs, symbols and misleading language often used to "DIVERT A DISCOURSE... for the Honour of the worshipful Fraternity" as stated in Part 4 Section 2 of their Masonic Constitution discussing a freemason's BEHAVIOUR in the Presence of STRANGERS not MASONS. Much of what I share in this book you will not be able to Google. If you're serious about study and/or know others who are, this book is indeed a worthy investment in your library.

Eyes Wide Shut: The Science of Secret Societies 
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