Monday, May 29, 2006

Chef Dave Martin
BRAVO'S Reality Show "TOP CHEF"

"I'm not ya' Bitch, Bitch!!"

Over the last two month’s I learned a new word for the first time, Bitch! I am Understanding Knowledge (31) and I have never used this word in my vocabulary my entire life. I can say that I never saw a use for it in describing what I see, but all that has changed! Now I use the word “bitch” where it applies. Particularly in reference to these savage bitches I see on a daily basis. It’s interesting to see how low some of their expectations are, especially when it comes to sex. I heard people say stuff like, “A no good man made a no good woman!” and that’s “generally” an accurate statement. We just can’t overlook these bitches who continue to be grimy and live a savage way of life regardless of the circumstances. They have a choice, and many of the bitches I see “choose” to do the shit they do! Maybe it’s something in the water?

Population ratio’s of females to male dictates a lot of the grimy shit that these bitches do in much of the same way that colored people gravitate towards devilishment seeing that they are facing global genetic annihilation. In many places, women are in a situation where they are 11 to every “1” Single, Educated, Truthful, Employed, Healthy, HIV Negative, Strait, Identity Conscious, Non Criminal, Black, Man! Black women often look at eachother and live by the mantra "Either I must compete or get beat on my feet"! For the Black woman in America she is facing some very slim choices. Statistically, many of them won’t ever have the opportunity to deal with the above mentioned type of man. They will either settle for some other type of male, turn lesbian/bisexual or find other unnatural methods to compensate for this unbalanced population ratio of females-male. Shit I got two young Queen’s myself and I know the potential for them to become one of these grimy bitches who will phuck another woman’s man just to say she has one! Not on the basis of available choices, but based on the fact that there aren’t many Single, Educated, Truthful, Employed, Healthy, HIV Negative, Strait, Identity Conscious, Non Criminal, Black, Men around. Choices are very slim indeed and the Rap Music serving as the theme music for their generation doesn’t look promising either!

Now that I’ve gotten that off, check this out. First of all I’m not putting up with the shit. I don’t think these bitches are cute showing they ass, running game and parading around knowing they got kids somewhere. I ain’t entertaining nor “trying” to civilize none of these bitches either! Most of them know exactly what they’re doing and they ain’t ashamed about it. I also need to speak on these headwrap wearing, cutthroat, Little Kim lyric quoting, ¾ wearing, closet freak, trying to use my mathematics to boost my Ego, game playing, frontin’ satisfaction, toxic earth bitches! Ya’ll don’t move me either! You a bitch wit knowledge, a bitch that basically know better!

To get a clearer understanding of where I’m coming from do the knowledge to “
Axiology”. It’s the science of how people arrive at certain value systems! Axiologically speaking, because so-called “Men” have been on some misogynistic, patriarchal, oppressive bullshit towards women for centuries, we forced women to adapt and cope with specific societal roles as best they could. Unfortunately, this became a proverbial “pelon”, a psychological/social place where many Devils were manufactured! A Bitch by definition is “a female dog” and because of our backwardness as men, we simultaneously prepped many women to become other than themselves too! This of course is speaking from a historical perspective, but it is entirely up to us (once we know this!!) to choose if we want to make this type of mentality contemporary. For instance, as a brother who knows this, I would be a grimy muthafucka if I choose to try and take advantage of women who are starving for a man, knowing that I couldn’t give them the time, attention and financial support they truly need! I’m just on some pimp shit! Now a woman would also be just as grimy after knowing that statistically it’s 11 to 1 and she decides to get on some “New York” shit (from Flavor of Love) to try and get a man! There are women all across America getting down like this and these bitches are trifling, head wrap and all! And the nigga’s who are on some smorgasbord shit are just as grimy! See, I strive to be conscious of the gender inequality on all levels in society (and it’s manifestations) be it social, economic and population wise. America has been a 5oo pound Gorilla riding both our backs, b.u.t. some of us have learned to use this as method to protect us from shit we think will be worst than our back ache! Feel me?

So what solutions do I see? We gotta’ either honestly and openly try to deal with polygamy, HONESTLY, or start an Earth convent (not a lesbian colony) that will ensure that we can create some equilibrium. This Lifetime Network bullshit got to go, it’s difficult enough already dealing with regular bitches, we don’t need to be sitting there drawing up Asiatic bitches too! The Planet Earth is supposed to be the home of Islam, not a place where a woman is always scheming, manipulating, lying, competing and trying to use devilishment to keep a man, and justifying the shit based upon her “survivalist”, poor part of the Planet mentality! I know some of you are sitting back saying “Yeah all that is caused by the Sun of Man!”. Yeah that’s “generally” true, b.u.t. not in these epidemic cases where bitches know alternatives but still choose to be bitches, and proud flag flying’ bitches at that!

Those women who feel offended, defensive or outright angry about the truth then it’s you who I am talking to specifically. Get ya’ shit together, be honest with yourself and quit running game bitch! When the Black man comes into the Knowledge of himself he knows that he enters a “societal/globally universal” category where each day his value appreciates! He knows that he is the piece with the magnetic because there is nothing in comparison to Original Man and if you ain’t on no Geisha science then you bullshittin, strait up! Those males (not men) who feel offended that I would call you out like that, you need to get off that grimy shit of trying to manipulate women like that! If you can’t be financially (this is America!), emotionally and physically supportive to more than one woman (openly & consistently) than quit frontin’! Your killing yourself (in more ways than one) trying to make provisions to show off your stable at the show & prove each year! It ain’t impressive.

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