Saturday, June 10, 2006

First of all I'm feeling ambivalent about making it to the Show and Prove this Weekend. I really want to go b.u.t. some other more pressing issues came up. My financial resources had to be fully directed towards Custody Court on June 13th. I had to retain a Lawyer because I'm seeking Residential Custody of my two young Queens Asiyah (10) & Aziza (8)! I have a very, very good case in "Showing & Proving" that I'm the best suited Parent to provide their needs. Hopefully I'll be bringing them with me next year! Anyway, here’s some thoughts and situations that I’ve dealt with lately besides that:

  • I see that Michael Jackson and 50 are doing a song together! Willie Wonka meets King Kong and this joint might go "Plutonium" forget Platinum! I’m also interested in seeing what the video will look like (if they do one). My guess is that they’ll do it like the Nelly/Tim McGraw video where they made sure that they never shared a scene together! It won’t be nothing as ego-crushing and career dismantling than to see Mike with his feminine nut grabbing screeches dancing right next to Fifty lookin’ all hood making gun gestures with his hands towards the camera! This situation can be either an explosion or an implosion!

  • I was recently approached by this Wiz who told me that her “Married” friend who just had her 3rd child 6 weeks ago, who’s husband is still recovering from a car accident he suffered in the last 6 months “wanted to know my status?”. Among other “things”, she thinks I’m honorable! All I can say about that one is you won’t read about that in my Koran! The ill thing about it is that she actually told this Wiz to ask me! Obviously, we as an Original Man have alot more work to do in regards to changing how we are “collectively” perceived. She really must have expected me to react to this too & by jumping out of some nigga’ bag!

  • Last month I did the Knowledge to the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha”!!! It was on point. I tell you, I need me an Earth that carry her science like a Geisha, word is bond! They took that “how to keep a man and in general how to act at home and abroad” MGT & GCC Science to the level of an art! I mean, these Wiz’s show & prove that many of us have truly been settling for the poor part. Don’t just rent this joint, buy it and add it to your Book of Life!

  • I work at the Seneca Niagara Casino. I Native owned and operated “gaming” operation that is unlike any place I have ever worked at before. It’s a whole story within itself. Anyway, on the “Wisdom Day” (The 2nd) this Colored Woman (white woman) came into work all excited about what she learned at work yesterday. She quizzed everyone (about 7 other people) during Pre-shift (A “Manager” coordinated 10 minute meeting before the start of the shift) about what a “Rusty Trombone” was! She stated that it’s when you kneel behind a guy and toss his salad while you beat his monkey (to paraphrase her)! She dropped this nasty shit like it was a jewel or something. I’m standing back feeling like my conscience was raped. Anyway, “a savage means a person who has lost the knowledge of him/herself & is living a beast life”!

  • My young Queen Asiyah (10) got chosen to participate in a Leap Forward Program because she is enrolled in this SAT Afterschool Program sponsored by Jamir Nelson of the Orlando Magic. It’s a 4-year 5 week Summer Camp program where she stays on a College Campus, learns subjects like Science, Math and Latin and travels to do field research. She also got selected to participate in a Youth World Leadership Conference in DC next Spring! She’s been doing her thing. Even though I’m proud of her, I constantly try to emphasize that she is living for her and that this is about the knowledge of “herself”, not the knowledge of Saladin. I show her (and my other Queen Aziza) the Freedom of living this Culture in a way that we naturally got these lesson’s; from the natural, free flowing world around us! Anything other than that would be a religious crime.

  • Over the past month I’ve been doing a Community Video Project with my class. We’ve been going out in the immediate Community getting interviews from residents and film footage to document how the Community can be developed. We are also emphasizing the major components that define a Community such as Family, Culture, Economy, History and Architecture. It’s been fun and enlightening! One disturbing thing we found in one square block was 9 homes that were boarded up and abandoned by absentee landlords. To add fuel to the fire, the doors were either wide open or could be opened with a simple twist of the doorknob! Statistically, 60% of all homes make less than $25,000 a year and 45% are below the National Poverty Line. Besides this, only 10% of the people have a College degree. Many of my students come from this environment and I feel blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of reversing these statistics and showing & proving that the Cream always rises to the top!

  • Through observation I noticed that I have a sexual cycle that I go through. It’s a time when I’m really feeling intimacy compared to times that I’m strait without it. It’s approximately a four week cycle. The interesting thing about this is the fact that I’m not the only one who knows this! Wisdom’s (Women) pick it up like a specialized cologne forged from pheromones! Sometimes I feel like I’m walking around with a shirt on that say’s “Alpha Male”! From the perspective of the Ego, yeah it feels good, b.u.t. at the same time I know that it’s a temporary attraction power. Discipline is the glue that holds us together, especially the brother’s! There were times when I built with a Wiz and was all wise right & exact and when that cycle come around.. . Well, let’s just say that it’s a very humbling experience. I say this all to say what? To the brother’s, know your cycle and be honest about it! One of the greatest “National” setbacks is when we are showing and proving the righteous dimensions of our Culture and began seeing this sincerely reflected in a Wisdom’s eye’s, only to find ourselves exchanging body fluids with her like a scene from a Michael Douglas movie! Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothing wrong with making love, but brother’s we gotta’ make sure that it will not compromise our integrity or have her doubting our ability. She will test us!!! It’s a bad feeling to look in a woman’s eyes who your trying to teach and know that she ain’t really listening to shit you saying by the smirk on her face. She’s probably sitting there wondering when the next time she can get you to hit it from the back, like the other “nigga’s” she dealt with!

  • I formally got Knowledge in Born Power (95). To look back on the 11 years since I’ve had my lesson’s I’ve become happier, healthier and more aware of what my destiny is comprised of. Sure I’ve gone though hell, but I have always come out right through learning what I needed to be taught at the time. By being committed to “PEACE” and saying “PEACE” as much as I do, it continues to have a profound effect upon my state of being and worldview. I also live in an environment that reinforces this too. All in all, there is nothing more fulfilling and beautiful than living life the way in which it was designed. Take the time to use your nose to smell the scent of a blossoming flower, listen to the song of the birds, hug someone that you love, and stop for a moment to gaze at the stars! As ugly as people can often “make” life be, appreciate what life was and will be long after they are gone!
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