Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Kaw, Kaw! Peace God, I Knowledge 120! Kaw, Kaw!"

Religified Gods and Groupie Ass Earths!!

First let me start by saying what I am not. I don’t belong to a Father Allah Fan Club nor do I rock Nation Paraphernalia like a die-hard Mavericks fan in the NBA Finals! I don’t carry Supreme Mathematics like some rigid Chuck Norris Karate moves nor do I compulsively quote what “The Father” said like it’s Harlem Hadith! The reason I put that out there is because I’ve come in contact with too many “religious folk” who claim to be Gods and Earths who have yet to understand what Culture FREEDOM or SELF STYLED Wisdom really means! These folks are what I call Religified Gods and Groupie Ass Earths! Let me break it down.. .

What inspired me to write this article is a visit I had on the 12th of June. Right after they got their Show & Prove fix for the year, a couple of Gods and an Earth got in contact with me through one of my brothers. Because of that, I automatically opened my home to them on the strength of his rapport. Me and one of the Gods build briefly on the phone and I gave him directions to Atlantis (Niagara Falls) and eventually to my Kingdom. Everything was a Peace vibe until I began to observe their way's and actions!

To be more specific, when you meet someone for the very first time and you are invited into their home enter with a sense of respect. These people walked right through my house without even thinking about taking off their shoes! The Earth included! 85er’s even have enough sense to observe this type of “basic” civilization. The brothers did put they Newport’s out before coming in my Kingdom and I respect that, but when I allowed one God to roll some herb up at my kitchen table he didn’t clean up after himself. To make matters worst, I walked them all down to a nice natural lookout spot where you get a beautiful view of the Falls and one of the brothers who brought a Pepsi with him stood there and threw the empty can over the lookout point!

They tried to build, and when I say tried I mean “tried”. I could tell that it was more external to them in regards to impressing someone and hearing themselves speak. You know how some Gods and Earths only parrot cliché quotes of other people? That’s how they sounded, not really authentic, plus they had very limited knowledge of thoroughly investigating other sciences. When I asked them about their interests (Major Science) they couldn’t even tell me anything! When I built with them about The Father being a manifestation of one of the more contemporary expressions born through a society of dissatisfaction, while others had been born before him (Al-Hallaj, Hazrat Inayat Khan and etc..) and after him (we are living proof) they looked dumbfounded! They couldn’t believe the actual fact (which I directed them to study) that The Father wasn’t the only person to teach that the Black Man was God! I built about how other’s (male & female) received this Knowledge in different eras, in different geographic locations and in a different language. While observing their ways and actions they had the nerve to expect me to accept them because of what The Father did! I’m looking at them like “Yeah, that’s Peace what he did, what are you doing. Lets deal with you being The Father or Mother to your own Civilization”! It’s fine to acknowledge, honor and respect our Elders that came before us, I’m just not interested in sitting around and simply feeling good about their contributions knowing that I am also a said person of that ability. I really don’t want to go into the “miracles” surrounding the shots fired in a elevator, I’m alittle more interested in networking and building! I’ve always seen the Universal Flag as a National representation of me, while I watch others Patriotically rep they flag! That’s just me, you won’t really find me talking too much, I’m more concerned with teaching because light travels alot faster than sound! Also, always remember that teaching and talking are two different things, some people confuse the two. Slick rhetoric ain’t synonymous with building.

Now here comes the devilishment. In the middle of my train of thought one of the brothers asks me to quote the 34th degree in the 1-36. Naturally I’m like “what”? I welcomed them into my home, was gonna give them the key to stay there while I rested somewhere else and anything else they needed to be comfortable and this nigga gonna ask me some bullshit to try to see if I can quote a degree in 1.3 seconds flat! I know they were alittle upset that I didn’t just give them credit based upon who they knew, where they been and how proficient they could parrot lessons! I was more interested in Knowing them and what they were really about, and when that Religious God and Groupie Earth shit ain’t move me it made them question their own true self worth. That is exactly what I wanted them to do anyway, to realize that it’s ultimately not about “The Father this and The Father that”, it’s about what you are actively doing to add on to this unique legacy! I told them that I appreciate him and I appreciate my physical Father just the same. It trips me out when I see people deifying The Father and speaking of Allah in the third person all the time. On a deeper psychological level you can see that the only true difference between people in the Nation of Islam and some people in the Nation of Gods and Earths is The Father is their Almighty God instead of Fard Muhammad.

*Side note- See when I speak about Allah outside of myself and in the third person it is only in the context of defining The Father in a given situation. To me when I hear a Nation of Islam Minister constantly repeating “Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad” and a God constantly repeating “The Father Allah” it always sounds the same. Both of them sound religious to me when it came down to it.

Regardless of what I showed this brother and his people as family, he felt that he needed to question me. I thought to myself, if I wanted to be on some gully shit instead of welcoming them into my home and even offering them to stay there I could have easily made all of them quote 120 before I let them even use my damn bathroom! I didn’t come off like that. We can sit down and go through degrees and really build b.u.t. don’t come at me on some destroy shit to seek ways to boost your ego because I’m the piece with the magnetic and you’re the piece without.

Anyway, it took me some seconds to redirect my train of thought and recall the degree. This “Strawman Tactic” served as an opportunity for him to redirect the conversation about knowing my degrees because I didn’t say it in 1.3 seconds flat! Now make sure you do the knowledge on the “Strawman Tactic” link because it gives you a lot of insight into this Psychological Tool that is prevalently used by these Black Devils who mask themselves amongst the 5%! It’s one of the Sciences of Tricknowledge and since my Ole’ Earth was a Psychologist I got some of these lessons from her as a youth.

After this exchange, the brother took his pack of cigarettes out, lit up a Newport and took a nice long pull off his cancer stick and began to walk off like “The Duke” would ride off into the sunset! Wisely I said “That’s Peace, I don’t quote all 120 Lessons every day and it would be good if I started quoting them more often”. In response to him, I said that he should work on overcoming his nicotine habit because those cigarettes are killing him. I spoke plain and simple truth and instead of taking the truth and standing to be corrected his defensive response was “I don’t do it around the babies”! In Psychology this reaction is defined as “Cognitive Dissonance” so I knew where he was coming from. I also drew that destructive shit up in the 8th degree of the 1-14’s, “Because he didn’t want the seeds to know how filthy and contradictive he is in his affairs. He is afraid that when they learn about him they would run him from amongst them by questioning him about saying one thing and doing the complete opposite”!

Ultimately we parted ways and said Peace b.u.t. there was still residue left behind and we didn't come to an Understanding. Not only was I upset with the way they treated me, I also felt bad for those innocent people who may come into contact with them and as Representatives of The Nation of Gods and Earths. I could dissect this for a while about these folks so let me end by giving you a short bullet list of some things that can be learned from this twilight zone type of experience:

  1. Learn General Civilization first before running off at the mouth. Learn basic lessons such as taking your shoes off at the door when you’re a guest at someone’s home, cleaning up after yourself (especially in their home) and not littering in someone’s neighborhood. No matter how “swell” you think you sound and mathematical gymnastics you perform, it takes seconds to bring to the light how you are really living!
  2. Quoting 120 does not equal “learning your Lessons”. African Grey Parrots can quote degree’s so that’s not what it’s “all” about fam. If you Know Lessons but haven’t learned your Lesson’s your just an 85er or 10 Percenter in drag!
  3. This is a Way of Living not a Religion. The answer to my 9th degree in the 1-10’s doesn’t say 1969 and The Father should not be worshipped as Fard Muhammad in blackface! If you find yourself “systematically” talking about Allah as outside of yourself in the third person all the time, then you need to re-evaluate what it is you say that you know about Culture!
  4. Let the Universal Flag be a representation of you, even if you don't have it on! Many people that call themselves Gods and Earths be walking around reppin’ the Flag like zealot Patriotic Americans after 9/11, but when you look at their lifestyle you’ll see that they don't truly express the values that we teach! Being compulsive is one of the things that turned us off from Religion in the first place, remember?
  5. Eazy E. got a son that raps and he has been mooching off “his Father’s” legacy to gain credibility for who he is. It will work for a while but people will begin to question what he brings to the table to add on. This is also true with us. You can only tell so many “The Father” stories until people start asking you "What do YOU say and do YOURself"! I’m not saying that we shouldn’t appreciate his words, I’m just saying that we need to do something with them in our own Self Styled way!
  6. Earth’s respect and appreciate your Man, and quit being God groupies! Your role is not to function like some cool ass sunni muslim women! Your getting Knowledge of YOURSELF. By being a Queen you will automatically Know who he is, so look within you! Don’t be indoctrinated because as Ego shattered as blackmen are, many of us will seize your response to this Culture as a opportunity to get on some 10% shit and beat you in the head with a blackman’s education! He’ll have ya' “longing for a man” ass seriously considering polygamy while overlooking his spotty employment record and lack of quality time spent with his children! All in the name of him being a savage in the pursuit of Ego Gratification!
  7. By lip professing someone’s else’s wisdom (The Father) it doesn't make you wise! You only make a fool out of yourself trying to sound wise when people see you chain smoking cigarettes at the same time! We are not holy b.u.t. we are not hypocrites either! You only discredit yourself when you think that people should accept what you say and not question you when you are clearly doing the opposite!
  8. True Growth & Development hinges upon our ability to stand to be corrected. To be honest about our inconsistencies and resolved about doing what it positively takes to be productive Men and Women. Therein exists the essence of our Divinity! If you can’t honestly look at and deal with what it is going to take for you to be a productive Man or Women, then you missed the point of what this is ultimately all about! Don’t expect people to acknowledge you as a God or Earth when your not even being a decent, considerate, respectful, clean, organized and responsible Man or Women first.
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