Thursday, January 18, 2007

"In the Name of ALLAH, literally!!"
Name Change Politics
(-How to change ya' NAME without a Lawyer-)

Peace Family, once again I'm back with something very interesting for you to do the Knowledge to. Gotta put a plug out there for the Movie I recently did the Knowledge to called "Pressure Point". This 1962 movie is set in the early 1940's when World War was jumping off and it star's (Sir) Sidney Poitier, who plays the role of a Prison Psychiatrist. It center's around his experience with his most difficult Patient -Strait up White Supremist- and his quest to treat him! The bulk of the movie chronicles his Psychoanalysis of this Patient and it's deep because it gives you a very good perspective of a collective psyche of Colored People (White People), that's shared throughout the globe. For those of you who have read J.A. Rodgers book "From Superman to Man", this movie is ideologically similar in it's conceptual expression of "but do not try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them, they believe in the 10% on face value." (9th Degree/1-40). Cee, when you think about old movies, Alfred Hitchcock is one of those people that really modernized film in regards to editing techniques/camera shots and basic special effects. Prior to this and even during his time, movies didn't have all the glitter and shit to sell a story, the foundation was always "The Dialogue"! Good movies meant good lines just like good songs meant good music and good lyrics. Back in the Black/White Movie Era you cee some of the best dialogue you've ever heard! Not to dismiss some of the newer movies, I'm just saying that if you really want to watch and hear some shit, go back and do the knowledge on some of the older movies. I'd say anything between the 1930's-1980's is a pretty good range. Also, check out some of "The Duke's" (John Wayne) Kick-ass Western Movies. In particular check out "Big Jake", "Rio Grande" and "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon". There's many other movies "that are not mentioned in this lesson", but take my advice and check out some Ole' Fashioned B/W Movies.

Now, my subject for today.. . I wanted to build about the idea of the "Legal Name Change". First of all, I so-called legally (in accordance with the Civil Laws and Statues of New York State) changed my name to "Saladin Quanaah' Allah" on April 23rd, 1999. For those who don't know what "Quanaah'" is it's a Quahadi (Comanche) name of the last Quahadi Chief named Quanah Parker. As you can cee, I added another letter "a" to it, b.u.t. anyway it means "Fragrant or sweet smelling". I never get too much into this, b.u.t. it's an add on to my Major Science; Shamanism. So for all of you shit starters, yeah there's a "Q" in my name! For all you Supreme Math fanatics Quanaah' means; Queen's Universe is Allah's Nation, Allah is He to Her. Oh yeah, it also born's (adds up to) Born which is "I", Islam, I Sincerely Love Allah's Mathematics and I Self Lord And Master, there, you satisfied?! For those of you who don't understand why I said that, it's because some of these Chauvinistic Ass-holes (so-called Gods) are under the illusion that if you are a male you cannot have the letter "Q" anywhere in your name because it represents "Queen" in our Supreme Mathematics! It never occurs to them that certain letters (and numbers!) are inherently feminine, others masculine and some neutral. Dumb muthafuckas!

Anyway, like I said in a previous Article, I Knowledged 120 in 1995. This was a complete renewal of my mind and from that point forward it put me in a position where I had to deal with the complications of having a "Double Consciousness" (as coined by Carter G. Woodson), something I was never comfortable with! I've had arguments with muthafucka's, debates and heard every excuse under the Sun why brothers still don't mind being called "Billy" and sisters "Mary Ann" when they supposively have Knowledge of Self! I never felt that level of comfort with being called and viewed as a Caterpillar once I undoubtedly evolved into a beautiful Butterfly! Nigga's be trying to rationalize the shit saying "Yo' God that's my Honorable Name", like “that” really changes what Steven Harold Wagstaff means in the Grand Scheme of things! I don’t know about ya’ll b.u.t. it seems contradictive to me to cee Supreme Born Divine building his ass off in Cipher one minute and the next minute being called Freddy Joe Brown by his white counterparts! It’s like, when I chose my Attribute I took that to heart, for real for real. To me it wasn’t no Street Name or fuckin’ AKA, it was MY NAME and I didn’t want to be called anything but that! In time I did begin to realize why some people do that! Like some Bobby Digital shit, they use these split personalities to live out a duel lifestyle. One that they rationalize as governed by Righteousness and the other that is strait 85! At work or most of the time people "know" them as Becky or Steven but they flaunt around at NGE functions and parliments as Queen Natural Divine Earth and God Shamiek Born Master Allah! It's easy to identify muthafucka's on that type of shit because they are usually Nationalistically Extreme! Extreme to a point where you can smell their sense of guilt, inadequacy and overcompensation from being saturated in a Build Power (85%) role all week!! Nigga’s like this will try to build until you fall the fuck out or bomb you about everything from your ear piercing to the fact that you didn’t know The Father had a mole on his ass! Like I said, you can tell Nigga’s that suffer from the daily Complications of thinking they are one thing and willingly answering to another thing every day of your life. It’s a lot of inner turmoil going on and they often take out their frustrations in unhealthy ways on those who accept them as they want to be ceen! Before I erupted, I resolved this issue and legally changed my name!

I need to mention that our 9th Degree in the 1-40’s talks about the 85% in saying that they “Do not want to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them. THEY BELIEVE IN THE 10% ON FACE VALUE.” Through my experiences I realized that the idea of “believing in the 10% on face value” was the psychological foundation of 85% of the people, and this defined their Worldview! In practical terms, when it comes to your name, you go through Psychological Warfare with these muthafuckas, this is, if you plan on literally defending your name! Since they “believe in the 10% on face value”, this means that regardless what you call yourself, if it ain’t on your Lease, Utility Bills, Paycheck, SS Card or License that ain’t your name! They have a legal right and obligation to call your ass “Toby” if that’s what it is, on paper. You can get mad, debate, or whup a muthafucka’s ass for so-called disrespecting you b.u.t. according to the laws of the land, “Ya’ name is Toby boy”! I lived over four years as Clark Kent amongst Family, some Friends and Associates and that shit was draining my lifeforce! Sure I would build with my Inner Circle b.u.t. that was it. I felt like I was lying to myself and “Settling the Devil on the Best Part” (1/1-14). After four years of wearing that bullshit ass Build Power Costume I took it upon myself to take the steps to legally change my name.

Now the first thing I did was consult with a local Liar I mean “Lawyer”. He quoted me at $700 to do it for me so I told him thank you for the information, hung up the phone and walked strait to the library to start doing research on getting it done myself. The first thing I found that each State has it’s own Civil Laws and State Statues in regards to “NAME CHANGE” Law. Since I live in New York State, I did the Knowledge on ours. For those who are interested in changing your name in other states I recommend that you go to your Local Public Library Reference Section and check out your Civil Law’s & Statues for “NAME CHANGE” Law. Anyway, what I discovered is under "Section 60 Article 6 of the Civil Rights Law of New York State Consolidated Laws and Statues" there is a THE COMMON-LAW NAME CHANGE METHOD (Paragraph 4) that is recognized. What this means is that according to COMMON-LAW Usage, a person doesn’t need to go through Legal Court Proceedings in order to change their name. Basically, as long as you have been consistently using this name over a considerable period of time, then that’s your name! Even though this is New York State Law, most people do not know this, therefore they often believe in the Court Method “on face value”. The next issue the presents a problem is acquiring documentation in the name you are using! When I say using, I mean using! You can’t be talking about your name is Scientific Allah or Queen Divine and your signing your Signature every other day with your “birth name” or letting people slide (even family) with calling you Brian or Lisa! You gotta be consistent! If you really want to come in the name literally then there’s no turning back and your old name gotta be buried there.

I had to go through quite a bit of educating people before I was able to finally born my name. Like I said, people weren’t familiar with the process so I had to bring copies of Section 60 Article 6 of the Civil Rights Law of New York State Consolidated Laws and Statues to Show and Prove what I was doing. DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!!! Anyway, the process I used took me a few months to complete and cost me a measly $10.00, literally! I’ve done the Knowledge since then and there are a few steps that don’t need to be taken anymore so here’s basically what you need to do. Remember, these steps are in regards to New York State and I’m sure that they are applicable in other States in they have a COMMON-LAW USAGE aspect of their “NAME CHANGE” Law. Well here’s the basic steps. If you have any questions after this, you can email me and I’ll give you more clarity;

1. Get a DECLARATION OF LEGAL NAME CHANGE Document that I created. If you need a copy please email me and I’ll send it to you. This form is what it is! It declares your legal right to change your name under THE COMMON-LAW USAGE METHOD, cites the Civil Laws and Statues that uphold it and explains that you are of sufficient age, and you aren’t changing your name to defraud, misrepresent, affect, defeat or destroy any past obligations, rights of property, rights of others or actions which exist in your birth name.

2. Take this Document along with current I.D. to a Bank to have it NOTORIZED by a Public Notary which authenticates it as a Legal Document. Keep the Original for your own records and make a few copies. A cover letter and a Copy should be filed with the County Recorder to make it an OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD. Be sure to request that the County Recorder send you a Confirmation Response in writing that ensures that they have received your correspondence. From this day forward, you must “legally” use your name. The date on your NOTORIZED STATEMENT will be your officially Born Day!!!

3. Go to a Local Store and buy a Prepaid Credit Card. They are cards that you re-load with money. When you call to activate your card GIVE THEM YOUR NAME. In a week or so they will send you mail and a card in your NAME. If your name is Sincere God Allah, then that’s what will be on the card. They also offer you a Direct Deposit Slip so you may want to consider getting your paycheck (or part of it) directly deposited onto your card. This action begins the creation of the proper paper trail you’ll need to further validate your name. It’s important to mention that you use your card as much as possible. Use it “systematically” to create Mail, for Utility Bills, Purchases and etc.. , anything to generate the documentation that’s Show’s and Proves that you have been using this Name. Keep a file of all of these Transactions!

4. Contact any agencies that have records in your old name via phone and/or letter with a copy of your LEGAL NAME CHANGE DECLARATION and Confirmation Response from the County Recorder and forward it to them so that they can update your records to reflect your NAME. Debt Collectors would love to do this, trust me! Also begin to go to any local stores and sign up for or update any Member/Discount Cards that will bear your name. Remember that you may have to “educate” people about the process especially if they talking about “they need picture I.D.”! Be sure you have your Documentation (NAME CHANGE DOCUMENT, Copy of the Civil Laws and Statues, Letter from the County Recorder, and any other documentation you have generated from using your Re-load Debit Card)

5. Go to the Local SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE with your Documentation (see above), turn in your old SS Card and request a New One that bears your NAME. All you need is documentation in your NAME which you have generated through systematically using your Re-Load Debit Card. Again, you may run up against ignorance, so you might have to speak to a person a Supervisor or Manager, b.u.t. you shouldn’t have any problems. The key is to have as much available paperwork in your new name as possible. SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE will take you old card, give you a form which states that you filed for a new one and in a week or so you’ll receive your new one in the mail.

6. In order to get a NYS Driver’s License/I.D. you need “7 Points” of Identification. At the DMV you can ask for a sheet that tells you all forms of acceptable documentation. Your Social Security Card is worth 2 points so now all you need is 5 more. This can be your Debit Card, and other minor forms of identification that you probubly already have up until this point because you’ve been systematically using your Debit Card right? Right! Again, you may run into the same ignorance so make sure you got your Artillery of Documentation (including your SS Card) to educate them. If you already got a NYS Driver’s License/I.D your simply requesting to have that information “updated” (Not “changed”, people are sometimes frightened by that word!). If it’s all good at this point, smile for the muthafuckin’ camera and you’ll be receiving your NEW NYS Driver’s License/I.D. in the mail.

7. Take out some add space in your Local Newspaper where they print Birthday/Engagement and other information and inform the general public that you have changed your name. You can even do it like it’s your “Born Day” or something! By publishing this information, it further reinforces the fact that you are no longer to be legally called “Jeff Blockovich” b.u.t. Knowledge G. (God) Allah.

Some of these steps may go smoother than others. Some your gonna have to work through because people are generally ignorant to the fact that you have the legal right to bypass Court Proceedings and change your name at will through COMMON-LAW USAGE! Since I have done this myself I have been instrumental in helping others take the same steps to reclaim their name, for real for real! That’s why I put this information out there like that. Sometimes I come in tune with people that don’t want to call me “Allah” and I can see it all over their black or white faces! But guess what?! They gotta grit they muthafucken’ teeth and call me by my NAME or don’t call me at all! Why? Because “they believe in things on face value” and if they do call me out of my NAME that’s grounds for Harassment, Defamation of Character and other legal issues that they probably don’t want! You feel me?

When dealing in a Society of people who have suffered from a Mental Death, most of our battles are waged on a Psychological Front! This is a battle that we must win to ensure that we properly and unrestrictedly represent who we are, for ourselves and our future; our children. What commitment do we expect our children to have to this God-Centered Culture if they cee us continually compromise what we call ourselves to accommodate what someone “wants” to call us? How can we teach them that we gave them a name that was founded in Peace and built first by us if they cee us answering to a name that divides us and makes them think that "we" are all on some different shit?! (7/1-14). Yeah I am encouraging those of you who haven't taken the step of changing your name literally (for "various" reasons) to really consider it. Fuck what other's think because you have to live with yourself and if your comfortable rationalizing why you still want to hold on to a name that doesn't respond to your present mental state then be satisified with it and disregard everything I'm saying. More than being a shallow EGO gratification, legally changing your name psychologcially/socially and economically involves other's in willingly reinforcing our God-Centered Cultural Identity and our own personal destiny! It's a Political Tool that can never be minimized or disregarded any longer. This is one of the most powerful teaching mechanisms you can ever have, especially dealing with those who "do not want to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them." THEY BELIEVE IN THE 10% ON FACE VALUE!”. So the next time you feel your pulse jump when someone plays them mind games and deliberately calls you “Rob”, or you feel anger when ya’ family or girl calls you “Samantha” then do something about it. It don’t have to be that way and you don't have to settle for that, change ya’ muthafucken’ name!!! PEACE
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