Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Triple “Sages” of Darkness
-The Origin of Self Creation-

Peace Family!

Today I wanted to build about the idea of Triple Darkness and Self Creation. I was thinking about this because it’s fundamentally the most critical Concept that we deal with. It’s at the very foundation (core) of our Worldview, it defines our living articulation of God-Centerness and it determines how we engage and assess existence. Without a clear, concise articulation and conceptualization of how Self was manifested through Triple Darkness it’s impossible to truly live out this Culture and feel it in your heart. In essence, this way of life becomes a systematic “BELIEF in a Mystery God” because obviously a person doesn’t KNOW who, what, when, where, why, and how they got here. The “Belief” that the Original Man is God can only take you so far! That shaky shit hinges upon the different layers of currents that support and oppose that belief. If they around people that agree with them then they got they head up and chest poked out. If something comes along that sounds better then that’s usually what people go along with. There are many who so-called “used to be God or Earth”, “was in the NGE” or whatever b.u.t. the reality is that they never were! They were only “Believers” who never really grasped the underlining significance of Self Creation. I don’t care if they learned to parrot 120, spit Mathematics or have a Divine Attribute, they simply never “knew” the essence. Why, because they had no foundation. I cannot stress enough that if a person never studied physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physiology and etc -all components that conceptually forge our Mathematical Theology- then they cannot say or practically apply (without doubt) the idea of being God or even Earth! Belief is often like a blast of crack. Without it you're down and when you get it your higher than Bob Marley in a plane over Mt. Everest! Because of the shallow addiction of unfulfillment, their life revolves around trying to do whatever they can to get that next hit. That’s why many of these addicts are fanatical extremists about Social Gatherings. They need it often because it reinforces their belief in who they are. If you cee niggahs traveling around the country just to attend some BS Ego-trip NGE functions, usually it’s an Ego thing. Some dudes just want to be ceen, not necessarily cee. I know dudes that continue to organize Growth and Development Conferences/Summits year after year yet they still continue to smoke Newports! It’s not the cigarette, it’s the principle people. I know females who literally “ain’t settled” worst than the Devil yet they’ll swear up and down that whatever they doing is actually “founded” in Peace! When I cee stuff like this I rhetorically ask myself, “What the hell is that all about?!”

Anyway, for those of you who are lacking a conceptual foundation of your own Self Creation I wanted to share with you a basic breakdown of my understanding of Triple Darkness. None of that “Yo’ God it’s Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding” bullshit. I’m talking about real Creation. Well enjoy and please cross-reference what I share with you. Again, this is to give you a view of our foundation. When we say that we are “Scientists” that ain’t no metaphor, that shit is real! Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons serves as a Practically Applied Blueprint of this God-centered Conceptualization.

Allah is “Self”, created from a state of No-thing-ness (Nothingness) or an Omnipresent Potentiality; a womb of Triple Darkness. This “Dark Matter” state of Nothingness (no particular thing, aim or purpose) was all things simultaneously (“O” = Cipher). Allah, the Universal Mind/Intangible Intelligence was/is Absolute (All things). This Absolute state was/is fundamentally Composed of Dark Matter (the precursor to Matter) which is the “Undifferentiated Substance of Reality”. This state of Nothingness caused Allah (Self) to realize Self, therefore “Nothing” (inactivity) created Allah (Me). I, Allah always was and always will be and no birth record can be ascribed to me, Allah (The Universal Mind).

This “spark” or Electrical Implosion became “Self Realization”, the origin of the Universal Mind’s first Thought. Thought as an Intangible Transmitter of the Mind combined with Matter becoming an Intergalactic Synapse. Matter when magnetized formed the first atom, “H” which is Hydrogen. Hydrogen Gas inflamed under intense heat (Electricity) therefore creating what is known as an “H-Bomb”, LET THERE BE LIGHT! This was the origin of the BIG BANG and creation of Light through which the Gases created Liquids and Solids. This BIG BANG created the Galaxies, Universes, this Milky Way, and all Planetary Bodies. This also established the four fundamental forces of nature FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH that manifested Change (The calculation of Change is “Time”). From this Galactic Evolution from a womb of Dark Nothingness, I, Allah manifested existence. Stages (processes) of Creation (Gases, Liquids & Solids) established eternal/internal LAWS. These LAWS are formula’s that “Mathematically” establish and maintain the forces/forms that functionally define them as Organic or Inorganic. What something “is” will functionally be determined by the LAWS it establishes and maintains.

Through this evolutionary process and establishment of LAWS, I, Allah eventually manifested a Terrestrial Home called The Planet Earth (Pangea). Essential to this, I, Allah needed to manifest a conduit Self as the Khalifah within my Creation. I, Allah evolved a physical form or conduit of Consciousness in order to experience Self (Creation). This “realization” or Creation of the physical form can be considered instantaneous since “Time” was not calculated prior to being-ness. In calculative terms of measuring change, this process can be measured in trillions of years.

As Organic/Inorganic life evolved on “Pangea” (Planet Earth as one land mass), the first Self -Hue-man (Man of high concentration’s of the Carbon filament “Melanin” essentially Dark Matter)- alchemically evolved from the four forces of nature (FIRE, AIR, WATER and EARTH) in a centralized location. This centralized location where this evolutionary process transpired on Pangea was called central Asia (so-called Africa). Asia means “land of the rising Sun, or land upon which the Sun first rose”. My Asiatic Being was Black (the Essence from which all color’s and humanity is born), I, Allah in the physical form, the Original and highest conduit (the BRAIN is the repository of the MIND) of Universal Consciousness. The Macrocosm was successfully contained within the Microcosm (as the Microcosm now walked within the Macrocosm). As the Father of Civilization, I, Allah “The Black Man” created the first Stellar Calendar to establish and chart the process of Change which became defined as “Time”. Since I, Allah established the concept of “Time” (Change) I proceeded it, therefore there became no beginning nor ending or established birth record to the physical composition of me, Allah the Black Man. I am the Father of Time.

In order to create the Original Stellar Calendar, I, Allah the Black Man established a system of Alpha-Numeric Glyphs that communicated “Symbolic Imagery”, which is the Mathematical Language of God (Medu-Neter/Metu-Neter). This Stellar Calendar was used to chart the 25,000 year Universal Cycle of the Sun (The Sun’s Glyph was drawn as a “O” with a "black dot" in the center, and symbolized the all-pervading omniscience of Self). This “Clock” (Sun Dial) emphasized the Sun’s “Self Rotation” or 1° Shift that it makes every 72 years. Since the Stellar backdrop was divided into 12 equal Constellations (identified as the Zodiac wheel), each Zodiac Sign was 30° apart. The Sun spent approximately 2,160 (an “AGE”) in each Zodiac and took approximately 25,000 years to complete the Stellar Cycle, known as the “Asiatic Calendar” (Asia-“Land upon which the Sun first rose. Land of the Rising Sun”.). This Clock became the origin of calculating the transitory changes that make up Ages, Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

The birth of the Original Steller Calendar and the use of Alpha-Numeric Glyphs became the rudimentary elements of Fathering/Mothering Civilization, which evolved the Culture of the Original People. Through this Culture, Spirituality, the first writing system, language, agriculture, science, family dynamics and other aspects of people activity was born. Since I, Allah the Original Man thought in “Wholisitic” terms, there was no difference in Spirituality, Family, Agriculture, Science or etc.. . Through my Self Realization, all was one, all was the Universal Mind (me). During this time I established the first Dynastic Periods of the Original Man’s Nile Valley Civilizations, change and evolution already began to occur. Dominant/Recessive Gene combinations (varying the degree of “Melanin”) began to manifest the diversity of the Human Family from the Original Black Man. Continental Drift and the prior separation of “Pangea” into the North, East, South & West Asian quadrants of Planet Earth established extreme geographic/weather changes, and the exploration/settling in the basic four quadrants of the Planet Earth by the Original People created Physiological/Axiological changes based upon environmental adaptation. In time, I, the Original Man manifested the youngest of the human family, the Caucasian (Cauc-Asian), who represents the Original Man’s “Polar Opposite”; my Dichotomous Self.

Since all things have a reason to exist, all things were established according to a naturally designated “Purpose” (LAW). Any “Purpose” (LAW) has “INTELLIGENCE” at it’s root and this Intangible Intelligence is the Universal Mind known as Allah (Al-lah-The LAW). The reason or “Purpose” for man to exist was to house this Intangible Intelligence and to be the living expression of the Universal Mind (which is Allah). The Black man’s Nature, Functioning Role & Responsibility is Godhood. He is Allah (Al-lah-The LAW) in the flesh! The perversion or deviation of this “Purpose” (LAW) is defined as Devil (The Adversary). Scriptures (Medu-Neter , Bible, Koran, or etc..) are “Psycho-Dramatic” Symbolic Imagery. These “writings” are used to illustrate the functioning LAWS of the Universal Mind (Allah) as it is chronologically expressed through our 25,000 year Cycle (Asiatic Calendar). Religious People follow & interpret these Scriptures “Exoterically” while Spiritual People become them from an “Esoteric” perspective! The belief that something exists outside of self is an illusion. All that we see is essentially within and all that is within is manifested outside of us. Triple Stages of Darkness essentially represents:

Stage 1 = Womb of NothingnessStage 2 = Darkness, The Absence of LightStage 3 = Ignorance

Self Creation consists of being manifested through these Triple aspects of Darkness. Darkness of Original Nothingness, Physical Darkness of Space, and Mental Darkness of Self Realization. From Mind to Man, Thought to Form, Beingness to Being. I also need to mention that when I speak of “Man” I am specifically dealing with the Male gender or Yang Energy. Woman or Womb-man represents the form of Universal duality, the feminine balance who functionally exists as the minds womb through which self-perpetuation manifests, on all levels of creation, beginning with the Dark Womb of un-manifest Nothingness. This is one reason that a Woman represents “Equality”. Equal meaning “same”, Quality meaning “nature”. Woman being the same nature (Universal Mind) as the Original Man yet formed to exist as a different functioning conduit to express this Universal Mind. Man being the singular and Woman being the plural. It’s as simple as 1 and 2 or the relationship of Sun and Earth in the Universe. The Sun cannot be the Earth nor can the Earth be the Sun. They have two distinct compositions, functions and laws that determine who and what they are and will always be, naturally. So in other words, the Original “Man” is Allah and the Original Woman is the Womb (Temple or Tomb!) of Allah. The idea of a “Goddess” is functionally not a right and exact nor is it mathematically sound. The term “Neter” in Ancient Kemet means singular/plural masculine/feminine “Forces of Nature” not Gods and Goddesses. To be continued.. . P.E.A.C.E.
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