Tuesday, May 29, 2007

-A LOVE SUPREME; Me and the Queens!!!-


Peace Family! I’ll tell you one thing, I never felt comfortable "Singing da’ Enlightener"! It just feels too much like Baptist Churchism to me. Maybe it has a different significance to some of the Elder Gods & Earths because they were around when it was created and I can respect that, and for children I think it is a healthy alternate to singing Pretty Ricky shit b.u.t. to me, singing da’ Enlightener and clapping my hands just ain’t my cup of herbal tea. Sure I live it out, I just don’t sing it! For those of ya’ll who haven’t peeped my angle yet I’m basically all about promoting the voice that dwells on the fringes of this National Body. The voice that is unafraid to speak about it’s own frailties, ironies, and honest sense of self identity. Because it is through this Ego Shattering Repository of unbounded ideas that true Growth & Development has been and will always be manifested! The same "Enlightened" place The Father saw himself in while soldiering in the NOI! I am an Advocate of Gods Humanity and our ability to look ourselves square in the eye without fear of what we once saw, presently cee and foresee in the future! I’ll tackle any muthafucken’ topic and express it from a God-Centered Perspective that is not only unapologetic, b.u.t. humorously poignant. I’m not against Social Equality, nor am I Anti-social. I’m not a Fatalistic National and I ain’t down wit no Egocentric, Supreme Math Social Club bullshit! I am a YOUTH ADVOCATE to the core and I really don’t spend much time with adults because frankly many of them are strait-up corny. If you took offense to that statement and felt your pulse jump then your one of them! My Social Equality mainly consists of my seeds, the students in my Program and children in my neighborhood. Aside from my Justice at the Casino, I occasionally deal with people my physical degree or older. It’s always funny to me when I hear Gods/Earths talking about "We for the babies!" and when you cee them in a group setting the seeds ain’t getting no attention by these Glorious Gods and Earths! The seeds are usually off to themselves, in the peripheral, and playing (wit two pieces of whatever..). So if it’s not truuuuuullllllyyyyyy geared towards the Youth.. , I’m not really gonna be involved in it. If it is, I may be there and definately show you what it really means to "Teach the Babies". And tell them to bring they Yu-Gi-Oh Cards too because some of my students been giving me Plus Degree’s on how to play!! LOL! Anyway, today I wanted to born some of my Understanding about Cultural Issues that I’ve been thinking about lately:

".. knowing every square inch of it he has chosen for himself THE BEST PART"
I finally got a Myspace Music Site up so do the Knowledge to it when you get a chance. It’s strictly promoting the services I offer through my Audiovisual/Literary Companies; Quahadi Music/Quanaah Publishing. I’m still gonna keep flooding the Blogosphere wit my A.S.I.A. Articles and that’s not gonna change! On my Music Site I’m gonna give people an opportunity to hear some of the services I offer and projects that I’ve done and/or currently working on. I’ll be randomly featuring various Audiovisual Works such as Songs, Instrumentals, Spoken Word, Builds, Sound Bites, and etc.. ! The services I offer through Quahadi Music/Quanaah Publishing are the following:
1. Music Production/Scores for Independent Films
2. Music Production for Multi-Genre Artists
3. Literary Works (Articles for Publications, Essays, Prison Correspondence & etc..)
4. Speaking Engagements

".. , and all not good in multiplying HAD TO.. ."
As some people get older their insecurities grow. That fear that was planted in them as a child has officially crawled from under their bed and now follows them around in broad daylight! One of these insecurities I’ve been noticing are people running to the alter to get together, as if they weren’t together already! Now I understand the thoughtfulness involved in making it "Official", that’s Peace and I support that 120%. I’m talking about people getting married and you can look in their face and cee that there’s unreasonable complications. A ticking biological clock can motivate muthafucka’s to take this kind of risky step! In a traditionally "monogamous" marriage that many NGE adopt, they fail to cee how Yacub’s Law’s infiltrate it. First of all they’re no longer healthy, strong and good breeders. The difference between da Wiz your building with and a Wife is about 35-50 lbs.! Yeah, Gods be packing on da pounds too! Marriage definitely becomes a Quality of Life (Health) issue because some people just start getting lazy. Also, now they got a house (or apartment) with a minimum of 8 (not 4!) Devils in it. If they got seeds then those Devils grow exponentially. Strength to do things is lacking too. The God now reports to the Earth or distills back to the Planet about everything that he does! If not, then he better brace himself and the whole household (including her!) for an Earthquake, because in her mind "he is (s)experimenting" with some kind of high explosive! This is tiring no doubt and I can cee the stress written all over married couples faces. Being a good breeder is also something that this "adopted arrangement" stifles. To a man it’s mental & emotional castration. I’m not even talking about physical breeding, I’m talking about the inability to breed certain friendships, business networks, private time and etc.. , simply because a Wife is over possessively insecure about "how to keep a Husband"! Ultimately this type of marriage is not and has never been the route for the Man/Woman to remain "good in multiplying" on any level. Why? The Institution itself is structurally based upon "6" & is diametrically opposed to I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics. The fact that a Wedding is traditionally considered "her Day" is one of the most obvious clues, and if Charlie the Chimp were up there in a tuxedo nobody would probably notice! My advice would be to redefine your Divine Union according to our own Cultural Principles. If not, then your Wife/Husband will continue to try and align you with Eurocentric American Values that define that "Institution" of Marriage, and the next thing you know ya’ gonna have ya Righteous ass up in Lynn Toler's face on Divorce Court. For the Gods, we all know that the Sun has 9 Planets in his Universe. To the Wiz’s, NOOOOOOOO this does not mean he’s fuckin’ 9 different Women. He may be, b.u.t. that’s what "he’s" dealing with personally. Anyway, the Sun having 9 Planets essentially means that there are at least 8 other females (not only Women) in his life that always play a significant & critical role in giving contextual stability to life on Earth. From a Universal perspective, their various proximities to him and qualities/characteristics he witnesses increases his insight to properly cee the Earth for what she is (not what she appears to be), in light of what else is out there (orbiting his space)! Earth is the Earth because I cee she’s not Venus, Mercury or any of the other Planets! The same way I am the Sun because I’m not one of these peripheral Stars that simply twinkle in da dark, I shine! Ultimately, as Tony Montana so eloquently put it in his famous Restaurant Scene, "So you can point ya’ fuckin’ finger!". Everything has a dichotomous reason to exist.

"The Maker, Owner, C.R.E.A.M.. !"
I’m definitely supportive of Brotha’s/Sistah’s in the NGE who have/are Producing Products (Literary, Audiovisual, Health and etc.. .) from our National Perspective. That’s the essence of Showing & Proving because they take the 11th Degree in the 1-14’s to a whole notha’ level. Beyond being satisfied with Word is Bond, Bond is Life it has become "Work is Bond, Bond is Livelihood, and I’ll give my life before my Entrepreneurial Endeavors fail"! Publishing Books (not stapling Microsoft Word Paper’s together!), making a CD/DVD, creating Healthcare Products and etc.. cost CREAM!! For Brotha’s/Sistah’s to invest their Cream like that say’s a lot. They’ve successfully moved from being "Intellectual Property" Owners to Making & Owning their own NGE "Real Estate". For those of ya’ll who have a problem with what some people have been putting out, then put something out to correct it.

"Yes I fast and.. ."
I’ve been basically eating one meal a day for the last 2 years. There’s some day’s I eat 2 meals or a meal and a half b.u.t. it’s basically been one meal and I feel excellent!! Even though I have a very demanding work week I’m still energetic and my spirits are usually high! I do make herbal concoctions to add on to my Cipher too and I’m sure that has something to do with it too! Don’t sleep, Elijah was really on to something when he dealt with HOW TO EAT TO LIVE (Book 1 & 2) and the Sciences of "Caloric Restriction" and "Food Combining"! Instead of just waiting a few days per Month to take out all the garbage (fast), I just take the garbage out on a more continual basis and fast a couple days per Month.

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