Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mouth of Atlantis (Niagara Falls)
(Housing Opportunities Made Equal)

Peace Family! Moving, moving, moving.. ! I think I mentioned to ya’ll back some time ago in an Article about the fact that I had to move because the building I rested in was being taken through Imminent Domain. The City of Atlantis (Niagara Falls) is doing this in order to build a New Courthouse and Public Safety Building. Anyway, it was physically, emotionally and financially strenuous (to say the least), b.u.t. there were many Lessons that I’ve learned through all of this and Jewels that I’m still sorting through! Here’s a couple of things to think about:
1. You’re writing a New Surah in your Koran.
2. Being uprooted like this has really made me think about the reality of "Making and Owning" my Home compared to being a Renter.
3. In an Imminent Domain situation a Renter really gets the short end of the compensation stick b.u.t. a Home Owner has more of an opportunity to come-up off of this situation financially.
4. You get an opportunity to reassess/redevelop "useful" physical, emotional, relationship and financial "land".
5. If you have children, it gives them an opportunity to expand their worldview.
More than anything I’ve learned how "live a respectful way of life" is connected to "build a home for himself" (4/1-14). Although this situation had it’s stressors, for the most part they were minimal because I’m coming from a "built a home for myself" situation and I’m making a transition into another "building a home for myself" situation. To come from a situation where you haven’t set up a home and then move into another situation where you haven’t set up a home is definitely "unsettling". And as I’ve mentioned before, "The Devil isn’t settled" (1/1-14) so you may be doing things right b.u.t. the situation itself produces multiple Devils like Gremlins in a pool! So it’s important to put yourself in a position of independence. You minimize unknowns and can cee your 4 Devils alot clearer! If you (as a Man!) are unable to "build a home FOR YOURSELF" then it is impossible to "live a respectful way of life"! It don’t matter who you are. If you can’t stand on your own it’s naturally impossible for a Woman to find any stability and security (respond/reflect) in you as a Man. In this circumstance all she can do is play the game of stroking ya’ Ego by calling you God, b.u.t. this is making her other than her ownself! Why? Because she’s "letting you" play the Man, your not being the Man. Now I understand that we’re sometimes struck wit currents and become things not by a personal choice, b.u.t. that’s a different layer. I’m speaking about when so-called Gods demand to be respected b.u.t. haven’t chosen to be a Man by building their own. The names Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American and African American are terms that denote disorientation. There is no literal place or origin in the geographic landscape of this World that reflects these names so they are simply conceptual ideas void of actual form. Land establishes orientation or direction and without land you cannot literally build a home. Without building a home it is impossible to live a respectful life or invoke life to respect you. It’s unsettling, there’s no stability and anything can happen to us at anytime. We become subjected to the whims (unknowns) of all Kingdoms be it mineral, plant, animal or human because by definition, we’re never at home. As males, sometimes we "make a name" for ourselves just like this because we haven’t stood up as Men.

One of the main tools used to undermine a man’s respectful way of life is to restrict our ability to make a reputable living. Making a living translates into being a provider and provision is our ability to secure the jewels of food, clothing and shelter. If not, we find ourselves dealing with hard times, hunger, nakedness and being out of doors like a muthafucka’! Not to mention being beaten and killed by Devil’s and some of their Advocate’s! Aside from these challenges you’ll definitely experience your share of "Nursism", confront "Wild Beasts" (28/1-40), be forced into High Explosive Experiments, and be subjected to other Elemental Layers/Currents (Rain, Hail & Snow). The whole situation forces us (Men) to take a detour (wrong direction) and this has continued to lead the entire Original Family astray. I am not overlooking the challenges that face us -because this is undoubtedly a Wilderness-, I’m just stressing that we need to do everything within our power to cee the day we’ve "worked" (not waited!) for as Men. Being forced out of doors because of some Imminent Domain Law, living wit some Wiz on her lease, being a grown ass Man living with ya Momma and etc.. are all situations that compromise’s a Man’s ability to live a respectful way of life. When you build (make) your own and are maintaining it this demands respect. For example, quite some time ago I met a God named Allah Jihad who’s out in C-Medina (Chicago). From the first day I met the God he "has always" been doing progressive work. Not talking b.u.t. teaching through what he’s doing. I’ve come across a few Gods/Earths who have had some slick, negative shit (not direct!) to say about him and the funny thing about it is that they never have anything to substantiate what they’re doing! All they got is words and we all got that! What I drew up from this is that they were basically hating on the God’s Math and instead of trying to be on some competitive bullshit wit him they need to humble themselves and quit trying to make a live grafted germ from the Original.. , unless of course if that’s not their Determined Idea! LOL!! The God is building and he ain’t living off the legacy of somebody else to gain status/credibility. You have to respect that!
Building a home (or anything for that matter!) for yourself is best done by yourself; independently. Not saying that you need to be on some Isle of Patmos shit by making a island out your idea and not letting people help you, I’m talking about the science of being independent. Like when I just moved to "my" new Born Jewel I needed help to move my heavy ass piano! Building a home for yourself and independence infers being BY YOURSELF, an essential component of Manhood. I’ve been dealing with the Wisdom (1-36) of "I came to North America BY MYSELF" for a great many years now. Like I said, not on some island shit b.u.t. being independent! The beautiful thing about this is that when I began my Rites of Passage into Manhood by leaving the nest it organically coincided with the meeting of my Educator and learning my God-Centeredness. This was a vital key to my development! Let me repeat, "this was a vital key to my development". Why? Because God is Man, meaning Man is God. Man is the primary and functional foundation for living out the reality of God. I’ve met many males who were introduced to the concept of the Black Man being God before they even learned to become a Man! It was almost like watching an egotistical child who should be playing Junior Varsity Football struggling to play on a Collegiate level. Not saying that he won’t come into his own, there’s just gonna be alot of "Necessary Roughness" that this child will go through (and sometimes inflict upon other’s) in order to come out right, if he ever does. When you look at the early years of the NGE, keep in mind that there were many children learning their God-Centeredness prior to them physically, emotionally, socially and financially taking on the responsibilities of being a Man. So the inaccurate phrase, "The Five Percenter’s are a Gang" is a generalization that society uses to politically define basic "Immaturity". It’s just as asinine as me saying "The Amish are a Gang" simply because "some of their youth" have done some immature things during Rumspringa! Now if the majority of the adults are walking around on some shit like that.. , well then I may consider it as a muthafucken’ Mission Statement b.u.t. if they’re not then I can’t honestly say that that’s what The Amish are all about! The 85% and 10% are not stupid! Sometimes people play dumb, don’t use common sense and inaccurately define things for political reasons. Shiiiiiitttttt I do it myself because I’ve found it to be a good trapping technique for certain animals that will attack you in this Wilderness! Especially when it comes to small carnivores with a Napoleon Complex! LOL!!

In conclusion, I wanted to say that this Article is primarily directed towards God being Man and a Man being the developmental goal of a male. As Men, we have a natural, distinct, and functionally different responsibilities than Women. From a Woman’s perspective I wouldn’t advocate the same methodology of "building a home for herself" in order to "live a respectful life" because that’s literally not her role. Since the time of slavery we’ve ceen our Women take on this unnatural role because of the restraints on the Black Man’s ability to be The Man, and we’ve also ceen males who simply haven’t evolved into Men for various reasons. This (along with the Woman’s Rights Movement & other Socioeconomic Conditions) has produced a survivalist race of "Amazon Women ON THE MOON"! These Amazon’s have taken on the entire weight of the Home (Earth) as an Archetypal Model of Atlas while the Black Man continues to be driven towards extinction! So instead of ceeing "building a home for herself" in order to "live a respectful life" from her own perspective, these Women have been conditioned to approach this like a Man. Even to the extend of trying to literally wear the pants of the household, although they’re clearly his because she’ll never be able to use the zipper in the front! Call in trivial b.u.t. the shit make’s sense.

Now, the Earth revolves around the Sun yet it rotates around itself. This tells a Woman that it’s not just all about being around me, you gotta be around yourself too! As a matter of fact, you were around yourself (rotating) prior to meeting me (revolving) when this Universe was created so "Submission" is a word that functions in a Complementary form, not a Dictatorship. So the true role a Woman is supposed to express is not mine because she’s not built to maintain my role in the same way I’m not built to maintain her’s! Building a home for "for self" takes on different angles when it comes to a Man and Woman. A Man (Sun) approaches it from the perspective of literal Self Reliance while the Woman (Earth) approaches it from a sense of complimenting his Self Reliance. "Building a home for herself" in order to "live a respectful life" hinges upon a Woman’s ability to find and keep a Man that provides, is stable and secure. There are many other tangible/intangible qualities that must be present b.u.t. on a basic level this Man has to establish a Centeredness (Sun) that maintains a disciplined, organized, progressive and uninterrupted orbit for his Woman (Earth) to be in tune with. Also, her choice of orbit (with his consent) establishes the proximity and degree of Light she receives from him which ultimately determines if they’ll produce Life. A Woman "builds a home for herself" by building herself to take the rightful position in a House! The physical house is something that should already be in place because the Man already "Made" it on his "Own"! The Woman’s role is to simply turn that House into a Home! It’s not her job to build a House and then make it into a Home (especially with seeds!), and those Women that you cee doing it look 5-15 years older than their actual age! The shit is real! Yeah they’ve earned everyone’s "respect" b.u.t. it depreciates the value of the "life" she’s supposed to "live"! It ain’t no glory in doing the job of two people (both Parents!). So, the real Science of "live a respectful life" in regards to a Woman means for her to be in a place of provision, stability and security where she can peacefully "take a second look" (re-spect) at the beauty of herself, their relationship and the world around her! Not on the grind so much that she barely comes up for air or never stopped to smell the flowers! The only way that a Woman can find this sense of Paradise is to find and keep a good Man and compliment his position so she can stop trying to obtain Paradise by using "Pair a dice" decisions just to stay afloat. I don’t give a fuck if she’s making 6 figures, got sex toys/boy toys and friendships in all walks of life. Without a Man she’ll never be complete (build a Home) or live a respectful life, and deeeeeppppp down inside she knows this! Of course without a Woman I wouldn’t be complete either and we unquestionably know this too, or at least we should.
With all that said, I encourage all of you (He/Her) to consider how living a respectful life is always relative to building a home for yourself.

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