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Peace Ya’ll. Because this Article has become quite lengthy, I had to add on a “120 HAS NO HONORARY DEGREES” Part III. Before I get into Part II, please take a good hard look at the image of the “Novelty” Collectors Edition “King of Cartoons” Doll I posted above today’s Article. This Pee Wee’s Playhouse “Character” serves as an Archetypical Model for “120 HAS NO HONORARY DEGREES” Part II. In today’s Article I wanted to address how Gods have been dealing with this Science of giving out these “HONORARY DEGREES” to females when it comes to Companionships.

Since Companionship forges the foundation of the Family Unit, it is of the utmost importance that Gods make sure that a Wiz is physically, mentally and emotionally fit to be the Queen in the Kingdom. In determining (assessing) who will be this Queen it’s important that Gods never compromise their Cultural Principles/Values. In the process, it’s fundamentally wrong for a God to try to ‘make’ a Wiz into a Queen without ever finding out if this -first and foremost- is what she wants for herself! A Wiz has to want to be a Queen for herself before even thinking about dealing with you or anybody else! Regardless what type of potential you cee in her, it’s important that she actually cee’s it in herself! As I mentioned in a previous Article, YOU CAN’T TRESSPASS AGAINST A PERSON when it comes to teaching this Math, especially when you’re dealing with a Wiz. Here is why; By TRESSPASSING AGAINST a Wiz, you knowingly/unknowingly become an Advocate of a Gender Oppressive, Misogynistic Society that has systematically TRESSPASSED AGAINST her every since her birth certificate was ‘marked’ (pun intended) “female”! And as “males”, we physiologically adorn the Phallus bearing Costume of this Global Gender Oppression the same way that Caucasians adorn the Albinized Costume of Global White Supremacy! In Principle, it’s important to always allow her to weigh her options (even if there are none!) so that you can never be accused of upholding that Status Quo and “building a prison house” (29/1-40) around her unalienable right to express her reality as a Woman. When a God doesn’t respect the fact that a Wiz has the choice to be a Queen, and is intent on “making her” his Earth, he sets in motion a “grafting process” that forces her into a role she may not want to be! Even if she wants to be a Queen, a God still shouldn’t force her. Whether she wants to be a Queen or not, forcing her is the same “grafting process” because it’s self motivated on the Gods part! It’s self motivated because he’s not encouraging her to freely become a Queen for herself (first and foremost), he’s doing it primarily for him! While on this self mission, he’ll systematically “teach/keep her illiterate” (6/1-14) to certain things because it serves his best interest of “roping” her within the “bound(s)’ (4/1-14) of what she’ll strictly be to/for him. And here’s the kicker, the reason a God like this won’t teach or emphasize to a Wiz the freedom to be a Queen FOR HERSELF (first!) is because HE’S AFRAID HE’LL LOOSE HER “FOR HIMSELF”. One of the reasons he has this “fear.. now that he’s a Big Man” (9/1-36) is because of the “wrong foods” (10/1-36) he’s been living off in the form of unresolved insecurities, inadequacies, and self esteem issues! I’ve ceen /cee Gods using these “Ikematics” (cee: Ike Turner) to “Rope to bind in” (4/1-14) Wiz’s all the time and it’s a God damn shame! It’s bullshit like this that makes up many of the “prison house” (29/1-40) horror stories and low retention rate reasons why a Wiz is reluctant to even be a Queen! Although this may be the case.. , this doesn’t justify a Wiz dropping outta School because she had issues with one Instructor! Shit, resolve ya’ debt, get ya transcripts and transfer! Regardless how the Nigga is or was, it’s still up to her to seek the Truth for herself and “be successful in all her undertakings” (29/1-40). He’ll have to answer to his bullshit.. , just like she’ll have to answer to pawning her Crown and choosing to be a Quean or a Common Peasant!

If a Wiz really has attracting power a God may compromise or totally abandon some of his Principles/Values simply because “He’s gotta make her his Earth” or “She’s gotta be his Queen”! This is when Gods hand out so-called “HONORARY DEGREES” and rationalize how certain NGE Principles -although they’re Universal- do not really apply to his Universe. For those Gods who do this, you can rationalize how this is ya Wiz all you want, b.u.t. I guarantee that your decision to “compromise/abandon your values” to be with a Wiz on these unsettled terms will come back to bite you in the ass! The fact that you even gave her an “All Access Pass” into your Social Equality in the first place was some Norbit Mathematics and a “Square” (Joe, John, Bama, Busta, Herb, Weak) move on your part! An All Access Pass includes letting her not announce herself/call before she comes to ya’ spot, allowing her to question you about your phone calls, letting her check you about your comings/goings and other “territorial” tactics. Also keep in Mind that in TRUTH, “we stand on” a Square! We’re not “Square” Niggas that are too weak to stand up under the TRUTH! So by giving a Wiz this kind of All Access Pass, she basically waltzed right in the door looking at you as someone weak that she can basically take advantage of. Think about it, since you compromised your values that easily for her, why should she take you or your values seriously?! Hmmmmmmm… ?! Also, a Wiz knows that if you compromised your values for her, then there are other Wiz’s that you may compromise your values for too! Make no mistake about it, NO WIZ is under the false impression that there is no competition out there! She undoubtedly knows that there is always a Wiz (married or single!) with a better figure, more intelligent, more attractive, more cultural, less children, more sexual/sensual, healthier, more patient, with a better job and anything else within a square mile of wherever she’s standing! Aside from her own basic insecurities and low/vacant esteem issues, sometimes a Wiz is overly possessive or concerned about the threat of other Wiz’s because you may have validated her position by the “Square” terms you set up from the door! And it’ll remain that way until you show and prove otherwise. This is all based on the fact that she knows your susceptible to falling victim to another Wiz because you made concessions to deal with her! She’s just not underestimating another Wiz’s ability and she has a right to cee things this way, until of course, you show and prove otherwise! So regardless of what you wanna call yourself.. , she basically cee’s you as Supreme Norbit Mind Allah, the King of Cartoon’s, no different than the average 85er who’s also drawn-up in her “fine -ass- mist” (8/1-40)! Don’t beat yourself up if your LOVE life has gone through or is going through this kind of HELL! I got my meat lumped a few time to get these Lessons RIGHT myself. LMAO! I’m not coming off like I’m better, I’m just “knowing better” now and I’m sharing this knowledge with you. Now I’m not saying that this Wiz doesn’t cee you as a nice dude b.u.t this is not a question of Nobility. Regardless of how Noble you are she definitely looks at you at least mildly naïve if not a strait-up fool. A Wiz that enters the door on these terms quickly learns that she can’t respect or find security in a male like this (without a backbone) because she would be simultaneously disrespecting herself and putting her ownself at risk! Although it may start off nice, she begins to feel like she has a window seat on a plane that an unlicensed Pilot is trying to fly around the World while wearing boxing gloves! Either her survivalist nature will kick in and she’ll quickly highjack the plane or she’ll just sit there and crash and burn with the wreckage! When entering a Companionship with a male like this, a Wiz is forced to make two basic choices. They either take a risk (make sacrifices) to get with you to help “build” you up or they won’t take a risk, deal with you in limited ways, and get what they can from you. The later breaks (destroys) you down. Of course it’s not this black and white and sometimes a Wiz who comes to build shape-shifts into a survival strategist and becomes destructive. In my research I’ve found that it’s rare that a survival strategist stops becoming destructive in order to build, completely! Why? Because she never knows when she may have to resort to her survivalist mentality again! So keep this in mind the next time you come across people, places and things ya Wiz has been quietly ‘keeping around’ that undeniably reflects her so-called “Old” Destroy Power (85er) History such as clothes, literature, movies, music, pictures, associations, places she goes just to ‘check out’ every now and then and etc.. . THAT SHIT IS NOT ‘JUST’ (pun intended) Memorabilia! And to reemphasize my Original point, it’s important to adhere to your Principles (11/1-14) because your Word will undoubtedly uphold the Life (or Death) of ya Cipher.

My Enlightener taught me a long time ago that “If you let shit slide then you’ll slip”. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz said “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” Getting my own Understanding, I learned a lot of these High Explosive, Wile E. Coyote Plus Degrees the hard way and I’m passing them on to you so that you don’t need to blow-up your lab coat to find out that you don’t mix certain substances! You can’t mix Commitment with Compromising. You can’t mix being Discipline with being Lax. Many of us desire a Companion, b.u.t. it’s Best to be by yourself then to deal with some half baked, part time person just because you’re “in the pursuit of” a Companionship (17/1-40). That approach ain’t adding on to the Cipher and you’re actually grafting from the Original! When a God allows an unqualified Wiz to assume a Queen’s status in his Kingdom (11) he undermines the essence of what that Kingdom is built upon. Here is why using these Norbit Mathematics and assuming this “King of Cartoons” posture/position is not Right and Exact:

1. It’s impossible for a Wiz to function within the context of a KINGDOM if she doesn’t know what’s inside a KINGS DOME (head). For a Man to even suggest that it’s important to know what he’s about before committing to what he has to offer her (his guidance or himself) is worth it’s weight in Gold! This Shows and Proves his Intellectual Maturity, Emotional Sobriety, Nobility and undeniable Allegiance to the Truth. The Average Man/Woman will not make themselves an open book like this for various “clandestine” reasons. The fact that a King, God, Original Man is the symbolic representation of the Sun means that he must shed light! It’s not in his nature to function secretly, hide or deal in darkness. If a Man fails to follow the natural course of events and doesn’t give a Wiz unrestricted access to what’s within the KING’S DOME, he completely undermines the Infrastructural Foundation, Intellectual Integrity, Governing Power and Nobility of a potential KINGDOM.

2. The Wiz can’t sit in a Queen’s (17) seat if she doesn’t have the KNOWLEDGE of GOD. If she doesn’t know 120 Lessons (Principles/Values, Procedures, Language) it’s impossible to KNOW and completely adhere/respond to the Cultural Worldview of GOD Centeredness. Because of her lack of knowledge everything she’s gonna do will be reactionary. Sure she can have General Civilization and basically be a good person, yet it still doesn’t qualify her to assume the functioning position/status of the Queen! By you “compromising your values” and allowing this “nice girl” to just sit in this seat you are actively allowing an imposter to occupy the Queen’s throne. Aside from this, you have given her influential power in governing the affairs and implementing Rules/Regulations of an Order that she doesn’t know much about. This makes her unqualified to assist in it’s governance! When shit goes wrong (because it will!), you only have yourself to blame because “All the above is caused by the SUN of Man” (8/1-40). If a Wiz isn’t developed to the point where she can functionally articulate the Queen Degree (17th) in the 1-40, “What is the MEANING of Civilization?” then she doesn’t have the “Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture, Refinement” or “MEANS” to avoid not “being a Savage in the pursuit of Happiness”. These are all vital elements that reflect a Queen, and she implements them as tools that help BUILD a Civilization! If she cannot functionally articulate these vital elements she can’t be a Queen. She’s only a Wiz equipped to DESTROY a future Civilization. Why? Because she doesn’t “know” any better “God”!

3. The (11/1-14) states, “Have you not heard that your word shall be bond regardless of whom or what?", the answer states, “Yes, my word is bond and bond is life and I will give my life before my word shall fail.” As God, what does it say about your sense of Honor & Commitment when YOU ALLOW a Wiz to make her word a bond to you and give her life for this yet she has not HEARD much about the fullest dimensions of herself and the Culture?! It’s impossible for a Wiz to be your Queen (17) and give you her Word, be Bonded to you and give her Life for it if she don’t KNOW you GOD. Plain and simple. Plus it says a lot about the Integrity of a God who would sit there and allow any Wiz to make a Life Decision like this that’s based upon blind faith! Because you co-signed her uneducated decision, when she begins to bear the Justice that comes along with her unqualified position she’ll never be able to Trust or Respect you as a Man. (20/1-40). As a matter of fact she’ll blame you and she damn sure has the right to do so!

4. The (11/1-36) states, “Does this have anything to do with the above question number 10?” The ABOVE question is the number “10”. 10 represents J or Justice in our Supreme Mathematics and is symbolized by a Sword. Many Gods rationalize that an unequally yoked companionship with a Wiz like this is all about “Just-Us”. They have no misconceptions about bearing witness to the Justice that governs the Laws of the Land b.u.t. when it comes down to acknowledging Universal Justice that governs everything, they don’t bear witness to that. Justice being the Principle that governs the Jewel of Love (the 10th Jewel is Love in our Twelve Jewels) tells you that it has everything to do with any/all relationships, especially a Companionship! Justice means to be Just Ice. Be firm and resolute about what you’ll accept and expect out of a Wiz who earns the right to be your Queen! You may appear cold, b.u.t. a Wiz will have to respect you in the end because you ain’t no luke warm 85 nigga boiling over with lust over her looks! Being Just Ice got you just chillin the fuck out because your not in a rush to have any ole’ body up in our Kingdom! By being Just Ice, you give yourself the time and space to UNDERSTAND the WIZ (Water freezes at 32 Degrees). After she “swims her 9,000 miles” (32/1-36) to show and prove she’s strong enough to be the Queen (just like you did to show & prove your God!!), then you should decide whether you want her to add her REFINEMENT to your Kingdom. “Just” also means to be Right/True so that should be an essential quality you look for in a Queen. If a Wiz is trying to walk up in your Kingdom and arrogantly demand the seat of a Queen without doing what is necessary, then that’s JUST not RIGHT! She’s also not being TRUE to herself or your Principles you stand upon! And if you let a Wiz barge up in your Kingdom like that then you’re JUST not being RIGHT either! The “Swordbeing “an Emblem of Justice” (9/1-14) “was used by the Original Man during ‘Muhammad’s’ time” (Muhammad meaning: One being Worthy of Praise or Praise Worthy). So when you’re adhering to the Principle of Justice (being Just Ice) and a Wiz pouts, calls you stubborn, is openly disobedient and tries to treat you like your Principles aren’t “Praise Worthy”, IT’S AN OBVIOUS SIGN that she “will not keep and obey the Law” (10/1-14) because she just doesn’t want to “clean herself up” and “come amongst you” (9/1-14)! It must be further understood that 120 Lessons itself is like a “Flaming Sword” which guards the Passageway into this Culture. When a God doesn’t safeguard his Kingdom with 120 Lessons as a prerequisite to Companionship he opens himself up for his life to be turned upside down by a Wiz that knowingly/unknowingly causes trouble amongst him and all his righteous “peoples”! How?! Because a Wiz without KNOWLEDGE of GOD can’t BUILD, only DESTROY and take many lives with her!

5. The (11/1-40) states, “Will you set up a Home and wait for a Mystery God to bring you food?”, the answer states, “Emphatically No! Me and my people who have been lost from home for 379 years have tried this so-called God for Bread, Clothing and a Home and have received nothing but hard times, hunger, nakedness and out of doors. Also beaten and killed by the one’s who advocated this kind of God and no relief came to us until the SUN of Man came to our aide by the name of our Prophet W.D. Fard.” Now ask yourself, “Will you set up a Kingdom and wait for some Mystery Wiz to bring you mental/physical nourishment?” Hell Naw! I’m sure you and ya peeps got surahs about being lost from home -to UNDERSTAND GOD needs to be BORN (379)- and have tried to deal with this kind of Wiz for nourishment and received hard times, hunger, nakedness and out of doors. Also getting’ beat in the head & your hope killed by ignorant ass 85% family & friends who advocated this kind of lame Social Equality, and no relief came to you until the SUN of Man came to your aide by the name of what was more Profitable.. , coming to this Wilderness BY YOURSELF! Now if you’ve walked through this degree then you know better than to get with another Wiz like that. Ya’ playing yourself! If not, then be prepared to “receive many stripes” (19/1-40).

6. Even if you did bring a Wiz into your KINGDOM, name one KING that had a successful KINGDOM without his own Quarters? I mention that because when it comes to Living (particularly sleeping) Quarters, the Average Companions who “shack up” or live together “appear to” traditionally share a bedroom. On second glance you’ll cee that it’s actually “her room” and he’s just sleeping there. The entire room is usually interior decorated with a feminine theme and orientated in her best interest. The Wiz dominates the closet, dresser, shelf (bathroom space if it’s one connected to the bedroom), and the Man usually sleeps closest to the exit. How else does a Wiz have “the authority” to even suggest that a Man sleep on the couch, IT'S HER ROOM. Any Man in this Political Position is not exemplifying the nature of a KING because this is indicative of a bedmate who systematically announces himself before being given permission to sleep within the Queens Quarters in the “QUEENDOM”. Think about it the next time you’re going to sleep in her room. Nobody should be able to walk in your “so-called” KINGDOM and wonder if you actually live there. Now, some of you Gods are sitting back thinking that this is pretty trivial to bring up and that it doesn’t really mean anything huh’?! If the shit’s so trivial, IF YOU CAN, “experiment” for a while with rearranging and redecorating the bedroom in your best interest (with a masculine theme), dominate the closet, dresser and shelving space and let her sleep closest to the exit and cee how “highly explosive” she’ll get and the kind of “Earthquakes” you’ll cause! If it didn’t really matter (like you think!) and there was not a Political Agenda behind the way “she needed” (but actually wanted!) the room to be “set up” (7/1-14), than she wouldn’t have a problem with it right? The Science in this experiment is to Show & Prove to yourself (and her!) that “INEQUALITY” can never be trivialized, and that even the most subtle expressions (like the Orientation of your Living/Sleeping Quarters) have a profound Psychological and Socioeconomic impact upon the ‘Operating System’ of a KINGDOM. When a “so-called” KING accepts Living/Sleeping Terms that reflect “INEQUALITY” (no matter how ‘so-called’ innocuous), these conditions will negatively effect the image/status of a KING/KINGDOM in these ways:

* The Political Terms of this “Power Relationship” functionally defines the Psycho-Orientation, Socioeconomic living conditions, and Household Arrangements/Standards as a QUEENDOM. Therefore, the KING is not the Primary Figure in the Household, which makes it impossible to function as a KINGDOM.

* A Wiz will be reluctant to ‘equate’ your KNOWLEDGE with being GOD (1 ‘6’ 7) because you damn sure ain’t God where you supposively live at! In all honesty, she is, and regardless what you think/do to add on to “her” household, if it looks like, smells like, sounds like, tastes hers or feels like hers, “IT’S HERS”! And if push ever came to shove you’ll be the one sleeping on the couch, going through hard times, being hungry, naked or put outta doors. No true KING accepts these risky terms because “the Devil ‘isn’t’ settled” (1/1-14).

* The idea of what it means to be a QUEEN becomes “mixed, diluted and tampered with” (9/1-14) an “Elizabeth-like” Interpretation because her living space (from the electric bill in her name, to the décor on the bathroom floor boards) undeniably reflects ‘her’ (and her QUEENDOM’S) Autonomy, Territory and Dominion.

* The “Word” of a KING is a “Bond” that carries weight when it reflects the “Life” (Living Arrangements) of a KINGDOM. In a QUEENDOM, this same “Word” often carries no weight and may reflect the King’s “Death”, depending upon how the Queen ‘chooses to’ interpret his word!

These points represent only some of the “wrong directions” (14/1-40) that Gods have and will unfortunately continue to take, b.u.t. there are “other rules and regulations that are not mentioned in this Lesson” (28/1-40). In “120 HAS NO HONORARY DEGREES” Part III I’ll be going into more of these “other rules and regulations that are not mentioned in this Lesson”. So stay tuned.. !


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