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Peace Ya’ll. Today’s Article is a continuation of the Science of Companionships. Since I humorously (but seriously!) gave you a functioning definition of what I call “Norbit Mathematics” in the previous Article, I’ll use him as an Archetypical Model for 120 HAS NO “HONORARY DEGREES” Part III.

If you give SOME Wiz’s a “Square Inch” (3/1-14, 13/Actual Fact) they’ll try to take a RasputianSquare Mile” (5/1-10, 4/1-40)! As I mentioned in Part II, females are subjected to a Gender Oppressive Global Society that conditionally functions as a “prison house” (29/1-40). This makes them naturally “Opportunistic” because she learns at a very young age that Society’s Patriarchal Status Quo does not serve her Primary Interest(s) as a female. This is what she impressionably learned while her Mother carried her in her womb, when her first breath of air pierced her lungs like a “Nurses Pin” (28/1-40), and it’s continually reinforced through the Stereotypical Images and Quean-like Expectations of a “Wild Beast” (28/1-40) Society. Whether or not this Opportunistic Sense/Proclivity is Negative or Positive, Destructive or Constructive, the Phoenix or Jean Grey is clearly discernable in the way she assesses, measures, and maintains her “square miles of useful land” (6/1-10) and how she functionally defines her “Deserts” (6/Actual Facts). Simply “Do the Knowledge” on her.

While acknowledging her Opportunist Proclivities that are usually spawned from Society’s Misogynistic undercurrents, it further shows you the importance of maintaining your Principles with a sense of Discipline and Nobility. I’m not saying you gotta be a robot, zealously religious or a strait-up ass hole. Enjoy yourself, be considerate, and spend ‘quality’ time with a Wiz to get to know them better. Before the desire for something more significant ever arises, it must always be made clear (from the door!) that a Companionship is something that demands greater requirements and a greater commitment beyond just generally spending time together! This applies to both of you. Wiz’s are quick to make these demands all the time don’t they?! Yet their demands are usually based upon how they feel. As God (King) I cannot stress enough the importance of being True to your Word and standing on your Square, not being a Square. This Culture demands of itself a commitment to being Righteous, and Righteousness (Just/True) is no respecter of persons. So when you lay it out to her it’s not about YOUR or HER demands, it’s about what is demanded of any Righteous Person because that’s what it’s ultimately about! B.u.t. once you lay it out this way (which is Right “AND” Exact!) you gotta stick to these (your) Principles because she will continually test you to cee if you’re really “True” about what you “Just” said and do (Righteous/Right-Just; True)! As backwards as this may sound, SOME Wiz’s are actually looking for you to fuck up because it provides her with evidence to support a conclusion she already had about you (and most Original Men!) before she even met you! Admit it ya'll, we do (Original Men as a whole) have a pretty bad reputation that supports her thinking too! Sometimes a Wiz is conditioned to despise Peace and embrace War and it’s easier for her to deal with Failure then accept the fearful responsibility of being Successful. This is often based upon her conditioned stress/anxiety levels that determines the amount of Adrenalin her organic/manufactured “Fight or Flight” Responses secrete into her bloodstream. I specified organic/manufactured because some Wiz’s organically choose lifestyles & careers that correspond to her stress/anxiety level and amount of Adrenalin she’s used to, while other Wiz’s may not have chosen these particular lifestyles or careers and must manufacture events that produce the amount of Adrenalin her body is used to. This is important to take into consideration because when a Wiz has a seemingly “natural” proclivity towards a certain stress/anxiety leveled lifestyle/career, or seems to always “make up” a situation that produces a certain degree of stress/anxiety it may be a Biochemical Response to Conditioned Stimuli that was impressed upon her as a child, and habitually reinforced throughout her life. Understanding a Wiz’s Biochemical Koran gives a whole new perspective to “how she acts” at HOME and ABROAD (14/1-14). In conjunction with this, keep in mind that 95% of her Companionship experiences have been with guys based upon "Destroy Power" (85%; 14/1-40) and/or "Ten Percenter" (10%; 15/1-40) Mentalities, Political Terms and Socioeconomic Expectations! She’s not really convinced that you are who you say you are. To her, YOUR WORLDVIEW IS JUST WHAT YOU BELIEVE and you’re just like any other guy who simply speaks another language, unless of course, you Show and Prove otherwise. I’m not talking about outwardly Showing and Proving like a validation starved Egotist, but quietly Showing and Proving without making any mention of yourself and just continuing to live out Righteousness. The Truth stands for itself. As mentioned above, a Wiz will test you and the essence of her tests is in her Nature yet it can also be influenced by her Koran (conditionings). In a natural state, her tests are organic (not made up!) examinations (observations) of how you simply handle situations. This allows her to cee if you’re a “said person of that ability”; "THE TRUTH", a Man!!! (20/1-40). Meaning, she simply makes an assessment of your intelligence, strength, character and etc.. as it relates to a potential Companionship and your ability to Lead, Provide for and Protect a Family. This is nothing personal against you because the Universe is a Giant Problem Book and we’re naturally faced with finding solutions. Now when her examinations move past organic observations and become made-up tests, staged Trick-Knowledge, or Pop ‘dat coochie’ Quiz’s to cunningly cee what the fuck you gonna do then she’s dealing with strait-up Devilishment. When she makes conscious (deliberate) or unconscious (deliberate conditioned!) problems like this she effectively:

*Causes trouble amongst the Righteous People.” (4/1-14)

* Perpetuates “Distrust” through “accusing him of telling lies” (that he’s not what he shows himself to be!). (4/1-14)

* Makes conditions that “causes them want to fight and want to kill one another.” (4/1-14)

*Tells lies” by not being truthful. “Steals” his joy/peace. Tries to “master the Original Man” (control him through ‘man-ipulation’). (4/1-14)

*Teaches/Keeps him illiterate so she can use him for a tool/slave.” (6/1-14)

* "Keeps him apart from her own Social Equality because She doesn’t want him to know how filthy she is in all her affairs.” (8/1-14)

I can go on and on b.u.t. I think you get my point, it’s some bullshit. This is always based upon her Koran (conditionings) and it’s always a perspective she chooses personally, so take it personal! Call it like you cee it and bomb that shit outta the muthafucken’ water if she does that! Even “when” (because she will do it!) she gets mad and/or plays ignorant saying (or crying) “I didn’t know”, stand on ya Square unmoved! DO NOT ‘turn around’ (pun intended!) and send care packages to the “Poor/Worst Part” (1,3/1-14) you just dropped a bomb on because you were completely justified in doing so! Why? “If allowed to live... .” (10/1-14). Also, if “a Muslim does not love a Devil regardless of how long that he (or she) studies” (9/1-14) what makes you think Allah should put up with that kind of bullshit?! You’re bomb is designed to target and show you’re disdain for Devilishment, whether she knew what she was doing or not! From that point on, she ‘knows’ the ‘ledge’ of what is expected of a Righteous Person and identifies the grafted limitation (“said birth record”; 10/1-10) of what’s “other than” (12/1-36) a Righteous way! Alot of ya’ll are rationalizing right now that you don’t want to be too firm like that because it ‘seems’ alittle harsh or unrefined. The truth is, you’re just afraid you may ruin your chances of “doing trading amongst her” (especially for some lame ass 'power u'!) (9/1-14) in the future, so stop fronting! If this is the case, she’s aware of these psychological arrangements (aka: POLITICS!) just like you are and because you’re not dignified enough to check her about her actions she can never respect you as a Man! Never! Ultimately, it’s of the utmost importance that you’re impeccable with your words, ways and actions! (11/1-14; CARMEN JONES)

Now some of you Self Righteous Gods read the above paragraph and arrogantly sat there like, “Noooow Cipher God! ‘MY’ Queen is Right and Exact. SHE WOULD NEVER be on some shit like that! She’s a Righteous Woman. If a Wiz does, she’s just reflecting you’re light God! Blah, blah, blah.. !”. Yeah, she may be a Woman of Character b.u.t. it’s your “so sure of yourself” arrogant ass attitude that makes YOU THE MOST VULNERABLE to ya Wiz being “made other than herself” (12/1-36)! Here’s why, my Egocentric brotha’! Even the most Righteous of Women hate to be taken for granted, ‘thought for’(and spoken for) as if you’re Joe Familiar with her like that, especially a married Wiz. “ANY” Wiz -under these perceptual ‘prison house’ conditions- is encouraged/inclined to do things you WOULD NEVER EXPECT, simply because she feels unceen and unheard everywhere. I’m not justifying it, I’m just telling you what can happen from being so Self Righteous Sun! Do the Knowledge on “Eyes Wide Shut” starring Tom Cruise and his Wife Nicole Kidman (who actually got divorced after making this movie!) if you wanna cee what can happen when “you’re so sure of yourself”! I’m not telling you to do surveillance on ya’ Wiz or distrustfully “not put anything pass her”! I’m talking about recognizing that your own Ego is good in manufacturing/multiplying Devils (Jealously, Envy, Lust & Hate) that you arrogantly thought was taken off the Planet! As with “all the above is caused by the Sun of Man” (8/1-40), ya Ego is something that ya’ Wiz usually ‘chooses not to’ reflect because SHE KNOW’S YOU COULDN’T HANDLE IT IF SHE DID. Many of ya’ll Gods are under the false impression that ya’ Wiz is submitting to your Will; the Will of Allah. Some of ya’ll go as far as to arrogantly/ignorantly espouse this shit at Home (privately) and Abroad (publicly) in front of her! The reality is, she’s an Autonomous Being just like you and although “she appears to be” submitting to you, she’s only in submission to what’s in sync with her own “Determined Idea” (24/1-40). You can think she’s submitting to YOUR WILL all you want b.u.t. she’s smiling inside knowing that she’s only going along with it because it serves her best immediate/future interests (takes her where she needs/wants to go) too! If it’s not in alignment with her “Determined Idea”, she’ll question it every step of the way, may go along with it half heartedly or simply won’t submit. Sometimes she’ll even be bold enough to let you (Allah!) know ‘how she feels’ about ya’ Will! In your mind you think you’re really building, spitting Mathematics and taking ya’ Earth through Degree’s so ya’ll can come to an Understanding. LOL! In her mind she’s simply looking at ya’ dumb ass questioning why the fuck you ain’t doin’ what she wants. Behind every God is a Wiz who secretly knows she’s making him ‘a’ God! “The Earth is the Home of I.S.L.A.M.” (1/1-40). LET ME REPEAT THAT IF YOU DIDN’T CATCH IT, “Behind every God is a Wiz who secretly knows she’s making him ‘a’ God! "The Earth is the Home of I.S.L.A.M." (1/1-40).” So be mindful of Egotistically acting like you got it like that because ya’ shit “can be destroyed in one day without ya’ Earth falling victim to ya’ Ego Civilization." (38/1-40) Otherwise to Show ‘AND’ Prove that she is not to be taken for granted, ‘thought for’(and spoken for), never should have been and or will be” (38/1-40)! Hopefully a word to the Wise is sufficient and you’ll seriously consider how highly explosive that ‘Al-Ego’ Surah is you’ve been writing! So when ya “present History or Koran” (1/1-40) blows up in ya’ face.. , you can’t say I didn’t “speaketh to warn you” (19/1-40; Ezekiel 3:18)!

Now if you do throw a glitche in a Wiz’s Matrix and she can’t get you the way she’s traditionally gotten other guys, she’ll rationalize that it’s 76 Tirllion reasons why you ain’t going along with her. It never crosses her mind that it’s simply because “Your Word is Bond, Bond is Life” and you’ll “give your Life before your Word shall fail.” (11/1-14). Especially if she’s a so-called “dime piece”, she definitely ain’t used to that! She’ll rationalize that you’re not jumping at the opportunity to bring her into your Kingdom because you got a chick on the side, you’re scared of commitment cuz you’ve been hurt, you feel sexually inadequate, and etc.. . The farthest thing from her mind is that you’re just trying to do things Right “AND” Exact! Although you know how Un-alike these ideas are because she believes what Society “continues daily to teach” (13/1-40) about males, she hasn’t yet qualified herself to remove these “pins” (doubts, insecurities, self esteem issues, anxieties and etc. .; 28/1-40) because she hasn’t taken on the responsible steps to KNOWLEDGE GOD (17). Until she honestly asks those hard questions and comes to grips with, “what is ‘her’ ownself” (13/1-36), she’s gonna continue being MASTERED (13) by her own conditions and try to directly/indirectly MASTER you! So save yourself some time by not “searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) in a Wiz like this. I’m not saying don’t be concerned about a Wiz like this because that would undermine our “duty of a Civilized Person” (18/1-40)! What I am saying is that it’s important to care about (preserve) her “Best Parts” and not care about (but observe!) the “Poor Part” of her behavior or the “Worst Part” of what she’ll predictably do (1,3/1-14). If this means being by yourself then so be it, Wiz’s do it all the time! Although a Man and Woman may make this same choice (to be alone), they both subject themselves to very different circumstances and results. Demographically speaking, females outnumber males throughout the Planet Earth. Do the Knowledge on Consensus Records to verify this! Gender speaking, she has less of a chance of finding a suitable male then you would in finding a suitable female. The fact that you may be an Original Black Man who’s educated, employed, healthy, family orientated, with no criminal record it puts further limitations on her ability to find a suitable mate. Under these circumstances she’ll find herself settling for the Poor and Worst Parts of a Man at Best! In reality she has a better chance winning the Mega Millions then finding someone like you! The fact that you simply know 120 Lessons, this puts you in a different class altogether! So don’t ever be deceived into thinking that you are an everyday type of Destroy Power (85%) dude! B.u.t. when you accept anything less than a Queen, you prove to a Wiz that this is how you cee yourself; “as an everyday type of Destroy Power (85%) dude”, and that’s exactly how she’ll treat you and expect you to treat her! There are no “HONORARY DEGREES” in this Culture and EVERYONE must earn the right to live out the reality of a God/Earth or King/Queen. By trying to make it easy for a person (particularly a Wiz) you’re actually making it harder for them in the long run! Keep in mind that we are in a Wilderness and by “babying” a person you’re just tenderizing their meat for these wild beasts once they get out and have to walk this Math “by themselves” (2/1-36)! If a Wiz (your Child, Friend, Family or etc.. ) show interest in learning, help strengthen them by encouraging them to “walk every step of the way” (4/1-14) just like you did! This Math is no Respecter of Persons. And again, if you find yourself in a Companionship with a Wiz or entertaining the idea of Companionship with a Wiz (especially when there’s children involved!) who is not a “said person of that ability” -a Queen!- (20/1-40), then you really need to think long and hard about the foundation of the Kingdom you’ve built or are attempting to build! If you’re satisfied with a half-ass undertaking then this doesn’t apply to you. If you’re not satisfied then I applaud you for having the backbone to stand upon what these Cultural Principles are about and not making any compromises or excuses about it! She’ll respect you in the end even if she chooses to walk away because she knows for a ‘Solar Fact’ that you’re not bullshitting!

I won’t go as far as to tell you how a Wiz must be taught. That’s outta my realm and there are many factors that contribute to what a God decides is the appropriate Curriculum not only for a Wiz b.u.t. for anybody. I will say that it’s impossible for a Wiz to function as a Queen within the context of a “Kingdom” (11) if she doesn’t know what’s inside the “Kings Dome” (11). I’ll also emphasize that when teaching a Wiz, keep in mind that the Universe has 9 Planetary Bodies. Because a Wiz is seeking to learn her nature as the Earth, she has not yet qualified herself to Mentally, Emotionally and Socially UNDERSTAND (3) her position (Orbit) and Orientation as the Earth. Not to say that a Wiz doesn’t have an “Intuitive” grasp of her nature (Rotation), I’m talking about her Functional Revolution and her Life bearing Proximity to the Sun within the context of a greater Universe. Because of this, and until she does learns the functional meaning of “Earth”, she can only manifest the qualities/characteristics of the 8 other Planetary Bodies (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto). Each of these Planets have different atmosphere’s, elemental compositions, axis’s, proximities, proportions and revolution periods as they relate to the Sun and eachother. It also takes light (186,000 miles per sec.) different times to reach each of their surface. One Wiz you may meet can be emotionally distant like Pluto because of her composition (conditionings) and it takes approximately 5 hours 50 minutes just for your light to reach her surface. There are other Wiz’s with a warrior like Mars disposition. Red hot, 142 Million miles away with a calculative proclivity to catch your light in about 12 minutes 45 seconds. Still you have Venus’ sexy ass, close to being Earth (at least physically!), who draws up your light sensually, every 6 minutes. You can also meet a Wiz who carries the qualities/characteristics of a few different Planets. She may start off as Pluto, be drawn as close as Uranus because of her Pole Shift, develop a Mercurial like friendship where she cee’s the Sun rise twice a day and eventually develop the ability to manifest life as the Earth! This is not rare. In essence, these Celestial Sphere’s mirror the Terrestrial Sphere’s amongst us, and the phrase “PLANETS are something that are made or grown from the beginning” (9/1-14) is a significant Science to Study, particularly when it comes to teaching a Wiz. One thing I do not advocate is teaching a Wiz like a Man, using the Methodology of the 12th Degree in the 1-14’s, “This is the name given to the MILITARY TRAINING OF MEN that belong to Islam in North America”. Although I do advocate teaching her (through actions) to be Discipline about the Principles/Procedures she’s learning through 120, trying to “Drill” her in the Lessons like it’s Military Training will be disastrous. The reason is because this Patriarchal Methodology carries the functional impression of this Society’s Gender Oppressive “Status Quo” (even if that’s not your intention!), it doesn’t take into consideration or completely overlooks her Emotional Proclivities/Orientation, and Objectifies her Feelings and sense of Being-ness as a Woman. In other words, you’re engaged in the process of psycho-orientating her like a Man. It’s important to realize that Men need to be taught from the perspective of getting the KNOWELDGE, through which they’ll gain WISDOM in order to arrive at an UNDERSTANDING, since Knowledge is our primary sense of Orientation (1 gaining 2 = 3). A Woman is naturally Wise so she assesses the World from the Vantage Point of/is Orientated towards WISDOM. Any KNOWLEDGE she obtains is automatically filtered through WISDOM and this is how she arrives at an UNDERSTANDING (2 filters 1 = 3). These processes are simply two different sides of the same coin. When is comes to teaching a Wiz it must be clearly understood that she will not carry this Math like a Man. Indeed it’s important that she knows what you know, because this “Awareness” is the infrastructural foundation, b.u.t. it’s equally important to understand that she’ll carry it her own unique way, adhere to these same Principles/Procedures in her own way, and ultimately cee it through her own Worldview; as a Woman! An example of this is like ceeing a Civilized Man/Woman eating at a table. Although they’re both eating Righteous Foods, they’re dressed different, express different gender etiquette, sit in different seats, may have ordered different dishes and eat at a different pace. They both Know what’s good for them and bring something different to the table (Foundation) in order to make the meal complete.

To conclude this Three Part Series; 120 HAS NO “HONORARY DEGREES”, I want to address a Traditional Concept of Modern Day Marriage. This Concept is, “In Marriage (or Companionship) you gotta make some Compromises”. This Concept reflects Mainstream Society, is not God-Centered and does not adhere to the NGE Worldview because it’s not Mathematically sound! In this Culture there are no Compromises! Either you take it through the Math to Show & Prove something to be Right & Exact or it’s not, period! Our allegiance is to the Truth and THE TRUTH COMPROMISES FOR NO PERSON, PLACE OR THING! To even base a Marriage (or Companionship) on the idea that “Compromises are Necessary” means that your Marriage (or Companionship) isn’t based upon, coincide with or adhere to the Truth, fundamentally! Therefore, this predictably means that “situations will arise in this Marriage (or Companionship) where Compromises must be made (individually/collectively). Even if this means Compromising the Truth, He/Her will tell a Lie, Steal, Cheat or try to Master the Original Man/Woman in order to keep the Marriage (or Companionship) together! This is an undeniable reality being manifested in the Marriages/Companionships in everyday! If you haven’t ceen this you need to grab ya ceeing eye dog and get outside more often. Strait-up, to believe and be committed to the idea that “In Marriage (or Companionship) you gotta make some Compromises”, you’re more committed to you and your Mates feelings/beliefs and less committed to what is True (Just/Right)! Think about it, if everything was True & Living about your Marriage (or Companionship) then no compromises need to be made!!! All in all, when it comes to LOVE I’d rather be RIGHT (and Exact!) by myself then with the wrong person going through HELL. You should ask yourself the same question.


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